M Hotel Downtown by Millennium Joins the Fight Against Breast Cancer

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M Hotel Downtown by Millennium in collaboration with Call Doctor Home Health Care Center hosted a breast cancer awareness campaign. A total of 15 participants from the hotel were part of the event in honor of the breast cancer awareness month.

The event commenced with a health talk from Dr. Salma Gharouz and Dr. Rageena Abubacker where they highlighted the importance of raising awareness against breast cancer and symptoms one should look out for. With the objective to educate the public on causes, preventive measures, and different self-examination steps people could take, Call Doctor Home Health Care Center also provided guests with a complimentary medical checkup session, including consultation and a thorough physical examination for any early warning signs of cancer.

Commenting on the event, the hotel’s general manager Cornelia Erhardt said: “Our team is thrilled to be part of this initiative and we express our full support in raising awareness and actively promote early detection. Breast cancer, being the second leading cause of death of women in the region, M Hotel Downtown by millenniums aim is to shed light on the importance of self-examination as it leads to early detection.”

Perfectly situated at the heart of Downtown Dubai, close to all the major areas of interest including the iconic Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Mall, this architectural landmark stands tall amidst the action of the city. M Hotel Downtown by Millennium is also a celebrated destination for dining due to its high quality of food, spectacular views and personalized service. Experience a combination of hospitality par excellence, and distinctive design with modern amenities at M Hotel Downtown by Millennium.

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