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Royal Central Hotel The Palm Lays Out a Feast of Flavours with Daily Theme Nights

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A wealth of gastronomic delights awaits diners at the newly-opened Royal Central Hotel The Palm. Whatever your taste or style, there is a restaurant, developed by Dynamic Operator, to suit any occasion and palate, creating a true culinary voyage.

All that remains is the selection of venue – La Maison, the all-day-dining International cuisine restaurant with al fresco sea view seating option and weekly themed nights; Ya Bahr offering outstanding Lebanese Seafood in beautiful coastal-themed surroundings as well as a splendid shisha terrace overlooking the Arabian Gulf; Choi specialising in contemporary Japanese cuisine with scenic rooftop lounge offering uninterrupted views of Atlantis The Palm; and Hush Beach – a Hawaiian Themed Beach Bar with mesmerizing palm views.

No matter what you crave an unforgettable dining experience is guaranteed with exciting promotions and fabulous live entertainment every day of the week. Here’s what is on offer:


At La Maison Restaurant

A sumptuous buffet of authentic Mexican favourites designed to spice up your taste buds. From sizzling fajitas to the best of Latin-American dishes!

Every Sunday I 7:00pm – 10:00pm

Live Entertainment

AED 120* inclusive of soft drinks

AED 220* inclusive of alcoholic house beverages

Kids below 5 years dine free and those between 5 and 12 years enjoy 50% discount

*Prices are excluding 10% service charge, 7% Municipality fees & 5% VAT


At La Maison Restaurant

Indulge in a wide selection of rich Asian delicacies from China, Singapore, Myanmar, Indonesia, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand and India. The lavish buffet reflects the colourful diversity of local flavours and cultures from the region.

Every Monday I 7:00pm – 10:00pm

Live Entertainment

AED 120* inclusive of soft drinks

AED 220* inclusive of alcoholic house beverages

Kids below 5 years dine free and those between 5 and 12 years enjoy 50% discount

*Prices are excluding 10% service charge, 7% Municipality fees & 5% VAT


At La Maison Restaurant

Enjoy a sumptuous buffet of traditional English delights from grilled short ribs, roasts, steaks, kidney pie and fish & chips basket to name just a few temptations, along with live cooking stations. Round off the dinner with a variety of delectable desserts.

Every Tuesday I 7:00pm – 10:00pm

Live Entertainment

AED 120* inclusive of soft drinks

AED 220* inclusive of alcoholic house beverages

Kids below 5 years dine free and those between 5 and 12 years enjoy 50% discount

*Prices are excluding 10% service charge, 7% Municipality fees & 5% VAT


At La Maison Restaurant

Dive into the deep sea with a lavish Seafood Buffet featuring an exquisite selection of freshly prepared signature seafood specialties accompanied with a variety of salads, soups and desserts.

Every Wednesday I 7:00pm – 10:00pm

Live Entertainment

AED 120* inclusive of soft drinks

AED 220* inclusive of alcoholic house beverages

Kids below 5 years dine free and those between 5 and 12 years enjoy 50% discount

*Prices are excluding 10% service charge, 7% Municipality fees & 5% VAT


At La Maison Restaurant

 Join us for traditional Italian delights including a wide selection of appetizers, main courses, live cooking stations and desserts in a beautiful Italian setting.

Every Thursday I 7:00pm – 10:00pm

Live Entertainment

AED 120* inclusive of soft drinks

AED 220* inclusive of alcoholic house beverages

Kids below 5 years dine free and those between 5 and 12 years enjoy 50% discount

*Prices are excluding 10% service charge, 7% Municipality fees & 5% VAT


At La Maison Restaurant

Savor an extravagant Arabian themed buffet featuring a variety of authentic Arabic delicacies including cold and hot mezzeh, grills, main dishes and desserts.

Every Friday I 7:00pm – 10:00pm

Live Entertainment with Belly Dancer

AED 120* inclusive of soft drinks

AED 220* inclusive of alcoholic house beverages

Kids below 5 years dine free and those between 5 and 12 years enjoy 50% discount

*Prices are excluding 10% service charge, 7% Municipality fees & 5% VAT


At La Maison Restaurant

A sumptuous international buffet featuring the world on a plate with an array of traditional and contemporary dishes to suit every palate. Experience a rendezvous of the senses and a celebration of the finest flavors as we take you on a culinary journey around the globe.

