‘Sayidaty kitchen’ the world’s leading online portal numbering up to 1.4 million users

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  • Introducing the kitchen’s first weekly TV show “Khalena Notbokh Sah” in December 2018

Sayidaty Kitchen is the comprehensive guide to the Gulf and Arab lady who loves cooking and looking for everything unique in the world of delicious recipes, culinary connoisseurs, with more than 3000 oriental and international recipes.

Sayidaty Kitchen ranked at the forefront of the trend for properly made Middle Eastern and International cuisines in the Arab world. The site also listed the highest number of hits from Saudi Arabia and the Gulf region in 2018 and topped a record-breaking 8 million visitors and 1.4 million users during October month according to the statistics of the international website ‘Narrative’. Sayidaty Kitchen is very popular on social networking sites and is followed by more than 5 million on Facebook, 460k on Instagram and 52k followers on Twitter.

The website’s wide-ranging experts operate at the top of their game to bring readers local and regional Middle Eastern cuisine, global recipes, and a stunningly curated gallery of everything with apt content and coverage of the Middle Eastern food scene, an endless list of fail-proof recipes, plus expert Instagram-worthy food-styling ideas. Sayidaty Kitchen was able to win the hearts of obsessive foodies in the region and beyond and saw significant growth and activity in its social media platforms and mobile app over the past year, putting it amongst the top gastronomic platforms in the Arab world. 266k users have downloaded the mobile application; including 83k from Saudi Arabia, 91k IOS users, and 175 Android users. Also, the application ranked No. 9 as a food and drink app on iPad on November 7, 2018 as per the application store in Saudi Arabia.

Sayidaty Kitchen has attracted more and more readers and visitors throughout the past years, giving it one of the best platforms in the Arab world and the first destination for readers.

Sayidaty Kitchen will feature the first weekly TV show “Khalena Notbokh Sah” on its online platform and social media networks from 15th December 2018.

The show includes 10 episodes with the top Saudi chefs and influencers in the region and worldwide.

Sayidaty Kitchen seeks to be the first online destination for culinary lovers worldwide and the electronic platform for international cooks, bloggers and global foodies. And expect to have more than 5 million views on the social media network.

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«Instagram»: www.instagram.com-sayidatykitchen

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