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Huawei Launches EMUI10 to Enable Smart Life in All Scenarios

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  • Huawei P30 series will be the first to upgrade to the EMUI10 Beta version starting September 8, 2019

Huawei Developers Congress was held on August 9, in Dongguan, where EMUI10 was officially released. Dr. Wang Chenglu, President of the Software Engineering Department at Huawei Consumer Business Group, said that EMUI10 is pioneering distributed technology applications for providing an all-scenario experience. Its development has enabled scenario-specific applications such as audio and video calls in all scenarios, business tasks across devices, and smart vehicle-mounted devices. In the same stroke, one-time development for multi-device deployment can reduce costs, improve efficiency, and provide users with an all-scenario, smart experience.

EMUI has enabled the connection among multiple devices as well as between devices and applications, and it will further improve the service experience in additional scenarios. Likewise, the EMUI team adheres to a cooperative and open attitude and hopes that more partners and developers will join together to create innovative experiences in all scenarios.

At the conclusion of the launch event, Dr. Wang announced that an EMUI10 Beta version will be internally tested with Huawei P30 series and other models on September 8, and EMUI10 will be available on the next generation of Mate series products.

EMUI has over 500 million daily active users (DAU), and a dark mode was added to EMUI10.

At this point, Huawei EMUI has more than 500 million DAUs in 216 countries, and supports 77 languages. Technological iterations have been made over the past 7 years since the birth of EMUI1.0 in 2012. Huawei is dedicated to providing EMUI upgrade services and premium experience for existing users. Statistics show that the user upgrade rates of EMUI8.0 and EMUI 9.0 reached 79% and 84% respectively and that the number of users upgrading their phones to EMUI10 is expected to reach 150 million.

In recent years, Huawei has invested heavily in EMUI R&D to continuously boost system performance. GPU Turbo technology has improved the efficiency of graphics processing by 60%, while Link Turbo network aggregation technology lets smartphones access multiple networks like 4G and WiFi for network speed 70% faster than using 4G alone. Other innovations like the EROFS super file system improves Android’s random read by 20%, and additionally, the Ark Compiler also smooths third-party applications by 60%.

EMUI10 brings three updates: UX design, an all-scenario ultimate experience, and a new standard of smooth operation.

EMUI10 adds a dark mode to bring more visual comfort. Human factors research revealed that a color’s brightness and saturation are perceived differently depending on a light or dark background. The dark mode optimizes both color contrast between texts and dark backgrounds as well as the color of texts and system icons, and the end result ensures the visual consistency, comfort, and legibility. More UX design features of EMUI10 will be disclosed at the EMUI UX design concept launch event on August 10.

Distributed technology transforms cross-device experiences and merges capabilities of multiple devices onto one screen.

EMUI10 adopts revolutionary distributed technology to support HD video calls among multiple devices. Users can make audio and video calls whenever and wherever they are. If there is an incoming call, users can choose to answer using a smart speaker. Or if it is a video call, they can answer through a TV, vehicle-mounted device, or even send a real-time video feed from a drone so that friends and family can also enjoy the beautiful scenery. At work, a smartphone and computer can share screens so that data can be exchanged easily through drag-and-drop. Such a seamless experience is made possible by revolutionary distributed technology.

To implement distributed technology, the hardware capabilities of each device need to first be virtualized. In other words, what a device is capable of, such as in terms of its display, camera, microphone, or speaker, is not based on the device itself but rather a shared resource pool. In this way, each device can leverage needed functions or hardware capabilities from the resource pool or by sharing their capabilities with other devices. Therefore, for users and applications, different devices can be merged into one.

Huawei continuously pays attention to security. In addition to improve product experience, it also builds up a distributed all-scenario security system. It fortifies an in-depth security defense system by using in-house hardware and software, and uses a chip system architecture and system kernel as a foundation for security and trust. Only devices authenticated by the user can be connected to other user devices, and in addition, communication between devices is encrypted end-to-end to ensure absolute security of data transmission.

One-time development for multi-device deployment, providing consistent all-scenario user experience

There are more diversified smart devices including smartphones and smart TVs, and with the popularization of application ecosystems, the number of devices and applications of a user is rapidly increasing. Users require having the same experience as they use the same service in different devices and having access to services with any device no matter where they are. Consequently, developers face great challenges in multi-device adaptation, multi-language learning, and cross-device data convergence.

In the future era of multiple scenarios and multiple devices, application developers need to change when the requirements are changed. As stated at the launch event, EMUI provides a distributed UI programming framework and virtualizes hardware capabilities. As a result, developers can create apps for multiple devices without needing to make adaptations for the same program.

EMUI exhibits its capability in driving the industry and facilitating ecosystem development.

In recent years, the number of Huawei mobile phone users has increased significantly. Huawei shipped 100 million units in just five months this year, and in the future, EMUI will provide more applications and synergized cross-device experiences for users.

Huawei has always adhered to finding mutually beneficial opportunities, and it was said during the launch event that Huawei will continue to make the capabilities of tools and platforms such as the Ark Compiler and Huawei DevEco Studio more open. It is also stated that Huawei intended to work with developers and industry partners for win-win outcomes and to jointly create innovative experience across all scenarios.

The P30 series is the first to upgrade to the EMUI10 Beta version, and other devices will have it soon.

