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UAE’s IRIS Health Services wins ‘Innovation of the Year’      at Etisalat SMB Awards

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  • Dubai-based health insurance administrator also shortlisted in Digital Transformation and Technology Disruptor categories

UAE-based health insurance administrator IRIS Health Services received the ‘Innovation of the Year’ award at the 2018 Etisalat SMB Awards in Dubai yesterday, the only company in the insurance sector to be selected out of more than 300,000 small- and medium-sized businesses across sectors nationwide.

IRIS, which serves more than 350,000 insured members in the UAE alone in addition to its operations in Oman and the Far East, was also shortlisted in the Etisalat SMB Digital Transformation and Technology Disruptor categories.

The third-party health insurance administrator has a history of innovation: In 2015, it was behind the launch of Emirates IDs as universal health insurance cards. IRIS was also named ‘Most Innovative Service Provider’ at the 2018 MENA Insurance Awards and received the ‘Most Innovative Insurance Claims Software 2018’ award from business magazine International Finance in January.

Anil Nair, CEO of IRIS Health Services, said: “At Iris Health Services, we care about a healthier UAE, and we continually innovate what and how we do so that the individuals under our care, our clients, providers and partners have access to the best information.

“Our proprietary software platform, our free mobile app and other innovations help us deliver efficient, effective and considered medical care and contribute to the national and regional health ecosystem. Better health is an outcome we are invested in, and happy to invest in,” he added.

IRIS’ cutting-edge software platform Ezyclaim is considered a game changer for the health insurance claims sector, reducing fraud and misuse, improving real-time capabilities for physicians, hospitals and other providers, and boosting efficiency and transparency for insurance companies and regulators.

The IRIS mobile app is focused on individuals, providing ready access to their medical history, policy benefits and network, and empowering them to better manage their own health. Non-members also receive access to most of the app’s functionality, including maintaining health records, set medicine alerts and receive rewards.

IRIS is also the only health insurance service provider in the Gulf region to maintain the US CORE standard for patient confidentiality and data security in health data exchange.

The Etisalat SMB Awards were launched in 2018 to recognize and facilitate outstanding achievements among small and medium business (SMB) start-ups in the UAE, and to highlight the role SMBs play in economic growth, innovation and job creation in the country.

The Awards recognize individual and group performance across seven categories, including SMB of the Year, Positive Social Impact Award and Young Entrepreneur Award. The 2019 Etisalat SMB Awards ceremony were held last night.

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DIHAD 2019 Continues on the 2nd Day in Dubai

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According to UNHCR, nearly 40 million IDP’s are on the run at home

Under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, the 16th edition of Dubai International Humanitarian Aid and Development Conference and Exhibition – DIHAD continued at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre on the second day. The 3-day gathering of humanitarian leaders in Dubai, running until the 14th of March under the theme, ‘People on the Move’, focuses on the need to find innovative solutions to the most pressing issues and challenges facing refugees, migrants and Internally Displaced Persons (IDP’s), fleeing as a result of conflict, violence, natural and man-made disasters. Continuing their activities on the 2nd day at DIHAD, top humanitarian leaders and industry experts highlighted many important issues that are impacting refugees and migrants during various key sessions such as ‘Humanitarian Responses to Forced Displacement and Migration’, ‘People on the Move and Security; What are the issues? and ‘The Primacy of Preserving Dignity: No Human Being is Illegal’ while a special session was held on ‘People on the Move and the SDG’s’ and ‘Victims of forced migration; the essential need for protection’. Meanwhile, top experts representing various world bodies such as UNHCR, ICRC, OCHA, WHO and MSF stressed on the need to incorporate the key issues facing IDP’s in their efforts to implement the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development which promises a ‘leave no one behind’ policy. According to latest reports by UNHCR, IDP’s are accounting for nearly 40 million globally and as current programs and policies to protect and assist IDP’s are facing challenges, experts emphasized that a new approach is needed to overcome the real problems afflicting refugees and migrants. It was highlighted that beyond the most urgent humanitarian responses to such crises, the world community should focus their efforts on making more investments at the local, regional and international levels in peace building and sustainable development.On his part, Mr. Mario Stephan, Executive Director of Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF), UAE Regional Office, said: “People on the move should not be criminalized” and my session will focus on saving lives as a fundamental part of the global compact, and on policies designed to deter migration.”Commenting on his topic, ‘People on the Move, Causes and Consequences’, Amin Awad, Director of Middle East and North Africa Bureau and Regional Refugee Coordinator, UNHCR – Chair, said, “This year’s theme at DIHAD is an extremely critical one for the MENA region. Displacement remains one of the most pressing and distressing consequences of war. Unaddressed or addressed incompletely, displacement can reverse the long-term developmental trajectory of the region as a whole. We must unpack how to innovatively move forward in the search for comprehensive solutions.”

