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  • City’s Only Modern Montessori Now Open in Barsha South

A highly successful nursery school concept that has flourished since 1997 with four branches in Abu Dhabi has now opened its doors in Dubai.

Located in Barsha South 1, Stepping Stones is 33,000 square feet of ‘happy space’ that welcomes children from ages 1.3 to 4. Purpose-built with large classrooms and bespoke facilities such as a wading pool, arts and crafts center, farmers market, parents lounge and yoga studio, the branch in Dubai is truly one-of-a-kind.

The Stepping Stones version of a revised Montessori teaching system, in which the overall growth of a child’s personal, emotional and psychological development is paramount, has been created by acclaimed educationist Rana Mani and refined over the past two decades.

Over 7000 children since Stepping Stones’ inception have embarked on their initial early years educational journey in such an environment where the accent is on the child and not the commercial aspects.

“Over the last 6 years I noticed the gradual shift from being child-centric to turning initial education into a business. This twist in priorities disturbed me,” said Ms. Mani, “And I took it upon myself to contribute tangibly to a correction course where the child’s overall growth and well- being became central again.”

Her bespoke program is filtered through the collective participation of teachers, parents and the first timer early years foundation children. Each child is taught according to his or her strengths and more importantly, likes and dislikes.

“We have found that children flourish when given this free rein rather than put to a common test,” says this established thought leader in the progressive learning field where individuality at a young age marks the system instead of being dictated to by the customary herd instinct.

Unlike a normal nursery the unique teaching methods adopted here and the co-opting of parents in their child’s progress are given vital importance.

“We have kept the costs under control for an A plus start to one’s lifelong learning journey and it is certainly making a difference. Our specialist teaching staff have many years in the profession and bring with them a vast experience that includes psychological profiling and individual assessment of potential.”

Stepping Stones is now set to make its mark in Dubai and is open for viewings and enrolments.

“Our aim is to ensure that it is a win-win situation for us, for the parents and specifically for the children. If they move on from us more confident, with strengthened personality traits and independence a knowledge of the three Rs and more, we will know we did our job right,” said Ms. Mani.

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