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Provincial Minister for HR&MA Aijaz Alam Augustine has said that every religion including Islam brings the message of Human Rights and Harmony among the masses. He said that the need of collective efforts and struggle for peace and security without any discrimination of cast and creed much needed in present situation. He expressed these views while addressing a seminar to promote harmony and peace in the society among the Interfaith Commission for Peace and Harmony at new minister block’s committee room, today. Hafiz Abdul Wahab Ropri led the commission, said that to create culture of peace and coexistence, we need to show respect to other religions and reconcile all the conflicts dismantling the culture of war. He said that people of all schools of thought will have to play their role for bringing a positive change through dialogue in social attitudes for the promotion of religious harmony. The Provincial Minister Human Rights during his address said that everyone participated in the event has to create awareness among people of different religions regarding human rights cultivating for inner peace. The Minister said that all the religions teach the lesson of human respect, harmony and brotherhood. He said that the elements which are destroying social peace will have to be dealt with sternly. He emphasized that besides government, Ulema, media and people belonging to all schools of thought can promote love and brotherhood through dialogue. Doctor Munawer Chand, Rev. Doctor Majeed Abel, Professor Nelson Azeem, Samson Josef, Mubarak Aftab Gill, Irfan Haider, Dr.Masood Mujahid, Professor Javaid William. Amernath Randhawa, Shakeel ul Rehman, Ashraf Michael were present at the seminar.

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