Additionally, this year, DIHAD is featuring 9 Innovation Workshops which included 2 UNHCR presentations on ‘Introduction of UNHCR Portal for Vendor Registration ‘E-supplier Connection’ while experts representing UNFPA and IOM focused their attention on the topic ‘Complementarity in addressing key humanitarian challenges and innovative approaches’. In addition, another session was entitled ‘CLASP: The Solution to Global Supply Chain Challenges #MobilityAids #Inclusion’, where experts offered their insights on ways to close the gap between assistance required and aid delivered in complex humanitarian situations.

While the conference featured many key insights and discussions on various topics by 48 renowned humanitarian speakers during 8 key sessions, the exhibition featured the ‘DIHAD Buyers Program’ for the first time with exclusive prescheduled one-on-one meetings and key business, networking and matchmaking opportunities for more than 60 Buyers. In addition, over 640 exhibitors including leading NGO’s, government bodies, charities, aid workers and foundations were provided a chance to showcase key technologies and the latest trends in operational support, supply services and products that are helpful for refugees and migrants in need.

DIHAD is organized annually by INDEX Conferences and Exhibitions – a member of INDEX Holding with the support of United Nations, Emirates Red Crescent, Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Humanitarian & Charity Est., UNHCR, UNOCHA, OIC, Dubai Cares and International Humanitarian City. The event is sponsored by UAE Water Aid – Suqia, Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA), King Abdullah Humanitarian Foundation and Life Relief and Development.

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Dubai Cares announces two Education in Emergencies programs in Iraq and Indonesia at DIHAD

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  • AED 10.9 million program in Iraq supports the nationwide rehabilitation of education services and targets 27,035 children, young people and teachers
  • Post-earthquake and tsunami program in Indonesia facilitates the resumption of education for 13,000 children and young people

Dubai Cares, part of Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives, revealed today plans to scale-up its program in Iraq in an effort to support the rehabilitation of education services in Mosul and Baghdad following the large-scale displacement crisis that hit the country. The new AED 10,900,960 (USD 2,967,459) program will be implemented in partnership with War Child UK and builds on the work carried out with a previous grant of AED 1,836,750 (USD 500,000) in 2017. Dubai Cares also announced the kick off of the implementation phase of its Education in Emergencies (EiE) program in Indonesia which aims to restore schooling in areas affected by the destructive Sulawesi earthquake and tsunami that hit the country in September 2018. The AED 3,673,500 (USD 1 million) program in Indonesia will be implemented in partnership with Save the Children. Both announcements were made during the Dubai International Humanitarian Aid and Development Conference & Exhibition (DIHAD) 2019, which is being held between 12 and 14 March 2019 at Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Tariq Al Gurg, Chief Executive Officer at Dubai Cares, said: “The crises in Iraq and Indonesia have placed severe burdens on both governments and stretched already thin resources. These two new programs express our commitment to addressing education in emergencies by re-establishing access to education and providing quality education to conflict-affected children and young people within safe and inclusive spaces. We are confident that the direct and indirect impact of these interventions on students, their families, teachers and the community at large will provide a sense of normalcy, stability and hope for the future.”

The two-year new program in Iraq titled, “Recovery and Resilience in Education in Iraq”, aims to impact the lives of 27,035 beneficiaries, including 14,400 students who will benefit from a refurbished learning environment and 1,400 children who will benefit from improved early childhood care and development services. The program will also provide 9,620 children and young people with informal education, psychosocial support and build safe and inclusive environments for them.

