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The 10th edition of Abu Dhabi Science Festival returns to Abu Dhabi on January 30th

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ADEK announced today the launch of the 10th edition of the Abu Dhabi Science Festival, ADSF, one of the biggest events of its kind in the region that brings exciting educational activities in the STEAM fields for children and adults. Held from 30th January to 8th February 2020, the festival aims to contribute to promoting the spirit of discovery among future generations.

As in previous editions, the festival will be held at A’l Bahar, Abu Dhabi Corniche, Al Jahili Park in Al Ain and City Mall at Al Dhafra. On the Corniche, more than 80 young innovators are expected to present their projects and 20 signature innovations will be showcased. In addition, 75 workshops and scientific activities will be organised in Abu Dhabi and over 19,440 students are expected to attend. At Al Jahili Park, 8,280 students will be participating in 20 interactive workshops while 1,440 students will take part in five interactive workshops in Al Dhafra City Mall. At least 120,000 visitors are expected overall to attend the Festival’s fascinating events.

The Abu Dhabi Science Festival will be open for school students from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm and then from 4:00 pm to 10:00 pm on weekdays, and from 2:00 pm to 10:00 pm at weekends for the public.

ADSF kicks off to coincide with the UAE Innovation Month, whereby ADEK coordinates all government bodies’ activities in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi related to innovation, thus contributing to creating an environment that promotes innovation, excellence and a process of strategic initiatives implemented by governmental, academic, and private sector institutions, in coordination with the Mohammed bin Rashid Centre for Government Innovation in the Prime Minister’s Office at the Ministry of Cabinet Affairs and the Future.

The UAE Innovation Month strengthens the country’s position as a centre for innnovation. For this one month every year, ADEK gathers government bodies and young entrepreneurial innovators under an inspirational umbrella, showcasing initiatives by providing a platform that promotes innovation in all disciplines.

During the opening speech, H.E. Amer Al Hammadi Acting Undersecretary at ADEK, emphasised that UAE Innovation Month enjoys excellent support and continued attention from the UAE’s wise leadership, led by His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, and their brothers Their Highnesses the Members of Federal Supreme Council and Rulers of the Emirates.

His Excellency especially expressed his appreciation of a leadership that encourages and inspires innovation. He highlighted the UAE’s keenness to implement strategic initiatives that develop and promote a culture of innovation among the younger generations.

H.E. Amer Al Hammadi declared: “For over 10 years now, we have been proud to organise the Abu Dhabi Science Festival, the strategic initiative by ADEK that is in accord with the Abu Dhabi plan and its aspirations, the UAE’s National Innovation Strategy (NIS), and the UAE Centennial 2071. This year, the United Arab Emirates celebrates ‘2020: Towards the next 50’, and ADEK is looking forward to continuing to organise this important annual initiative as it contributes to developing human capital in science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics. It introduces these mind-opening fields to children and the public in an interactive way that fosters their interest and encourages the nation’s youths to expand their learning horizons, complementing the state’s efforts to prepare a new generation of distinguished and talented youngsters as it transitions to a competitive and innovative knowledge-based economy.”

His Excellency thanked the various government organisations and bodies, private sector institutions, innovators, partners, and the media in the country for their contributions during UAE Innovation Month, explaining that ADEK’s mission to provide strategic initiatives leads to students enhancing their skills and becoming motivated to apply creativity and innovation to the world of science.

Shatha Al Hashemi, Director of the Mohammed bin Rashid Centre for Government Innovation, stated: “Organizing the UAE Innovation Month embodies the directives of the UAE leadership to adopt innovation as a work ethic and a culture of life in society. Over the past years as the month has enhanced the participation of individuals in providing innovative ideas that enrich government knowledge in a way that supports achieving the goals of the UAE Government’s Vision in developing current methodologies, employing future tools and the latest technologies in preparation for the next fifty years.

The cooperation between the MBRCGI and ADEK in organizing qualitative events during the month, kicked off by the innovative platform of the Abu Dhabi Science Festival to enrich students’ experiences, supports the goals of the UAE Innovation Month while inspiring and encouraging the community to provide innovative solutions to various challenges.”

Engineer Sanad Humaid, official spokesperson of ADSF for ADEK, said: “We kick off UAE Innovation Month with the ADSF, one of the most important annual science festivals in the region, which includes exciting, interactive, and educational activities for all family members. The Abu Dhabi Science Festival inspires a spirit of discovery, innovation, and creativity in the fields of science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics among the younger generation.”

Engineer Humaid called on students and the public to participate in ADEK’s range of interactive and educational activities designed to inspire the younger generation. In this way, he said, they will learn more about the initiatives and innovations of government, academia, private sector institutions and the inventors who will drive the next phase of growth.

Obaid Al Dhaheri, Dolphin Energy CEO, sponsor of ADSF, commented: “We have sponsored the Abu Dhabi Science Festival since its inception and in that time have seen this event inspire, influence and engage many thousands of children across the UAE. The festival encourages our future generations to develop a keen interest in science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics and places creativity at the heart of their learning experience. We are proud supporters of the ADSF and will continue to support this event and the work undertaken to develop the country into a world class center for innovation.”