Huawei P30 series will be the first to upgrade to the EMUI10 Beta version for internal testing on September 8 and will be available for the Mate 20 series later on. During the launch event, Dr. Wang Chenglu also announced that EMUI10 will be firstly launched in the next generation of the Mate series. You can learn more about the latest models for internal testing and EMUI10 through Huawei’s official channels.

Huawei EMUI team looks forward to joining hands with developers and partners to offer an all-scenario ultimate experience for users.

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MaK Middle East’s Turbocharger Services reinforces  MENA maritime industry

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 The Caterpillar company’s turbocharger services have bolstered the MENA region by replicating MaK Asia’s success formula in Singapore, Shanghai and Guangzhou

MaK Middle East LLC, a Caterpillar company established in Dubai in 2017, launched its Dubai Maritime City (DMC) workshop last year, including a comprehensive range of turbocharger maintenance, overhaul, repair, upgrading and modification service options. The company has since presented the capabilities to owners across the region to enthusiastic response and high appreciation from a satisfied and growing customer base.

Alan Naisby, Managing Director of MaK Middle East and MaK Asia commented on this growing voice of support by saying, “While MaK Middle East is proud of its contributions in helping customers succeed and improving the maritime industry, we are never satisfied. As a wholly owned service business of Caterpillar, we are always focused on actively searching for innovative solutions to enrich the local maritime sector, something that has clearly resonated with our clients.”

Financial strength

Despite MaK Middle East’s short existence, the company has made bold financial investments as part of Caterpillar’s strategic goal of doubling its Services business by 2023. To date the company has injected some AED 1.5 million into assets and skills in Dubai to establish its Turbocharger service capability, inclusive of a state-of-the-art Schenck rotor balancing machine, scissor lifting tables, fixtures, tools, inventory, experienced technicians and engineers and their factory training. Naisby said, “The support of our USD $54 billion parent corporation, Caterpillar, has been instrumental in providing us the means to take the financial risks to invest in this region.”

He further added, “Caterpillar’s rank of #65 in the Fortune 500 listing has also been of significant benefit to our operations, as it has provided us with the strong starting point of greater recognition, something which start-up organizations aren’t usually privileged to have. The ability to make strategic investments to achieve long-term returns has undeniably been a key contributing factor in establishing MaK Middle East’s presence in the MENA region and supporting our MaK and CM customer base”

MaK Middle East’s state-of-the-art Dubai workshop has rapidly increased the volume of turbocharger services to its clients, always using genuine parts. The business has also made a sizeable investment in a comprehensive inventory of service exchange cartridges which are all available at a moment’s notice from the DMC facility. This includes Napier NA297 and NA357 units for MaK M 32 engines and KBB HPR6000 units for MaK M 25 and M 20 engines as well as Napier and KBB genuine spare parts plus new cartridges for MaK, Wartsila, Yanmar, Himsen and other applications.

Highly Qualified Personnel

Along with the investment in state of the art machines at its facility, the company has equally emphasized the importance of investment in its service team to guarantee speed of turnaround and customer satisfaction. Equipping its service team with Saudi Arabian work visas to enable same day response, MaK Middle East has also put in place logistics support for exchange units with the KSA and other regional countries within proximity.

Certified at the Napier factory in Lincoln in the UK and the KBB factory in Bannewitz, Germany, MaK Middle East’s turbocharger service engineers and technicians are all manufacturer trained and well-experienced. Schooled in servicing turbochargers from varying manufacturers, the company’s skilled workforce of technical experts follows a similar formula to that of Caterpillar’s MaK Asia owned workshop teams. Providing turbocharger services on board a vessel ranges from basic condition inspection to removal and installation for workshop overhaul or cartridge replacement.

Naisby stated, “Optimal engine performance, the elimination of unexpected operating costs, and maximum fuel efficiency are all objectives that can only be successfully achieved through the thorough maintenance of a turbocharger. Although it has only been a few years since our inception, our customers have made it vocally known that they are appreciative of the proficiency of our service support. With that said, we are committed to ensuring our customers throughout the MENA region continue to rely on us to keep their turbochargers running efficiently at all times.”

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Team tactics at different World Cups

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Over the 44 years since the first World Cup that has never been more obvious than in the tactical evolutions that have taken place in the white-ball game.

Mike Brearley’s Art of Captaincy is the definitive treatise on the challenges of leading an international side and it was one of his contemporaries, Clive Lloyd, who led the West Indies to the first two World Cup titles, playing one of the great captain’s innings in the first final.

Of course, at that time, teams were still coming to terms with the shorter format, and the West Indies’ success reflected their dominance across all formats.

However, it is more recently that we have seen a greater divide between red and white ball, and some of the most revolutionary tactics that have changed the way the game is played forever.

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Federal Tax Authority Marks 500 Successful Days of VAT in the UAE

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  • The Authority processed 1.5 million digital transactions to refund taxes to tourists.
  • A total of 375 applications, worth AED14.74 million, were received from UAE nationals to recover taxes on building homes.
  • The FTA answered more than half a million phone and online enquiries from businesses.
  • The UAE was named Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Belt and Road Initiative Tax Administration Organisation.