Dan Collison, Programs Director for War Child UK, said: “Following on the success of our 2018 program which supports the rehabilitation of schools and education in Mosul, War Child is delighted to continue its partnership with Dubai Cares through this ambitious and generous new grant that supports our work in Iraq. Over the next two years, we will be working with our partners to deliver a comprehensive program of social support to long-term displaced and newly returned children and communities, including a focus on psychosocial care, community based protection, school rehabilitation and teacher training. The scale and duration of the grant will help us to make a transformative impact on the lives of children affected by conflict in Iraq, and we are proud to be working with Dubai Cares to achieve this.”

In Indonesia, Dubai Cares’ program titled, “Education Response for Children Affected by Indonesia’s Sulawesi Earthquake and Tsunami” is part of the collaborative response to bring the affected children back into schools to continue their education following the 7.5-magnitude earthquake and tremendous tsunami that hit the country in September 2018. The program is set to benefit approximately 13,000 members of the communities including children, young people and teachers, through the repair and refurbishment of 6 schools and learning centers, establishing 70 Temporary Learning Structures (TLS), and training 285 teachers to address children’s psychological and emotional needs.

The governments of Iraq and Indonesia have made significant investments to shore up their education infrastructures and sustain school enrolment, especially in times of extreme hardship. However, in the face of large-scale population displacement and armed conflict, 3.2 million school-aged children in Iraq are attending school irregularly or not at all and only 50 percent of displaced children receive a formal education. Likewise, roughly 150,000 children in Indonesia are believed to be in urgent need of humanitarian assistance due to the lack of access to quality education in the wake of last year’s debilitating disasters. Nearly 600,000 children were affected by the Sulawesi earthquake and tsunami and more than 2,700 schools are believed to have been damaged.

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Wyndham hotels in Ajman send out message of peace

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As part of their annual staff gathering, associates from Ramada Hotel & Suites by Wyndham Ajman, Ramada by Wyndham Beach Hotel Ajmaan and Wyndham Garden Ajman Corniche conveyed a message of peace and unity in relation to the ongoing conflict between India and Pakistan.

During the celebration aptly themed ‘Global Night’, Iftikhar Hamdani, cluster general manager of the three hotels, said: “We aim to spread positivity and hope for accord and cooperation between the two countries. With our diverse group of staff in the hotel, we have been working and living amicably in spite of our differences. We wish for nothing but continued peace and prosperity, not just for the two countries but for the whole world.”

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Ministry of Climate Change and Environment Bans Use of Gargoor Fishing Nets in Abu Dhabi 

