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9th Sharjah Stamp Exhibition kicks off Tuesday at Mega Mall Sharjah

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In the presence of Sheikh Sultan bin Ahmed Al Qasimi, Chairman of Sharjah Media Council, the 9th edition of the Sharjah Stamp Exhibition will launch on Tuesday morning at Mega Mall Sharjah. The exhibition, which will be organized by the Emirates Philatelic Association in cooperation with Mega Mall Sharjah during November 13-17, will feature 120 platforms and the participation of stamp and coin dealers and exhibitors from 17 countries. It will also feature an auction for several rare postage stamps and currencies, which are expected to attract serious hobbyists in the region, as well as many other events aimed at the general public.

Palestine Post will be the guest of honour at the Sharjah Stamp Exhibition, which is its first participation in the event. A group of International arbitrators and coordinators from Indonesia and Singapore will also participate for the first time. These first-time participations help to highlight the prestigious status occupied by the exhibition, and its continuous expansion in terms of the number of participating exhibitors, which makes it one of the most prominent regional exhibitions for stamps and currencies.

Abdullah Khoury, President of the Emirates Philatelic Association, said: “We welcome all participants, enthusiasts and visitors to the new edition of the Sharjah Stamp Exhibition, which will include a variety of rare and valuable products that offer enthusiasts the chance to add more stamps and currencies to their collections, and the opportunity to communicate and share skills with each other, as well as offer members of the community the chance to begin a new hobby that highlights important facets of culture and history.”

Mohammed Sorour, Marketing Manager of Mega Mall, stressed that the Mega Mall team has completed their preparations to host the Sharjah Stamp Exhibition, which will represent an additional point of attraction for visitors of the mall, especially by enthusiasts and foreign tourists. He stated that the facilities for both exhibitors and visitors will contribute in attracting a large crowd of people that look forward to discovering rare and valuable stamps and currencies.

In addition to providing the opportunity to buy stamps, postcards, envelopes, and paper and coin currencies, the exhibition will also include the participation of 3 international and Arab currency grading companies, which include PMG (Paper Money Guaranty), PCGS Currency, and DIM (Dinar Islamic Museum), the first Arab company to evaluate paper currencies.

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Sheikh Sultan bin Ahmed Al Qasimi Launches Second Season of “Power Owners”

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  • As part of a special event hosted by Sharjah Press Club

Sheikh Sultan bin Ahmed Al Qasimi, Chairman of the Sharjah Media Council, launched the second season of the “Power Owners” talk show, in the presence of the Kuwaiti cast, including host Othman Al Anjari and the show’s social media ambassador Fahed Al-Rahmani,.The launch took place during a special event hosted by Sharjah Press Club, an initiative by Sharjah Government Media Bureau, at Al Majaz Amphitheatre in Sharjah.

The event was attended by a galaxy of media personalities and academics. It highlighted the talk show as a unique media model adopted by young talents from the Gulf region. The show has attracted renowned public figures from all over the world, including statesmen and business leaders, as well as athletes and three Nobel laureates. The list of guests includes veteran US media personality Larry King, former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, who is responsible for major developments his country has witnessed, former boxing champion Mike Tyson, YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley and many others.

Sheikh Sultan bin Ahmed Al Qasimi, Chairman of Sharjah Media Council, stressed Sharjah’s keenness to support innovative talents and bolster media cooperation at the Arab level. He praised the efforts of “Power Owners” cast, who, in a record time, managed to present a unique Arab experience and establish the show’s position to train the spotlight on international leaders who have left a positive mark on many areas.

The Chairman of Sharjah Media Council called on the youth to adopt innovative ideas and convey the experiences and expertise of people of logic, knowledge and positive influence to the public.

He pointed out that the Sharjah Press Club, as a specialised knowledge and professional community, is keen to highlight successful media experiences from all over the Arab world through its various events and sessions.
Othman Al Anjari, the show’s host and CEO of its production company, said: “We created this show as a platform to meet with leaders and stars from all over the world for the purpose of conveying the meaningful message that power, for those who hold it, is the power to control oneself without restrictions or pressures”.