Every Saturday I 7:00pm – 10:00pm

Live Entertainment

AED 120* inclusive of soft drinks

AED 220* inclusive of alcoholic house beverages

Kids below 5 years dine free and those between 5 and 12 years enjoy 50% discount

*Prices are excluding 10% service charge, 7% Municipality fees & 5% VAT

For reservations: Call +971 4 873 9300 

or email

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Creating a GDPR Compliance Framework with Security Technology as one of the Pillars

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  • Author: Rabih Itani, Regional Business Development Manager, Security, Middle East and Turkey at Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company

Cyber criminals today are attempting to penetrate your organisation’s network to try to get hold of critical assets with most looking for the valuable personal identifiable information (PII). It is a fact that cybersecurity attacks are on the rise all over the world, and the Arab world is no exception. There are even some recent reports stating that the Arab countries are among the ones facing the highest number of attacks. Meanwhile in EU, GDPR was launched back in May 2018 to create a new benchmark for personal data protection, and its influence was felt far and wide. It is now the template for privacy laws throughout the world. So how can organizations in the Middle East create a framework to ensure attacks are dealt with in a GDPR-aware manner, minimising fines, reducing breach-related costs, and ultimately better protecting the personally identifiable information?

There has been a lot of talk of GDPR over the last year, so organizations today understand the serious repercussions of non-compliance and many have put basic frameworks in place with a focus on two pillars – ‘people’ and ‘process’.

People – GDPR stipulates the appointment of a data protection officer (DPO) for any organisation that is a public authority that has a core activity involving the monitoring of individuals on a large scale, or the processing of large volumes of sensitive data. The DPO needs to have a thorough knowledge of GDPR and have an independent voice within the organisation.

Process – Many organizations’ GDPR approach so far has been data mapping – identifying where, why and how personal data is being used, while also eliminating any unnecessary data processing. Once this is done, each organisation has a foundation  from which to ensure secure policies and processes are in place.

While the two GDPR pillars – ‘people’ and ‘process’ have been looked at, there has been a bit of lag in the use of the third pillar – ‘technology’ – which plays an important role in detecting attacks and crucially, responding to attacks. Do organisations need to rip and replace existing cybersecurity tools?

Let’s now look at the technology aspects of data protection and GDPR:

Technology: Security Solutions to the rescue

A GDPR security strategy should look at 4 technology areas. By applying good quality security solutions to each of these areas, security teams and the DPO can together manage the inevitable exposure to the risk of cyberattack:

Network Access Control (NAC)
Businesses today embrace the idea of anywhere, anytime connectivity, but have largely ignored the need for secure NAC. Many employ a laid-back “connect now, secure later” NAC philosophy. Others simply choose the same vendor for security that they use for network infrastructure. Both of these approaches give the illusion of security—even compliance—but in reality, leave extensive security gaps.

Network access control (NAC) offers, at a minimum, authentication of a user or device. With mobile access now the norm and Internet of Things devices connecting to the network, the only way to ensure proper access is maintained is to go beyond simply validating credentials. The next level beyond this is to tightly control who and what is authorised to access IT assets, including personal information.

With advanced NAC, the IT team knows where personal data is located. They can use NAC to stipulate who is entitled to access that information and under what circumstances. In an ideal world, NAC and policy management solutions will provide device discovery, role-based access to IT assets and a closed-loop, policy-based attack response. For complete convenience, it should also integrate seamlessly with existing network infrastructure, perimeter security systems and service and support offerings.

The next level of protection relies on the fundamental security of the underlying network infrastructure. If data can be easily tapped off the network in normal day-to-day business flows and process, the chances of a breach increase.

This is where technologies such as equipment tamper-proofing, encryption, key management and secure network administration are critical to the overall security strategy.

Breach Detection
GDPR requires the reporting of a data breach within 72 hours. Many existing systems can take almost all of this time to detect and generate the required event information.

While prevention is better than cure, early detection of a breach is a close second. There’s a huge range of different technologies and products available that find attacks before they do damage.

