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Stringent measures against forced conversion and trafficking of minority women demanded.

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The Peoples Commission for Minorities Rights (PCMR) organized a People’s Inquiry into “Alleged Forced Conversions and Trafficking of minority women”.

Victims and witnesses who had experienced forced conversions and fake marriages with Chinese men shared their first-hand accounts under an oath. Prominent human rights activists, legal experts, journalists and academics participated in the Peoples Inquiry including I.A. Rehman, Khawar Mumtaz (Chairperson, National Commission on Status of Women), Maria Iqbal Tarana (Member NCSW), Mubashir Zaidi (journalist), Fatima Atif, minority rights activist), Wajahat Masood, Fr. Bonnie Mendes, Saroop Ijaz (Advocate) and Karamat Ali.

The jury of the Peoples’ Inquiry was composed of Former UN Special Advisor on Human Rights Defenders, Hina Jillani, Justice Kailashnath Kohli, senior Advocates Mr. Jamshed Rehmat Ullah, and Parkash Mehtani. I.A. Rehman, Aoun Sahi and Mubashir Zaidi presented an overview of the issues.

Peter Jacob (Chairperson, PCMR) emphasized the need to understand the issue at hand in its entirety vis-a-vis the role of contributing factors such as gender, poverty, religious discrimination and demography.

A research study prepared by PCMR, “Silence of the Lamb” was shared with participants that provides a working definition and the evidence about the phenomenon and occurrence of forced conversion as well recommendations to effectively address the issue.

The People’s Inquiry concluded with observations about vigilant societal role against the gender-based exploitation and transparent investigation into faith and gender based crimes committed against minority women. The Jury held that the state must act to safeguard its citizens from all human rights violations including forced faith conversion, forced marriage, trafficking, children marriage, rape, gang-rape, kidnapping and abduction, whether committed by individuals or groups. The participants resolved under oath that they will strive to uphold the standards of truth, justice & fairness as well as work towards providing relief to victims of forced conversions & related crimes.

Victim’s testimony:

Forced conversions:

  1. Rimsha and Neha Javed (Parents),- Lahore
  2. Anwer Masih and Bashir Masih – Toba Tek Singh
  3. Charlotte – Faisalabad
  4. Chaman – Rahimyar Khan
  5. Shiza – Gujranwala


  1. Mehek Pervaiz and Muqadas
  2. Saleem Iqbal
  3. Yasir Talib
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RAK Hospital offers Iftar meals to hundreds of taxi drivers

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RAK Hospital offers ready meals to hundreds of taxi drivers to appreciate their hard work

As a token of appreciation for the hard work and long hours that taxi drivers put in their job, RAK Hospital distributed ready Iftar packages to hundreds of cabbies in Ras Al Khaimah. The ceremony was held at the hospital premises between 4pm and 6pm and was greatly appreciated by the drivers, bringing a smile on their faces as they accepted the gifts. The yearly initiative has been a huge success with the community workers, whose efforts often go unnoticed, despite their diligent performance of duties while adhering to religious obligations.

Thanking the cabbies for their services, Dr Raza Siddiqui, CEO of Arabian Healthcare Group and Executive Director at RAK Hospital, commented: “We see them everywhere; and while we may take them for granted, the fact remains that commuting will be difficult were it not for these taxi drivers. Gifting Iftar packages is just a small gesture, a token of appreciation to all the cabbies in Ras Al Khaimah who make mobility easier for us, regardless of the weather and extreme temperatures”.

He added, “Many of these drivers are fasting, yet we never see them neglecting their duties or taking time off. This is why we have designed these packages to include ready-to-eat food, so that it will be easier for them to break their fast while on the go”.

For over a decade, RAK Hospital has been serving the UAE residents with thoughtful, educative and informative programmes. The healthcare institution has been a forerunner in reaching out to community for active engagement and to create a happier environment.

