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ICC Women’s T20 World Cup 2020 Trophy Tour, driven by Nissan launches at iconic Bondi Beach

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The iconic golden sands of Bondi Beach transformed into a cricket field as the ICC Women’s T20 World Cup 2020 Trophy Tour, driven by Nissan, launched in Sydney today.

  • Just 44 days until the start of the biggest women’s sporting event ever held in Australia

  • The Trophy Tour will cover more than 14,000 kilometres as it crosses the country

  • Stops will be made in over 40 locations including Sydney, Bowral, Newcastle, Brisbane, Ballarat, Bendigo, Perth, Canberra, Melbourne, Hobart and Adelaide

Australian players, including 2019 T20 International Player of the Year, Alyssa Healy were joined by trailblazing women from a range of sectors for a beach cricket match, to begin the final countdown to the biggest women’s sporting event ever held in Australia.

Set to cover over 14,000 kilometres around the country, the Trophy Tour will give thousands of fans the opportunity to see the ICC Women’s T20 World Cup 2020 trophy. The trophy will visit iconic locations around Australia to bring communities and cultures together as excitement builds towards the global event that begins with hosts and defending champions Australia taking on India at Sydney Showground Stadium on Friday 21 February 2020.

The 44-day tour will visit over 40 locations and will showcase stories about inspiring women from communities across Australia, a nod to the tournament campaign ‘It’s the Big Dance, and the women are leading’.

ICC Women's T20 World Cup Trophy Tour Launch, driven by Nissan
ICC Women’s T20 World Cup Trophy Tour Launch, driven by Nissan

Fans will be able to get up close with the trophy at various locations including Sydney, Bowral, Newcastle, Brisbane, Ballarat, Bendigo, Perth, Canberra, Melbourne, Hobart and Adelaide with the full schedule available at

With bushfires devastating families, communities and wildlife across Australia, the ICC T20 World Cup 2020 will use the Trophy Tour as a platform to promote bushfire emergency relief efforts, which includes encouraging the global cricket family to support fundraising through our charity partner UNICEF Australia. Read the statement here.

Speaking at the Bondi launch, four-time ICC T20 World Cup winner Alyssa Healy said;

“The build-up to the ICC T20 World Cup is the biggest that I’ve ever experienced before. You can feel that it’s going to be a special event and we can’t wait to face India in the opening match at Sydney Showground. India have been a bogey team for us at the last couple of World Cups, so we hope with a home crowd behind us, we can put that right and start the tournament on the right note.”

The ICC Women’s T20 World Cup Trophy Tour is driven by Nissan. Nissan has been a global partner of the International Cricket Council since 2015, and will provide a range of vehicles to move the trophy across the country.

Managing Director of Nissan Australia, Stephen Lester said;

“Nissan is proud to support the ICC Women’s T20 World Cup Trophy Tour. We are delighted to help share the excitement of the ICC Women’s T20 World Cup throughout Australia, by driving the trophy to all corners of the country”

“We are honoured to support female sport on the global stage, and be part the tournament finale in March at the MCG that’s aiming to break global audience records for female sport.”

ICC T20 World Cup Local Organising Committee CEO Nick Hockley said;

“The Trophy Tour is an opportunity for communities around Australia to be part of the ICC Women’s T20 World Cup. Fans will get a unique chance to get up close with the trophy as it visits iconic landmarks, community events and schools.”

“The tour will also provide a platform to celebrate trailblazing women around the country as we build-up towards the best cricketers in the world taking centre stage in venues around Australia.”

“We have the opportunity to set a new benchmark for a women’s sporting event, so we’re calling on fans in Australia and around the world to get their tickets and be part of this amazing global momentum we are seeing in sport for women and girls.”

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Happiness and How Moe Zinkerbell bringing smiles

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Moe Zinkerbell

Though one could be infinitely happy by just enjoying nature and family and all the human-made things, there are still millions of people who are unhappy.  In developed countries, there is a very fortunate circumstance of having both God-given and man-made things.  Still, the majority of people there are unhappy.  In developing countries, where for millions there is a real scarcity of even basic needs, people seem to be happy.  There are some people who are engaged in difficult tasks and in warfare, and even incarcerated in prisons, and are still happy!  We have just discussed the factors of happiness.  Millions of people have them, still, they are unhappy.  There are millions of others who don’t have them, yet they are happy!

