Dance as a hobby, a way of relaxation, the opportunity to make new acquaintances

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Dance is a wonderful hobby; it improves your mood and helps your body be healthier. Everyone should have a hobby. If he does not have this, then is not very interesting even to communicate with such a person. Having no hobbies, a person becomes completely boring and annoying. Modern society calls such people “empty”. Hobbies can be very diverse, someone like boxing, someone loves fishing, someone collects stamps or stickers, someone enjoy playing or watching football, tennis or basketball, someone loves to collect mushrooms, someone like swimming or rowing, and someone visit a dance studio. Hobby makes our life brighter and allows us to develop, to find new friends and to distract our mind from work and everyday home fuss.

Nowadays there are no restrictions for people who want to dance – there is no certain age for different styles and ways of dancing. You can choose ballroom dancing (these are various waltzes, foxtrots, rumba or pasodobl). If you want something more energetic with hot rhythms, then choose Latin American dances (flamenco, capoeira and others) or find classes in folk dances – the most popular now is belly dance. Modern dance is also very popular now; here you can choose something from jazz to Hip-Hop, Strip-dance and others. Each new lesson will be for you new impressions and new emotions because you will learn new elements and get new acquaintances. There are pair dances where you will often interact with a partner. Most often, paired dances have one pair so that people could learn to feel each other and the rhythm.

Dancing can be not just a hobby for you; it can be your work or professional occupation. Dancing gives a magical feeling filled with bright emotions and positive energy. It is both a sport and an art. And dance has several obvious advantages over other activities. Even non-professional dancers have poor physical shape very rarely. Dancing increases the overall tone and strengthens all systems in the human’s body. Such a hobby will help you to get excellent coordination of movements, as well as to make the gait of the clumsiest person flying, and the posture is perfectly straight. Also, such activities very quickly develop the respiratory system, which plays a major role in protecting the body against colds. And dancing also helps to relieve nervous tension and completely relax, and this has a positive effect on the general emotional background of a person – he becomes more stress-resistant and he will no pay attention to trifles stimuli in the future. In addition, any dance helps to lose weight and subsequently maintain an excellent shape, ensuring the dancer slender and taut figure.

To the effect of dancing was positive, you can not forget about safety. It is important to do all movements correctly, as well as to avoid the possibility of injuries when making complex exercises. At first, it is necessary to make new movements with small amplitude, smoothly, slowly and as accurately as possible. Be attentive to the sensations of your body because any type of dance should give you pleasure, not pain. Dancing will also help you to understand yourself better, to establish contact with your own body; it will open for you new opportunities and ways for self-improvement. You will learn to move in new directions, to move in ways that you have not even thought about trying before. The flexibility and plasticity of the dance will affect your character, also making it flexible; give you positive thinking and lightness. And the external liberation will lead to inner freedom and freedom of thought.

Have you ever visited a party and when did the dances begin, just walk away? Did you hesitate to dance in the club and spent most of your time on the sofa and at the table? A couple of dance lessons and you can better understand your body to move gracefully and surely. Any type of dance gives your body the opportunity to open up, show its ability and highlight your virtues. You will feel comfortable dancing to any music. Many choreographers offer to learn a few movements that would be ideal for slow and rhythmic music. Your body will become more beautiful and plastic, and you will feel better and more positive.

Dancing is an amazing activity; it will allow you to become better so that you will love yourself. People around you will notice a change in you because it will be seen immediately. Your gait, your eyes, and your movements – all this will look brighter, more beautiful and graceful. You can improve the condition of your body, find new friends, relax and get an excellent source of energy. For many people, dancing is not just a way to remove extra kilos; it is a way of their life. They love to listen to music and move the body in rhythm. Maybe you should start by listening to your favorite song at home and trying to make some movements? The only thing that can keep you from dancing is the lack of time and laziness. But you can dance at home, even 15-20 minutes of any type of dance will give your body the necessary energy and you will have a positive mood.

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