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Muslims Discover New Way To Celebrate Ramadan 2019 Through Mobile App Called Ummah

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There are several Muslim mobile apps out there that Muslims can use to make the most out of Ramadan this year.  Each app may be thorough in providing a single service for our brothers, but there is no all-in-one platform, despite the fact that the number of Muslim-dedicated apps is growing every month.  But now you have the choice of selecting one app that does it all, and its name is Ummah.

Introducing: Ummah – the amazing new mobile app.  It’s a new way to celebrate Ramadan, and it is designed by Muslims for Muslims! It is your first choice for a comprehensive and accurate site for all rituals.

How Is Ummah Planning To Make Your 2019 Ramadan The Best?

The Quran says: “You [Muslims] are the best nation brought out for Mankind, commanding what is righteous and forbidding what is wrong.”  [3:110]. The mission of Ummah is built around this powerful verse of the Quran.

Ummah wants to motivate our Muslim brothers and sisters by helping them grow in their faith, impact their community and meet all their needs within one platform. Their objective is to share the real compassionate messages of Islam in helping people find the beauty of this religion.

The word Ummah means a united community, bound by the teachings of Islam for Ramadan 2019 and afterward. The logo represents the meaning of the word. The letter ‘U’ goes perfectly with the hidden messages; a shopping bag and an infinite connection.  The idea is to draw our brothers and sisters close and united based on the wisdom of halal.

Ummah is your solution!

Everyone is aware of the value of every moment dedicated to Islam, especially in the month of Ramadan Kareem. In order to make the most of this precious time, you need to organize your faith activities during this month so you don’t miss out on any important worship such as Salah and prayers. The Ummah Platform aims to help you by bringing you all your needs in one single app. In fact, Ummahaims to solve these, and other needs during and after Ramadan.

Prayer Times and Qiblah Direction

Looking forward, you won’t have to worry about getting notifications for your Ramadan prayer times because the Ummah app has a precise notification system that will let you know about your prayer time, based on your location. Additionally, Ummah will let you know the direction of Qiblah with an attractive and user-friendly app page that is very simple to follow.  Ummah uses augmented reality to help you always turn in the Qibla direction.

Notification with Ayahs, Hadiths, and Scholarly Sayings… and share them with #halalcard

Ramadan Kareem is a spiritual month. Ummah will refresh your heart and mind with verses from the Quran, noble sayings of the Prophet (p.b.u.h), and advice from eminent scholars on how to deal with your everyday hardships.  Ummah will provide you encouragement for doing good deeds and how to avoid bad thoughts. You will also have the chance to share these sayings with your own customized design through #halalcard feature, including a picture, filter, and font. Your friends will appreciate it!

The Halal Shop (Your Halal Marketplace. Worldwide. Coming Soon)!

Ummah will allow you to buy, sell or share your items the Halal way for Ramadan. Our global unified community will provide items for sale or trade from other brothers and sisters.  No issues, no complications. The logo represents everything that you can do inside the app. A hidden message is the shopping bag which indicates that inside the app there is a halal shopping place.

Socialize With Ummah!

You can socialize with Ummah on social media, including Facebook, and Instagram, where you will have the opportunity to follow your activity with daily content on the life of the Prophet, prophetic medicine, advice for spiritual awakening and productivity, and many other topics. Additionally, you will have the chance to get informed on the features they intend to add through the Ummah app before this year’s Ramadan festivities.

Enough said.  Come to review Ummah new mobile app for Ramadan 2019 and see for yourself.  You will quickly appreciate all it has to offer and return often to learn more.

Get Ummah for FREE, now available on iOS and Android.

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PCMR adopts resolution calling upon government to ensure freedom of religion for all and curb forced conversions

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The Centre for Social Justice (CSJ) and the Peoples Commission for Minority Rights (PCMR) jointly organized a stakeholders consultation on ‘Faith Conversions and Religious Freedom’ at Lahore.

