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Most people think that skydiving can only be done outdoors in the sky. However, with the development of technology, there is now an indoor rendition of the sport, which is done through vertical wind tunnels.

What Is A Vertical Wind Tunnel?

Vertical wind tunnels (VWT) are wind tunnels that blow up the air in a column. This is actually a recreational wind tunnel that is most of the time advertised as “bodyflight” or “indoor skydiving”. It’s also a training tool that most skydivers use.

These wind tunnels can give people the ability to fly on air without needing parachutes or planes, simply by the force of the wind that’s generated vertically. The wind inside these tunnels generally moves upward at 120 mph, which is also a falling human body’s terminal velocity, although it can vary from one person to another.

VWT’s are most of the time called ‘indoor skydiving’ because of its popularity with skydivers that say the sensation they get is very similar to the real thing. As the person ‘floats’ in midair inside the wind tunnel, this is termed as ‘bodyflight’.

Types Of Vertical Wind Tunnels

Basically, there are 2 main types of VWTs, namely: outdoor and indoor. The outdoor type can be either portable or stationary. The portable ones are the types that are often used for movie productions, demonstrations and are usually rented for big events like state fairs and conventions.

Portable units give a dramatic effect for the spectators and the flying person since there are no walls bounding the flight area. This kind of wind tunnel gives you the opportunity to fly with a partial or full-sky/outdoor view. Some outdoor units can also have nettings around or walls so as to keep beginners from flying out the tunnel boundaries.

For the indoor types, you also have to subcategories, namely: re-circulating and non-re-circulating. Non-re-circulating wind tunnels generally suck air via inlets found in the building’s bottom portion. Then the air would go up the bodyflight area, and exit through the top portion of the building. However, the re-circulating type would create an aerodynamic loop that has turning vanes, which are similar to scientific wind tunnels but has a vertical loop and a bodyflight chamber inside the vertical portion of the loop.

Re-circulating tunnels are usually used in places where the climate is too cold for non-re-circulating types. Indoor types usually have a smoother and controlled airflow than outdoor types. They also have more control over temperature. Thus, they can be operated year-round in places with a cold climate.

What is the deal for up to 100% Equity!

We’re introducing an exciting investment opportunity where the investor can get 100% equity on the project Hurricane Factory.

Hurricane Factory (HF) owns and operates a network of vertical wind tunnels in Europe. Vertical wind tunnels are designed to provide a unique experience of indoor skydiving. Tunnels are based on Strojírna Litvínov technology, which is patented in Europe. In the circular glass flight chamber, everyone from age 5 years old can feel what is it like to fly in the wind speed of 270 km/h under the supervision of experienced instructors.


HF branches are located in Middle Europe and in South West Europe. In 300km circle from their tunnels live more than 125 million people (our potential clients).



The wind tunnel business is based on 2 main areas:

  1. Funflight – market-based on flying for the general public, corporate events and vouchers sale
  2. Sportflight – market-based on skydivers and professional tunnel flyers We are successful in fulfilling our goal to increase flight time against the previous year and also increase funflight against sportflight to maximalize our profits.



  • Highly developed sales strategy based on 8 years of experience in the business from its birth to today, when indoor skydiving is well known and desired experience
  • We managed to prevent market saturation and create a stable and regular supply of clients
  • HF tunnels have become a popular venue for variable types of corporate events
  • Kids activities – regular flying courses for children, connected with the exercise activities in the fresh air, yoga, gymnastics, as well as the development of the ability to work in the team, concentration, etc. Many of our projects have found support in the municipalities or the Ministry of Education and Sports
  • We participated in the development of the virtual reality system and now we use it in the tunnel to offer our clients a new service
  • We have developed systems that allow people with different handicaps to fly


  • The tunnel is an interesting object for production companies from all over the world, whether it is about making video clips, commercials, feature films, reality shows, etc.
  • We can name commercial spots for Apple Watch Series 4, Ecco, Nike Air, or music video clip for Okta Logue
  • Pitch Black Dark, a reality show for National Japanese TV It’s a great tool for how to promote many brands in special view, and how to promote our tunnels in the world.


  • Wind tunnels are no longer just simulators for jumping from an airplane, but it is an independent internationally recognized sport called indoor skydiving
  • The HF bears considerable credit for the formation of the sport and its recognition by the FAI (World Air Sports Federation), where indoor skydiving is the only air sport that children under the age of 15 can participate in, and as the only sport where is a chance to integrate into Olympic Games
  • HF is very actively involved in shaping the rules for indoor skydiving, judging system and training of judges, as well as in the training of world-class athletes in all categories
  • Our instructors and HF teams rank among the world top of indoor skydiving, they are sought-after trainers, organize their own training camps and thus they are also an essential source of sports clients.


  • Indoor skydiving has been accepted as an official sport by FAI in 2013
  • The 1st FAI World Championship in Indoor Skydiving took place in HF Prague in 2015 (about 380 racers from around the world participated)
  • HF Tatralandia will host 4th FAI World Championship in Indoor Skydiving in 2021
  • Sponsors’ interest in this sport continues to grow
  • HF teams are placed on the podium every year

For more information for investors, please contact Mr. Tomáš Grigliak Over WhatsApp!

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