What you need to know about the stainless 17-4PH?

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AISI 630 stainless steel grade is reinforced by separation and at the same time is one of the most popular types of stainless steel, which mainly contains chromium, nickel and copper. It contains such chemical elements as: copper, carbon, manganese, sulphur, phosphorus, silicon, nickel, molybdenum, niobium, copper, nitrogen. This steel grade is characterized by high ductility, abrasion resistance and versatile use in many types of industry. In sea water, steel is susceptible to crevice corrosion.

In which branches shall be steel?

This grade stainless steel 1.4542 on martensitic structure is used in the aerospace, energy, marine, food. In addition, the steel of the symbol is used in astronautics and the paper industry. It produced turbine blades, fittings, screws, drive shafts, a variety of nuts, bushings, components of machines, and the elements necessary for building measuring devices. Steel plants are being built. Is used in the engineering industry and petroleum.

However, before it will be possible to use steel it is very important to use the process of solution treating and ageing. Interestingly, species with delivery + A martensitic structure has not by what is also less resistant to corrosion and acid environment.

Technological processes of steel and stainless steel 17-4PH

Martensitic is usually provided in the form of a round steel bar, sheet metal or flat cold-rolled strips. However, before it will be available in this form, first you’ll need to is its suitable heat treatment and a variety of technological processes. The hardness of this species is less than 38 HRC or 363 HB depending on the selected option. Stainless steel has a yield of more than 1170 MPa and its tensile strength is greater than the 1310 MPa. This grade of steel chrome-nickel with copper has high corrosion resistance and very good divergency. Impressive is also the hardness of the stainless steel. The best conditions to work in temperatures from-29 ° c to 343 ° c without a change in their properties. In addition, it has a very good ductility and corrosion resistance is comparable to steel 1.4301. Steel can be welded using the appropriate method TIG, however, the State of the steel must be annealed. In another case, in places call the material might not have actually retained the structure. This species can be nitrided, but then the resulting product has a lower immune properties. Nitriding process aims to strengthen the top layer.

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