Sheikh Sultan bin Ahmed Al Qasimi Launches Second Season of “Power Owners”

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  • As part of a special event hosted by Sharjah Press Club

Sheikh Sultan bin Ahmed Al Qasimi, Chairman of the Sharjah Media Council, launched the second season of the “Power Owners” talk show, in the presence of the Kuwaiti cast, including host Othman Al Anjari and the show’s social media ambassador Fahed Al-Rahmani,.The launch took place during a special event hosted by Sharjah Press Club, an initiative by Sharjah Government Media Bureau, at Al Majaz Amphitheatre in Sharjah.

The event was attended by a galaxy of media personalities and academics. It highlighted the talk show as a unique media model adopted by young talents from the Gulf region. The show has attracted renowned public figures from all over the world, including statesmen and business leaders, as well as athletes and three Nobel laureates. The list of guests includes veteran US media personality Larry King, former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, who is responsible for major developments his country has witnessed, former boxing champion Mike Tyson, YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley and many others.

Sheikh Sultan bin Ahmed Al Qasimi, Chairman of Sharjah Media Council, stressed Sharjah’s keenness to support innovative talents and bolster media cooperation at the Arab level. He praised the efforts of “Power Owners” cast, who, in a record time, managed to present a unique Arab experience and establish the show’s position to train the spotlight on international leaders who have left a positive mark on many areas.

The Chairman of Sharjah Media Council called on the youth to adopt innovative ideas and convey the experiences and expertise of people of logic, knowledge and positive influence to the public.

He pointed out that the Sharjah Press Club, as a specialised knowledge and professional community, is keen to highlight successful media experiences from all over the Arab world through its various events and sessions.
Othman Al Anjari, the show’s host and CEO of its production company, said: “We created this show as a platform to meet with leaders and stars from all over the world for the purpose of conveying the meaningful message that power, for those who hold it, is the power to control oneself without restrictions or pressures”.

He expressed his appreciation for Sheikh Sultan bin Ahmed Al Qasimi for launching the second season of “Power Owners”, and for Sharjah Press Club for creating a dialogue platform that allowed the programme’s team to communicate openly with the public to encourage and develop this kind of meaningful production.

The event also featured a brief summary of the show’s first season and some of the scenes that were filmed behind it as the cast tried to convince guests to participate.

Together, the show’s host and social media ambassador talked about the making of the show, from inception to broadcast, as well as details of the budget allocated for the show. The team revealed challenges and difficulties that they and their fellow members had encountered to complete the production before they finally opened the floor for questions from the audience.

The event was hosted by Sharjah Press Club to highlight the ​​significance of the talk show, which was filmed in several countries and launched its first season in Kuwait in 2017. The content of “Power Owners” consists of interviews with personalities who left their mark in the world and changed history.

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