“The rates of compliance with tax laws and procedures have increased exponentially among all taxable businesses,” said His Excellency Khalid Ali Al Bustani, Director General of the Federal Tax Authority (FTA), in a press statement issued by the Authority to mark 500 days of Value Added Tax (VAT) in the UAE, which went into effect on January 1, 2018, at a rate of 5% on the supply of most goods and services.

“Compliance was made possible by the seamless, flexible, and clear procedures the FTA has rolled out through electronic, fully paperless systems that are among the most advanced of their kind in the world, underpinned by a sophisticated legislative environment that meets the highest standards in the field,” H.E. Al Bustani added. “The Federal Tax Authority implemented an easy-to-use system for submitting tax returns and paying due taxes via the e-Services portal, available 24/7 on the FTA’s official website, which was designed to meet the highest international standards, offer diverse and flexible payment options, and provide information and guides to raise tax awareness.”

The FTA Director General said that as part of the Authority’s efforts to manage and collect federal taxes, various tax refund mechanisms have been launched for legally eligible groups to recover VAT, including the Tax Refunds for Tourists Schemes. H.E. noted that the Authority has processed 1.46 million digital transactions to refund taxes to tourists. The system has been lauded by tourists for its fast, easy, and clear procedures, where nearly 8,110 transactions were processed on a daily basis.

H.E. Al Bustani highlighted the success of the VAT Recovery on the Building of New Residences by UAE Nationals programme, noting that the Authority has issued a manual through its website, offering an extensive explanation of the procedure.

“A significant number of UAE citizens have benefited from the VAT Recovery on the Building of New Residences by UAE Nationals programme, with its simplified electronic procedures,” H.E. said. “The system has received more than 800 applications, 375 of which were approved allowing applicants to recover AED14.74 million worth of taxes, incurred on the construction of their homes. This aligns with the vision of the UAE’s wise leadership to develop a modern housing system for citizens and provide high living standards for them.”

“As of April 2019, the FTA began implementing the VAT Refund Mechanism for Visiting Foreign Businesses, receiving a number of refund requests for taxes incurred in 2018 by foreign businesses,” H.E. Al Bustani continued. “This mechanism calls for refunding taxes paid for supply or import undertaken by any legal Person not residing in the UAE or any other country that implements VAT, conducting business but is not taxable. The system covers the countries that reciprocate and refund VAT to visiting UAE businesses.”

“The Federal Tax Authority has made significant achievements in a relatively short period of time, progressing along its strategic plans that seek to provide best-in-class services to businesses in terms of managing and collecting federal taxes with efficient and flexible procedures. The objective is to diversify sources of income by providing sustainable resources for future generations to finance strategic projects, develop infrastructure, and provide high-quality services to citizens and residents,” the FTA Director General explained.

“In light of the positive results and successive recent achievements, the UAE’s tax system has become a role model, as it encourages auto-compliance through sophisticated yet seamless electronic procedures. The system has earned praise from experts and official entities in the UAE, the region, and the world,” he continued. “This has been made evident by the Federal Tax Authority’s participation at the Arab Regional Tax Forum, which Dubai hosted in March 2019, as well as its participation in April at the Belt and Road Initiative Tax Administration Cooperation Forum in China, where it showcased the UAE’s experience with implementing tax laws.”

These achievements and the tremendous progress the UAE has achieved in its tax systems have culminated in the country being elected to serve as Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Belt and Road Initiative Tax Administration Organisation, H.E. said.

“The Federal Tax Authority has successfully provided all procedures required to implement integrated tax legislation, clearly outlined mutual obligations between the FTA and taxpayers, and provided an ideal environment characterised by transparency and good governance, which, in turn, led to a smooth introduction of VAT that only has a short-term effect on businesses,” H.E. Al Bustani went on to add.

H.E. Al Bustani revealed that the number of users who registered in the system for VAT purposes has exceeded 300,000 companies, individuals, and tax groups, asserting the FTA’s commitment to maintaining continuous communication with all parties concerned with the tax system, answering as many as 405,000 phone queries and 105,000 emails, bringing the total number of enquiries processed in 500 days to more than half a million. Meanwhile, the user base is expanding rapidly, which compelled the Authority to authorise 123 clearing and forwarding companies, increase the number of accredited tax agents to 357, and commission 28 accredited tax accounting software vendors.

His Excellency asserted that the Authority is implementing a continuous awareness campaign; it has issued 55 guides on VAT, a series of e-learning programmes, educational short films, and about 50 infographics, in addition to 229 “Public Clarifications”, including 218 specific clarifications addressing specific enquiries and 11 general clarifications that seek to raise awareness and promote auto-compliance. H.E. noted that the FTA provides comprehensive and continuously updated information on laws and regulations through its website, allowing businesses and members of the community to know their rights and obligations, and to learn how to calculate taxes for themselves.

H.E. Khalid Al Bustani said that the Authority has organised some 95 seminars and awareness sessions attended by nearly 30,000 experts in various business sectors. Furthermore, the FTA recently launched new campaigns, most notably the tax invoice campaign beginning in the first quarter of 2019, to promote the use of tax invoices in all business transactions in tandem with the “Tax Clinic” campaign launched in August 2018 to establish direct contact with the business sectors, raise tax awareness among them, and identify any obstacles they may be facing.