Today more and more attacks are specifically designed to breach traditional defences. It is because these exploits almost always result in the loss of personal information (and a quick sale on the Dark Web) that new approaches to attack detection are required. For example, a high volume of breaches make use of valid credentials, which means phishing attacks and social forensics are one of the biggest risks. The result is the bad actor using legitimate credentials to execute an attack that may take days, weeks or even months to unfold. How do you stop an ‘attack’ using valid credentials to tap information the real user has a valid reason to access?

Because these are previously unknown attacks, it’s no use to look for a signature or pattern to detect them. This means IT and security teams introducing an additional level of monitoring that complements existing defences, one that uses new types of attack detection such as machine learning to detect small behavioural changes that suggest an attack has occurred. Actions can range from requiring re-authentication or quarantining to totally blocking network access.

Machine learning can establish a ‘risk score’ based on the characteristics of suspected unusual behaviour and how these characteristics differ from the norm. This helps organisations to prioritise their resources and investigate suspected attacks before they do damage.

Response to Breach
The GDPR’s breach notification requirements are very clear when it comes to what an organisation must do when a personal data breach occurs. These include notifying the regulator within 72 hours of being ‘aware of the breach’ and notifying impacted individuals ‘without undue delay’. The notifications must include details of the breach including:

  • The type of data, type of exposure and the number of individuals involved
  • The probable consequences of the breach
  • Any mitigation actions taken

So, in the unfortunate event that a breach occurs, the DPO and his team need to rapidly gather the facts: what happened, the scope of the damage, and a plan of containment and remediation. This all has to be communicated to the regulators and authorities in a clear, concise manner. It is vital they have the tools and solutions to deliver this information efficiently. Any delays in gathering this information could cost the organisation dearly, both reputational and financially.

In conclusion, GDPR ‘compliance’ is not fully defined by the law and will be determined in part by rapidly advancing security technology capabilities and evolving best practices. Only  technologies that are open and interoperable will make it through to the next generation of cybersecurity defences.

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d3 Community Celebrates UAE Flag Day

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The creative community at Dubai Design District (d3) came together today to raise the national flag at the d3 headquarters to mark the UAE Flag Day.

The ceremony also drew the participation of representatives of several  government entities. Distinguished guests included Her Excellency Dr Aisha Bin Bishr, Director General of the Smart Dubai Office, His Excellency Saeed Al Nabouda, Acting Director General of the Dubai Culture & Arts Authority, His Excellency Saeed Mohammed Hareb, Secretary General of Dubai Sports Council (DSC), His Excellency Nasser Aman Al-Rahma, Assistant Secretary General of DSC, His Excellency Ahmad bin Meshar, Secretary General of the Supreme Legislation Committee (SLC), and His Excellency Mohammed Juma Al Suwaidi, Assistant Secretary General of SLC.

Mohammad Saeed Al Shehhi, CEO of d3, said: “Flag Day is an important occasion that celebrates the unity and solidarity of our great nation. We are honored to pay tribute to our flag among the members of our community.”

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Dr. Roze & Associates Dental Clinic launches biological dentistry in Dubai

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  • The Dubai-based clinic will assist patients with their oral and overall general health and well-being through education, awareness and preventative methods
  •  Will offer biocompatibility tests to ensure dental treatment does not have an adverse reaction on a patient’s general health or well-being

Those in search of an alternative to traditional dentistry are being empowered to try out biological dentistry thanks to the launch of the holistic approach at Dr Roze & Associates Dental Clinic.

Using a biological approach to dental care, the clinic will assist patients with their oral and overall general health and well-being through education, awareness and preventative methods as well as the implementation of healthy behaviours.

Dr David Roze, Founder and Oral Surgeon, Dr Roze & Associates Dental Clinic, said: “Not only have technological advances played an important role in dental care and treatment over recent years, but the emergence of biological dentistry has helped transform traditional forms of dentistry.

“A biological dentist is a dentist who practices dentistry while understanding that what happens to the teeth and gums may have an impact on the rest of the body. By making a patient orally healthy, we are positively influencing their general health and well-being.”