He expressed his appreciation for Sheikh Sultan bin Ahmed Al Qasimi for launching the second season of “Power Owners”, and for Sharjah Press Club for creating a dialogue platform that allowed the programme’s team to communicate openly with the public to encourage and develop this kind of meaningful production.

The event also featured a brief summary of the show’s first season and some of the scenes that were filmed behind it as the cast tried to convince guests to participate.

Together, the show’s host and social media ambassador talked about the making of the show, from inception to broadcast, as well as details of the budget allocated for the show. The team revealed challenges and difficulties that they and their fellow members had encountered to complete the production before they finally opened the floor for questions from the audience.

The event was hosted by Sharjah Press Club to highlight the ​​significance of the talk show, which was filmed in several countries and launched its first season in Kuwait in 2017. The content of “Power Owners” consists of interviews with personalities who left their mark in the world and changed history.

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‘Eye on Earth’ Underscores the Importance of International Environmental Data Collaboration at the Paris Peace Forum

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  • One of 120 global initiatives selected from nearly 900 projects worldwide, Eye on Earth was chosen to present at the inaugural event attended by world leaders

Eye on Earth (EoE), a global movement that brings together environmental data experts from around the world to tackle the root-causes of widespread information-related impediments to sustainable development, was selected from nearly 900 projects worldwide to highlight its relevance to global peace and security at the first Paris Peace Forum (PPF).

Commemorating 100 years since the end of World War I, the PPF is set to focus on governance projects that tackle global challenges through international cooperation. The event is attended by Emmanuel Macron, President of France, Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany, Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, Antonio Guterres, UN Secretary-General, HE Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, Minister of Tolerance for the UAE, and over 50 other world leaders.

EoE was established in 2011 by the UN Environment Programme in partnership with the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi (EAD), through its Abu Dhabi Global Environmental Data Initiative (AGEDI). It grew to include the World Resource Institute, Group on Earth Observations, and International Union for Conservation of Nature as Alliance Partners, forming a consortium to guide defining priorities, functions and emerging issues for the global community which now includes over 5,000 members.

“Living in a data revolution, we have the ability to measure every aspect of our society and our planet. Yet, despite all this progress, most of the world still lacks the infrastructure to address fundamental environmental obstacles, which hinder us from achieving our collective UN Sustainable Development Goals”, said Alexandre Caldas, Chief of Country Outreach, Technology and Innovation Branch in the Science Division at UN Environment Programme.

Stressing the importance of international cooperation, Alexandre Caldas will be joined by Derek Gliddon, Head of Network Coordination Unit, Eye on Earth and Tsuyoshi Kawakami, Principal Fellow, Institute for Global Environmental Strategies, in a debate moderated by distinguished science writer Oliver Morton to discuss how reducing barriers to data and information can contribute to peace and security across the globe.

“The importance of knowledge and information cannot be overstated—data, in all its forms, is now regarded as an essential pre-requisite to achieving sustainable peace and security. With climate change posing as one of the biggest threats to our planet, informed, trans-national collaboration has never been more pertinent,” said HE Razan Khalifa Al Mubarak, Secretary General of EAD.

She further added, “EoE engages an international community of leading experts, innovators and decision-makers, to collaborate on, and advance the availability, accessibility and usability of environmental data and information. This is allowing us to close the data, information and knowledge gap, overcome impediments, and focus on sustainable development with greater transparency and societal engagement than ever before.”

PPF is tackling the world’s biggest challenges by inviting public, private and not-for-profit actors to present and share effective solutions that strengthen international cooperation and mitigate global tensions. The event is taking place at the Grande Halle de La Villette between 11-13 November.

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Rove Hotels & Mariska Nell present the Sustainability Corner during Downtown Design

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Rove Hotels collaborate with Dubai-based environmental artist and champion, Mariska Nell to present a Sustainability Corner as part of Downtown Design, from November 13th to 16th. The installation will feature her upcycled works, some of which have been created using plastic bottles collected as part of Rove’s ‘Check-in with Plastic; Check-out with Dinner’ promotion.

