MaK Middle East supports its remote customers with an engine component exchange program

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Recognizing the importance of fast turnaround time and high component quality for engine component overhaul and repair, the company has successfully introduced a program out of Dubai that allows customers to enjoy the benefits of the company’s Dubai workshop standards while servicing vessels in remote locations.

MaK Middle East LLC, a Caterpillar company established in Dubai in 2017, is pleased to continue building on its product support excellence by providing remote location engine overhauling options for customers operating in areas such as the West Coast of Africa and the Caspian Sea.

The company, a direct distributor of Caterpillar Inc’s medium speed engine brands; MaK, CM and EMD, as well as Napier and KBB turbochargers; has a dedicated workshop facility in Dubai Maritime City providing engine component overhaul and repair. The company also serves as a base for the supply of new spare parts and components used in the repair, maintenance, upgrading and refurbishment of vessel, rig and power plant engines.

As the authorized MaK marine dealer in the Middle East Region, MaK Middle East is also able to provide customers with various MaK Factory Certified engine upgrading and conversion options that not only meet MaK requirements, but also Marine Classification Society and IMO requirements.

Alan Naisby, Managing Director of MaK Middle East and MaK Asia stated, “Customer satisfaction is our highest priority at MaK Middle East. We want customers to be positive about their current MaK engine experience so they are motivated to specify MaK engines in the next vessels they buy or build. Specifically tailored to customers who can’t afford downtime or who are operating in a remote location without local access to a qualified workshop, we have created an appropriate manufacturer-quality solution, the MaK Service Exchange Program. Covering cylinder heads, fuel pumps, injectors, and turbochargers, all components are rebuilt to manufacturer standard using new replacement parts to ensure reliability and durability for the next 15,000 hours.

The beauty of the program is the peace of mind it provides to the vessel operator. The combination of factory overhauled components and installation by the manufacturer is a winning recipe for operators under charter in locations far from a qualified workshop.  Customers like the comfort of knowing the integrity of the installed components will help to avoid engine breakdowns, off-hire time or even the complete loss of a charter.”

Cores removed from a vessel are returned to Dubai within 90 days where they are overhauled and held as Service Exchange Unit inventory ready to support the next customer. In the case of cylinder heads, pumps, and injectors, all wear components are replaced 100% with new to ensure the overhauled component can run problem-free to the next overhaul interval.

Naisby concluded, “MaK Middle East has a professional and dedicated service team, which is trained to provide efficient onboard replacement of major components including cylinder heads, fuel pumps, injectors, and turbochargers. Typical time to perform the work on an Offshore vessel is around 2 weeks”

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