The meeting was attended by minority rights activists, civil society leaders, journalists and prominent activists including, Ravi Kumar (MPA), Joseph Francis, Retired Justice Kailash Kohli, Ali Pahl (Advocate), senior Advocate Bhagwandas, Pushpa Kumari and Peter Jacob (Chairperson Peoples Commission for Minorities Rights).

The participants voiced civil society concerns about the recurring complaints of forced conversions which call for practical measures to curb the phenomenon of forced faith conversions of religious minorities in Pakistan.

Mr. Jacob  emphasized on understanding the circumstances of faith conversions in Pakistan and how the other contextual factors such as Violence against Women & Girls (VAWG), religious discrimination, poverty and demography particularly play into disadvantage of the young women belonging to religious minorities.

Mr. I.A. Rehman, a prominent human rights activist, emphasized upon the collective duty of the State and society to ensure that victims of forced conversions have ready and meaningful access to justice.

Retired Justice Kailash Nath Kohli reiterated upon the need to institutionalize legal safeguards by enacting a specific and comprehensive legislative framework to deal with forced conversion cases.

A position paper titled, ‘Is Forced Conversion in Pakistan a Legitimate Concern?’, prepared by CSJ and PCMR, was also presented during the consultation. In addition to providing a working definition for forced conversion, the paper also cites data pertaining to conversions since 2000, as recorded by different sources that estimate the number to run into thousands.

At the end, participants unanimously adopted a resolution calling upon the Federal and Provincial governments and their subsidiary bodies to undertake a range of legal, policy and administrative measures aimed at the prevention and elimination of forced conversions in Pakistan. Among other things, the resolution issued a call to the Ministry of Human Rights to constitute a Committee of experts for examining the bills presented in the National Assembly with the objective of preparing one single draft to be presented as a joint draft of the Treasury and the Opposition.

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Whispers from the Past

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Works of Syrian Artist Mohsen Khanji to be exhibited at Habtoor Palace Dubai, LXR Hotels & Resorts

Sulty Events & Entertainment will be launching a new series of the Art Perspective exhibition ‘Whispers from the Past’ for the Ramadan season at the ‘Le Patio’ in Habtoor Palace Dubai, LXR Hotels & Resorts, a palatial retreat in the heart of Dubai from the 1st of May until the first week of June in collaboration with Zimzy Gallery.

‘Whispers from the Past’ features art pieces created by Philosopher Mohsen Khanji who was born in Aleppo in 1950.  He uses traditional colours, textures and imaginative designs and techniques that bring the Arabic letters and the subjects to life. His unique pieces showcase Arabic decoration, engraving on metals and three-dimensional painting.

Art lovers and guests come to Le Patio to appreciate art in a modern and versatile venue that complements the creative scene of the city with its architectural surroundings.

According to Ahmed Tayeh, Owner of the new Zimzy Gallery, Khanji’s work has been appreciated and showcased in museums and galleries in various cities including Aleppo, Damascus, Jeddah, Abu Dhabi, Doha, Tripoli and Dubai and continues to enthrall audiences from all aspects of life.  Zimzy gallery will officially be open on May 15, 2019.

A brainchild of Sulty Events & Entertainment and the late Regina Sio, Art Perspective celebrates the work of established and new artists. The art selected in this initiative are ideal as masterpieces in art galleries and private Collectors residences.

Diplomats, Art Collectors, regional Business leaders and media attend the opening night and visit the exhibition during the period of display.

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Manifesting Abundance in your life by Accessing to your Higher Power

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By Keiko Anaguchi

A Best Selling Author & Well Known Spiritual Teacher from Japan

May 11,2019 in Dubai 13:00 to 16:00

Are you happy and satisfied with what you have created?