ADEK implements a range of innovative strategic initiatives, most importantly the ADSF, INNOVATOR 2020, the ‘Lema?’ (Why?) interactive programme for schools, and the Rize Enrichment Programs, a unique after-school program that teaches cutting-edge science, technology, engineering, arts and mathmateics (STEAM) subjects. These initiatives aim to provide a learning environment in Abu Dhabi that inspires the next generation to apply innovation and creative knowledge in various scientific fields.

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Art for Good Cause an Initiative by Artist Jibin George To Raise Awareness for a Cause

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“Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love –

― Mother Teresa

This year, is making some electrifying new plans to work with new artists to expand the idea of creating a social impact around the world through art. The idea is multiple international art competitions to showcase artworks from emerging artists that talk about Global Warming, Youth and Tobacco and other profound causes.

The idea of backing new artists by showing their work is a great cause in its own right. But, what’s even more thrilling, effective, and rewarding is showing artworks that will also contribute to a good cause.

In 2019, Art For Good Cause organized an art competition with the support of Art Impact International Organization on the subject Protect Kids From Tobacco. The event was inspired by WHO Initiatives on anti-tobacco. There were 55 artworks from 9 countries and it was an amazing and inspiring event. You can see some of the artworks displayed on the website.

Who initiated Art For Good Cause?

Art For Good Cause is an initiative by Jibin George a self-taught artist that began creating beautiful artworks since 2012. He is from India and it is currently living in Texas.

He has painted more than 100 portraits and he has done multiple exhibitions and workshops in the United States and India. In his work, he utilizes acrylics, oil, and graphite as is the best way to portray the subject, scene, and expressions in his artworks.

In 2019, he introduced the concept of Art For Good Cause. The initiative was developed as a way to used his creativity as well as art across the world to create social impact. His main reason is to motivate emerging artists and to create an international platform to showcase their talents. His mission is to help emerging artists find global recognition.

Art For Good Cause was created with the vision to make everyone understand the social impacts of hypocrisy. Jibin George, firmly believes that art is the best way to explain the feelings and emotions of people and to learn the culture and lifestyle around the world.

Jibin George chooses art as the platform to go ahead with this initiative as his favorite quote said- “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

Tobacco Warning:  Even Non-Smokers Are At Risk

  • Smoking or puffing a cigarette is a vice that literally enslaves millions of people around the world. It is amazing how a small roll of finely cut tobacco, enclosed in a thin, paper wrapper could cause so much addiction. More than just an addiction, smoking is a very serious health risk.  In fact, the World Health Organization says that smoking is responsible for at least five million deaths each year.  The WHO also estimates that at least 650 million people (the estimated total number of smokers around the world today) will eventually die due to tobacco-related diseases. The said agency also released strong warnings about smoking during pregnancy.  Pregnant women who smoke are at high risk of giving birth to premature or underweight babies. Some birth defects have been attributed to cigarette use. Smokers have been found to be overwhelmingly more prone to heart disease and respiratory problems compared with non-smokers.

In another study, the American Cancer Society pointed out that about 3,000 non-smoking adults die each year of lung cancer because of the effects of second-hand smoke. Second-hand smoke is a mixture of the smoke from the burning end of a cigarette, pipe, or cigar. The smoke exhaled by smokers is involuntarily inhaled by non-smokers. Second-hand smoke actually lingers in the air for several hours where a smoker puffed a cigarette.  Second-hand smoke, also known as Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS) is now considered by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a cause of cancer, a classification that has long been made by various health and medical associations. Second-hand smoke contains formaldehyde, benzene, vinyl chloride, arsenic ammonia, and hydrogen cyanide — all of which are toxic or carcinogenic.  Cited below are some of the facts and important information about the risks of smoking and exposure to second-hand smoke:

  • One in two-lifetime smokers will die as a result of cigarette use;
  • The mixture of nicotine and carbon monoxide in each cigarette can increase blood pressure and heart rate;
  • Smoking is a leading cause of stroke and heart attack;
  • The tar coats your lungs like soot in a chimney and causes cancer;
  • It is a slow way to die. You may get emphysema, bronchitis, and other cardio-pulmonary diseases; and
  • Smokers are more prone to lung cancer, head and neck cancer, pancreatic cancer, esophageal cancer, colorectal cancer, stomach cancer, bladder cancer, cervical cancer, and even breast cancer.

Quitting smoking is a difficult undertaking that demands discipline and commitment.  Some can quit “cold turkey” while others need professional help and medication.  Nicotine replacements in the form of patches have also been released in the market to help smokers who want to stop their habit.

While smoking is, in reality, an addiction — there is help available.  Quitting this vice is a life-and-death issue.  Getting rid of tobacco will not only help decrease health risks, but it would also help spare non-smokers from the dangers of second-hand smoke.

