Lewis Hamilton tells CNN: “Life is boring without challenges”

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Host Amanda Davies looks back at the season as Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton celebrates becoming a five-time Formula One world champion and looks ahead to 2019 and some of the potential world champions of the future.

Highlights from the show include interviews with world champion Lewis Hamilton, British former Formula One driver Sir Jackie Stewart, OBE, Ferrari team principal Maurizio Arrivabene and driver Charles Leclerc, a rookie on the 2018 grid. 

Lewis Hamilton on relishing a challenge:

“I love driving the car, it’s just an amazing feeling, that never changes. Life is boring without challenges, straight point for me personally but it’s different for other people. A lot of people in life don’t care to have a challenge, maybe [they’re looking for] an easy route, but that’s not me, I like being faced with new challenges each day and something that’s not given. I love when it’s hard work… At the moment, my next challenge is to have the best holiday and off period!”

Sir Jackie Stewart on what distinguishes Hamilton from the other drivers:

“Motor racing sometimes can be misleading, because if you have the very best car then it’s not that difficult to win. But I think this year [Hamilton] has excelled himself when sometimes the car hasn’t been at its very best. And that’s what usually sorts out the men from the boys… I think any sport needs a hero. Any sport needs somebody who’s the dominant factor.”

Maurizio Arrivabene on Ferrari’s hopes to turn things around and Sebastian Vettel’s performance this season:

“I think it is not only Sebastian, also the guys of the team when they are not winning a couple of races, they are quite disappointed, and they are frustrated, and so on. This is fine. I don’t want to point the finger on Sebastian, because as I said many times, we are winning and losing together. My motto is never give up, and we don’t give up until we got there… We need to provide him a good car. He needs to work as a world champion, as it was, and then we can make it.”

Charles Leclerc on his first Formula One season and how he acts with the other drivers in the paddock:

“I’m extremely happy to be now where I am in Formula One, a thing I’ve always dreamed about since a child… I don’t think I was even sure of being on the Formula One grid this time last year. I still feel quite new to be honest, still a lot of people I don’t know in the paddock… I don’t have [the same] type of competition out of the car with [the other drivers]. I really separate these two things, and there are some drivers I probably really like as a personality but hate them as a driver in the car.”

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