What you see and who you are today are the results of the choices you have made in the past until now and the abundance, or lack of it, of your thinking.
Have you ever wondered if this there could be more?
Or Have you ever felt or thought about whether there was a different way?
Can you make your life and and the lives of others by doing things differently and changing the way you think?
Are you ready to transform your current reality so you can live your life completely happy and fulfilled?
If the answer is yes, this seminar will help you to see both your life and the world differently.
Keiko has consulted and trained people how to make their business activities more enjoyable and happy so they feel happier and create more abundance leading to a more meaningful personal and professional life..
Keiko will work with you on how to connect with your higher power and tap into your subconscious so you can gain deeper awareness to your infinite potential and the manifest abundance possible in your life and the lives of others.
Join Keiko to boost your energy and reveal this abundance by co creating happy reality with others and the community you connect with there.

Keiko Anaguchi is a well known spiritual teacher, author, and a public speaker in Japan. She is recognized for manifesting spiritual messages into realistic forms.She has a Spiritual Entrepreneurs School in Japan to teach and use spiritual skills to everyday business life to shift the present reality into new possible reality to better serve the planet and humanity. She is a best-selling Japanese author of various titles, some of which include Find Your Own Angels, and Law of Attraction:Life is Full of Miracles. Serving over 30,000 clients in the past 25  years, Keiko leads spiritual tours to Mt.Shasta and Sedona in the U.S., as well as to other sacred sites around the world in Southern France, Egypt, Peru and more. She was a training consultant to BMW, Citi Bank, Honda, Rover Japan.

DATE  May 11th 2019  13:00 to 16:00


Registration Fee 500 (AED)

Pay by PAY PAL

Inquiry for the seminar at Ryoko Kuwata

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Rob Kajiwara: A Singer with A Different Mesmerizing Sound

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The music scene these days is overcrowded with many musicians that do not have very much singing talent at all.  The days of pure singers are over, and they are now replaced with many different kinds of sounds that are enhanced and created with sophisticated recording equipment.

Even when you go to see a musical act in concert, chances are the singer’s voice and/or music, in general, is prerecorded.  Then the singer just lip syncs the words and many people never know the difference.  Whatever happened to singers like Elton John, Sting, and Celine Dion?  Now we have to listen to Kevin Federline, Kelly Osborne, and man-made bands like 98 degrees.  However, there are a few musicians that are still putting out very good music and are still quite popular.  Rob Kajiwara is a wonderful singer and he has a different sound.

Rob Kajiwara is probably most remembered for his best-selling Okinawan-Hawaiian artist and has achieved a lot considering his age. He’s appeared in over 70 news and media publications in more than 15 countries, and was named a “Special Envoy” of the Hawaiian Kingdom, and is a cultural representative of his ancestral village of Nakagusuku Village, Okinawa. Kajiwara has a different sound because he does not depend on any special effects to make his voice sound as good as it does.  He just uses his strong and pure baritone voice to belt out the notes and produce wonderful music.

Kajiwara has put out two records that have gone multi-platinum already because his sound is very different from the other options currently available.  I believe the number one reason that Rob Kajiwara is so successful is his music can be loved and appreciated by almost anyone.  There are people all over the world that love his music and would do almost anything to see him in concert.  Rob Kajiwara is also very popular with millions of young women, because of his wholesome good looks.

I know that the landscape of popular music is destined to continue changing, but I believe that musical acts like Rob Kajiwara will be able to stay popular no matter what trend pops up next.

People who have unique life stories or viewpoints to share can work as motivational speakers. They may specialize in speaking to children, teenagers, college students, or professionals in the industry. Speakers can also specialize in a certain topic, like dealing with drug abuse, building self-esteem, resolving conflicts, or improving communication or efficiency. Some specialize in a specific field, like marketing, management, sports, or sales.