The FTA Director General added that the Authority was committed to forming strategic partnerships with all relevant federal and local government authorities, as well as the private sector. These partnerships play a key role in the successful implementation of the tax system, and the achievement of its objectives, which include raising tax awareness among businesses and consumers; protecting consumers rights; deterring businesses from exploiting the tax system to increase prices; and organising joint inspection campaigns in coordination with the Ministry of Economy, Departments of Economic Development, and municipalities to alert businesses that have failed to comply with regulations and urge them to correct their situation.

H.E. lauded the close cooperation with the Federal Customs Authority and local customs departments in order to link their systems with the Federal Tax Authority’s network, which contributed to the smooth implementation of the tax system and to maintaining the flow of foreign trade.

H.E. Khalid Al Bustani asserted: “The coordination with the Ministry of Finance and the UAE Central Bank played a key role in facilitating payment of due taxes and refunds. The payment mechanisms available include the UAE Fund Transfer System (UAEFTS) of the Central Bank, which ensures the rapid transfer of funds through accounts and enables Taxable Persons to pay their taxes through the branches of nearly 77 banks, exchange offices and financial firms across the UAE. These payments are made using the GIBAN or e-Dirham systems.”

“The Authority spared no effort in assisting businesses to comply with tax regulations and procedures, organising several introductory and consultation meetings to prepare the private sector for dealing with the tax system,” H.E. concluded. “We have held 40 joint meetings with business groups and representatives of concerned sectors, which include banks; insurance; financial markets and brokers; importers; exporters; telecommunications companies; travel and tourism agencies; diplomatic missions; free zones; shipping companies; accounting and audit; maritime operations companies; maritime suppliers; real estate; charities; healthcare; education; hospitality; gold and diamond traders; new and used automobiles; vegetables and fruits; fisherman’s unions; farmers; and retailers (particularly those taking part in the VAT Refund Scheme for Tourists); among others.”

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Plan a short getaway for Eid with Emirates

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  • Book a quick holiday this Eid and discover Emirates’ extensive network

Plan your Eid holiday early and enjoy exploring Emirates’ extensive network. UAE travelers can discover the vibrant city of Bangkok, or stroll through the romantic city of Paris. European and North American travelers can also take advantage and fly back home to visit family and friends.

Emirates Economy Class and Business Class passengers can plan a short getaway to one of the below destinations. The offer is valid on bookings made today until 30th May 2019, for travel until 29 February 2020.

Destination Economy Class Business Class
London Starting from AED 2,445 Starting from AED 12,645
Bangkok Starting from AED 1,995 Starting from AED 10,495
Paris Starting from AED 2,995 Starting from AED 15,995
Tokyo Starting from AED 3,995 Starting from AED 14,495
Istanbul Starting from AED 2,395 Starting from AED 12,495
Casablanca Starting from AED 2,145 Starting from AED 13,495
Los Angeles Starting from AED 4,895 Starting from AED 22,995
Kuwait Starting from AED 795 Starting from AED 3,595
Jeddah Starting from AED 1,225 Starting from AED 4,995
Brisbane Starting from AED 5,995 Starting from AED 18,995

Travellers can also book with Emirates Holidays and enjoy a 3 night stay at a 4-star hotel including return flights to Bangkok starting from AED2, 435 per person.

UAE residents and nationals returning back home to Dubai from now until 31st August 2019, can benefit from the fantastic offers using My Emirates Pass – an offer that turns an Emirates boarding pass into an exclusive membership card providing travelers special benefits and discounts of up to 50% off in more than 500 leisure and retail outlet locations across the UAE.* The exclusive pass allows customers to redeem up to 50% off in over 400 fine dining restaurants, luxury wellness treatments in almost 50 spas and leisure activities such as indoor skiing and water amusement parks. Customers can also take advantage and redeem up to 30% off at international retail outlets including popular fashion and fitness brands.

Passengers travelling in all classes can enjoy regionally inspired meals, 4,000 entertainment channels on ice – the airline’s award winning in-flight entertainment system – and up to 20MB complimentary Wi-Fi to stay connected with friends and family during the flight.

For more information on Emirates, including how to book flights and a complete list of terms and conditions, visit, travel agent or through the local Emirates Sales Office.

*Terms & conditions apply. 


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  • The former ICC U19 Cricket World Cup star attains joint-highest ranking among batsmen by a wicketkeeper from India and highest rating points by a gloveman from his country
  • Pujara, Harris, Markram and Asad among other batsmen to move up; Yadav, Lyon, Olivier and Shaheen also advance

Rishabh Pant has attained new highs for an India wicketkeeper in the MRF Tyres ICC Test Player Rankings after his superb century in the drawn final Test in Sydney.

The 21-year-old left-hander has gained 21 slots and reached 17th place, the joint-highest by a specialist India wicketkeeper along with Farokh Engineer, who did so in January 1973. Further, Pant’s aggregate of 673 rating points are the highest by an India wicketkeeper, with Dhoni having the next highest aggregate of 662 points and Engineer 619 points. Dhoni’s highest Test ranking was 19th.

Pant, a star at the ICC U19 Cricket World Cup in 2016 when he scored an 18-ball half-century against Nepal, has moved into the top-20 after only his ninth Test match with an unbeaten 159. Pant had started the Australia tour in 59th place and made rapid progress, scoring 350 runs in a series that also saw him take 20 catches.