Why Art?

Art can be both inspiring and intriguing. Every time we see beautiful art it awakens the creativity and beauty inside of us all. There is nothing more powerful than stunning works of art to make us think about deeper issues.

A great artwork can make people stop if even for just a couple of minutes, to have an emotional and inspiring experience. The amazing thing about this experience is that these emotions are re-lived every time we see that artwork again.

Now, you can see why art is the best path to raise awareness for a good cause. Art is one of the few things that can have a powerful and lasting emotion in people that makes them take action.

Just like music, artworks stick with us more than just words. Most artists are very conscious of this influence that art contains, which is the main reason why so many people choose art as a way to express themselves, make a statement, or promote movement for a cause.

As an artist, it is important to donate your time and talent to help raise awareness of important issues such as global warming and tobacco. With beautiful art, people can stop and think about ways to make the world a better place.

And, if you feel moved by any of the causes that art for good cause support, be sure to Art for good cause to find out how you can be part of the movement.

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Dussmann Gulf’s robotic machines making a buzz in town

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Hakan Santana Lanfredi

Technology is growing faster than ever. Robotics and other types of automation technologies are changing the way a business operates.

Let us introduce our readers to Mr. Hakan Santana Lanfredi, who is a Member of the Executive Board of Management at Dussmann Group. The group headquartered in Berlin, Germany operates in the entire Middle East and is a market leader in Technical Services solutions.

Their robotic machines are the reason for the current buzz in town.

In a short discussion and introduction of their state of the art solution, Mr. Lanfredi told us that at Dussmann, they are gaining significant competitive advantage by leveraging the power of robotic machines which are making repetitive, laborious and, oftentimes, hazardous tasks more effective and productive.

Duckie and Sparky, as the robots have been named by company owner and Chairwoman, Mrs. Catherine Dussmann, have been recently introduced during a market launch in Abu Dhabi hosted by the German Ambassador Mr. Peter Fischer, and are already causing great excitement amongst their Clients.

It is said that seeing is believing. See it for yourself here:

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The new British High Commissioner to Pakistan Dr Christain Turner called on Chief Minister Punjab Sardar Usman Buzdar at his office on Monday. The Chief Minister congratulated Dr Christain Turner on assuming this responsibility and expressed good wishes for him. The British High Commissioner thanked the chief minister for extending wonderful hospitality to the British royal couple in Lahore. Both agreed to enhance cooperation in health, education, skills development, tourism and industries sectors. Talking on this occasion, Usman Buzdar said that Pakistan and England are partners in the journey of development and added that the provincial government appreciates England’s cooperation for improving health, education and other sectors in the province.

He added that ten special economic zones are being established in Punjab and the foundation stone of special economic zone in Lahore will be laid soon. He said that SEZs have tremendous investment opportunities and British investors are invited to invest in these special economic zones where they will be provided with every required facility. He said that investors are provided with different facilities and a lot of work has also been done for the promotion of tourism. Punjab has a lot of potential for religious tourism, he added. Usman Buzdar said that development of backward areas is the priority of the government adding that reforms have been introduced in the health sector. Nine thousand beds have been increased in government hospitals while new hospitals are also being built along with improving the emergency services in health institutions. He said that 35 percent non-transferable funds have been allocated for the improvement of southern Punjab areas.

The result-oriented strategy has been evolved for the durable development of social sectors. Punjab government is interested to further promote cooperation with England, he added. Dr Christian Turner said that best relations exist between Pakistan and the UK and there is a lot of potentials to enhance the bilateral cooperation. We want to further promote economic ties with Pakistan, he added. He said that the establishment of SEZs is a wonderful project and the option of extending cooperation in this regard would be examined.

Pakistan has a wonderful historical heritage and assistance will be provided to Punjab government in the tourism sector as well. Meanwhile, assistance to Punjab government will continue for the betterment of social sectors, he added. It is my first visit to Lahore which is a wonderful city and I desire that England cricket team should tour Pakistan soon, he said. He also invited Chief Minister Punjab to attend birthday ceremony of Queen of England. Head of DFID Lahore Mr Jinal Shah, Advisor Dr Salman Shah, Mussarat Jamshed Cheema MPA, Chairman P&D and others were also present on this occasion.

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Tommy Hilfiger Announces Tommy Hilfiger Fashion Frontier Challenge Social Entrepreneur Finalists

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Tommy Hilfiger, which is owned by PVH Corp. [NYSE: PVH], announces the six finalists in the 2019 Tommy Hilfiger Fashion Frontier Challenge. Now in its second year, the global program aims to support entrepreneurial start-up and scale-up businesses developing solutions that promote inclusive and positive change in fashion. The selection of finalists is a next step in the journey to identify and champion innovative opportunities that support the advancement of the industry. On February 13, 2020, the six finalists will visit Tommy Hilfiger’s Campus of the Future in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, to pitch their business concepts to a jury of internal and external business and sustainability leaders at the global Tommy Hilfiger Fashion Frontier Challenge Final Event.