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Ministry of Climate Change and Environment Bans Use of Gargoor Fishing Nets in Abu DhabiMinisterial Resolution to mitigate the degradation of demersal fish stocks and promote efforts to achieve sustainable fisheries Abu Dhabi – UAE: 4 March 2019 – As part of a comprehensive plan to ensure the protection and recovery of fisheries in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, and in line with the recommendations, studies and monitoring programs of the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi (EAD), the UAE Ministry of Climate Change and Environment (MOCCAE) has issued Ministerial Resolution Number (82) of 2019, which bans the use of gargoor nets in Abu Dhabi effective 1 May 2019.The decree comes in response to the recent results of the Fisheries Resources Assessment Survey (FRAS) that was conducted by EAD, in partnership with MOCCAE as part of the UAE National Fisheries Programme, to assess the state of Abu Dhabi’s fish stocks. The survey revealed that the demersal fish stock is vulnerable to high deterioration; the Hamour (Orange-spotted Grouper) and Farsh (Painted Sweetlips) have witnessed a significant decline to 10 per cent of their adult (reproductive) stock size and are overexploited by up to five times the sustainable limit. This is well below the 30 per cent sustainability threshold that international standards prescribe as a minimum for sustainable fish stocks.The decision requires all fishermen who are registered with MOCCAE to suspend the use of gargoor nets in the waters of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi before 1 May 2019, the day the resolution begins to be enforced. The ban excludes all gargoor nets used on boats registered with the Ministry and approved by EAD for research and scientific study purposes. Over the past 18 years, the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi (EAD), the local authority mandated to protect the emirate’s environment and biodiversity, has conducted comprehensive studies to assess the status of the fish stocks of some of the most important commercial species in Abu Dhabi and the UAE. This research has shown that many major species have witnessed a significant decline during this period, despite our strong efforts to sustainably manage and protect the fisheries.The results of the Fisheries Resources Assessment Survey, which was a major component of the National Fisheries Programme, indicates that immediate measures need to be taken to protect the fish stocks from over-fishing, so that we ensure that they are able to recover and develop sustainably to reach the internationally-benchmarked threshold of sustainable fish stocks. EAD is seeking to raise the proportion of fish that are caught sustainably to 70 per cent through strict measures to achieve sustainable fisheries in order to reach levels in line with the UAE National Biodiversity Action Plan 2014 – 2021. According to studies conducted by EAD, gargoor nets target major and highly-exploited species such as Hamour (Epinephelus coioides), Shaari (Lethrinus nebulosus) and Farsh (Diagramma pictum). In 2017, these species’ landing catch was more than 75 per cent of the total catch via gargoor nets.A 2016 study assessing underwater clean-ups has revealed that there are an estimated10 abandoned gargoor nets present on the seabed. These gargoor nets then trap fish and other marine life in a phenomenon known as ‘ghost fishing’, which threatens fish stocks and impacts vital marine ecosystems. EAD has implemented several measures and initiatives to promote efforts towards achieving sustainable fisheries in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, including the improved management of marine and coastal sites in coordination with relevant authorities in Abu Dhabi, the establishment of artificial reefs, research on fish stocks and programs to develop an aquaculture sector in the emirate.

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RAKEZ Academic Zone welcomes Delhi Private School

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RAKEZ Academic Zone, a flourishing hub for education institutions in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), has welcomed Delhi Private School to its dynamic learning ecosystem.

The ground breaking ceremony took place in the presence of His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Saqr Al Qasimi, Chairman of RAKEZ, and Ramy Jallad, Group CEO of RAKEZ, along with representatives of other authorities, at the school’s new location in Ras Al Khaimah.

Commenting on launching the initial phase of establishing the school, Mr Dinesh Kothari, Managing Director of Delhi Public School, Sharjah and Dubai, said: “We are very delighted to be partnering with RAKEZ to expand the horizons of education in the emirate of Ras Al Khaimah. With our CBSE curriculum, we will serve the growing number of Indian population and students in the emirate, offering them highly engaging, hands-on learning that promotes strong problem solving and communications skills, which are paramount to all occupations.”

With excitement to welcome the new school, Jallad said: “I’m very pleased to welcome Delhi Private School to the growing family of schools, colleges and universities we have at RAKEZ Academic Zone, as it is yet another milestone towards our mission of helping raise the bar of educational excellence in the emirate. We are proud to be bringing in qualified academic and education institutions to Ras Al Khaimah, like Delhi Private School, as this opens new doors of opportunities to our students, ensuring a bright future to them, and making a significant impact on Ras Al Khaimah’s education system.”

“But of course, we’re not stopping here as we will continue attracting first-class institutions which can provide the best learning experience to students of all ages,” Jallad continued.

Delhi Public School, currently serving around 11,000 students in the UAE, is set to start its academic journey in Ras Al Khaimah in 2020.

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  • The ones to watch for art enthusiasts and lovers of literacy

Dubai’s residents and visitors are gearing up to enjoy the best of the emirate’s arts and culture scene, as the next couple of months welcome a variety of events taking place around the city. Showcasing Dubai’s creative flair, the city gets set to welcome the world’s leading artists, designers, curators, gallery owners and art experts to explore the latest in artistry and design innovation. From photography workshops to the highly anticipated Emirates Airline Festival of Literature, here’s a look at what’s in store for arts and culture lovers to mark their diaries over the next three months.

