Mega Mall will host the 9th edition of the Sharjah Stamp Exhibition

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Mega Mall Sharjah has announced the launch of the 9th edition of the Sharjah Stamp Exhibition, which is being organized by the Emirates Philatelic Association during November 13-17, in cooperation with Mega Mall Sharjah. The exhibition will include the participation of a wide range of collectors, hobbyists and vendors of stamps, coins and paper currencies.

The exhibition will feature the participation of stamp and coin dealers and exhibitors from 19 countries, which include 46 different themes distributed on 120 platforms. It will also feature an auction for several rare postage stamps, which are expected to attract serious hobbyists in the region, as well as many other events aimed at the general public.

Abdullah Khoury, President of the Emirates Philatelic Association, stated that the new edition of the exhibition will offer a unique variety of postage stamps, documents, and rare currencies that chronicle a number of civilizations and countries. He remarked that he expects the current edition of the exhibition to achieve success due to large interest from the public, intellectuals, and students.

Mohammed Sorour, Marketing Manager of Mega Mall: “The Sharjah Stamp Exhibition, which has been hosted by Mega Mall for 9 years, is considered one of the most prominent events that promote tourism and commercial activity in Sharjah. The exhibition is also an important event that promotes the heritage of both the UAE and the country, and it attracts a large audience of fans, traders and collectors of stamps and ancient coins from around the world.”

The exhibition will be attended by a group of international arbitrators and coordinators who are visiting Sharjah to showcase a wide variety of unique stamps, which chronicle various events at different periods of time, and review the chronology of major events in the history of the UAE and the world over the past few decades.

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