TAMANI Marina Hotel concludes Dubai Fitness Challenge with remarkable achievements

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  • Hotel guests, visitors and employees celebrate with a promise of continuity

TAMANI Marina Hotel & Hotel Apartment in Dubai concluded its participation in the Dubai Fitness Challenge (DFC) 2018 scoring great achievements for its employees and guests who promised to continue engaging in sports and activities throughout the year.

The hotel announced earlier its participation in the DFC running from October 26th to November 24th. The initiative launched by His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Executive Council of the Dubai Government aimed to encourage both citizens and expats to join the activities spread across the city to encourage them adopt a healthy lifestyle.

More than 45 hotel employees joined the DFC movement resulting in the total loss of 2 KGs of weight by employees. The hotel also hosted its guests and visitors for free fitness classes to make this journey more enticing for the participants.

Walid Al-Awa, General Manager, TAMANI Marina Hotel said: “We are proud of the participants of the DFC 2018. It was amazing to see so many visitors and guests participating in the hotel activities along with our team. We are delighted we provided training and exercise tips to motivate people to remain active as part of their lifestyle.”

Eddie Abijai, Training Manager at TAMANI Marina Hotel proud of his achievement exclaims: “I have never taken work out seriously until I got inspired by my colleagues during the activities of Dubai Fitness Challenge. Now, we jog together every morning to keep up an athletic breath rate, which certainly holds a positive development on all biological aspects of the body,” he said.

Jesselyn Leyba, F&B Executive at TAMANI Marina Hotel has answered a question directed to her “what is your daily exercise routine?” with: “As starters, we have joined the Dubai Pink Ride as part of our company fitness challenges. Other activities followed such as walking, using the stairs, performing physical work out such as push up, planking, stationary jogging, progressive jogging, cycling, Zumba, yoga, skipping rope and jumping jack workouts. We also held our special team building event called Obstacle Course Challenge where teams from different department competed doing combined fitness challenges.”

Dubai 30×30 challenge is not only extended to others but meant a major transformation as well. Princess Di Rossa, a butler at TAMANI Marina Hotel, lost 3 kg of extra weight from cycling to office everyday; a distance of 5 km. At first, Princess responded to “Faz3” SMS by going to gym for a period of one hour, but eventually she accepted the challenge at heart as she concluded to the essence of the challenge, it’s a life challenge and not limited to fitness. “The challenge was not easy as it may seem to be, especially the temperature in Dubai is still above the average, but I have decided to leverage the challenge for the sake of having a healthy body, mind and soul.”

The hotel has perpetuated and diligently documented every moment and activity done pursuant to their acceptance to the challenge; many pictures were taken by the staff and marketing team in persuading other team members to accept the challenge. Their successful stories and experiences have heightened the spirit and pushed the bar for others to follow.

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