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Troy Bronson: An Iconic Photographer with a Passion for Traveling

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Travel presents a chance to test your limits. On the surface, it’s basically about exploring new destinations. But underneath, it goes beyond that. It takes people on a journey where you discover newly found worlds and exposes you to different cultures with unique lifestyles.

While it is quite impossible to travel back in time to the exact moment, capturing the most memorable moments serves as a window to visit the past and more likely create new memories. From participating in the Oktoberfest celebrations in Munich, Germany, to visiting the gorgeous Sandy beaches in Cape Town, South Africa, Troy Bronson’s love for travel cannot be quantified.

He has visited well over 30 countries around the globe including Germany, France, Greece, and South Africa.

Troy Bronson has a reputation for scouting the location for animated movies. In addition, he is a distinguished writer and passionate about providing aid to underrepresented communities across the world.


Landscape Photography

Troy Bronson’s love for travel and photography stems from his love for nature. Taking an early morning hike up the mountains, enjoying a leisure stroll around secluded beaches and admiring the charming beauty of nature piques his interest.

His best chance of getting up close and personal with Mother Nature, regardless of the region of the world, is through landscape photography.

Architecture Photography

What better way to appreciate the influence of human creation than through architecture photography? Troy Bronson’s architectural photography speaks wonders of his expertise. When it comes to capturing beautifully designed buildings, sculptures, and monuments, Troy Bronson never fails to deliver high-quality pictures. He creates images with intention and purpose

While so many people travel to collect souvenirs, he travels to capture beautiful images. No two travel destination is the same in terms of look, people, history, and landscapes. Troy Bronson has learned how to capture the best spots and convey the spirit of a place to others. His travel photographs are so enticing and captivating that it makes people want to venture there.

This American photographer is an avid reader and researcher who spends most of his time scouting for the best locations while also improving his craft. After figuring potential photo locations, he conducts further research on the best time of the day with the best light, weather conditions, and the best ways to acclimatize with the cultures and traditions.

Troy Bronson loves traveling but not without his closest travel companion – the camera. Every picture tells a unique story. His pictures make people develop a deep love and respect for this planet. Traveling and photography are his greatest passion. Just as with every other responsibility, making good photographs require great commitment, patience, and flexibility. These are subjects that Bronson is known for.

Traveling around the world without proper planning can be detrimental. Producing captivating photographs while on the road requires adequate planning and preparation.

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