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‘City of Gold’ Scholarship receives record number of applications from talented Emirati and expatriate residents

The Dubai College of Tourism (DCT), an institution established by Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (Dubai Tourism), partnered with the Dubai Gold and Jewellery Group (DGJG) to welcome the first batch of students as part of the ‘City of Gold’ scholarship, awarded to first-year applicants enrolled for the Certificate of Retail course. As part of the programme, 20 Emirati and expatriate students received fully-funded academic grants to cover their tuition fees throughout the year. Successful completion of the course will open doors to exciting career opportunities within the DGJG network for all candidates, allowing them to enter the tourist-facing workforce with practical experience and valuable industry knowledge.

The ‘City of Gold’ scholarship is part of DCT’s ongoing industry collaborations and partnerships, providing students with hands-on training and access to industry expertise.

Commenting on the success of the scholarships, Essa Bin Hadher, General Manager of Dubai College of Tourism, said: “The ‘City of Gold’ scholarship programme is the first in a series of scholarships that DCT is committed to introduce to help build and nurture young talent. We are delighted with the success of the programme and hope to continue with our endeavour to further train young, eager Emirati nationals and expatriates and help them succeed in Dubai’s rapidly evolving tourism industry.”

The ‘City of Gold’ scholarship programme combines classroom learning with real-world experiences, offering students direct industry application in Dubai’s expanding retail landscape. This works in line with DCT’s overarching commitment to attract talented Emiratis and expatriate residents and help them explore rewarding career options in the tourism industry.

Successful candidates of the scholarship programme are currently undergoing the Certificate of Retail course. Asma Mohammed, one of the first students to be awarded the ‘City of Gold’ scholarship, highlights that her teachers are an integral part of the course, as they provide a valuable experience for all their students; “I have had a great learning experience at the Dubai College of Tourism so far. Both the teachers and students have contributed to making it a very welcoming environment, encouraging us to think about our career prospects with each project that we take on. The scholarship opportunity has helped equip me to succeed in the real world, and I am excited to take advantage of the industry connections that DCT offers.”

Meanwhile, Angelina Gonsalves Grace enjoys learning amongst a diverse group of students; “I found out about the courses through the College’s community outreach programme, and was thrilled to receive the scholarship opportunity. I have always been keen to learn about the industry through first-hand experience from leading professionals in the market, and DCT has helped open these doors for me.”

Sami Ahmed Azimah plans to continue his Diploma programme in retail; “I have always had a strong interest in tourism, as one of the fastest growing industries in Dubai – and DCT was my first choice to help me realise this passion. I certainly believe that the College provides valuable opportunities for a successful career through the access it provides us to working professionals – whether those that are part of our great faculty, or those that we meet through our guest lectures.”

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