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Top Bangladeshi companies are key to improved industries and better growth

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The economic growth of Bangladesh has made the headline of improvement with nearly every passing year. Exports, Gross Domestic Product, and overall functioning of Bangladeshi industries has been soaring consistently and top Bangladeshi companies such as Beximco Group have played a major role in the same with their significant contributions.

Founded by one of the most successful businessmen in Bangladesh, Salman F Rahman, Beximco has its operations in various sectors like pharmaceutical, ceramics, real estate, energy, textile, and many more. Talking about textile, the ready-made garment industry is not only the largest employment provider in the country with nearly 4.5 million jobs, but is also expected to secure revenue worth approximately $40 billion in 2019. With robust government initiatives and dynamic Bangladeshi businessmen such as Salman F Rahman, other sectors have witnessed considerable growth in the last decades.

Pharmaceuticals, for instance, has been another success story in itself. With companies such as Beximco Pharmaceuticals having eight products in the US market and simultaneous presence in the European and Canadian markets, Bangladesh has evolved into a recognizable force in the industry. Global market presence and product credibility can be corroborated with the approval of these drugs from leading administrative institutions, another feather in the cap of the dynamic Bangladeshi businessman.

That said, in 2009, the Sheikh Hasina government presented a vision that would align Bangladesh with the technological advancements of the future. Titled ‘Digital Bangladesh’, the initiative, backed by numerous government efforts, has presented a growing technological presence in the country’s capital. Slowly penetrating into other areas, the accessibility of internet and telecommunication is not only going to revolutionize the exposure to the world, but it might also play a key role in tackling the employment issues of the country.

With resources available, upcoming youth of Bangladesh is speculated to house a higher knowledge and intellect quotient. This will have a direct impact on the industry, product, and functionality improvement across Bangladesh. Considering that this holds true for the future, Bangladesh industrial growth stands to receive strong impetus.

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