In an effort to utilise design as an effective platform to promote sustainability, and as result of its hugely successful, ongoing ‘Check-in with Plastic; Check-out with Dinner’ promotion at The Daily restaurants, Rove Hotels has joined forces with renowned sustainability advocate and artist, Mariska Nell. The collaboration sees the artist producing a unique, environmentally innovative creation – a chair made from the plastic bottles collected at Rove Hotels. The creative piece, along with her other artworks, will be displayed at Rove’s Sustainability Corner at Rove Downtown during Downtown Design, part of Dubai Design Week, from November 13th to 16th, to further raise awareness of the impact of plastic bottles on the environment.

Inspired by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s vision to establish sustainability pillars as key components of Dubai’s sustainability journey, Rove Hotels recently introduced its eco-community project, ‘Check-in with Plastic; Check-out with Dinner’. The project involves Rovers handing in their plastic bottles and, in exchange, receiving dining credits at The Daily restaurants. The plastic bottles are sent for recycling and upcycling and, so far, over 7,000 bottles have been collected as part of the initiative, a figure that the entire Rove team is extremely encouraged by, as it highlights the community eagerness and proactivity regarding sustainability for a greener future. Partnering with an environmental champion such as Mariska Nell has strengthened Rove’s determination to advocate positive change in the local community even more.

South African-born, Dubai-based artist and environmentalist, Mariska Nell is on a mission to turn trash into treasure. Nell’s passion for creating works of art based on recycling and upcycling began after she cleaned 913 Nespresso pods and turned them into hundreds of flowers for her CoffeeAddictionLamp. This inspired her to produce even more ‘Trash to Treasure’ art collections, which have been highly sought after by celebrities such as Trevor Noah, Adrian Genier and many more. Her work has also been exhibited in numerous galleries around the world.

Expressing his excitement about Rove’s Downtown Design Week collaboration with Mariska Nell, Paul Bridger, Corporate Director of Operations at Rove Hotels, stated, “Everyone here at Rove Hotels is extremely proud of the massively positive response from Rovers to the ‘Check-in with Plastic; Check-out with Dinner’ promotion. Teaming up with such an inspirational and extremely talented environmental artist like Mariska Nell shows the community what can be achieved when we make a collective effort towards achieving sustainability. We invite everyone to visit the Sustainability Corner, learn more and get involved in initiatives that aim to protect our environment.”

The Rove Sustainability Corner by Mariska Nell will be on display at Rove Downtown during Downtown Design from November 13th to 16th.


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Ludos will hold an event in Dubai on 21 Nov to celebrate getting the investment from SoftBank and others.

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Ludos, a decentralized revolution of gaming ecosystem, is happily announced that it at first obtained investment from SoftBank, followed by Collinstar Capital, Du Capital, BA Capital. Some big companies such as IBM, Lotte Corporation and Bank of Yokoma are also interested in Ludos.

Ludos will had an event in Dubai at 16:00-20:00 on Nov. 21st, 2018 (UTC/GMT +4). The first meeting will be hosted in Conrad Dubai (P.O Box 115143 Sheikh Zayed Road Dubai, UAE) . Mr. Jin Tai, one of co-founders, will deliver a speech and lead the Q&A session. Ludos’ founders, co-founders as well as Middle East Investors will be present.

Besides, Fuad Farooq Abdul Qader Bastaki, CEO of Zabeel Group, will be present and make a speech. Zabeel Group is a company with the background of power source, electronics, retail, financial and etc in UAE.

Meanwhile, many distinguished guests include famous brand ambassadors Peter DU, and actors like Ali, who is known as a racing-driver and acted in many TV series in UAE. Royal members of Dubai and mysterious celebrity will also attend the event.

Traditional games will sometime cause some illegal operations, and making in-game profits or digital assets to be unprotected, while Ludos is different. Ludos Protocol is based on multiple side-chain technology. One chain is for one game, it’s the first realization of cross-chain interactive function, which allows players to transfer digital assets across games and chains.

Its management team consists of outstanding game developers such as cryptologists and data experts. And one of the team member has developed popular games and made great achievements in many big brand companies.