 “It is inspiring to see the second edition of the Tommy Hilfiger Fashion Frontier Challenge draw so many applicants working towards a more inclusive and sustainable fashion landscape,” said Tommy Hilfiger. “We are committed to championing bright, innovative solutions to some of our industry’s big challenges, and I’m looking forward to returning as a jury member to recognize this year’s entrepreneurs. Their shared optimism and commitment to a positive future should inspire us all in the impact we can make together.”

Over a multi-step four-month process, over 420 applicants were narrowed down to six finalists who were invited to develop and refine their business plans with the support of a dedicated team of social entrepreneur experts at the Campus of the Future. The finalists include:

  • Bangladesh-based scale-up, Apon Wellbeing, opens fair-priced shops carrying daily necessities inside factories, with products offered at a 10% discount to external prices and a points scheme that workers collect for free health-insurance and health services.
  • American scale-up, Stony Creek Colors, offers natural indigo sustainable crops to small and mid-size tobacco farmers who are at risk of losing their income due to falling tobacco sales. The cash crop provided by Stony Creek Colors enables the farmers to retain their livelihood.
  • Dutch start-up, A Beautiful Mess, runs a creative space to assist refugees in realizing social and economic independence by creating sustainable apparel products.
  • U.S.-based start-up company Lab 141 creates small batches of made-to-fit clothing using 3D printing. Through these methods, Lab 141 is promoting and bringing to life the concept of “sizeless” fashion.
  • Indian scale-up pajama company Sudara develops professional and sewing skills in women who have escaped from or are at high risk of being sex trafficked.
  • Hailing from France, scale-up company Constant & Zoe creates functional and fashionable clothing for men, women and children with disabilities.

The prestigious jurors overseeing the final event include:

  • Mr. Tommy Hilfiger
  • Ankiti Bose, Co-Founder & CEO, Zilingo
  • Noor Tagouri, Journalist, Activist and Speaker
  • Daniel Grieder, CEO, Tommy Hilfiger Global and PVH Europe
  • Martijn Hagman, CFO, Tommy Hilfiger Global & COO, Tommy Hilfiger Global and PVH Europe
  • Willemijn Verloop, Founding Partner, Social Impact Venture
  • Steven Serneels, CEO and Board Member, EVPA
  • Katrin Ley, Managing Director, Fashion for Good

The jury will award €150,000 between two winners to fund the advancement of their business proposals. The winners will also receive a year-long mentorship with Tommy Hilfiger’s and INSEAD’s global experts, as well as a place in the INSEAD Social Entrepreneurship Program (ISEP). An additional €10,000 will be awarded to the finalist team who wins the “Audience Favorite Vote.”

Tommy Hilfiger’s vision is to create fashion that opens minds and closes loops. Find out more about the brand’s long-term sustainability efforts, particularly in the areas of inclusivity and circularity, at:

Friends and followers of the brand are invited to join the conversation on social media using #TommyHilfiger, #FashionFrontierChallenge, #MakeNewPossible and @TommyHilfiger.

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Second Ihsaan School Opens in Doha

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Quality education and learning prioritized for children and youth from Arabic speaking nationalities living in Qatar

Continuing its legacy and efforts to ensure every child has access to a quality primary education, the Education Above All Foundation (EAA), founded by Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser, held a ceremony today to celebrate the opening of the Second Ihsaan School in Doha. This new school, established in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education and funded by Qatar Charity and Afif Charity will address the needs of Arab students who have never been to school, with lessons taught in Arabic using the Qatar National Curriculum. The school population currently includes students from 15 different nationalities.

The school will provide quality education to children and youth who have been unable to access formal education due to a number of barriers, including poverty and displacement. On this occasion HE Minister of Education and Higher Education Dr Mohammed bin Abdul Wahed Al Hammadi expressed his pleasure at the opening of the school, which reflects Qatari institutes’ keenness to fulfill their social responsibilities to provide free education opportunities, noting that “Ihsan II” is one of a series of schools, one of which was opened last year for Asian communities.

HE the Minister clarified that EAA plays a great role in communicating its educational mission all over the world, especially for those residing in the State of Qatar, whose countries suffer from different conditions, so that no child in Qatar is outside the education system.

He pointed out that the Ministry has provided the building and many services such as maintenance, security and academic supervision for this school, noting that the school board of trustees is concerned with appointing the teaching staff, school administration and other operational matters.

The First Ihsaan School was established in June 2019 to serve the education needs of non-Arab students in Qatar, and plans are set to establish three more Ihsaan schools to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education is provided for all children and youth in Qatar. The Second Ihsaan School will serve 518 students in grades 1-12 in two shifts. There are 23 teachers and 10 administrative staff members in the morning shift, with plans to hire 13 teachers and four administrative staff for the second shift. The school has 15 classrooms and features a variety of excellent facilities including a library, computer lab, school canteen and a mosque.