Scientific studies have shown that many chronic diseases are caused by dental problems. As a result, biological dentists believe prevention is the best cure – tooth decay can be cured or prevented with proper nutrition.

Biological dentists believe that placing metal and/or other foreign materials in the teeth and gums may have unintended consequences. That’s why many biological dentists offer biocompatibility tests to make sure that the filling, crown, root canal, or other restoration doesn’t cause an adverse reaction on the rest of the body.

One of the key aspects which defines a biological dentist is the rejection of the use of mercury-based, or amalgam fillings.

This is due to 50% of the mercury used to create these fillings can later being found stored in the liver, kidneys, intestines, central nervous system, thyroid and in the brain.

Biological dentists suggest the removal of these fillings and instead use metal-free restorations that do not contain mercury and are biocompatible with the body’s natural tissue.

Dr Roze, said: “Our clinic follows a strict Scandinavian protocol for amalgam removal. We use a rubber dam, oxygen mask, surgical suction, double masks and latex sheets that fit around the tooth to prevent any particles of the filling ending up in your mouth or stomach during the removal.

“This not only helps prevent the patient from inhaling any mercury, but also protects our dental team.”

Helping patients achieve a fully organic lifestyle, the clinic recommends a range of toothpastes that are cruelty-free and contain no artificial colours, flavouring or SLS. The products utilise the natural cleansing properties of herbs to mimic the function of traditional toothpaste. Their value isn’t limited to people who prefer organic products as a lifestyle choice: they’re for anyone who wishes to avoid exposure to fluoride and synthetic substances.

Dental lasers have allowed Dr Roze and his team to reduce the need for antibiotics and prescriptions of anti-inflammatory drugs, ultimately speeding up the healing process in a more natural way.

A dental laser is a focused and powerful light that can help reduce bacterial activity in a natural way. They can also promote the healing and obtain the haemostasis without sutures – depending on the wave length used.

Micro dentistry uses microscope-based technology to examine problems in a tooth, such as a cavity. This allows for magnification up to 40 times, compared to six times when using a traditional loop. The high-quality microscopic picture allows for ultra-precise work on each tooth, removing only what needs to be removed to retain as much healthy dental tissue as possible.

“What makes our clinic unique is our approach to the huge advancements the world has witnessed in dental care and treatment over recent years. We are very proud and excited to begin the practice of biological dentistry in Dubai, and we look forward to seeing our patients enjoy the results,” Dr Roze concluded.

For more information on the treatments available at Dr. Roze & Associates Dental Clinic, please visit:

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HH Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum visits Dubai Land Department’s platform at Cityscape Global 2018

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  • The Department launched ‘DUBAI REST,’ a first-of-its-kind smart platform during its participation on the 1st day of the exhibition

HH Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Executive Council of Dubai, visited Dubai Land Department’s (DLD’s) platform on the first day of Cityscape Global 2018, organised by Informa Exhibitions in a strategic partnership with DLD. The Department is participating this year under the slogan ‘Dubai Land Department…simulating your property with artificial intelligence.’

His Highness was accompanied by HH Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum, President of the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority and CEO and Chairman of the Emirates Group. Their Highnesses were met by HE Sultan Butti bin Mejren, Director General of DLD, who gave them a detailed explanation of ‘DUBAI REST,’ a first-of-its-kind smart platform that provides significant services, most prominent of which is enabling users to verify their properties through facial recognition.

Through the development of the smart platform, DLD is eager to align with the vision of HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, to consolidate Dubai’s position and excellence as the smartest and happiest city in the world.

HH Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum praised the ‘DUBAI REST’ platform and DLD’s efforts for unlocking a world of smart services.

HE Sultan Butti bin Mejren commented: “With the launch of our smart platform ‘DUBAI REST’, DLD successfully surpassed all other real estate registration systems in the world. This achievement enabled us to once again underpin our innovation and maintain our excellence by relying on smart services that assist our customers in a fast and secure manner, meeting the needs of all parties in real estate.”

One of the most prominent features of the new smart real estate platform is its access to comprehensive services, such as the provision of complete registration services for rental contracts and rental cases, ‘To Whom It May Concern certificates,’ and other certificates that prove they own properties, as well as real estate valuation applications.