Cheteshwar Pujara, who scored 521 runs to help beat Australia 2-1 and claim the player of the series award, is another batsman to gain in the latest rankings update, which also takes into account performances in the second Test between South Africa and Pakistan in Cape Town.

Pujara has gained one slot to reach third position while all-rounder Ravindra Jadeja (up six places to 57th) and rookie opener Mayank Agarwal (up five places to 62nd) are the others from his team to advance at the end of a historic series win.

Spinner Kuldeep Yadav has gained seven slots to reach a career-best 45th position after his figures of five for 99 in Australia’s first innings even as Jasprit Bumrah has held on to 16th position and Mohammed Shami has gained one place to take the 22nd slot. Jadeja has gained one place to reach fifth among bowlers and has also leapfrogged Windies captain Jason Holder into second place among all-rounders.

For Australia, opener Marcus Harris has advanced 21 places to take a career-best 69th position after a fine 79 in the first innings while off-spinner Nathan Lyon has inched up from 14th to 13th position.

South Africa’s Aiden Markram has moved back into the top 10 after his knock of 78 at Cape Town, gaining seven slots to reach 10th position. Temba Bavuma has moved into the top 30 for the first time (up five places to 26th) after his score of 75 while captain Faf du Plessis’s first-innings century has lifted him six places to 16th position.

Among their bowlers, Vernon Philander has gained one slot to reach third position while Duanne Olivier has continued his surge to move up to 32nd place from 36th.

For Pakistan, Asad Shafiq has benefitted by five places to reach 24th position after scores of 20 and 88 while Babar Azam is only one slot behind after gaining two places. Shan Masood has moved up 22 places to a career-best 65th while captain Sarfaraz Ahmed has moved up from 42nd to 37th place.

Among their bowlers, Shaheen Afridi has gained 13 slots to reach 60th place after taking four wickets in the match, which Pakistan lost by nine wickets to concede a decisive 2-0 lead in the three-match series.

There has been no change in position or points for India in the MRF Tyres ICC Test Team Rankings, while Australia have lost one point but remain in fifth position.

MRF Tyres ICC Test Team Rankings (as on 8 January, after the Australia-India series):

RANK  TEAM              POINTS

  1. India                 116
  2. England            108
  3. New Zealand    107
  4. South Africa     106
  5. Australia           101
  6. Pakistan            92
  7. Sri Lanka           91
  8. West Indies       70
  9. Bangladesh       69
  10. Zimbabwe         13
  11. Afghanistan       00
  12. Ireland               00

MRF Tyres ICC Test Player Rankings (as on 8 January, after the Sydney and Cape Town Tests):

Batsmen (top 10)

Rank    (+/-)      Player              Team      Pts       Avge   Highest Rating

1        ( – )       Virat Kohli         Ind       922      53.76   937 v Eng at Southampton 2018

2        ( – )       K. Williamson    NZ        897      51.44   915 v SL at Wellington 2018

3        (+1)      C. Pujara          Ind       881      51.18   888 v SL at Nagpur 2017

4        (-1)       Steve Smith      Aus      874      61.37   947 v SA at Durban 2018

5        ( – )       Joe Root           Eng      807      50.44   917 v Aus at Trent Bridge 2015

6        ( – )       David Warner    Aus      772      48.20   880 v NZ at Perth 2015

7        ( – )       Henry Nicholls   NZ        763*!   43.54   763 v SL at Christchurch 2018

8        ( – )       Dean Elgar        SA        727       40.96   784 v Aus at Johannesburg 2018

9        ( – )       D. Karunaratne SL        715       37.08   754 v SA at Colombo (SSC) 2018

10       (+7)      Aiden Markram SA        698*    45.20   759 v Aus at Johannesburg 2018

Other selected rankings

Rank    (+/-)      Player              Team      Pts      Avge    Highest Rating

11=     (+2)      A. Mathews       SL        687      44.79    877 v NZ at Christchurch 2014

16        (+6)      Faf du Plessis   SA        674      42.07    734 v Ind at Centurion 2018

17        (+21)    Rishabh Pant    Ind       673*!   49.71    673 v Aus at Sydney 2019

24        (+5)      Asad Shafiq      Pak      634      39.06    758 v Eng at Lord’s 2016

25        (+2)      Babar Azam      Pak      629*!   35.30    629 v SA at Cape Town 2019

26=     (-2)       Q. de Kock        SA        627      36.89    802 v NZ at Hamilton 2017

(+5)      T. Bavuma        SA        627!     35.41    627 v Pak at Cape Town 2019

57        (+6)      R. Jadeja          Ind       488      32.28    511 v Win at Rajkot 2018

69        (+21)    Marcus Harris   Aus      446*!   36.85    446 v Ind at Sydney 2019

Bowlers (top 10)

 Rank    (+/-)      Player              Team      Pts      Avge    Highest Rating

1        ( – )       K. Rabada         SA        893      21.35    902 v Aus at Port Elizabeth 2018

2        ( – )       J. Anderson      Eng      874      26.98    903 v Ind at Lord’s 2018

3=     (+1)      V. Philander      SA        804      21.75    912 v Ind at Johannesburg 2013

