Himalaya unveils new premium range of Face Scrubs

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  • The new cleansing range promises to protect skin from the adverse effects of the regions weather conditions

Cleansing, moisturizing and wearing a good sunscreen, is good for your skin but it isn’t enough. Your skin needs more than just a routine that works externally. Exfoliation is key to your beauty regime and is a great way to give your skin an instant refresh. Adding to its natural & skincare range Himalaya has unveiled two new premium face scrubs to ensure your skin remains healthy all year round. This premium range of scrubs comes in two unique variants, Moisturizing Argan Oil Scrub and Oil control Oatmeal and Honey Scrub.

Considering the varying climatic conditions and lifestyle witnessed in this region, skin problems continue to be a big concern amongst residents. Excessive dust, extreme heat and exposure to air conditioning are some of the key problems the skin has to cope with on a daily basis. While the humidity leaves your skin oily with clogged pored, the air conditioning saps it of all the moisture resulting in dry and flaky skin. This is when exfoliation plays a key role. Done correctly and with the right ingredients, exfoliation helps your skin purge dead cells revealing a better complexion underneath. Himalaya’s premium range of scrubs are designed using rich ingredient like Argan Oil, Oatmeal, honey etc. to achieve best results.

Himalaya Moisturizing Argan Oil Scrub is a rich creamy scrub that has been carefully formulated using the rich Argan oil and Walnut shell powder, to provide the skin with a relaxing facial treatment that cleans the grime and dirt deeply embedded in the skin’s pores, without leaving it feeling dry. Argan oil (rich in nutrients including fatty acids and vitamin E) is known for its anti-ageing properties and its ability to repair damaged skin tissues. It is essentially nature’s protective nourishing superfood for the skin.  This scrub is perfect for both dry and normal skin type and promises to protect the skin from harsh lifestyle and climatic effects.

Himalaya Oil Control Oatmeal and Honey Scrub, specifically designed to treat the oily skin type, is an effective blend of Oatmeal, Walnut and Honey. Oatmeal carefully absorbs excess oil from the skin, while walnut is finely kibbled to unlock its exfoliating properties and help remove dead skin cells, leaving the face feeling smoother and more luminous. The anti-oxidant properties of the rich honey help soften the skin to give a refreshing feel.

Driven by the need for problem free, healthier looking luminous skin naturally, the new scrubs from Himalaya will offer a premium skin care experience that is filled with the richness of natural ingredients that are sure to work wonders for the skin.

The new Himalaya skin-cleansing range is now widely available across UAE in all leading supermarkets, hypermarkets, and pharmacies and is retailing at AED 30 each.

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