With more than 59 million children out of school across the globe, the need for creative and inclusive access to education continues to be a priority for the State of Qatar. In a statement after a recent visit, Dr. Koumbou Boly Barry, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the right to education, congratulated Qatar on its visionary and open approach to education, and the resources it is investing in. She encouraged the State of Qatar to “invest even more in the public education system and provide access to it for all, free of charge”.

EAA, through its Together program, aims to assist parents and families in Qatar who are faced with barriers that keep them from having their children attend school and thereby, ensure that all children and youth in Qatar have access to quality education.

Representatives from additional partners, AFIF Charity, Carrefour and the Qatar National Library, also joined the effort to launch the school.

“We are very grateful for the commitment shown by our partners. Our success is made possible with the support of partners across all sectors of Qatar, including the government, NGOs and the corporate community. As we look to the future and anticipate the needs of the children and families in Qatar, we are excited about our plans to grow our network of partners and expand the reach of the Ihsaan Schools said Maryam AL Mannai, Projects Officer at  Education Above All. “This second school, along with the first and the others to come in the future, will unlock the potential of children and youth to be productive, responsible, contributing residents of Qatar.”

The admissions criteria of the Ihsaan schools states that all potential students should not be enrolled in any other school (private, government or home) at the time of admission. Students shall be legal residents of Qatar (hold valid QID), with exemptions for Syrians and Yemenis, who only need to have a valid visa. Families must also meet the financial eligibility criteria developed by EAA and the partners.

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DIHAD Hosts Humanitarian Week in Dubai This March

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Sending a call for help and assisting the less fortunate in Africa

Under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai and the supervision and support of Dubai Future Council on Humanitarian Aid, representatives and Senior Board Members and distinguished Members of the Dubai Future Council on Humanitarian Aid, Supporting Entities and INDEX Conferences and Exhibitions – a member of INDEX Holding, announced the details of the ‘Dubai International Humanitarian Aid and Development – DIHAD Humanitarian Week’, during a press conference held today at Emirates Towers in Dubai. Running under the theme ‘Aid, a focus on Africa’, the ‘DIHAD Humanitarian Week’ which includes, DIHAD World Children Marathon & International Humanitarian Hackathon 2020, will be taking place from the 6th to the 12th of March, 2020, focusing on the most critical humanitarian challenges, exploring innovative ways to help the needy and making a real difference in the lives of people in Africa.

The press conference witnessed the attendance of a high-level delegation from Dubai Future Council on Humanitarian Aid including Moosa Khoory, Member of Dubai Future Council on Humanitarian Aid, Sara Al Sayegh, Director of Communications and Marketing Department at Dubai Sports Council, Dr. Manal Omran Taryam, CEO and Board Member – Noor Dubai Foundation, Mohammed Abdullah Al Zarooni, Director of the Emirates Red Crescent in Dubai, Dr. Abdul Salam Al Madani, Chairman of INDEX Holding, Executive Chairman of DIHAD and DISAB and Goodwill Ambassador of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean (PAM) and other esteemed members of the Dubai Future Council on Humanitarian Aid among other senior officials and media executives.

During the press conference, it was revealed that the DIHAD World Children Marathon, is aimed at raising awareness about the humanitarian challenges facing the aid workers and people in Africa and it will be held on the 6th of March, 2020 from 6 AM to 10 AM, at the Happiness Street in Dubai. Moreover, the 4-kilometer run is expected to attract the presence of over 10,000 people from over 202 nationalities, as well as the active participation of a number of schools, universities, government entities, private sectors and general public including teachers, students, parents, public figures, civil society members and others, who aim to contribute for the brighter future of children in Africa.

While speaking about the launch of International Humanitarian Hackathon on the sidelines of the Dubai International Humanitarian Aid and Development DIHAD Conference and Exhibition, the high-level delegation mentioned that the 2-day hackathon event focuses on the ‘Humanitarian challenges in Africa’ and will be held on the 10th and 11th of March, 2020, the first and second day of DIHAD conference and exhibition.

It was further mentioned that the International Humanitarian Hackathon, will be held under 3 separate tracks namely, Technology, Humanitarian Used Devices (HUD’s) and Innovative Ideas/Concepts and is specifically designed to create solutions to humanitarian challenges in Africa and the rest of the world. The hackathon features the participation of over 200 students and more than 1,000 visitors including top international organizations, incubators, tech companies, startups, academics and talented students, who will come together to generate new ideas, build prototypes and launch new projects for the people in humanitarian crisis.

From his side, H.E. Saeed Al Eter, Chairman of the Dubai Future Council on Humanitarian Aid and the Assistant Secretary General of Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives, said, “DIHAD has become one of the most pivotal humanitarian platforms where the best minds gather under one roof to offer their valuable insights and experiences in the field of humanitarian work as well as set practical strategies and develop robust approaches to overcome the most significant humanitarian challenges. This is largely done by developing relief mechanisms that can be applied on a wider scale, fostering highest levels of efficiency, synergy and competitiveness and facilitating the transfer of humanitarian aid to concerned target groups.”