DLD confirmed that the new platform will be subject to further development. Upon completion of the second phase, a group of other services will be added for owners, including the possibility to remotely sell real estate and issue a certificate of no objection to investors. Users can see the return on investment by region, type, and use of the property, as well as inquire about real estate projects, the percentage of completion, real estate brokers and their level of performance, and about the values of daily real estate transactions.

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  • A day of FREE activities, including a translation 101 workshop on 29th September
  • University students to enter the Ureed translation competition to win a year’s paid internship  

To celebrate International Translation Day, is hosting a day of FREE activities ideal for everyone, from students to business owners, entrepreneurs and freelance professionals. The inaugural Ureed Language Word-A-Thon will be held at The Youth x Hub, Emirates Towers Boulevard on Saturday 29th September, and starts from 10am.

The Ureed Language Word-A-Thon will begin with a meet and greet including breakfast, followed by a warm welcome and introduction to the day from Nour Al Hassan, CEO and founder of Ureed. The day will be broken into a keynote speech from Dr. Hamda Al Hammadi, Ministry of Culture and Knowledge Development, as well as two lively panel discussions and interactive workshops which will help ignite passion projects and upskill attendees who attend the event.

During the day, students from UAE Universities will participate in a translation competition where they will have the chance to win a year’s paid internship at Tarjama, the sister company of Ureed.

There will also be two interactive workshops, including Translation 101, a fun and informative session, which is ideal for novices where they can learn how to translate from English to Arabic and vice versa. Participants will leave with tips and tricks, as well as key guidelines to translation in both English and Arabic.

Nour Al Hassan, Ureed founder and CEO said: “This is the first Ureed event since we launched earlier this year, and we’re excited to bring the local community and business owners together, whilst elevating the importance of creating content in multiple languages in celebration of International Translation Day.”

The second workshop, is optimal for freelance professionals, business owners and bloggers, as it will give attendees a crash course in SEO for beginners. The session will cover the importance of Arabic Search Engine Optimization for business success. It will offer key technical takeaways on today’s best practices in SEO building and writing, which will help attendees bridge the gap between shifting online trends and navigating the competitive marketplace.

The event will be a platform where entrepreneurs, content creators, freelancers and students can network, and will feature fun activation rooms that will test participants’ knowledge of Arabic. Throughout the event, guests will also learn from the Ureed team about how the gig economy is shaping the world we live in, and find out how can help with breaking traditional full time roles as a platform for freelance work, while adding gravitas to a person’s’ side hustle.

The Ureed Language Word-A-Thon is held at The Youth x Hub, Emirates Towers Boulevard on Saturday, 29th September.

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Today, Lenovo is launching a brand-new addition to its ThinkPad mobile workstation portfolio – the ThinkPad P1. Lenovo’s thinnest, lightest and sleekest mobile workstation, the ThinkPad P1 gives users the style they want and the performance they need.

The ThinkPad P1 fulfills the desire for workstation performance and reliability in a thin and light design. The result is an ideal recipe of workstation power and an ultra-premium look and feel.

There is arguably no company that better combines high performance with beauty better than luxury sports car manufacturer, Aston Martin. For them, the ThinkPad P1 represents not only an opportunity to increase productivity, but to also work with a high quality and performing product within a fast-paced environment.

“At Aston Martin, we are committed to a high standard of excellence with a drive to push to the next-level,” said Neil Jarvis, Director of IT and Innovation, Aston Martin. “We see the expression of similar values in the creation of the new ThinkPad P1 Whether it’s our creative team benefiting from the professional graphics and stunning display or our executive team looking for an ultra-thin and light system with a touch of style, the ThinkPad P1 is the right fit for a variety of users across our company.”

The ThinkPad P1 gives users a premium experience – both in look and feel and superior construction and components. With a signature, black finish, glass touchpad and seamless keyboard, and premium packaging the ThinkPad P1 has the high-end design that users expect.

This attention to detail even extends to the power supply. Customers know a thin and light workstation is nothing if it still comes with a bulky power supply. That’s why the ThinkPad P1 power supply is 35 percent smaller and lighter than predecessors.