You would realize that the mere availability and abundance of God-given and human-made things is not enough.  There is something else that should be right to be happy.   Of course, it is our mind that we must have the right attitude towards and capacity to be happy.

            Milton in Paradise Lost says,

            ‘The mind is its own place, and in itself

            Can make a Heaven of Hell, a Hell of Heaven.’

            One can give various examples of how the mind can influence our body::

  • Pavlov’s dog starts salivating at the sound of the bell without any food in sight.
  • If we are tense we often get headaches, backache, and spondylitis, etc.
  • Heart attacks are directly linked to worry and tension.
  • The right mental attitude helps in curing many bodily maladies.
  • By self-talk, motivation, and positive attitude we can become happy and successful.
  • Through hypnosis, one can have command over another person’s mind and body.
  • Through meditation, one can have a healthy body and extrasensory abilities.

The mind has extra-ordinary powers and as far as happiness is concerned it has the ultimate power.  We should, therefore, have a positive attitude towards life.  Instead of concentrating on bad things in life and people, we should concentrate on redeeming features in them.  We should not keep on thinking about past failures and bad experiences but be encouraged by our past success and good experiences.  Similarly, we should not be unduly anxious about the future as our anxiety is not going to have a positive effect, but we should plan and work hard for the future.

In whatever circumstances you are, you can never have a total lack of God-given and man-made happiness.  You cannot completely take away nature from somebody; you cannot take away all man-made things from somebody.  Even if everything is taken, one’s family and friends are there.  One’s precious body is there.  And, even if you chain somebody securely in a dungeon, one’s mind is free.  One is free to be happy in one’s mind!  The mind is difficult to be mastered by oneself, but it is impossible to be vanquished by anybody, any authority, or whatever conditions or situations.

Abraham Lincoln has beautifully expressed it: “Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.”

When we talk about happiness, we figure out that social media have brought a tremendous change in society. You can call it positive or negative, but there is a strong wave of change.

On a large scale, social media have made the world better carrying positive change for many of us.

We introduce you to Mr. Moe Zinkerbell who is a popular Youtuber. He always tries to make the people laugh through his works. When we talk about the impact of social media with him, he conversed that he has to think of social media for everything he has done, professionally. He has to admit, he had other plans for his life but when he discovered Youtube, he fell in love and changed his life around.

He built all his professional connections thanks to social media. Social media his major tool for making people laugh, bringing smiles on people’s faces, connecting and collaborating.

here is one of his social experiment and see how he is spreading the happiness:

Social media has made it possible for anyone to be heard and noticed. You can build a career from home. You can connect with Mr. Moe Zinkerbell through his Youtube Channel, Moe Zinkerbell.

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Team Abu Dhabi’s defending champion edges out Swede on countback after Chiappe’s last lap slide

Team Abu Dhabi’s Shaun Torrente retained his UIM F1H2O World Championship title in the most dramatic fashion today, edging out Sweden’s Jonas Andersson on a countback after the Swede won the Grand Prix of Sharjah.

Andersson looked set to claim the F1H2O crown for the first time until a damaged trim on the last lap for three-times world champion Philippe Chiappe saw Torrente squeeze past the Frenchman to snatch second place in the dying moments of the race.

It meant Torrente and Andersson finished tied on 79 points after securing two victories each, with the American emerging as champion as he recorded one more second place finish.

There were jubilant scenes beside Khalid Lagoon as Team Abu Dhabi hailed not only a second successive driver’s title for Torrente, who plunged into the water to celebrate, but also another world team championship.

“I was pushing like crazy, but we have been through so much with that motor this week, and the team have kept it together,” said Torrente. “Every time we took the boat off the water we have had to fix something.

“We didn’t think it was going to make the race. In the last five laps it was down on power, but I just kept pushing as hard as I could, hoping. When I came down the front straight I saw his (Chiappe) motor bobble, and I could tell something was wrong.

Added Torrente: “I thought, no way. I just couldn’t believe it. I’m glad I just made it home. I can’t thank the guys in the team enough. They worked like crazy and the least I could do was give them 150 per cent.”

“We didn’t have our best bullet this week, but we still got second place, somehow, some way. and that’s just down to this team for working so hard. They never stopped. I’m just blessed to be with them.”