H.E. Al Eter added, “Since its establishment in 2004, DIHAD was successful in establishing an innovative platform dedicated to sustainable humanitarian aid and relief work while also ensuring that it lays the groundwork for the exchange of best international experiences in this highly evolving field. Moreover, the forum seeks to address the most pressing humanitarian issues that hinder the empowerment of disadvantaged and vulnerable social groups across the globe while also meet the basic requirements of people that guarantees improvement in their quality of life.”

He further stated, “The participation of the Dubai Future Council on Humanitarian Aid in ‘DIHAD Humanitarian Week’ reflects the vision and the goals of the council which aims to invest and harness advanced technologies for developing the field of humanitarian work and build viable partnerships with global bodies and organizations as well as implement innovative solutions to overcome the major challenges facing humanity including various crises and calamities.”

H.E. Al Etar stressed, “The Dubai Future Council on Humanitarian Aid supports the launch of International Humanitarian Hackathon, which is being held under the theme ‘Humanitarian challenges in Africa’ as well as the DIHAD World Children Marathon aimed at highlighting the suffering of the afflicted and disadvantaged communities in Africa. These initiatives also intend to raise awareness among the children and the youth in the UAE who represent 202 nationalities inspiring them to realize that the cultural diversity they represent does not contradict the fundamental principles and values of humanity and that it is a necessity to unite all efforts, ideas and initiatives in order to build a better world.”

While quoting a recent report by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs – UNOCHA, on the challenges faced by aid workers during relief efforts, His Excellency stated, “By 2020, 168 million people or 1 in 45 people globally will be in dire need of humanitarian aid owing to a number of crises and disasters facing more than 50 countries and this calls for urgent action and the need to join hands, unifying efforts, strategies and solutions in the field of humanitarian work.”

From her side, Dr. Manal Taryam, CEO of Primary Health Care Sector, Dubai Health Authority, said, “Under the umbrella of the Dubai Future council for humanitarian work, the Dubai Humanitarian Hackathon will challenge participants to collaborate and innovate solutions and ideas to enhance humanitarian initiatives globally.”

Dr. Manal added, “With an emphasis on Africa, the participants will be provided challenges from the field of humanitarian work targeting multiple aspects ranging from education, accessibility to health care, climate changes, water supply and disaster response. The winners will be supported by the Dubai future Foundation and partners to develop a prototype of the innovative idea which is expected to be put to use before the next DIHAD in 2021.”

She further stated, “Technology partners, academics and innovators are invited to mentor the students and young programmers and guide them through the 3 days hackathon. The judging panel will help study the proposed innovative ideas and choose a winner based on criteria such as: business value, creativity, realistic capabilities and level of innovation.”

Commenting on the launch of DIHAD World Children Marathon and International Humanitarian Hackathon in Dubai, Dr. Abdul Salam Al Madani, Chairman of INDEX Holding, Executive Chairman of DIHAD and DISAB and Goodwill Ambassador of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean (PAM), said, “At DIHAD, we have always been extremely keen to be at the forefront of supporters and sponsors in the field of humanitarian and volunteer work in all its various forms and dimensions, whenever and wherever it is deemed necessary. Ever since its inception in 2004, the Dubai International Humanitarian Aid and Development Conference and Exhibition – DIHAD has clearly established itself as a global beacon for charitable and humanitarian work as well as a seminal guide for all the humanitarian organizations, charitable institutions and entities around the globe. Over the years, DIHAD has been highly successful in providing support to thousands of needy individuals and communities by bringing together over 640 Participating Non-Governmental Associations, Companies, Suppliers and International Brands from across the world.”

He added, “From the outset, DIHAD has organized a significant number of humanitarian activities and initiatives to highlight the challenges faced by those who suffer from calamities as well as the supporting entities and organizations. Therefore, we have decided this year to launch the DIHAD Humanitarian Week from the very heart of Dubai, the city that offered help and support to millions of people around the world. For the 17th edition of DIHAD Conference and Exhibition, we chose the theme “Aid: a focus on Africa” where we intend to highlight the most important challenges facing this continent, seek the support of the local and global entities and organizations and discuss the best humanitarian practices and viable solutions to the current crises in Africa, which calls for urgent global concerted action.”

He also stated, “The DIHAD Humanitarian Week, being held from the 6th to the 12th of March, 2020, will feature a number of charitable and awareness-raising activities and events that focus on the importance of giving and helping the people in need in Africa. The DIHAD Humanitarian Week includes “DIHAD World Children Marathon”, an activity that will bring together children and individuals from the various nationalities residing in the United Arab Emirates to achieve one goal: to help the Children in Africa. Furthermore, DIHAD will also witness the launch of the “International Humanitarian Hackathon” which will feature the participation of a number of students from the UAE and abroad to generate new ideas, projects, and innovative solutions for the problems faced by the people in need in Africa. The Hackathon also aims to introduce the humanitarian organizations to the pressing humanitarian challenges faced by the individuals on the ground in that continent. Additionally, DIHAD will also witness a number of pre-conference workshops that will discuss a number of topics like, food crisis, climate change, the impact of humanitarian crises on women and children, and the role of coordination in crises and emergencies, among others.”

