Tadweer Hosts Workshop to Achieve Zero Waste, Promote Sustainable Practices in Food Waste Management

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As part of its efforts to achieve the goal of zero waste and promote sustainable practices in food waste management, Abu Dhabi Waste Management Center (Tadweer) hosted a workshop on food waste on October 16, which is marked internationally as World Food Day.

Drawing the participation of several experts from government, civil society, private sector, restaurant chain operators and NGOs, the workshop discussed various issues, challenges and opportunities to prevent food waste practices.

Topics under the scanner included identifying key sources of food waste, measures to reduce food waste, existing practices in food waste management, effective ways to avoid food waste and promote recycling, challenges facing food waste reduction, and recommendation for sustainable food waste management in Abu Dhabi.

His Excellency Dr Salim Al Kaabi, Director General of Tadweer, said: “This workshop is aligned with Tadweer’s strategy to improve the quality of services provided to society as well as to develop sustainable and integrated systems that achieve a sustainable future for Abu Dhabi. Through close collaboration and active engagement with various stakeholders and experts from both public and private sectors, Tadweer aims to prevent food waste at source, which is one of our top priorities to achieve effective and sustainable food waste management in Abu Dhabi.”

He added: “The workshop demonstrates Tadweer’s efforts to reduce food waste in systematic manner due to its serious environmental, economic, and social consequences. The lessons, ideas and best practices highlighted at the workshop will help us develop an actionable strategy that will not only reduce food waste, but also ensure the optimal utilization of our natural resources and protect them for future generations.”

The packed agenda of the session featured several presentations that highlighted food waste management experience from facility management, hospitality (food and beverages) and events management sectors and labour camps. The workshop also included presentations on food recycling technology and Emirates Red Crescent Authority alongside two round table discussions.

At the session, Tadweer highlighted its D.R.I.VE. Certification for A Smart and Sustainable Built Environment, the center’s first certification rating to promote and engage smart and sustainable built environment practices among all stakeholders involved in all the sectors of food supply chain.

Tadweer is the first governmental entity in the Middle East to develop and implement a certification rating based on the three components of sustainability: economic growth, social progress and environmental protection. The certification includes a set of rating systems that target all stakeholders to be environmentally responsible and use resources efficiently.

The certification is aligned with the UAE’s commitment to meeting the global target to cut food losses and waste by 50% by 2030 in line with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

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