Torrente paid Tribute to Andersson, saying: “Jonas had an amazing season. I feel for him. He was 40 seconds from being world champion. He did everything he could do, but so did I, and I just got lucky at the end.”

Poland’s Bartek Marszalek finished third ahead of Team Abu Dhabi’s Thani Al Qemzi who was placed fourth overall in the championship as well as the race.

Team Abu Dhabi’s Mohammed Al Mehairbi and Rashed Al Remeithi finished third and fifth respectively in the F4-S series which concluded with Britain’s Harvey Smith completing back-to-back race victories in Sharjah. German Max Stilz had wrapped up the title 48 hours earlier.

Grand Prix of Sharjah results

  1. Jonas Andersson Team Sweden
  2. Shaun Torrente Team Abu Dhabi             + 6.24
  3. Bartek Marszalek Emirates Racing + 8.28
  4. Thani Al Qemzi Team Abu Dhabi + 11.76
  5. Sami Selio Sharjah Team + 16.26
  6. Philippe Chiappe CTIC F1 Shenzhen China + 20.22
  7. Alberto Comparato F1 Atlantic + L1
  8. David Del Pin Victory Team + L1
  9. Cédric Deguisne      Maverick F1 Racing           + L2

UIM F1H2O World Championship final positions

  1. Shaun Torrente 79pts – champion
  2. Jonas Andersson 79
  3. Marit Stromoy 37
  4. Thani Al Qemzi 36
  5. Bartek Marszalek 26
  6. Alex Carella 25

Team championship positions

  1. Team Abu Dhabi 115
  2. Team Sweden 89
  3. Emirates Racing 63
  4. CTIC F1 Shenzhen China 43
  5. Maverick F1 Racing 25
  6. F1 Atlantic 15
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Four UAE Nationals will lead strategic business units centered in the company’s growth strategy

Executive appointments reinforce company’s commitment to develop Emirati talent to lead national space and ICT sectors

The Al Yah Satellite Communications Company (Yahsat) has announced four new Emirati executive appointments across government, commercial, operational and technical business units.

The new appointments, effective from January 2020 include the following engineers:

  • Sulaiman Al-Ali, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Thuraya
  • Eisa Al Shamsi, Deputy General Manager of Yahsat Government Solutions
  • Adnan AlMuhairi, Deputy Chief Technical Officer of Yahsat
  • Khalid Al Kaf, Deputy Chief Operations Officer of Yahsat

Khaled Al Qubaisi, Yahsat Chairman and Mubadala Aerospace, Renewable & ICT CEO said: “These appointments demonstrate Yahsat’s commitment to diversifying the UAE’s knowledge-based economy by unlocking Emirati potential. The appointments bring Emirati talent into c-suite positions leading government, commercial, operational, technical, and engineering business units. We’re proud to bring together the brightest Emirati and regional minds to help grow the ICT sector and support Yahsat’s efforts globally to advance the world we live in through innovative satellite technology.”

“Yahsat is committed to attracting and developing a national cadre of experts, and is focused on the growth and development of local talent within the sector, boasting a 51 per cent Emirati workforce. This commitment stems from Mubadala Group’s efforts to foster and develop UAE talent, with a long-term vision of creating a diverse and globally competitive workforce, aiding in Abu Dhabi’s rapidly diversifying economy, and advancing the UAE’s growth in this innovative industry,” added Al Qubaisi.

The move also supports Yahsat’s long-term strategy by unlocking human potential and strengthening its innovative satellite business globally, reinforcing the UAE’s vision to be at the forefront of the industry.

Masood M. Sharif Mahmood, CEO of Yahsat said, “Together, our four new leaders bring with them over 65 years of experience within the industry, and stand as a testament to the unique working culture and passion at Yahsat — one that’s strictly committed to the consistent development of its people and to the development of the UAE space sector.

The four individuals have risen through the ranks and grown into these executive positions while displaying an endless drive to pursue excellence both at home and abroad, through training and development. They will play a huge role in developing the next line of Emirati talent and inspiring the next set of leaders in the industry.”

