OPPLE “Light your smart life ”- 2018 Hong Kong International Lighting Fair

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OPPLE Lighting, the leading integrated lighting manufacturer, exhibited at the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair 2018 Autumn Edition in Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on Oct 27-30, 2018, featuring its smart lifestyle concept as well as scenario-based Bluetooth lighting solutions.

Qi Xiaoming, CTO of OPPLE Lighting, attended the fair and delivered a speech at the Smart Lighting Development Forum. He said, “Future smart lighting should focus on maturity, appropriate technology, artificial intelligence, IoT technology, and communication technology. OPPLE promotes a smart lifestyle powered by smart lighting and the people-oriented lighting concept. OPPLE’s focus is never on a single product, but about an integrated system that can achieve the unity of people’s vision, physiology and emotion.”

As one of the highlighted products that OPPLE brought to the Fair, the Bluetooth Control System comes with multiple advantages including easy installation, grouping and operation, and can meet requirements of different office lighting scenarios. It also allows users to control the lighting via the smart device. Fully understanding modern people’s need for the comfort of office lighting environment, OPPLE’s smart control system can create a more comfortable, efficient and energy-saving office environment.

With strong advantages on comprehensive scenario solutions and ETO capabilities, OPPLE’s smart lighting has been widely applied in shopping malls, commercial chains, buildings, and outdoor landscapes, winning trust from customers. During this year’s Hong Kong International Lighting Fair 2018 Autumn Edition, OPPLE received over hundreds of visitors from different sectors around the world and attracted various media reporters.

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