Gloria Hotel bagged all the Prizes at the Culinary World Cup 2018

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  • Chef Samantha Kekulandura has stunned the judges by winning six medals during the Culinary World Cup 2018 held in Luxembourg from 24th to the 29th of November.

International trade show for gastronomy

The Culinary World Cup 2018 brings together the professions of gastronomy and hospitality to honor the act of cooking.

The Culinary World Cup 2018, is a distinctive and remarkable competition organised every four years during Expogast. 100 national teams (including 30  of pretigious chefs and 15 of young chefs from Luxembourg), coming from 50 countries battle, in order to cook the finest three-dishes menus as well as a gastronomic warm buffet.

The prepared fine dishes were tasted and appreciated by a lucky number of 900 participants.

For five days the Expogast was a showroom for extraordinary talents like Chef Samantha who did compete next to the UAE team.

“It was a really tough competition with a high level. My dream was to win 5 medals in one competition!”, the Chef said.

Chef Samantha cooks up a storm at the competition

The Gloria Hotel Dubai is celebrating the success of its medal winning chef at the Culinary World Cup. The UAE team was amongst more than 100 selected international teams competing for the coveted prizes and did finish with 43 gold medals.

This year was the year of consecration for the Chef who won 15 medals and awards.

He did leave the competition with gold medals in: Ice Carving, Pastry artistic icing sugar, Pastry artistic chocolate show piece and two gold medals for his culinary artistic salt show piece. He did also get a bronze medal within a two hours competition of live carving fruit and vegetables.

This list is added to the many awards Gloria Hotel has won, including best eco-friendly hotel and many others.

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