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By Mansoor Sarwar, Director of Technical Services and Pre-Sales at Sage Middle East

“At Sage, we develop solutions to assist companies of all sizes in delivering quality products and services to their customers. With the introduction of VAT in the UAE and Saudi Arabia in 2018, we rolled out tax-compliant software in the GCC region to help businesses adapt seamlessly to the new accounting procedures. We have tailored our products to suit each country’s VAT law and are currently customising our software solutions to comply with the Bahrain VAT laws as more details emerge.

“The implementation of VAT presents an ideal opportunity for companies to invest in accounting solutions that streamline the tax collection, record-keeping, and reporting processes. Our products integrate all the elements that a startup, a small or medium-sized business, or a large enterprise needs to run with the utmost efficiency and flexibility.

“While some companies may find adapting to the changes challenging at the beginning, a smooth transition is possible with the right support. Business owners should view VAT as a chance to contribute to the local economy, boost corporate transparency, and optimise operations – not as an administrative burden or a daunting task.”

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