For his part, Mohammed Abdullah Al Zarooni, Director of the Emirates Red Crescent in Dubai, said, “We are delighted to participate in the DIHAD Conference and Exhibition as strategic partners for the 17th consecutive year, as it is an important humanitarian platform attracting more than 600 companies involved in the relief and rehabilitation efforts of the needy and the impacted.  This year, as part of DIHAD Humanitarian Week, we are witnessing the launch of DIHAD World Children Marathon, which will start on the 6th of March, 2020 and we are expected to attract a number of people from different nationalities residing in Dubai.”

He added, “The Emirates Red Crescent is currently present in 18 locations around the world, where it provides impactful humanitarian services, including the Emirati -Jordanian camp ‘Mrajeeb Al Fhood’, in Jordan, which provides medical, therapeutic and educational services to over 10,000 Syrian refugees in addition to operating the largest field hospital in Mafraq city, which offers medical services to thousands of people. This comes as, Emirates Red Crescent is widely renowned as the first to reach the disaster areas in the region and the 3rd globally, helping victims in times of great need.”

Sara Al Sayegh, Director of Communications and Marketing at the Dubai Sports Council, said: “The Dubai Sports Council is keen on extending a helping hand to those in need around the world, in order to translate the direction of our wise leadership, by launching initiatives and organizing sporting events that contribute towards supporting charitable work, and the functioning of the Dubai Sports Council. We recommend all concerned entities to be part of DIHAD 2020, the largest humanitarian event of its kind in Dubai, as the Council is keen to support any sporting activity aimed at developing humanitarian initiatives locally and globally. “

“The Council has previously participated in the Dubai Giving campaign, which aimed to provide education to one million children around the world, especially in poor countries in Asia and Africa, through the organization of a charity auction, during which a range of valuable and rare donations were launched from sports, local and international institutions. The Council has launched several humanitarian initiatives aimed at spreading a culture of giving in the sports community and encouraging its members to do charitable work, including the “Sports Footprint Award” in collaboration with the National Foundation. The UAE based individuals and institutions who have generously provided community initiatives that achieve the humanitarian and community objectives of sport are honored to have a positive impact on the sports sector and we aim to promote positive values in society by spreading a culture of humanitarian work in the sector. The Sports Council of Dubai has also launched the “Give a Smile” initiative launched by the Council to promote the idea of giving in the sports community by donating sports clothing and equipment and delivering it to those in need.”

“The Council is keen to ensure that charities are present at all sporting events, where a large proportion of the enrolment proceeds are allocated to these events for charity, such as Triathlon Dubai Ladies, Hatta Women’s Kayak Challenge, Vertical Race, and Unity Run and many other events.”

From his side, Moosa Khoory, Member of Dubai Future Council on Humanitarian Aid, said: “Humanitarian work today requires more creative ideas and innovative approaches to maximize the benefit and come out with better results, and this is what we seek through the International Humanitarian Hackathon and the DIHAD World Children Marathon.”

Meanwhile, DIHAD 2020 will feature the presence of a Pre-Conference Workshop program, which will address many important topics related to humanitarian aid in Africa, including a number of discussions under a session titled ‘Overview of Humanitarian Aid in Africa: ‘A Complex Context’, where experts will offer their insights on ‘Overview of Current Protracted Crises and Emergencies in Africa’ and ‘Role of Coordination in Crises and Emergencies’.

Additionally, more important discussions on the humanitarian challenges in Africa will be held under the session ‘Major Challenges Facing Humanitarian Aid in Africa’ such as ‘Climate Change and Armed Conflicts’, and the ‘Impact of Humanitarian Crises on Children and Women’.

Furthermore, an additional session will be held on ‘Future of Humanitarian Aid in Africa’, where experts will share their experiences on ‘Climate-Driven Food Crisis in Africa’ and the ‘Humanitarian Development Nexus; The New Way of Working’.

The 17th DIHAD Conference and Exhibition, which is the largest humanitarian event of its kind in the region, will be held from 10th to the 12th of March, 2020 at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre, under the theme ‘Aid, a focus on Africa’. The 3-day humanitarian gathering aims to focus its efforts on addressing the most pressing global needs of people living in poverty, oppression and conflict in various countries and continents.

Running parallel to the Conference, the DIHAD Exhibition brings together the biggest humanitarian aid organizations, leading global institutions, world leaders, profit and non-profit organizations and key industry professionals, providing them an opportunity to showcase their latest products and services, breakthrough innovations and technology while also giving them a chance to engage in productive collaborations and expand their businesses in the region.

DIHAD is annually organized by INDEX Conferences and Exhibitions – a member of INDEX Holding and the 2020 edition is supported by Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Humanitarian and Charity Est, the United Nations, the UAE Red Crescent Authority, International Humanitarian City, Dubai Cares, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and Noor Dubai Foundation.