Certified for key ISV applications, the ThinkPad P1 features 8th Gen Intel® Xeon® and Core™ processors, including support for the Core i9 CPU, and delivers ECC memory support and clocks speeds up to 4.6GHz. Users can also enjoy a boost in performance with the latest NVIDIA Quadro P1000 and P2000 professional graphics cards.

In addition to its graphics and processors, this mobile workstation offers a 15-inch, 4K UHD display, representing 100% of the Adobe color gamut, as well as a touchscreen, IR camera standard, 4TB of M.2 PCIe premier storage and 64GB of memory at 2667MHz.

With more than 25 years of experience developing the best commercial laptops, ThinkPad P1 design engineers chose the best features from the ThinkPad portfolio to maximize power, performance and premium design from top to bottom.

“When we set out to create the ThinkPad P1, we knew our challenge was to build a mobile workstation that would carry the legacy of professional power and reliability of our ThinkPad portfolio, but also meet our customer’s need for a thin, light and sleek design,” said Rob Herman, General Manager of Workstations, Lenovo. “Whether you are looking for power, the lightest mobile workstation around or sleek and slim tech-envy, the ThinkPad P1 delivers on all counts, period.”
Today, Lenovo is also introducing its new ThinkPad P72. Purpose-built for users looking for top of the line power and performance; it demonstrates Lenovo’s capabilities in simultaneously addressing different customer needs and market segments. The ThinkPad P72 is the ideal choice for users in the oil and gas, automotive and financial industries. A true desktop replacement, this 17-inch chassis includes the latest 8th Gen Intel® Xeon® and Core™ processors, and the most powerful NVIDIA® Quadro graphics – up to P5200 – to tackle the most demanding workflows with ease. With up to 6TB of storage, 128GB of memory and 16GB of Intel ® Optane ™ memory, users can handle immense data sets with vast amounts of compute power.

Both the ThinkPad P1 and P72 will be available in October starting at AED7,299. To learn more about the ThinkPad P1 and the ThinkPad P72, visit

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ADNEC launches online ticket sales for the Abu Dhabi International Boat Show 2018

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  • Chance to win exciting prize experiences when advance ticket purchase made online
  • Prize experiences for Formula One Powerboat passenger rides with Team Abu Dhabi Champion can be won when buying your ticket online in advance for the Abu Dhabi International Boat Show
  • ADIBS is a “Uniquely Abu Dhabi” event dedicated to leisure marine industry professionals, the boating community, fishing enthusiasts and families

Abu Dhabi National Exhibitions Company (ADNEC) has announced that tickets for the upcoming Abu Dhabi International Boat Show (ADIBS) in October 2018 can be bought online through the show website, Hosted and organised by ADNEC for the first time, the show, to be held from 17th to 20th October, will impress visitors with high-end entertainment, stunt performances, attractions, leisure activities and water sports.

Visitors must book tickets in advance for the opportunity to win a number of prize experiences, including chances to meet and ride as a passenger in a two seater F1 powerboat with Team Abu Dhabi Champion, Thani Al Qemzi, yachting adventures by Xclusive Yachts, and Seakart experiences in Seakart’s hybrid jet ski inflatable boat.

Over 20,000 visitors are expected to attend ADIBS to witness a visual display of Abu Dhabi’s rich marine culture and enjoy the experiences on offer at the purpose-built ADNEC Marina, the first and only purpose-built marina with a six-metre deep channel in the UAE dedicated to host international events. The first day of the show is exclusively for VIPs, international and local media and special guests of exhibitors. On the 18th of October, the show opens for a long weekend of visitor entertainment consisting of various motorised and non-motorised watersports, activities and entertainment, from show opening at 3pm, until 11pm closing.

Alex Nicholl, Show Director, ADIBS said: “ADIBS is a ‘Uniquely Abu Dhabi’ event, where marine industry professionals and families who love to spend their time and weekends on the water can have a wonderful time exploring Abu Dhabi’s leisure marine offerings. Local and international brands within the industry will showcase their latest products and services to a relevant and unique buying audience.”

