Say “Thank You Zayed” at WAFI this month

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Dubai’s iconic leisure destination WAFI is back with a patriotic expression platform that will run from 18th November to 2nd December during mall operating hours, ending in an entertaining finale on the 47th UAE National Day.

The campaign, which is titled ‘Thank You Zayed’ is a symbolic representation and an invitation to UAE nationals as well as residents to come and express their gratitude to our Founding Father, Sheikh Zayed.

When visiting this activation, WAFI visitors will have the opportunity to stand on a podium in front of a large LED screen to take a picture of themselves which will then upload onto the screen to build the image of Sheikh Zayed, which will be revealed in its entirety on UAE National Day, 2nd December.

“The spectacular journey of our Founding Father and the UAE is one to celebrate with appreciation, gratefulness and passion. The aim of the activation is to allow people to ‘give back’ and thank the nation that we all live in and especially our Founding Father. This is the year of Sheikh Zayed and we are expressing our gratitude for his contribution in making this growing nation. We would like to invite all residents and visitors, Locals and expats to show their respect to the nation and Sheikh Zayed in making the UAE what it is today.” said Katherine Revett, Head of Central Marketing, WAFI.

WAFI visitors will get to experience an exceptional range of products at the ARTE market on 24th November while entertainment will be available on 2nd December to celebrate the UAE National Day.


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