Rove Hotels & Mariska Nell present the Sustainability Corner during Downtown Design

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Rove Hotels collaborate with Dubai-based environmental artist and champion, Mariska Nell to present a Sustainability Corner as part of Downtown Design, from November 13th to 16th. The installation will feature her upcycled works, some of which have been created using plastic bottles collected as part of Rove’s ‘Check-in with Plastic; Check-out with Dinner’ promotion.

In an effort to utilise design as an effective platform to promote sustainability, and as result of its hugely successful, ongoing ‘Check-in with Plastic; Check-out with Dinner’ promotion at The Daily restaurants, Rove Hotels has joined forces with renowned sustainability advocate and artist, Mariska Nell. The collaboration sees the artist producing a unique, environmentally innovative creation – a chair made from the plastic bottles collected at Rove Hotels. The creative piece, along with her other artworks, will be displayed at Rove’s Sustainability Corner at Rove Downtown during Downtown Design, part of Dubai Design Week, from November 13th to 16th, to further raise awareness of the impact of plastic bottles on the environment.

Inspired by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s vision to establish sustainability pillars as key components of Dubai’s sustainability journey, Rove Hotels recently introduced its eco-community project, ‘Check-in with Plastic; Check-out with Dinner’. The project involves Rovers handing in their plastic bottles and, in exchange, receiving dining credits at The Daily restaurants. The plastic bottles are sent for recycling and upcycling and, so far, over 7,000 bottles have been collected as part of the initiative, a figure that the entire Rove team is extremely encouraged by, as it highlights the community eagerness and proactivity regarding sustainability for a greener future. Partnering with an environmental champion such as Mariska Nell has strengthened Rove’s determination to advocate positive change in the local community even more.

South African-born, Dubai-based artist and environmentalist, Mariska Nell is on a mission to turn trash into treasure. Nell’s passion for creating works of art based on recycling and upcycling began after she cleaned 913 Nespresso pods and turned them into hundreds of flowers for her CoffeeAddictionLamp. This inspired her to produce even more ‘Trash to Treasure’ art collections, which have been highly sought after by celebrities such as Trevor Noah, Adrian Genier and many more. Her work has also been exhibited in numerous galleries around the world.

Expressing his excitement about Rove’s Downtown Design Week collaboration with Mariska Nell, Paul Bridger, Corporate Director of Operations at Rove Hotels, stated, “Everyone here at Rove Hotels is extremely proud of the massively positive response from Rovers to the ‘Check-in with Plastic; Check-out with Dinner’ promotion. Teaming up with such an inspirational and extremely talented environmental artist like Mariska Nell shows the community what can be achieved when we make a collective effort towards achieving sustainability. We invite everyone to visit the Sustainability Corner, learn more and get involved in initiatives that aim to protect our environment.”

The Rove Sustainability Corner by Mariska Nell will be on display at Rove Downtown during Downtown Design from November 13th to 16th.


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