( – )       Pat Cummins    Aus      804*    24.51    836 v Ind at Melbourne 2018

5        (+1)      R. Jadeja          Ind       794      23.68    899 v Aus at Ranchi 2017

6        (-1)       M. Abbas          Pak      789*    17.90    838 v NZ at Abu Dhabi 2018

7        ( – )       Trent Boult        NZ        771      27.90    825 v Eng at Lord’s 2015

8        (+1)      Tim Southee     NZ        767      29.93    799 v Win at Jamaica 2014

9        (-1)       R. Ashwin         Ind       763      25.43    904 v Eng at Mumbai 2016

10       ( – )       Jason Holder     Win      751*    28.50    766 v Ind at Hyderabad 2018

 Other selected rankings

Rank    (+/-)      Player              Team      Pts      Avge    Highest Rating

13       (+1)      Nathan Lyon     Aus      723      32.10    774 v Eng at Adelaide 2017

14       (+1)      Neil Wagner      NZ        721      28.88    785 v Win at Wellington 2017

22       (+1)      M. Shami          Ind       660      29.54    703 v SA at Johannesburg 2018

32       (+4)      Duanne Olivier  SA        560*!   18.81    560 v Pak at Cape Town 2019

45       (+7)      Kuldeep Yadav  Ind       402*!   24.12   402 v Aus at Sydney 2019

60       (+13)    Shaheen Afridi  Pak      274*!   31.41   274 v SA at Cape Town 2019

All-rounders (top five)

Rank    (+/-)      Player              Team      Pts      Highest Rating

1        ( – )       S. Al Hasan       Ban      415      489 v Aus at Mirpur 2017

2        (+1)      R. Jadeja          Ind       387      438 v SL at Colombo (SSC) 2017

3        (-1)       Jason Holder     Win      365/*   381 v Ind at Hyderabad 2018

4        ( – )       V. Philander      SA        353      378 v SL at Galle 2018

5        ( – )       Ben Stokes       Eng      342      396 v Win at Lord’s 2017

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Runs galore as Rebel WBBL|04 heats up

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The fourth edition of the Rebel Women’s Big Bash League is on track for yet another record breaking summer as the competition reaches the business end of the season.

The WBBL|04 opening weekend kicked the season off at Melbourne’s CitiPower Centre with nearly 5,000 fans turning out to watch the world’s best players, including players from the newly crowned world champion Australian Women’s T20 team, battle it out.

Highlights included a brilliant century to the Melbourne Stars’ South African recruit Lizelle Lee and an impressed debut bowling performance of 4/22 from teammate Nicola Hancock, both against reigning champions the Sydney Sixers.

Sixers’ duo Alyssa Healy (112*) and Ellyse Perry (102* & 103*) have also gone on to pass the 100-mark, while the Brisbane Heat’s Grace Harris set a new league record for fastest century, scoring her ton off just 42 balls before Christmas. A total of five centuries have now been hit, with only four being scored in the competition’s history prior to this season.

With 537 runs to her name and three matches left in the season, Perry is on track to surpass the record for most runs scored in a season (560, set in WBBL|01 by Australia captain Meg Lanning.

More boundaries have also been hit compared to the same time last season, with 1,123 fours and 190 sixes being scored, compared to 1,022 fours and 138 sixes in WBBL|03.

The high standard of cricket on show from the world’s best players continues to attract strong interest, with almost 70,000 fans turning out so far, while the Hurricanes v Heat match on 30 December, broadcast on Seven and Fox Cricket, was the most-watched WBBL game ever, with a combined average audience of 433K viewers.

Head of Big Bash, Kim McConnie said the sky is the limit for the WBBL,with standalone finals looming first the first time in the tournament’s history.

“The Rebel WBBL continues to go from strength to strength this season and it’s a pleasure to see such impressive on-field performances as the competition quickly approaches it’s first ever standalone finals.

“As the popularity of women’s cricket keeps growing in Australia, we are excited to see more great performances from our players as they continue inspires young girls to understand that cricket is a game for girls too, and that they can make a career from the sport

“Fans can expect an exciting end to the season, to mark the moment we are donating all our ticket revenue from WBBL Finals to Dolly’s Dream so every person through the gates can help us stand up to bullying.”

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  • Stylish left-handed India opener also named ICC ODI Player of the Year for 2018
  • Australia’s wicketkeeper-batter Alyssa Healy voted ICC T20I Player of the Year
  • England’s Sophie Ecclestone named ICC Emerging Player of the Year

India’s stylish left-handed opener Smriti Mandhana has won the Rachael Heyhoe Flint Award for the ICC Women’s Cricketer of the Year and also been named as the ICC Women’s ODI Player of the Year, the International Cricket Council announced today.

The 22-year-old, who has also been named in the ICC Women’s ODI Team of the Year and the ICC Women’s T20I Team of the Year, scored 669 runs at an average of 66.90 in 12 ODIs and 622 runs at a strike-rate of 130.67 in 25 T20Is during the voting period, which ran from 1 January to 31 December 2018.

