Fitness Bootcamp DXB Announces the Deeply Awaited ‘Plank Challenge’ Results

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  • UAE National Ali Khalfan is Once Again the Winner

FBC DXB (Fitness Bootcamp DXB), the most renowned fitness company in Dubai, and which has been in the region for over 4 years now, and which is led by coach Mostafa Mersal has announced the winners of the ‘Plank Challenge’, the competition which he created last year.

The main focus of the challenge relied on how long a contestant can plank while holding his/her body straight. The rules of the challenge were to hold the abdominal plank position in the correct form, and in which the plank position must be held on the toes and forearms only. The forearms had to remain in a position where shoulders are width apart without bending the knees and waist and without dropping the back and hips; contestants were also not allowed to connect the arms and hands. The feet had to also remain no wider than width apart.

Coach Mersal trained the contestants for an entire month preparing them for the challenge to compete against each other and test their abilities. The training he designed consisted of body weight exercises as well as weight lifting exercises, which will help participants strengthen and maximize their full physical athletic capabilities.

Last year’s challenge witnessed the Emirati Ali Khalfan who could plank an astonishing record of 1hour 29 minutes followed by Jonathan Laperdrix, who planked for 1 hour 25 minutes and came in second place.

This year and for the second time, FBC DXB has witnessed the Emirati Ali Khalfan winning the challenge by reaching an astonishing record of 1 hour 50 minutes, 21 minutes better than his performance at last year’s challenge followed by Mohammad Al Katbi, who planked for 1 hour 7 minutes to come in second. Adel Samir planked for 17 minutes 50 seconds and was awarded third place.

As for the ladies, the winner who was able to plank for a good 1 hour 6 minutes 30 seconds was Lena Wong- English followed by Nadia Yahfouri who planked for 1 hour 2 minutes 58 seconds and came in second place. As for Lena Joulahjian she came in third by planking 30 minutes and 30 seconds.

Mostafa Mersal said: “The challenge was not easy to perform for the participants and I am honoured and blessed to have worked with all of them. With their commitment and dedication to my sessions, they have showcased what they have gained throughout their hard work and trainings. I have also witnessed the amazing success and improvement they made and the high-quality level of the participants who joined my sessions, in addition to how willing they are to be part of the ‘Plank Challenge’. They have definitely exceeded my expectations.

He added: ‘Ali has definitely succeeded in this competition and proved himself by hitting a new record which was very impressive, and Lena Wong-English also proved to us that it is also possible for a woman to plank for over a full hour. I am deeply appreciative in being able to coach all the physically talented individuals who took part in this year’s competition. We have always had new and different challenges in FBC DXB and providing my clients with the opportunity to test their strength, challenge themselves, and maximize their full physical and athletic potential. Stay tuned for the coming challenge!”

The “Plank Challenge” lasted for an entire week in different locations in Dubai, allowing participants to compete, test, and showcase their capabilities in the plank position.

With more fitness challenges taking place lately in Dubai, we can see that the residents of the city have a big appetite in becoming healthier and more fit. Participating in all these challenges also gives them the opportunity to test themselves and have a more accurate assessment of their overall fitness level.

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