Manifesting Abundance in your life by Accessing to your Higher Power

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By Keiko Anaguchi

A Best Selling Author & Well Known Spiritual Teacher from Japan

May 11,2019 in Dubai 13:00 to 16:00

Are you happy and satisfied with what you have created?

What you see and who you are today are the results of the choices you have made in the past until now and the abundance, or lack of it, of your thinking.
Have you ever wondered if this there could be more?
Or Have you ever felt or thought about whether there was a different way?
Can you make your life and and the lives of others by doing things differently and changing the way you think?
Are you ready to transform your current reality so you can live your life completely happy and fulfilled?
If the answer is yes, this seminar will help you to see both your life and the world differently.
Keiko has consulted and trained people how to make their business activities more enjoyable and happy so they feel happier and create more abundance leading to a more meaningful personal and professional life..
Keiko will work with you on how to connect with your higher power and tap into your subconscious so you can gain deeper awareness to your infinite potential and the manifest abundance possible in your life and the lives of others.
Join Keiko to boost your energy and reveal this abundance by co creating happy reality with others and the community you connect with there.

Keiko Anaguchi is a well known spiritual teacher, author, and a public speaker in Japan. She is recognized for manifesting spiritual messages into realistic forms.She has a Spiritual Entrepreneurs School in Japan to teach and use spiritual skills to everyday business life to shift the present reality into new possible reality to better serve the planet and humanity. She is a best-selling Japanese author of various titles, some of which include Find Your Own Angels, and Law of Attraction:Life is Full of Miracles. Serving over 30,000 clients in the past 25  years, Keiko leads spiritual tours to Mt.Shasta and Sedona in the U.S., as well as to other sacred sites around the world in Southern France, Egypt, Peru and more. She was a training consultant to BMW, Citi Bank, Honda, Rover Japan.

DATE  May 11th 2019  13:00 to 16:00


Registration Fee 500 (AED)

Pay by PAY PAL

Inquiry for the seminar at Ryoko Kuwata

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