Mandhana played a crucial role in India’s semi-final appearance at the ICC Women’s World T20 in the West Indies, scoring 178 runs in five matches at a strike-rate of 125.35. She is currently ranked fourth in the MRF Tyres ICC Women’s Players Rankings for ODI Batters and 10th in the MRF Tyres ICC Women’s Players Rankings for T20I Batters.

Mandhana, who was selected by a voting academy* which included respected members of the media and broadcasters, becomes only the second India woman player to win an ICC award after fast bowler Jhulan Goswami, who was named the ICC Women’s Player of the Year in 2007.

Reacting to the news, a delighted Mandhana said: “The awards are pretty special because as a player when you score runs, you want the team to win, and then when you get acknowledged for your performances through these awards, it motivates you to work harder and do well for your team.

“The century I scored in South Africa (in Kimberley) was quite satisfying and then I had good home series against Australia and England. A lot of people used to say I do not score that much in India, so I had a point to prove to myself. That was something which really made me better as a player. And then, of course, the first four matches of the ICC Women’s World T20 were quite memorable.”

ICC Chief Executive David Richardson congratulated Mandhana, saying: “Smriti is a worthy winner of the Rachael Heyhoe Flint Award and I congratulate her on behalf of the ICC. Smriti enthralled fans with some wonderful performances in what was a memorable year for women’s cricket, with the ICC Women’s World T20 helping build on the momentum of last year’s World Cup.

“I would also like to congratulate other winners of the ICC awards, which are a recognition of performances during a calendar year and something I am sure players will cherish for a long time.”

Australia’s opening batter and wicketkeeper Alyssa Healy, who came up with some superb performances and finished with 225 runs in six matches at the ICC Women’s World T20 2018 in the West Indies, has been named the ICC Women’s T20I Player of the Year.

Alyssa Healy said: “It’s obviously a huge honour. I enjoyed some form over the last couple of months, thoroughly enjoyed playing for the Aussie team in the T20I format. Winning the ICC Women’s World T20 final against England is something pretty special, especially after a disappointing couple of years in World Cups. That win against them, a dominant performance, was pretty special and one I will never forget.

“When I first started playing for Australia I never thought that I would achieve anything like this. It’s a huge honour and one that I will not take lightly.”

England’s 19-year-old left-arm spinner Sophie Ecclestone has been voted the ICC Women’s Emerging Player of the Year after grabbing 18 wickets in nine ODIs and 17 in 14 T20Is during the calendar year.

Sophie Ecclestone said: “I am really delighted to win this award. The most important thing is winning on the field but it’s nice to be recognised. I work really hard to try and improve my game and I’ve really enjoyed the last 12 months. It was my first full year as an England player after finishing my education so it’s amazing to get an award like this.

“There have been lots of great moments. As a team we’ve played some really good cricket and we did well to reach the final of the ICC Women’s World T20. We learned a lot in India at the beginning of the year and we took that into our summer against New Zealand and South Africa. We’ve never said we’re the perfect team but we’ll keep working hard to get better and that’s the same for me.”

The ICC Fans’ Moment of the Year award, which will be chosen by cricket fans around the world who will get a chance to vote for their favourite moment of 2018, will be announced next month. The voting window for this award will open soon and the winning moment will be announced along with the men’s ICC Awards in January 2019.

The nominees for the inaugural ICC Fans’ Moment of the Year are:

Moment 1: India winning the ICC U19 World Cup in New Zealand

Moment 2: Afghanistan’s miracle comeback to qualify for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019

Moment 3: Ireland and Afghanistan become first full ICC members to play inaugural Tests in almost 20 years

Moment 4: Australia clinch the ICC Women’s World T20 as tournament takes on a bold new World Cup identity

The men’s individual award winners for 2018, the teams of the year and the umpire of the year will be announced in January 2019.


Rachael Heyhoe Flint Award for ICC Women’s Cricketer of the Year – Smriti Mandhana (India)

ICC Women’s ODI Player of the Year – Smriti Mandhana (India)

ICC Women’s T20I Player of the Year – Alyssa Healy (Australia)

ICC Women’s Emerging Player of the Year – Sophie Ecclestone (England)

*The voting academy was: Melinda Farrell, Melanie Jones, Lisa Sthalekar (all Australia), Charlotte Edwards, Kalika Mehta (both England), Anjum Chopra, Snehal Pradhan (both India), Lesley Murdoch (New Zealand), Urooj Mumtaz (Pakistan), Natalie Germanos (South Africa), Alan Wilkins (Wales) Ian Bishop (West Indies).

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The Promenade welcomes The seafood lovers

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Dubai’s exclusive dining destination, The Promenade welcomes guests to dine this new season and enjoy the variety of exquisite culinary concepts on offer – five concepts, one destination.

Located on the shores of the Dubai Creek, the distinctive dining venues include Mediterranean inspired favourite, Brasserie du Park, serving irresistible dishes such as the Feta and watermelon, Hummus Kawarma, Multigrain Tabbouleh, Kimali Pide, and Beef Cheek. The airy interiors and alfresco seating of the venue, combined with a relaxed atmosphere create the desired chic waterfront ambience, allowing guests to unwind and relish each dish they tuck into.

