Qatar Finance and Business Academy in collaboration with Qatar National Library held an educational seminar

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As a part of its key vision to work towards transforming Qatar to a knowledge based economy, Qatar Finance and Business Academy (QFBA) in collaboration with Qatar National Library  hosted an educational seminar dedicated to inform young students how to navigate choosing their university major.

The seminar successfully provided a comprehensive guide for participating students on insights on upcoming and most popular university specialization pathways that students can potentially enter into and new opportunities that are on the horizon. Students were able to fully delve into the pros and cons of various university specializations, and learn how to successfully match the right discipline to the students personality and preferences, empowering future generations to make the wisest educational decisions.

On this occasion, Khalifa Al Yafei, Director of Academic Affairs and Operations  at Qatar Finance and Business Academy said:

“We delivered this seminar on the premise that QFBA values and understands the importance of supporting and empowering the upcoming generation that symbolize the true essence of knowledge-based economy.  The starting point for the nation’s youth is to first realize and learn how to make the wisest decisions based on their passions and skills, ultimately providing Qatar’s financial services sector with a stream of capable young talent with the potential capacity to transform the economy.”

On this occasion, Ahmed Al-Malki, Head of Young Adults at Qatar National Library, said: “This event symbolizes a starting point for students to begin the pursuit of their educational journey and develop the knowledge, discernment and perseverance to achieve on both educational and personal fronts. In parallel with the changing requirements of the current labor market, students will be able to decide which specialization best suits them ahead of starting their university journey. As such, it is a mechanism for us to empower students for better planning post-graduation.”

Through initiatives such as this, QFBA furthers it commitment to empower the nation’s  human capital capabilities with an ultimate aim to become a key actor in the transformation of the financial services sector in line with QNV 2030.

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