Students Immersed in an Edutainment Trip at Al Noor Island

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Winter is the time of the year when students look forward to outdoor fun and thrills. With that in mind, a fun-filled trip was organised for a group of curious young students who had a wonderful time exploring Al Noor Island, one of Sharjah’s architectural destination that combines nature, art, and entertainment.

The students experienced the ‘Tropical Labyrinth’ package, touring the island with expert tour guides, learning about the plants, trees, birds, as well as exploring hundreds of exotic butterflies from 22 different species that were brought from different East Asian countries and South America.

While the expert tour guide explained the life cycle of the butterfly, the students observed the various species closely. The students also ventured into exploring the island’s landscapes. They had drinks and snacks in the relaxing ambience at Noor Café. The visit allowed the students to engage themselves in an immersive and educational natural experience.

Al Noor Island rolled out new activities and experiences for students, families, and visitors to enjoy. The island conducts Tropical Labyrinth, Sky Watch, Bird Watching and Photography, Yoga at Sunrise, and special Gardening Workshops. Al Noor Island’s management is taking in registration requests and inquires both via email,, and telephone (06 506 7000). Different packages have different prices and durations. For more information about the packages, visit their social media accounts at @alnoorisland.

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