Miroslav Lajčák, Sir Bani Yas Forum provides excellent environment for creative and constructive debate on many international and regional issues

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H.E. Miroslav Lajčák, Minister of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic said , The relationship between UAE and Solvakia has swiftly progressed especially after the opening of the Solvakia embassy in Abu Dhabi, which saw the influx of Slovakian tourists enjoying hospitality and beaches in the UAE, and vice versa

He was part of this year‘s Global Future Council in Dubai. The forum brings together policymakers and stakeholders – representatives of private sector, experts and academics, international organizations, civil society, youth, technology and innovators that are able to bring their own perspective to a discussion and thus contribute to seeking viable solutions to the challenges the world faces.

Miroslav Lajčák explained: “We should concentrate on cooperation, dialogue and seeking win-win solutions. The global challenges require global solutions and those we can find only together. Slovakia supports an open, transparent and predictable multilateral trading system based on WTO rules. Introducing tariffs on imports of steel, aluminum and the imposition of tariffs on cars is another issue, only free trade, based on accepted multilateral trade rules, is a way to jobs, economic prosperity and well-being..

Miroslav Lajcak added: “Over the years, we have exchanged several high-level visits, concluded all core economic agreements, established the Joint Economic Committee and held Slovakia-UAE Round Table on R&D and Innovation. Now, we are looking forward to transforming this framework into tangible results in business, technology, innovations, medical tourism and investments cooperation. We are ready to develop and utilize together with the UAE, some of our unique technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence technology for diagnosing cancer cells, new generation hot plasma technology for oil and gas drilling.”

Slovakia will lead the discussion on boosting multilateralism and conflict prevention during the OSCE Chairmanship 2019. The platform will focus towards ordinary people, particularly those affected by conflicts. H.E. Miroslav Lajčák added: “Conflict prevention and mitigation of consequences of existing conflicts, secure future and effective multilateralism and ongoing conflicts in the OSCE region will be our main topics. Crisis in and around Ukraine and energy cooperation but also connectivity, good governance, water management and 4th Industrial revolution will be on the top of the agenda. Agenda of tolerance and non-discrimination (including on religious grounds) remains one of the priorities of Slovak human rights policy.”

Slovakia will also chair the Ministerial Council Meeting (MCM) in 2019. This will mark the country’s first hosting of the meeting since Slovakia joined the OECD in 2000. The aim is to discuss what policies to apply to support sustainable economic growth, structural changes in societies, preventing their abuse by state or non-state actors. The theme this year is: “Harnessing Digital Transition for Sustainable Development: Opportunities and Challenges. H.E. Miroslav Lajčák added: “The selected theme will allow us not only to present the potential of Slovakia in this area it will also give us an opportunity to discuss the experience and share practices applied on national level.”

In an unprecedentedly interdependent world, the number of transboundary threats is on the rise. The need to address these trends becomes even more crucial as the complexities of global security, environmental and development challenges advance. He concluded saying: “I am convinced that multilateralism is the suitable way to address the global challenges (i.e. climate change, terrorism, migration). I have always found it more effective playing fair than playing tough. Playing fair is what effective multilateralism is about and what the Middle East needs nowadays. My country will be able to offer a very concrete contribution to the multilateral diplomacy during its upcoming presidency at the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe.”

Sir Bani Yas Forum hosted by H.H. Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, provides excellent environment for creative and constructive debate on many international and regional issues and serves as an excellent platform to discuss solutions for emerging geopolitical challenges. Miroslav Lajčák mentioned: “I believe in a dialogue and multilateral diplomacy, therefore I am very pleased to participate regularly in this unique and exceptional forum. It’s very important because they facilitate cooperation and engagement in the region of Middle East and beyond at the highest level on most important regional topics and critical global issues that are at the center of attention of international community. They both have gained global reputation also because they allow for a frank, open and constructive face-to-face discussions.”

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