Ludos aims to build a comprehensive blockchain gaming ecosystem, integrate gaming community, developers, artists and investors together. Developer of IG, Mr. Sephirex, won the league of Legends 2018 World Championship, and Ludos hope to follow IG’s footsteps to revolutionize games in the future.

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Ministry of Climate Change and Environment Issues Resolution on Executive Regulation of Federal Law on Animal Care

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His Excellency Dr Thani bin Ahmed Al Zeyoudi, Minister of Climate Change and Environment, announced today the issuance of Ministerial Resolution No. 476 of 2018 concerning the executive regulation of Federal Law No. 16 of 2007 on animal care and its amending Federal Law No. 18 of 2016.

The announcement was made at the second UAE National Conference on Animal Welfare, organized by the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment (MOCCAE) in collaboration with Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) and the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW). Running on November 11 and 12, the conference reinforces the UAE’s keenness to monitor animal welfare procedures in the country and ensure they conform to the highest international standards.

In his keynote speech, His Excellency Dr Al Zeyoudi said: “The UAE’s commitment towards ensuring animal welfare stems from cultural and environmental factors and is in line with our Islamic teachings. I am pleased to share that we are currently in the process of devising the National Animal Welfare Plan that is expected to be implemented in Q1 2019. The plan will unite efforts exerted by the private and public sector and individuals to raise awareness of the matter and ensure firm implementation of laws.”

In a bid to draw up a tentative proposal for a National Animal Welfare Plan, multiple workshops are held at the conference to generate and explore ideas and raise awareness, focusing on aspects such as slaughterhouses, transport, markets and farms, and wildlife and stray animals.

His Excellency Dr Al Zeyoudi added: “In 2016, we organized the first edition of the conference to ensure animal welfare is paramount in the UAE and share the UAE’s experience in this area with a regional and international audience. To build on the success of the first edition, we decided to organize the event regularly and make it a platform for sharing best practices and accelerate a collective action, in line with UAE Vision 2021.”

The conference sees today the participation of experts from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Oman, and Jordan. In addition, local and international organizations such as the World Health Organization, Dubai Equestrian Club, Emirates Animal Welfare Society, and Emirates Dog Owners Society are also represented at the conference. UAE-based participants include stakeholders from environmental agencies, local and regional municipalities, police departments, the Abu Dhabi Waste Management Center (Tadweer), and academic institutions such as the Higher Colleges of Technology and the UAE University.

The conference aims to discuss challenges facing animal welfare organizations, enhance cooperation among regional animal welfare entities, achieve concurrence on national action priorities, analyze the requirements to develop a national animal welfare policy, and monitor its impact on overall health, environment and economic growth.

The conference discusses the challenges faced in handling and preserving animals. In addition to providing an overview of the principles of animal welfare, it focuses on owning companion and dangerous animals, highlight regional animal welfare programs in the Middle East and also touches upon global programs, review the efforts of MOCCAE and local authorities in handling all matters related to owning dangerous animals, as well as discuss the correlation between organic agriculture and animal welfare.

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Provincial Minister HR&MA Aijaz Alam Augustine held open Katchahri at Zial Katchahri Okara for the immediate solution of public issues. Another senior member of PTI Chaudhary Slaim Siddique was also present there. Provincial Minister heard Public Complaints and provided prompt solution on the spot. The provincial minister said that our doors will be always open to solve the problems of common people and PTI’s government believes in the service of the people. Talking to media representatives, the provincial minister said that all the promises with the people should be fulfilled.  He said that Almighty God had provided us the opportunity to serve the people and with the help of local system the problems of the people will be resolved soon.

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AURAK Cultivates American Exchange Opportunities

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The American University of Ras Al Khaimah (AURAK) Department of International Programs and Partnerships hosted a committee visit for a Knowledge Exchange Institute (KEI) delegation to explore possible US partnerships for student exchange programs.