Meet Rob Kajiwara: singer-songwriter, author, and visual artist

Rob Kajiwara is the best-selling Okinawan Hawaiian singer-songwriter, author, and visual artist. He has been widely celebrated in the Asia-Pacific region and has gained numerous honors and distinctions. Kajiwara has been featured in over 40 news and media publications in more than 12 countries, including the Associated Press, BBC World, the Washington Post, People’s Daily, Japan Times, and many more. He is the director of the Peace For Okinawa Coalition.

you can contact Kajiwara on Email or browse through his Rob Kajiwara Website for info, booking and lot of worth to shop items.

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Mushrif Mall initiates an immersive Autism Awareness campaign

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CSR event hosted to better understand autism and improve awareness of the lives of individuals living with it

Mushrif Mall in Abu Dhabi hosted activities to raise awareness of Autism in the UAE on the 2nd of April as part of their annual CSR programme geared to motivate more parents to come forward if they notice anything different in children as early intervention is key for an affected child’s progress.

Wajeb Al Khoury, Director, Line Investments & Proprty said, “Children with autism and their families face unique and daunting challenges that the community can never fully appreciate and we hope to raise awareness for the syndrome and ultimately help parents find the missing pieces of the autism puzzle.”

Among the expert speakers will be Amal Galal Sabry, Director, Emirates Autism Centre and senior management from Line Investments and Property.

According to Aravind Ravi Palode, Mall Manager of Mushrif Mall, “As it is the year of Tolerance, we believe in the importance of engaging with people of determination to cultivate greater inclusiveness and togetherness in the UAE. Educating the public about Autism is important as society needs to be more supportive and understanding of the difficulty autistic children face during their daily life.”

The mall hopes to engage with the community through hosting different activities such as arts and crafts, a game station and live entertainment. There will be a cake cutting ceremony, release of balloons and unveiling of the Mushrif Mall’s new autism event logo.

Keeping the audience entertained will be mascots, children’s activity zone (colouring booth/ face painting), plaque and bouquet presentation, Fashion show for special kids (spring collection) and Autism Talks.

In addition, the light up in blue activity for the mall will begin from March 28th and end on April 3rd 2019 as part of autism awareness campaigns held globally in April to help educate the public about Autism and its effects on the family and society in general.

Mushrif Mall started this initiative to promote early diagnosis and early behavioural intervention and to be supportive of the challenges parents of autistic children face financially and emotionally.

The event aims to facilitate inclusion of individuals with autism within the community and highlight the need for increased acceptance and education about autism.

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Armando Cabba : Dubai’s New Art Intrigue 

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Art Dubai 2019 has made the city a major mark on the art world map. Every March for 13 years Dubai welcomes galleries, collectors, and artists both local and international. As the creative buzz slowly fades, one name is often overheard and that is Canadian artist Armando Cabba.
Renowned for his portraiture, the contemporary painter is incredibly multifaceted in both style and subject matter. Cabba’s depictions of his models instill a feeling of intimacy while his self-portrait provokes an internal dialogue with the viewer. It seems no matter what the artist creates, we are presented with a piece of himself. Most visual artists succeed in portraying their narratives, yet Cabba brings us to a new level where his feelings become woven into our own emotions as if he’s been a part of us for our entire lives. That experience is called being human.

Outside of the studio, Armando is openly engaged in current topics and has been very outspoken regarding mental health. Based on his social media and blog posts, the artist remains honest which gives him a tangible quality with his audience. There’s no sterile selection of media, but rather a very unfiltered look into the man himself that coincides with his art.

Looking beyond his work, what makes Armando a very interesting up and coming artist is the fact people are mentioning him despite him or his work not being present in Art Dubai 2019. Among the many talented artists participating, Cabba’s name was being heard. It’s only natural for Dubai’s collectors and curators to be intrigued by a young artist with that type of capability.

As Cabba’s influence has been growing in the west, there’s no doubt he will begin to have a presence in the east. The question to be asked is not “if” but “when” in regards to seeing Armando and his magnificent paintings hanging in galleries and collections in Dubai.

For more on Armando Cabba, his work and information can be found on his website

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