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The festive season has finally and truly arrived, bringing along back to back parties and celebrations. While your busy social calendar may seem exciting, it can be pretty daunting on your health. Considering the rich and delicious festive treats that will be served, it is tough to restrain yourself, too long, from indulging in them. While you sure cannot dictate what others should be doing and serving at their festive dos you can ensure your party is a combination of fun and well-being.

Food is, the main attraction of any party and most often dictates the success of a party. The food you serve at a party often lingers on with the guest for days ahead. This being said, a lesser known fact is that, you can always cook up tastier food options for your party menu, which are healthy too.

The experts at India Gate show you how you can lend a healthy twist to your party menu:

A hearty welcome: A great host never forgets open the party with a welcome drink. These are generally non-alcoholic options like punches, mocktails and virgin cocktails that set the mood for the party.  Instead of serving your guests with welcome drinks stacked with fizz, soda and aerated beverages try preparing a quick smoothie or a fruit punch that they are sure to relish. For those who prefer lighter drinks a fruit slush or flavor infused water is a great idea. Always add in a few presoaked chia seed to the drink. This is a great ways to provide the body with fibre, protein and healthy fats.

Appetizer: Finger food or appetizers are always the first dishes to go. People generally tend to eat more of it along with their drinks therefore it is important to ensure you serve healthy starters to get your party going. You can make some really yummy starters using Quinoa, oats, flax seeds etc. In fact many of your common starter such as fritters, wraps and crackers and more can be made using these healthy ingredients.

Main dishes: Your main course generally comprises of a select few signature dishes. As most of the guest may be pretty full with the finger food served the main dish would generally be a rice preparation or some curry with bread. Substitute the white rice in your preparation with Sprouted Brown Rice. It is richer in nutrients like potassium, magnesium and phosphorus and is also more fibrous than white rice. There are some delicious rice preparations that can be made using sprouted brown rice.

Desserts: However full you may be, there is always place for a dessert. This being said, sweet dishes generally make up for most of your unrequired fat intake. Preparing a healthy dessert is easier than you think. Serve your guests quinoa chocolate cookies or a chia seeds Cherry Pudding to end your party on a happy healthy note.

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