Phoenix Contact now offers the PLCnext Store for its open control platform PLCnext.

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  • PLCnext Store: Software store for automation solutions

In order to be able to keep pace with the speed of technical developments, which is increasing significantly throughout the world, new approaches need to be found to harness existing knowledge on a broader basis. Against this backdrop, Phoenix Contact presented the PLCnext Store at this year’s SPS IPC Drives. This is a platform that makes it possible for all developers and market participants to offer self-developed software solutions and to purchase existing software solutions. For example, anyone who has developed a solution for pumping stations, lighting systems or driverless transport systems will be able to recoup their own expenses much more quickly by providing and selling this solution in the PLCnext Store. Those looking for suitable solutions or providers will be able to find what they are looking for much more quickly here in the future. The “App Store”, which is used so naturally in everyday life, is thus entering the industrial world. The idea of openness is of particular importance for market acceptance. The store allows third-party providers, in addition to Phoenix Contact, to sell the apps that they have developed. Therefore, the store is not only for control technology users, but also all providers as well as competitors who have interest, will be able to place their software products for the PLCnext Technology controller solution on the market via the PLCnext Store.

Depending on the app, the user does not need any deep knowledge of programming to create their application directly using the software solutions. Easy access to software applications and reduced programming work accelerate application development. Innovative solutions can be created and the versatility and application options of automation solutions expanded through a dynamically growing range of apps.

At the PLCnext Store, the most varied apps for any application are available – from software libraries for accelerated programming through to completely programmed apps that can be used without any programming knowledge. The controller just needs to be configured and adapted to the individual requirements on site.

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