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Bottle of Glen Flagler whisky sells for a record $273,000

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The 2019 Global Wealth Report from Knight Frank sheds light on the luxury items that have experienced the greatest change in value over the past decade.
These days, bottles of rare whisky are particularly sought after, especially single malt Scotch varieties. Last year was noteworthy when a bottle of Scotch set a £700,000 ($925,000 USD) record at auction in October before being beaten a month later when a bottle sold for £1.2 million ($1.6 million)
Distilled in 1926, the hand-painted bottle was sold at Christies’s wine and spirits auction in London. Over the past 24 months, rare whisky has gone up in value by 40% and over the past ten years, it has soared 582%.
This makes it by the best performing luxury asset class; far ahead of fine art, jewelry, collect-able automobiles, diamonds, or fine wine.
Whisky is increasingly seen as an invest-able asset in both emerging and mature markets, This week an investor in Dubai purchased a limited edition bottle of Glen Flagler for a record $273,000.
The Glen Flagler brand has increasingly been gaining a strong following in emerging markets at the ultra-premium end of the spectrum, competing with traditional giants such as Glenfiddich and The Macallan.
15% of the Glen Flagler bottle price was donated to a rain-forest conservation project.

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Team Abu Dhabi’s F2 world champion rounds off brilliant campaign with historic win on home waters

Rashed Al Qemzi crowned his brilliant season in the 2019 UIM F2 World Championship today with an emphatic home victory in the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi.

The Team Abu Dhabi driver, already installed as F2 world champion for the second time in three years, led from start to finish to record his fourth Grand Prix triumph of the year with 4.63 seconds      to spare from Portugal’s Duarte Benavente, with Lithuanian Edgaras Riabko third.

This success on home waters is the one that means most to Al Qemzi, particularly as he goes into the record books as the winner of the first ever UIM F2 race staged in the UAE capital.

The Emirati looked in complete control throughout, resisting Benavente’s challenge to pull away on the first lap, and refusing to be unsettled when the race was interrupted twice in quick succession following crashes by Sweden’s Johan Österberg and Dutchman Ferdinand Zandbergen.

It has been an outstanding season for Al Qemzi from his opening round victory in Lithuania in June. Other victories followed in Italy and Portugal to clinch the title with one round to spare, adding to the Nations Cup and F4-S world championships he secured before his first F2 triumph in 2017.

He has benefitted enormously from the vast experience and influence of ten-times former F1H2O champion Guido Cappellini, who has guided Team Abu Dhabi to nine world titles in five years.

To broaden Al Qemzi’s experience of different race conditions and pressure, the shrewd Cappellini included him in the team’s top four-man crew for this year’s World Endurance Championships, which they duly won in Poland in July.

The opening free practice session in Abu Dhabi on Thursday saw Al Qemzi start in a boat being tested for next year’s championship, meaning Cappellini and the Emirati driver were already thinking ahead to a third F2 world crown.

Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi, leading positions:

  1. Rashed Al Qemzi UAE                44 laps
  2. Duarte Benavente POR               +4.63
  3. Edgaras Riabko LT +15.28
  4. Stefan Hagin GER               +16.69
  5. Nikita Lijcs LAT +47.03
  6. Kalle Viippo FIN +19.56 (43)
  7. Uvis Slakteris LAT +23.35 (43)
  8. Ahmad Al Fahim UAE +29.60 (43)
  9. Héctor Sanz SPA +33.60 (43)
  10. Mette Bjerknæs NOR +31.75 (42)
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Majid Al Futtaim launches first-ever UAE-Egypt Friendship Celebration

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  • Majid Al Futtaim celebrates two decades of strategic partnership in Egypt
  • First-of-its-kind cultural exchange celebration to take place from 4-7 December in Cairo
  • Initiative coincides with the grand opening of City Centre Almaza on 5 December

Majid Al Futtaim, the leading shopping mall, communities, retail and leisure pioneer across the Middle East, Africa and Asia announced today its first-ever annual UAE-Egypt Friendship Celebration, set to take place in Cairo from 4 – 7 December 2019. The curated programme will be showcased at City Centre Almaza, coinciding with the shopping mall’s grand opening on 5 December.

City Centre Almaza is Majid Al Futtaim’s fourth shopping mall in Egypt and is redefining retail and entertainment experiences for customers in Eastern Cairo. Located in Heliopolis, the mall sees a number of international brands being introduced to the market for the first time, including Hugo by Hugo Boss, Emporio Armani, Pinko, Ego, Philipp Plein, Elisabetta Franchi, Billionaire, Armani Caffé, and Twin-Set.