Brasserie du Park

What: Fisherman’s catch

When: Every Tuesday

Time: 7:30pm to 11:45pm

Location: Brasserie du Park, The Promenade, Park Hyatt Dubai


  • AED225 per person inclusive of soft drinks
  • AED325 per person inclusive of soft beverage, grape, hops and house spirits

Mediterranean inspired restaurant overlooking the Dubai Creek, Brasserie du Park stuns guests with its latest offering. The Fisherman’s catch includes the freshest seafood leaving guests with a bountiful selection and stations to choose from. The raw seafood bar features oysters, mussels, scallops, Omani lobster, sashimi, razor clams, salmon and tuna tartare, salmon ceviche. The chefs at the live station are cooking up delights such as pan seared scallops and prawns, grilled lobster with lemon butter, salt crust salmon, grilled crab legs, oyster, fried calamari, and seafood pasta and paella. With additional options from the grill, salad bar and dessert selection, patrons are presented a dining experience like no other.

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First Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company in Dubai Science Park, Pharmax Pharmaceuticals FZ LLC, Opens AED125 Million Production FacilityFirst Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company in Dubai Science Park, Pharmax Pharmaceuticals FZ LLC, Opens AED125 Million Production Facility

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  • Pharmax Pharmaceuticals plant expected to reduce reliance on medical imports
  • Move marks first significant milestone for Dubai Industrial Strategy 2030’s Pharmaceuticals and Medical Equipment Taskforce

Dubai Science Park (DSP), a holistic science-focused business community dedicated to the development of the local healthcare sector, has welcomed the inauguration of its first pharmaceutical manufacturing plant, operated by Pharmax Pharmaceuticals (Pharmax), a pharmaceutical company that will produce a wide range of medications from the science-focused business community.

The opening ceremony drew the participation of His Excellency Dr Amin Hussain Al Amiri, Assistant Undersecretary of Public Health Policy & Licensing at the Ministry of Health and Prevention, Dr Younis Kazim, Chief Executive Officer of Dubai Healthcare Corporation, Malek Al Malek, Group CEO of TECOM Group, Ahmad Tabari, Chairman of the Board of Directors at Pharmax, Lamia Berrada, Chairman of the Managing Board at Bottu Pharmaceuticals and Ayman Cheikh-Lahlou, Chief Executive Officer at Cooper Pharma.

As the first advanced facility at the science-focused business community, the AED125 million (US$34 million) plant with an annual production capacity of over 200 million tablet and capsule dosage forms is dedicated to the manufacturing and commercialisation of pharmaceuticals that target chronic conditions prevalent in the Middle East. The factory is equipped with the latest European technology, meeting stringent global regulatory standards.

Marwan Abdulaziz Janahi, Managing Director of Dubai Science Park and Chairing Member of the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Equipment Taskforce of the Dubai Industrial Strategy 2030, said: “Our region currently imports more than 80 per cent of pharmaceuticals from abroad. At the same time, technological advancements, an increase in R&D capacities and talent availability, state-of-the-art infrastructure, proximity to emerging markets, and a favourable policy framework present us with a unique opportunity to enhance our domestic manufacturing capabilities.”

He added: “We have worked closely with The Executive Council of Dubai and colleagues on the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Equipment Taskforce to achieve tangible results that support Dubai’s economic ambitions. The inauguration of the Pharmax manufacturing plant marks the first significant milestone in our efforts. We are delighted to welcome our business partner to our vibrant community of more than 350 companies and 3,600 industry professionals.”

Established in 2016, the Dubai Industrial Strategy 2030 has identified the pharmaceuticals and medical equipment sector as one of six strategically important sectors for Dubai’s economy. Positive forecasts predict that an increase in industrial capabilities will add AED160 billion (US$43.5 billion) to Dubai’s GDP, with the industrial sector growing by AED18 billion (US$4.9 billion). Furthermore, the plan is expected to significantly enhance the UAE’s R&D capacities while adding 27,000 specialised jobs and AED15.8 billion (US$4.3 billion) to the country’s export sheet.

Speaking about the new manufacturing facility, Madhukar Tanna, Chief Executive Officer of Pharmax, said: “We are proud to be part of DSP’s vibrant business community, and are confident that now is the perfect time to launch Pharmax in the region. Our company is fully aligned with the Dubai Industrial Strategy 2030 that, among other objectives, seeks to reduce the country’s reliance on imports of pharmaceutical products. The support the business has received from Dubai Science Park, the Ministry of Health and Prevention, and local health authorities has been vital in reaching today’s milestone – the official inauguration of the Pharmax factory.”

He added: “We are now able to locally produce medication for cardiovascular diseases, psychiatric and neurological disorders, gastroenterological diseases, metabolic disorders such as hyperlipidaemia and diabetes, central nervous system diseases, bacterial and viral infectious diseases, respiratory illnesses, asthma and allergies, bone and joint inflammation disorders, and urological diseases. This will significantly reduce the dependence on imports of related products from abroad.”

Pharmax Pharmaceuticals is already making a positive contribution to the local economy – directly through job creation, and indirectly through helping Dubai become less reliant on foreign imports and demonstrating to other pharmaceutical companies that the emirate is a profitable and strategic location for their plants.

Construction of the facility began in September 2015 as a joint venture between Al Ittihad Drug Store, a distributor of medicines in the UAE, and two of the largest pharmaceutical manufacturing companies in Morocco – Cooper Pharma and Bottu Pharmaceuticals.


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