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Provincial Minister HR&MA Aijaz Alam Augustine has inaugurated Gypsy Mela 2018 at PILAC, today. Purpose of Mela was encouraged to marginalized communities of societies who are deprived from basic rights. Event jointly organized by Ministry of Human Rights, Govt of Pakistan, PILAC with collaboration of GODH at Punjab Institute of Language Arts and Culture (PILAC), Qadaffi Stadium, Lahore. Two days festival included different activities for the gypsy community and children on move (Street Children) and different communities of gypsies like kalander, changar, maslibhattu, jogi, nat, kinger, marssi, lalimarasi, etc. for the marginalized communities (Children, men and women) of societies who are deprived from their basic rights. In the event, exhibited different stalls of indigenous trades/crafts of gypsies to exhibit and promote their culture. The stalls were included different things from the daily lives of gypsies, such as different things made of straws, mud, bamboos, plastic, reused paper and clothes as well. The Minister Aijaz Alam acknowledged the efforts of Gypsies and said during talk with media persons that theme of Mela is “Every Human Has EQUAL RIGHTS”. He also said that PTI’s Government is fully aware of their responsibilities toward minorities and recently inauguration of Kartarpur corridor is a great example of the rights of minorities. Regional Director of HR&MA Govt of Pakistan Lubna Mansoor, D.G PILAC, Mahreen from GODH and representatives of civil society were preset on the occasion.

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