Created and designed by Majid Al Futtaim, UAE-Egypt Friendship Celebration is a showcase of Emirati culture and hospitality, building on the longstanding cultural and strategic ties between the UAE and Egypt. Set to follow on from the UAE’s National Day celebrations, the initiative has been launched in line with the UAE government’s ongoing commitment to Egypt, with a US$20 billion investment partnership recently announced between the two countries.

Announcing the launch, Alain Bejjani, Chief Executive Officer at Majid Al Futtaim – Holding said: “The alliance between the UAE and Egypt is deeply ingrained and has inspired our long-term commitment to the market and its people. UAE-Egypt Friendship Celebration will honour the close relationship between both countries at a time when there is much to be optimistic about. Not only are we launching this exciting new cultural exchange, we are also delighted to officially open City Centre Almaza. These steps are incredibly significant as we continue to work side-by-side with our partners in Egypt, where we have a strong operational presence, bringing the best of the UAE and Majid Al Futtaim to the country since 1998.”

UAE-Egypt Friendship Celebration will include a series of curated activities over four days, from a signature fashion show on 4 December featuring Emirati and Egyptian designers to a showcase of Emirati literature, cuisine and an Emirati film screening open for all to enjoy.

H.E. Dr. Rania Al-Mashat, Egypt’s Minister of Tourism, added: “These partnerships enable us to come together to celebrate the longstanding relationship between Egypt and the UAE. With the growth of the Egyptian economy, encouragement of private sector partnerships such as Majid Al Futtaim helps to attract greater numbers of tourists through world class shopping and entertainment experiences. We will continue our commitment to maintaining robust partnerships across our regional stakeholder network, with strategic collaborations such as this to allow for ongoing knowledge sharing between nations, aligned with our overall tourism strategy for Egypt.”

She added “The core of this Friendship week, is about the people, focusing on culture, food and fashion. This is in line with our “PeopleToPeople” campaign, part of pillar number 3 “Promotion & Marketing” of the Egypt — Tourism Reform Program (E—TRP) launched by the Ministry of Tourism in November 2018. This campaign reawakens the power of human-to-human connection. It highlights that beyond destinations and landmarks, it’s the power of the people, that moves, astonishes and awakens the senses of visitors.”

In parallel to UAE-Egypt Friendship Celebration, the inauguration of City Centre Almaza will take place on 5 December. City Centre Almaza is the latest in a series of Majid Al Futtaim real estate projects in Cairo and builds on the company’s comprehensive investment plan.

To date, Majid Al Futtaim has invested in a range of mega projects across retail, shopping, and leisure and entertainment, including Ski Egypt which is the first indoor ski attraction in Africa. City Centre Almaza is a testament to Majid Al Futtaim’s promise of providing customers with signature experiences. Spanning over 100,000 square metres, the mall will offer more than 260 stores as well as East Cairo’s first ever VOX Cinemas.

Taking place for the first time in Egypt, UAE-Egypt Friendship Celebration is billed to be an annual initiative with plans to launch future events across other markets in which Majid Al Futtaim operates.

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Huawei Launches EMUI10 to Enable Smart Life in All Scenarios

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  • Huawei P30 series will be the first to upgrade to the EMUI10 Beta version starting September 8, 2019

Huawei Developers Congress was held on August 9, in Dongguan, where EMUI10 was officially released. Dr. Wang Chenglu, President of the Software Engineering Department at Huawei Consumer Business Group, said that EMUI10 is pioneering distributed technology applications for providing an all-scenario experience. Its development has enabled scenario-specific applications such as audio and video calls in all scenarios, business tasks across devices, and smart vehicle-mounted devices. In the same stroke, one-time development for multi-device deployment can reduce costs, improve efficiency, and provide users with an all-scenario, smart experience.

EMUI has enabled the connection among multiple devices as well as between devices and applications, and it will further improve the service experience in additional scenarios. Likewise, the EMUI team adheres to a cooperative and open attitude and hopes that more partners and developers will join together to create innovative experiences in all scenarios.

At the conclusion of the launch event, Dr. Wang announced that an EMUI10 Beta version will be internally tested with Huawei P30 series and other models on September 8, and EMUI10 will be available on the next generation of Mate series products.

EMUI has over 500 million daily active users (DAU), and a dark mode was added to EMUI10.