Emirates Airline Festival of Literature, the largest celebration of written and spoken words in the Arab world returns for its 11th edition from 1– 9 March at InterContinental Hotel, Dubai Festival City, offering fans in the UAE the chance to interact with world famous authors, attend debates and workshops and participate in competitions. With authors travelling to Dubai from across the globe including Jessica Jarlvi and Karen Osman, the annual festival also hosts regional and local authors such as Hessa Almehairi and poet, Abdullah Alhedeyyeh Alshehhi. Held under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice-President & Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, it brings people of all ages and backgrounds together with authors from across the world to promote education, debate and above all else, love of reading and writing.

Held to showcase and support up-and coming artists (under the patronage of Her Highness Sheikha Latifa bint Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors Office at Dubai Culture), the SIKKA Art Fair is a free event built around artist-led practices with a variety of events, exhibitions, live music from local artists, interactive workshops and more. Taking place from 16– 24 March at Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood, SIKKA Art Fair is one of the region’s most anticipated initiatives for young talent offering a unique celebration of visual and performing arts, music, and film, along with home-grown food vendors, a vibrant programme of workshops for both adults and children, and an array of activities for the whole family.

The leading international art fair, Art Dubai 2019  will be kicking off once again for its 13th edition from 20– 23 March at Madinat Jumierah featuring 41 countries and providing a platform to showcase emerging talent. Art Dubai has something for everyone to explore different artistic media and museum-quality work.

World Art Dubai will return once again to Dubai World Trade Centre from 3 April – 6 April to give visitors the chance to view and purchase a variety of art as it brings together hundreds of artist retailers, designers and dealers in one space with an emphasis on affordability.

Dubai Calendar is an all access pass to activities and events happening in Dubai, and through the website and app residents and tourists have the opportunity to dive into the heart of the city by discovering upcoming events and offerings for free. With an average of 150 events listed at any one time, and 35 new events added every week, tickets can be bought quickly and securely through the app’s purchasing platform.

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Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray Spotted Wearing a Dubai-based fashion label Curador by SKB

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Reigning Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray is back in the Philippines this week to celebrate her Homecoming together with thousands of Filipinos who are exceedingly proud of her for raising yet another Philippine Flag in the international pageant scene.

During her most recent charity visit in the Philippines, Catriona is spotted wearing a home-grown Dubai fashion label, Curador by SKB. The pure cotton nude-colored blouse accented with sequined ruffle bell sleeves with leaves design on finishing complemented the Miss Universe as she visited the children of Smile Train, a non-profit organization and Miss Universe’s partner charity whose goal is to help provide treatment for cleft lip and palate.

Curador by SKB is a Dubai-based travel inspired fashion brand who recently launched their e-commerce website last November 30, 2018. It was not the first time Catriona was seen wearing the brand as she was also spotted at the airport sporting another Curador look on her flight back to Manila.

Get this Miss Universe look at

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First-ever Euro Souvenir Banknotes launched to celebrate Gandhi’s 150th birth year

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  • Paying tribute to Mahatma Gandhi, the commemorative 12-notes series to be unveiled in phases from now until Oct 2, 2019
  • Limited-edition of 5000 commemorative notes of each design will be issued worldwide
  • Designed by noted Dubai-based Indian artist, Akbar Saheb, each note is inspired by a famous incident from Gandhi’s life

Mahatma Gandhi’s fans across the world will have a unique opportunity to possess the first-ever Euro Souvenir Indian notes that celebrate 150th year of the leader’s birth anniversary. The limited-edition Zero Euro 12–notes commemorative series is being unveiled by UAE-based specialized numismatics company, Numisbing, with just 5000 notes of each design. The first two notes of the series are launching now and the rest sequentially until Oct 2, 2019.

The notes designed by Dubai-based Indian artist, Akbar Saheb, the sole illustrator of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s book, Mann Ki Baat, are based on interesting and famous incidents from Gandhi’s personal and political life, paying rich tribute to the legendary figure, who remains a beacon for many across the world.