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Awqaf and Minors Affairs Foundation Registers First Endowment Contribution through Visual Testimony

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Move aligns with Foundation’s efforts to drive innovation in endowment sector

Awqaf and Minors Affairs Foundation (AMAF) has registered the first endowment contribution through a visual testimony system that utilizes live streaming in cooperation with Dubai Courts to confirm the donation.

The pioneering move is part of AMAF’s endeavors to introduce innovative practices in the endowment sector and adopt smart technologies that facilitate endowment work.

In collaboration with the Customer Happiness Department at Dubai Courts, AMAF’s Endowment Development Department used an iPad to establish visual contact between Ubaid Ghanem Ubaid bin Shaiban Al Muhairi, an Emirati citizen who offered the testimony from his home, and the judge who received the testimony at the Dubai Courts headquarters. Through live streaming, Al Muhairi expressed his wish to donate a plot of land and its buildings for general charity purposes. The procedure differs from traditional practices that require donors to be physically present before the judge to confirm their endowments.

Al Muhairi said: “I donate the land and its buildings for general charity purposes, provided that I will be responsible for the management of this endowment as long as I am alive. Afterwards, the endowment’s management will move to AMAF, which will continue to spend its revenues on general charity purposes.”

His Excellency Ali Al Mutawa, Secretary General of AMAF, said: “We are keen to implement the latest technologies in the endowment sector to facilitate contributions and donations, and increase the number of unique endowments that benefit individuals and society.”

He added: “We are seeking to innovate in the diverse types and methods of endowment within our purview. We have recently listed several of our smart endowment options on the Dubai Now application. This has significantly enhanced convenience through enabling donors to contribute to endowments anytime and anywhere through their smart devices.”

His Excellency Taresh Eid Al Mansouri, Managing Director of Dubai Courts, said: “Our Customer Happiness Department is committed to providing smart, transparent, efficient and convenient services that meet the needs of the UAE’s citizens and residents. Through establishing smart communication channels, we are able to enhance customer happiness as part of our efforts to achieve our strategic plan.”

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Pakistan Naval Ship On A Good Will Visit to Dubai

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Pakistan Navy Ship SAIF visited Port Rashid Dubai, UAE from 3 to 4 January 2020 on a goodwill visit. The ship remained open for visitors and school children on both days. A number of Pakistani community members, local dignitaries and media personnel also visited the ship. Pakistan and United Arab Emirates enjoy close fraternal ties and cordial relations. Lastly, such Port visits are likely to further enhance mutual cooperation between the two countries.

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Save A Lot With Your Online Coupons

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There are creative ways for people to save money when shopping online at Internet web stores that provide online coupon usage codes for participating in various offers throughout the month.  Some of the savings might startle some shoppers, who are rewarded for doing what they would normally do online and in record time.

People that are purchasing a home can be awarded more than 35,000 points on certain websites.  These points can later be converted to cash money, or shopping discount cards that are treated just like cash at many local retailers.  Imagine the fun they have when they find out they can use these online coupon usage cards to buy groceries with or any other purchase they have in mind.   The process was so simple and satisfying that it has changed the way these people shop online.

There are thousands of steals and deals that can be purchased through the use of online coupon codes.  People save money every day on items that they routinely purchase for their homes on a monthly basis.  These online coupon codes can be accessed through careful research of internet websites.

People do not seem to mind at all the few minutes it takes to print out a coupon code that will save them perhaps $50s on a lawn chair set that they have wanted for some time.  They might be willing to use more than one of these coupons and decorate their porch with a brand new Jacuzzi that was discounted $200 and gave them a leather cover and free shipping opportunity too.

There are baby apparel deals available on Mothercare Coupons through the use of online coupon codes that will keep babies in a good supply of stylish clothing choices for many years to come.  Kids can splurge on several pairs of shoes at one time with the use of online coupons that are rewarded for their fashion shopping sprees.

When Moms have the opportunity to save money with very little effort through the use of online shopping sites and the online coupon codes they find everywhere online, they will not mind spending their time in this way.  Moms view it as a wise decision-making process when they choose to arm themselves with Mumzworld Promo Code to use on their favorite shopping website to steal the deals for baby diapers, baby bathing, baby furniture and lot more.

People with busy schedules are quite taken by the time-saving opportunities offered on many Internet websites.  The free shipping opportunities alone are enough to convince many to shop online, but when they see the deep discounts that they will be afforded through the use of online coupon codes, they start scouring the coupon website offers immediately and one of the best places to look for all of the UAE coupons and deals codes is Online Coupons UAE.

If you are looking for entertainment, fashion or electronic gadget deals, the deep discounts are only several clicks away.  Through the use of a home printer, computer Internet shoppers can create their own personalized lists of online coupon codes that they can use throughout the year.  These ready reference guides will make believers out of every online shopper with very little effort.

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