At this point, Huawei EMUI has more than 500 million DAUs in 216 countries, and supports 77 languages. Technological iterations have been made over the past 7 years since the birth of EMUI1.0 in 2012. Huawei is dedicated to providing EMUI upgrade services and premium experience for existing users. Statistics show that the user upgrade rates of EMUI8.0 and EMUI 9.0 reached 79% and 84% respectively and that the number of users upgrading their phones to EMUI10 is expected to reach 150 million.

In recent years, Huawei has invested heavily in EMUI R&D to continuously boost system performance. GPU Turbo technology has improved the efficiency of graphics processing by 60%, while Link Turbo network aggregation technology lets smartphones access multiple networks like 4G and WiFi for network speed 70% faster than using 4G alone. Other innovations like the EROFS super file system improves Android’s random read by 20%, and additionally, the Ark Compiler also smooths third-party applications by 60%.

EMUI10 brings three updates: UX design, an all-scenario ultimate experience, and a new standard of smooth operation.

EMUI10 adds a dark mode to bring more visual comfort. Human factors research revealed that a color’s brightness and saturation are perceived differently depending on a light or dark background. The dark mode optimizes both color contrast between texts and dark backgrounds as well as the color of texts and system icons, and the end result ensures the visual consistency, comfort, and legibility. More UX design features of EMUI10 will be disclosed at the EMUI UX design concept launch event on August 10.

Distributed technology transforms cross-device experiences and merges capabilities of multiple devices onto one screen.

EMUI10 adopts revolutionary distributed technology to support HD video calls among multiple devices. Users can make audio and video calls whenever and wherever they are. If there is an incoming call, users can choose to answer using a smart speaker. Or if it is a video call, they can answer through a TV, vehicle-mounted device, or even send a real-time video feed from a drone so that friends and family can also enjoy the beautiful scenery. At work, a smartphone and computer can share screens so that data can be exchanged easily through drag-and-drop. Such a seamless experience is made possible by revolutionary distributed technology.

To implement distributed technology, the hardware capabilities of each device need to first be virtualized. In other words, what a device is capable of, such as in terms of its display, camera, microphone, or speaker, is not based on the device itself but rather a shared resource pool. In this way, each device can leverage needed functions or hardware capabilities from the resource pool or by sharing their capabilities with other devices. Therefore, for users and applications, different devices can be merged into one.

Huawei continuously pays attention to security. In addition to improve product experience, it also builds up a distributed all-scenario security system. It fortifies an in-depth security defense system by using in-house hardware and software, and uses a chip system architecture and system kernel as a foundation for security and trust. Only devices authenticated by the user can be connected to other user devices, and in addition, communication between devices is encrypted end-to-end to ensure absolute security of data transmission.

One-time development for multi-device deployment, providing consistent all-scenario user experience

There are more diversified smart devices including smartphones and smart TVs, and with the popularization of application ecosystems, the number of devices and applications of a user is rapidly increasing. Users require having the same experience as they use the same service in different devices and having access to services with any device no matter where they are. Consequently, developers face great challenges in multi-device adaptation, multi-language learning, and cross-device data convergence.

In the future era of multiple scenarios and multiple devices, application developers need to change when the requirements are changed. As stated at the launch event, EMUI provides a distributed UI programming framework and virtualizes hardware capabilities. As a result, developers can create apps for multiple devices without needing to make adaptations for the same program.

EMUI exhibits its capability in driving the industry and facilitating ecosystem development.

In recent years, the number of Huawei mobile phone users has increased significantly. Huawei shipped 100 million units in just five months this year, and in the future, EMUI will provide more applications and synergized cross-device experiences for users.

Huawei has always adhered to finding mutually beneficial opportunities, and it was said during the launch event that Huawei will continue to make the capabilities of tools and platforms such as the Ark Compiler and Huawei DevEco Studio more open. It is also stated that Huawei intended to work with developers and industry partners for win-win outcomes and to jointly create innovative experience across all scenarios.

The P30 series is the first to upgrade to the EMUI10 Beta version, and other devices will have it soon.

Huawei P30 series will be the first to upgrade to the EMUI10 Beta version for internal testing on September 8 and will be available for the Mate 20 series later on. During the launch event, Dr. Wang Chenglu also announced that EMUI10 will be firstly launched in the next generation of the Mate series. You can learn more about the latest models for internal testing and EMUI10 through Huawei’s official channels.

Huawei EMUI team looks forward to joining hands with developers and partners to offer an all-scenario ultimate experience for users.

