Newly Appointed Chef Bastien Meyrat Brings his Culinary Experience to Marriott Downtown Abu Dhabi

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Marriott Downtown Abu Dhabi announces the appointment of its newest Chef de Cuisine, Chef Bastien Meyrat, who will be heading up the culinary team at JW Steakhouse.

Bastien’s passion for the culinary arts began in his grandmother’s kitchen located in a small town in Switzerland. She honed his potential as a future patron of the kitchen by teaching him how to cook his favorite dishes.

Chef Bastien began his journey at Waldmannsburg, a critically acclaimed restaurant in Dubendorf, Switzerland. Most noteworthy, Chef Bastien worked in the capacity of Sous Chef during the FIFA European Cup in 2008 before shifting his base to the scenic and inspiring culinary destination Bali where worked as Sous Chef, and later as Executive Chef. During his time as Executive Chef, Meyrat missed the hands on involvement in the kitchen and cooking on a day to day basis and has since returned to working as Chef de Cuisine with Marriott Downtown Abu Dhabi.

Commenting on his appointment, Chef Bastien Meyrat said, “Cooking is not only my career, it is my passion. I find it exhilarating to bring people together through food, by creating unique and memorable dining experiences for guests. I look forward to my journey with Marriott Downtown Abu Dhabi, collaborating with its dynamic team and refreshing the menu”.

Perfectly situated at the heart of downtown Abu Dhabi, close to all the major areas of interest including Al Wahda Mall and the Corniche, this architectural landmark stands tall amidst the city. Experience a combination of five-star hospitality, and upscale, distinctive design with modern amenities at Marriott Hotel Downtown Abu Dhabi.

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