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“Sometimes in life, the problem is not how you are, it’s how others are. I always say that problems never come alone, they are born because someone creates them and about that, I have enough experience in my short career. ”

One of the most influential men in the Arab countries, but European, Sir Manuel Freiré-Garabal y Núñez presents his new book that will be published with the entry of the new year and that bears the title: “Follow your own Dynasty”.

In this great work for the innovator, “The recently titled “The Dynasty Man” presents us the keys to grow up as a person and an entrepreneur in a World that he considers “full of potential, although full of envy”. He says: “In every feat, there are always villains and parasites, all of them will try to stop your potential, however, you should never allow them to achieve their result …”

“Two years ago I suffered this problem in my life and, as always happens in those who triumph young, it was in my own University. At that time I was thinking, it is not surprising that some people drop out because they slow down, however, it helped me to continue because if I slowed down, it was because I was doing things right… Some teacher came to tell me that he knew a lot about some things but about others, just in order to try to bother.”

Sir Manuel has achieved all this success in such a short time due to a series of principles that accompany him every day, as well as his family. “Every day I have the advice of my father, with whom I like to talk constantly to try to give him all the love and support that he and my mother have always given me …” “Even though I have left the nest and I make my life on my own, I have them close enough and I tend to see them daily to continue learning from their teachings. ”

“In this little summary that I do of how to succeed following your own dynasty, I reflect many of the teachings that they have transmitted to me, as well as my grandparents and great friends … I believe that following the dynasty itself is fundamental, otherwise, we would end up living in a world without meaning. ”

This young entrepreneur of 23 years, is one of the youngest who has had the opportunity to act, and in this case as a speaker, in the business event of the year: BLOCK DAVOS in which the most influential individuals of all the world.

Soon we hope to read this new book that will surely help you on your way to success.

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