UAE Master chefs invited to cook up a storm with their teacups at GulfHost Dubai

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  • 21st Century High Tea challenge comes to Dubai after travelling to 14 countries

Dilmah, one of the world’s most admired tea brands, has launched a competition for all the master chefs in the UAE and the region to demonstrate their skills within this unique challenge. The 21st Century High Tea challenge (AFT21) in Dubai will be conducted by Dilmah during the upcoming GulfHost show tomorrow and will run through the 2 days of the event. The objective is to challenge the contemporary interpretation of ‘high-tea’ and reintroduce the central theme of ‘tea’ back into its fold.

The competition will witness several teams of 2 (chef and F&B person) battle it out to present the most delectable cup of black tea paired with food item, an iced tea paired with food, a tea-based beverage and a tea infused food item. Each challenger will have to bring out the 7 different dimensions into their creations namely – cultural, personal, culinary, mixology, sustainability, tea and harmony.

Top international chefs will be judging this event along with the Dilmah team on the basis of Table layout, menu design and written notes, the novelty and presentation that complements a high tea, the pairing of food with tea, tea preparation, brewing methodology and etiquette, taste harmony, tea inspired food items, team work amongst the two participant, thematic experience – the individual, cultural, tea inspired stories and the use of local products supporting sustainability.

The victorious team will enjoy a 7-day visit to Sri Lanka, including 5 days at Dilmah School of Tea and 1 night at Cape Weligama.

Elaborating on this challenge, Dilhan C. Fernando, Director, Dilmah Tea stated, “The Dilmah Real High Tea Challenge in Dubai will share the word on the natural goodness, serenity and luxurious indulgence in tea, as it did in challenges from Paris to Perth, Auckland to Amsterdam. Our tea inspired challengers from across the globe are all exceptional – pioneers in reimagining the experience of the world’s most popular beverage after water. Together we are creating history as we bring tea into the 21st century, and its sublime, natural goodness and pleasure with a new generation.”

The beauty of tea and its attraction amongst tea-lovers lies in its varying results on the senses in taste, aroma and smell based on each tea’s individual terroir. Weather conditions play an integral role in the formation and compound structure of different teas and their flavours which are then transferred onto tea drinkers. Hence tea comes in a multitude of options enabling consumers to differentiate and utilise it across a range of culinary platforms.

“Now this journey of tea has brought so many revelations, chefs rarely get new ingredients. We had any ingredient we liked, anytime. Then tea came along, and it has given new excitement into our culinary repertoire,” commented Peter Kuruvita, Celebrity Chef and Dilmah brand ambassador.

The modern interpretation of afternoon tea has been compromised by an over emphasis on food, forgetting the central element- tea. Dilmah which pioneered this concept of a real high tea in 2007, is now challenging chefs and tea aficionados to understand tea, its variety and the limitless possibilities in tea gastronomy and tea mixology.

“The Dilmah Real High Tea Challenge stirred up the world of tea. Tea is luxury. Tea is indulgence. Tea is without parallel. It was clear that there is no better way to express the diversity, subtle influence of nature on taste, flavour, fragrance, character of tea than through gastronomy. Dilmah ‘Real High Tea’ is a contemporary approach to redefining the 21st Century High Tea and to enhance the importance of tea as an ingredient and as a pairing within gastronomy,” added Fernando.

“It all started with a desire to offer tea to a new generation. Tea with style, substance and natural goodness. We chose to transform the world’s tea ceremony – afternoon tea. The most popular global tea drinking occasion so clearly defined by 18th Century tradition, more than two centuries later,” continued Fernando.

Dilmah has had a long and fruitful relationship with Dubai. More than 9.6 million Dilmah tea bags are being served every year on Emirates flights. Associated with each other for more than 2 decades now, both brands have experienced immense growth from when they started out. With the help of Emirates, Dilmah has been served to passengers travelling to more than 150 destinations.

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