ADIBS will feature international and regional premieres and launches from key industry names, with brands from over 18 countries represented at the show including the US, UK, Germany, Australia, Italy, France, Switzerland and Finland. Leading global boat makers including Al Suwaidi Marine, Gulf Craft, ART Marine, Azimut Yachts, Beneteau, Benetti, Ferretti Yachts, Hatteras Yachts, Jeanneau, Sunseeker, amongst others are participating at the show.

The event will feature an extensive range of leisure marine and support services, marine luxury lifestyle products, boat building equipment, navigation and communication devices, water sports, diving and sailing products as well as entertainment, retail and food and beverage outlets. ADIBS will feature a sports fishing zone to promote the latest fishing trends and techniques, line fishing best practice, casting competitions and fishing talks from UAE and international field experts, along with a dedicated fishing retail area giving visitors the option to purchase the latest in modern fishing equipment.

Visitors to the Abu Dhabi International Boat Show hosted at ADNEC Marina will have free on-site parking during the event. Ticket prices range from AED 20 for a 1-day visitor ticket purchased in advance and AED 30 if buying at the show entrance. A multi-day ticket can be purchased for AED 40 for the full three days of the event. Children aged 15 years and younger can attend for free with an accompanying parent or guardian.

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From a thriving culinary and art scene to boutique wellness retreats and sporting adventures – Thailand boasts many unique women-friendly experiences, making it the most exciting destination right now for female travellers from the Middle East.

Just last week, Emirati media personality, Taim AlFalasi, and Iranian actress and UNICEF Ambassador, Mahtab Keramati, as well as dozens of other female celebrities from around the world, came together in Thailand to celebrate female travellers and all that Thailand has to offer for adventurous women.

Over 616k people from the Middle East visited Thailand in 2017; 40 per cent of those visitors were female and the figure looks set to increase this year as more and more Arab women look to Thailand for unique travel experiences. With Islam being the second largest religion in the country, Thailand offers numerous Muslim-friendly activities, hotels and restaurants for travellers from across the Middle East.

Here’s a round-up of female-friendly activities in Thailand from the experts at Tourism Authority Thailand:

The top five things for female travellers to do in Thailand:

1.Embark on a gastronomical journey 

Thai food is one of the most popular cuisines in the world and there’s no better place to enjoy it than in the heart of the vibrant Bangkok. Thanks to its cosmopolitan vibe, multiculturalism and flourishing gastronomic scene, Bangkok has rapidly become “the” destination for foodies. With plenty of halal-friendly options available, dine in style at one of the city’s world-class fine-dining establishments, sample the authentic tastes of Bangkok’s bustling street food scene, or learn Thai authenticity first-hand at one of the city’s famous cooking classes.

2.Enjoy some “me time” at one of Thailand’s award-winning retreats  

Thailand offers a range of world-renowned women-only health and wellness retreats. Whether in a group or travelling solo, Thailand is recognised for offering the highest level of services and hospitality. From budget to luxury retreats, each with packages tailored to specific needs, a wellness escape in Thailand will boost all-round health and leave guests feeling fresh and renewed.

3.Indulge in a sporting passion

Second-to-none facilities and year-round sunshine make Thailand a sporting paradise and the perfect place for beginners to learn the basics or well-seasoned players to improve their skills. Thailand offers a range of women’s packages and classes, from playing golf on some of the world’s best courses and mastering the art of yoga, to a women-only Muay Thai training class, there are a wealth of options available for women in Thailand.

4.Explore the cultural capital of Thailand

Chiang Mai has become an extremely artistically and visually rich city to visit and should be at the top of the list for female travelers. It incorporates the ideal blend of nature, culture and history with excellent tours, activities and quality dining options. Go on a guided tour of the city’s art galleries, visit the bustling night market, or explore the city’s many famous and historic wats (Buddhist temples).

5.Shop till you Drop

Bangkok is brimming with amazing malls and bustling markets, making a shopping expedition the perfect outing for the ladies. With unique handicrafts and artwork, the latest fashions and high-quality tailoring at incredible prices, Thailand is a shopper’s paradise.

