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The British writer and naturalist Robert McFarlane wrote in his book The Old Ways that, “Anyone who lives in a city will know the feeling of having been there too long.” The obvious antidote to this urban malaise is to switch off and head into the great outdoors. With that in mind, Loewe launches a permanent line of functional essentials for men. The ready-to-wear collection and accessories are designed for nature. Practical and refined, Eye/LOEWE/Nature is an innovative take on utilitarian standards that offer both style and substance.

The Clothes 
Parkas constructed from technical material and jumpers knit from partly recycled cotton fibre join outerwear, cargo shorts, trousers and shirts in this casual line of apparel. Far from the subdued hues of traditional outdoor attire, Eye/LOEWE/ Nature benefits from an uplifting palette of vibrant colours.

The Accessories
Taking advantage of the country’s craft heritage and high-tech expertise, all accessories are manufactured in Japan. Hand-sewn from high-grade canvas with calfskin trim, the Eye/LOEWE/Nature backpacks are intended to skip effortlessly from
countryside to commute with added cushioning and support. Interior zip pockets also allow for thesafe storage of laptops or tablets and the vivid colours have contrasting white stitching. Tote bags and sling sacks add a contemporary touch to accessories designed for those who live and work on the go.

The Man
The Eye/LOEWE/Nature man is drawn to nature with an intrepid outlook that takes him to all corners of the earth. He is fascinated by the whys, whats and wheres that define a place and its people. He cares about the quality of what he buys and how he looks.

The Campaign
British actor Josh O’Connor travelled to the wilds of Cap de Creus — Spain’s untamed easternmost reaches — to test Eye/LOEWE/Nature in its natural environment. The campaign and new ‘Eye’ insignia were developed by M/M Paris.

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