Explaining the background of the initiative, Ramkumar, Founder of Numisbing and President of International Bank Note Society, Dubai Chapter said: “Besides the fact that these commemorative notes have a huge shelf value, the bigger reason for the initiative was to bring Mahatma Gandhi back to life using incidents that are more than just history lessons. Only once before a similar initiative has been taken when the Indian government issued commemorative notes with the image of Gandhi in 1969 to celebrate his 100th birth anniversary. These notes were for public use as well”

Ramkumar, a collector himself, also has his name recorded in the Limca Book of Records as the person having the unique collection of commemorative banknotes – 45 – issued for Mahatma Gandhi’s centenary in 1969. He has all denominations and all prefixes – 18 Rs 1 notes, five Rs 2 notes, seven Rs 5 notes, 13 Rs 10 notes and two Rs 100 notes.

He added: “Initially, we thought we would do just one commemorative note but then realised that Gandhi’s life is full of inspirations and confining all of them to one would not be possible, or fair to the great man. So we decided to stagger it into a series of 12. We are inaugurating the series by releasing two notes first, which will talk about two very important events in Mahatma Gandhi’s life.”

“The Zero Euro note is a souvenir banknote with authorized by the European Central Bank and are printed in the same security printers which are used to print the Euro banknotes. These notes carry all the security features of Euro banknote, except that they are all marked as ‘0’, and are tested to ensure they cannot enter circulation as legitimate financial currency”, commented Steve, Co-Founder of Numisbing and Secretary of International Bank Note Society, Dubai Chapter.

The first note discusses the three vows that young Mohandas Gandhi gave to his mother Puttlibai before he left for England for further studies in law. When Gandhi wished to continue his law studies in London, his mother was reluctant to send him since she felt that he may fall into bad habits. A saint then suggested that Puttlibai should take three vows from Gandhi: One that he would not drink alcohol; two, that he would abstain from non-vegetarian food; and the third, that he will look upon other women as mothers or sisters.

The second note is based on the famous incident when Gandhi was thrown off a train at the Pietermaritzburg Railway Station, South Africa in 1893, when he refused to move from a “whites-only” compartment. Despite being afraid, he stood his ground, and history says that this was the moment that Gandhi began his non-violence movement that eventually proved to be a critical factor in gaining independence for India from the British.

A celebrated artist, Akbar Saheb has also painted a series of 12 paintings themed on Indian PM Narendra Modi and his achievements, which were also exhibited in Baroda, India, in early 2015.

Numisbing Group is a Dubai-based arts and numismatics (collection of Coins and Currencies), company established by a group of professionals in this field. Their advisory board consist of experts with more than 320 years of combined knowledge and experience, which helps them build a high quality of collections for investors.

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Spark Security Services Contributes to the Success of Asian Cup 2019

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Spark Security Services, part of the Spark Group, expressed pride in their contribution to the success achieved by the UAE in organizing the activities and competitions of the AFC Asian Cup 2019.

Spark Security Services participated in different activities including the coordinating, planning, and mobilization of security and management personnel in four stadiums across Abu Dhabi and Al Ain. The fixed security service hours exceeded 50,000 hours, while the working hours in the stadiums that hosted the games reached around 46,000 hours.

“Spark has once again managed to establish itself as one of largest and most important companies in the field of security services across the region, and has enhanced its record of remarkable success in various sporting, cultural, and national events. We have benefited, through our recent collaboration with the organizing committee, from our knowledge and expertise in similar events, especially the Formula One Grand Prix, the Dubai Rugby Championship and the Abu Dhabi Golf Championship to name few,” commented Engineer Al Anood Abdulla Al Mulla, the CEO of Spark Security.

Adding further, Al Anood noted that “this is the first time that Spark Security Services employs a significant number of people exceeding 5,644 members who covered the various security requirements during the competitions in four of the largest stadiums in the UAE. We managed to overcome all the organizational and security challenges of a major tournament such as the Asian Cup 2019.”

It is worth mentioning that Spark provides its security services under licenses from the UAE federal regulatory body, the Auxiliary Security Services Department (ASSD) at the Ministry of Interior in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain & Western Region, Security Industry Regulatory Agency (SIRA) in Dubai, and the Private Security Business Department (PSBD) in Northern Emirates.

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