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MaK Middle East’s Turbocharger Services reinforces  MENA maritime industry

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 The Caterpillar company’s turbocharger services have bolstered the MENA region by replicating MaK Asia’s success formula in Singapore, Shanghai and Guangzhou

MaK Middle East LLC, a Caterpillar company established in Dubai in 2017, launched its Dubai Maritime City (DMC) workshop last year, including a comprehensive range of turbocharger maintenance, overhaul, repair, upgrading and modification service options. The company has since presented the capabilities to owners across the region to enthusiastic response and high appreciation from a satisfied and growing customer base.

Alan Naisby, Managing Director of MaK Middle East and MaK Asia commented on this growing voice of support by saying, “While MaK Middle East is proud of its contributions in helping customers succeed and improving the maritime industry, we are never satisfied. As a wholly owned service business of Caterpillar, we are always focused on actively searching for innovative solutions to enrich the local maritime sector, something that has clearly resonated with our clients.”

Financial strength

Despite MaK Middle East’s short existence, the company has made bold financial investments as part of Caterpillar’s strategic goal of doubling its Services business by 2023. To date the company has injected some AED 1.5 million into assets and skills in Dubai to establish its Turbocharger service capability, inclusive of a state-of-the-art Schenck rotor balancing machine, scissor lifting tables, fixtures, tools, inventory, experienced technicians and engineers and their factory training. Naisby said, “The support of our USD $54 billion parent corporation, Caterpillar, has been instrumental in providing us the means to take the financial risks to invest in this region.”

He further added, “Caterpillar’s rank of #65 in the Fortune 500 listing has also been of significant benefit to our operations, as it has provided us with the strong starting point of greater recognition, something which start-up organizations aren’t usually privileged to have. The ability to make strategic investments to achieve long-term returns has undeniably been a key contributing factor in establishing MaK Middle East’s presence in the MENA region and supporting our MaK and CM customer base”

MaK Middle East’s state-of-the-art Dubai workshop has rapidly increased the volume of turbocharger services to its clients, always using genuine parts. The business has also made a sizeable investment in a comprehensive inventory of service exchange cartridges which are all available at a moment’s notice from the DMC facility. This includes Napier NA297 and NA357 units for MaK M 32 engines and KBB HPR6000 units for MaK M 25 and M 20 engines as well as Napier and KBB genuine spare parts plus new cartridges for MaK, Wartsila, Yanmar, Himsen and other applications.

Highly Qualified Personnel

Along with the investment in state of the art machines at its facility, the company has equally emphasized the importance of investment in its service team to guarantee speed of turnaround and customer satisfaction. Equipping its service team with Saudi Arabian work visas to enable same day response, MaK Middle East has also put in place logistics support for exchange units with the KSA and other regional countries within proximity.

Certified at the Napier factory in Lincoln in the UK and the KBB factory in Bannewitz, Germany, MaK Middle East’s turbocharger service engineers and technicians are all manufacturer trained and well-experienced. Schooled in servicing turbochargers from varying manufacturers, the company’s skilled workforce of technical experts follows a similar formula to that of Caterpillar’s MaK Asia owned workshop teams. Providing turbocharger services on board a vessel ranges from basic condition inspection to removal and installation for workshop overhaul or cartridge replacement.

Naisby stated, “Optimal engine performance, the elimination of unexpected operating costs, and maximum fuel efficiency are all objectives that can only be successfully achieved through the thorough maintenance of a turbocharger. Although it has only been a few years since our inception, our customers have made it vocally known that they are appreciative of the proficiency of our service support. With that said, we are committed to ensuring our customers throughout the MENA region continue to rely on us to keep their turbochargers running efficiently at all times.”

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Team tactics at different World Cups

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Over the 44 years since the first World Cup that has never been more obvious than in the tactical evolutions that have taken place in the white-ball game.

Mike Brearley’s Art of Captaincy is the definitive treatise on the challenges of leading an international side and it was one of his contemporaries, Clive Lloyd, who led the West Indies to the first two World Cup titles, playing one of the great captain’s innings in the first final.

Of course, at that time, teams were still coming to terms with the shorter format, and the West Indies’ success reflected their dominance across all formats.

However, it is more recently that we have seen a greater divide between red and white ball, and some of the most revolutionary tactics that have changed the way the game is played forever.

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