XYO Network Releases Beta Launch of XYO Network App

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  • App Now Available for Developers and dApp Creators to Leverage and Test on Fully Decentralized Geolocation Network

XYO Network, the technology bringing blockchain to the real world, today announced the release of the publicly available beta version of the XYO Network app for Android. The XYO Network app allows personal devices, including smartphones and tablets, to function as Bridges and Sentinels, two key components in the recently announced end-to-end Testnet iteration of the XYO Network.

The new app will be a critical tool in the overall XYO Network. Along with other tools, the app will be the main method of deriving and compiling location data from the key components in the XYO Network, specifically, the following:

Sentinels – Sentinels are heuristic witnesses which observe heuristics and validate the certainty and accuracy of the heuristic by producing temporal ledgers.

Bridges – Bridges are heuristic transcribers which securely relay heuristic ledgers from Sentinels to Diviners.

Archivists – Archivists store heuristics in a decentralized form with the goal of having all historical ledgers stored, yet without that requirement. Archivists also index ledgers so they can return a string of ledger data if needed.

Diviners – Diviners answer queries by analyzing historical data stored by the XYO Network. Unlike Sentinels and Bridges, Diviners use Proof of Work to add answers to the blockchain.

“We’ve been beta testing the XYO Network app internally for some weeks, and now it’s time to share it with our community for their input,” said Justin Fortier, Head of Consumer Products with XYO Network. “Our goal with the public beta is largely to test the accuracy of our assumptions, projections and algorithms at scale, before we take the Mainnet live. It will also give us the opportunity to see how the four individual components of the Network perform with an active user base. We eagerly look forward to the always-valuable feedback from our community.”

Participation in the public beta is open to anyone using an Android-enabled device. To participate, download the XYO Network app from the Google play store at https://play.google.com/apps/testing/network.xyo.appxyoandroid.phone. Participants in the public beta will contribute to the final development of the app, rather than being rewarded in XYO tokens for data provided. Also important to note: while there is an option to update existing XY4+ firmware to the beta version of this app, the update will not make the user’s XY4+ compatible with the XYO Network being tested. This firmware testing remains internal to XYO Network at this time.

If beta testers encounter issues, the XYO team will be automatically notified. Should users wish to report additional issues they are encouraged to contact the XYO Developer team directly on Gitter here. Users can also visit the XYO Devs hub, and follow our Devs Twitter account to be in touch with the Developer team.

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