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AxiCorp’s Acquisition of One Financial Markets Strengthens Middle East Presence Significantly

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  • Acquisition demonstrates AxiCorp’s long-term commitment to Middle East, strengthening its presence in the region considerably
  • Khalifa Butti Bin Omeir, majority shareholder and founder of OFM, will take an equity stake in AxiCorp as part of the deal
  • Combined operation will bring AxiCorp among the top 10 FX and CFD global providers

Australian-owned Forex (FX) and Contracts For Difference (CFD) trading provider AxiCorp has announced that it will acquire UK-headquartered One Financial Markets (OFM). The deal is predominantly cash-based and will be subject to customary regulatory approvals. It will see AxiCorp strengthen its Middle East footprint significantly, thanks to OFM’s strong brand and established presence in the region.

OFM brings with it a reputation as one of the pioneers in FX trading in the Middle East, with a track record of more than 10 years operating in the region. Headquartered in Dubai, in 2017, One Financial Markets (DIFC) Ltd reinforced its position the region when it secured a full retail licence from The Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA). Its Dubai office represents a major hub for OFM and will complement AxiCorp’s existing footprint reaching from East to West. Together, the combined regional entity will form one of the largest online trading platforms for FX, CFDs, Commodities and other financial instruments, providing market-leading products and services to clients across MENA.

The deal will also see majority shareholder and founder, Khalifa Butti Bin Omeir, the Chairman of diversified investment group KBBO Group, take an equity stake in AxiCorp.

“We established AxiCorp a decade ago to provide Australian FX and CFD traders with a home-grown option. Our clients now span the globe, so we see the acquisition of a London-based competitor, with its complementary regional presence in the Middle East and Asia, as a milestone both for us and the industry as a whole,” said Rajesh Yohannan, AxiCorp’s Chief Executive.

Filippo De Rosa, Chief Executive Officer Middle East Region for AxiCorp, added, “We are excited to be joining forces with such a well-respected brand in our market. The deal represents a significant strengthening of AxiCorp’s presence in the Middle East and reinforces our long-term commitment to the region.”

Founded in 2007, AxiCorp is a global online trading platform for FX, CFDs, Commodities and other financial instruments. It now ranks among the top trading companies in the world with a presence in Australia, the UK, Middle East and Asia.

The deal is a result of more than 12 months of talks between the two companies. The move also comes amid anticipation of further consolidation in the global CFD and FX industry due to upcoming regulatory changes.

The acquisition will strengthen AxiCorp’s foothold in a number of key markets including the UK, and Asia, as well as the Middle East. The combined operation will deliver an estimated US$ 2 trillion annual trading volume and cement the company’s position among the top 10 CFD and FX providers globally.

Under the deal, AxiCorp will acquire all the staff, operations and licenses of OFM, a privately-owned FX provider. AxiCorp will retain the OFM brand, which has strong presence in the Middle East, Europe, South America and Central and South East Asia. The quality of its service and offering in the Middle East is regularly recognized with industry awards including IAIR’s Broker of the Year, Online Trading – Middle East; Saudi Money Expo’s Best Institutional Broker and Top International FX Broker; and CN Forex’s Best FX Services Broker.

Ashley Clarke, Chief Executive Officer at One Financial Markets (OFM) said: “After building the OFM brand and network in several key markets, this (acquisition) is a great opportunity to get to the next level of growth. And it’s a privilege that we will be part of the global AxiCorp family as we pursue other markets.”

He added: “Given AxiCorp’s focus on continued growth and expansion, we look forward to a stronger presence in the FX and CFD markets.”

Sydney-based AxiCorp has been expanding its global footprint since Yohannan took the CEO role more than two years ago. The company had also secured significant strategic investment from private equity firm RGT Capital.

Based on some recent industry reports, Axicorp has experienced higher revenue and EBITDA CAGR growth in the last 2 years than many of the largest publicly listed companies in the FX and CFD sector.

“We have laid a solid and strategic foundation for global growth in recent years and we’re now delivering against this plan. Expansion will be fuelled by a combination of product development and acquisitions across the industry” Yohannan added.

“Overall demand for forex products is still rising, helped by market volatility and popularity of the product in emerging markets,” Yohannan said. “But with new regulations coming into force this year, we believe consolidation will remain a key theme and expect to have the opportunity to make further strategic acquisition in due course.”

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