The First “Saladin” Game is Now Available on Google Play!

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“Saladin” is the first mobile game in the MENA region which is inspired by the Syrian TV Serie that narrates the tales of Salahuddin Al Ayyubi, First Sultan of Egypt and Syria, Liberator of Palestine, and the founder of the Ayyubid dynasty!

This epic strategy game was officially launched on Google Play and introduced to the world in December 3rd,2018. Following the accurate historical storyline of the wars against the Crusaders as its background, players will empower themselves as great lords by building their own cities, training their powerful armies, and attacking their enemies to conquer and reign! Play to make Saladin alliances, defeat the Crusaders army, become the hero of hundreds of battles and take the city of Jerusalem back, all this while enjoying the challenges and the glory of “Saladin”.

Train your commander, strategize with your infantry, cavalry, chariot, shooters, and other armies. This will not only require you a reasonable allocation of resources but also, it will definitely challenge your tactical planning. You can also invite your friends to fight beside you, build an indestructible alliance and share the fruits of victory!

Battle of Harding, “Red Beard” Frederick, “Lion Heart King” Richard, King of Laws II and many more. All these historical names are calling you for battles. However, be careful, the Richard Lionheart, as he’s a very difficult Crusaders enemy in your battles.

All the elements in the “Saladin” game are based on the historical series “Salatin”, which perfectly restores the grand scene of the ultimate combat between the Western and Eastern worlds. Exquisite game graphics, detailed digital effect, and magnificent background music will bring to indulge in this full range gaming experience.

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