The KEI provides education abroad programs allowing students to complete major-specific and general education requirements, gain practical experience, and enhance their understanding of the world through cultural and social immersion. The KEI Faculty Steering Committee included KEI President and Managing Director, Eduard Mandell, Director of Program Operations, Julie Pollard, and other Steering Committee Members: University of Kentucky Assistant Professor of Arabic and Islamic Studies, Dr. Ghadir Zannoun; University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Associate Professor of History and International Studies, Dr. Edgar Francis; Moravian College Director of International Studies, Christian Sinclair; Augsburg University Assistant Professor, Dr. Maheen Zaman; University of Houston Associate Professor and Program Director of Middle East Studies, Dr. Emran El-Badawi; University of Georgia Professor of Religion and Linguistics, Dr. Adel Amer; University of Wyoming Program Director of Middle East Studies, Eric Nigh; University of Wyoming Associate Vice Provost, Dr. Anthony Ogden; and University of Kentucky Assistant Director of Education Abroad, Mrs. Niamh Minion.

The Committee spent two days at AURAK meeting with President, Professor Hassan Hamdan Al Alkim, Vice President of Student Success and Academic Affairs and Provost, Professor Stephen Wilhite, the Associate Provost for Academic and Student Affairs, Dr. Denise Gifford, the deans, and various faculty to discuss exchange opportunities and curriculum.  The Committee toured both the University facilities and the city of Ras Al Khaimah and met with the current KEI student attending AURAK.

Professor Hassan is deeply attentive to the continual development of AURAK’s international student exchange program, “In a global economy we need to be able to understand each other.  We have to respect each other and be able to work together.  International student exchange experiences are crucial for students in the acquisition and development of multicultural relationships and traditions essential for successfully expanding across cultural divides.”

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Official Thai delegation visits Global Village

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H.E. Rangsant Srimangkorn, Deputy Consul-General of Royal Thai Consulate UAE and H.E. Panot Puyahotra, Director Thai Trade Centre UAE, led more than 15 officers and families from the Royal Thai Embassy Abu Dhabi, the Royal Thai Consulate General Dubai, the Commercial Office, the Labour Office and Thai Airways as they visited Global Village on Wednesday, 7th November 2018.

The dignitaries, who were accompanied by Mohamed Sharaf, CEO of Arab Media Group, and Bader Anwahi, CEO of Global Village, were nostalgic when they entered the Floating Market with its food and fruit-laden boats and its ethnic atmosphere as it reminded them of home.

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Dubai Design District Hosts 4th Edition of Dubai Design Week

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  • Region’s Leading Design Event Returns with Even Bigger Programme

Dubai Design District (d3), the destination dedicated to design today announced that it is gearing up to host the fourth edition of the region’s premier annual design event, Dubai Design Week.

The upcoming edition is set to run in the Design Quarter from 12 to 17 November 2018. Following the success of last year’s event that drew the attendance of more than 60,000 people, Dubai Design Week 2018 features a packed programme agenda comprising over 230 exciting events, including design-focused lectures headlined by industry leaders, exhibitions, workshops, pop-ups, launches, installations and more.

d3’s Design Quarter has become a venue of choice for the event through convening creatives, industry professionals and design enthusiasts from all over the world for the 4th year in a row, and further reinforcing d3’s position as the leading hub for art and design in the region.

Speaking about the significance of hosting Dubai Design Week for the fourth year running, Mohammad Saeed Al Shehhi, Chief Executive Officer, Dubai Design District, said: “d3 is delighted to be partnering once again with Dubai Design Week in hosting the 4th edition at the Design Quarter. This event is a wonderful celebration of design and serves as a meeting point for creatives and design professionals from the region and internationally. This year, d3’s presence will be stronger than ever with a showcase of the final chapter of the ‘UAE Design Stories’ exhibition, which celebrates Emirati culture through various design disciplines.

“Our initiative ‘Design for Good’ will present a new art installation titled ‘The Mesh’, and we will also announce the winner of our Design 100 competition. More than 60 of our creative partners are participating in the event with many offering workshops, talks, exhibitions or pop-ups and many more participating as a part of Downtown Design. Our creative community serves as a platform that embraces cultural integration, where artistic talent can unite and co-create.”

Building on the success of its previous chapters and presentations in Milan, London and Paris, the international exhibition, ‘UAE Design Stories: The Next Generation from the Emirates’ will return home with a new and final chapter during Dubai Design Week 2018, alongside the previous Chapter which will be housed in Downtown Design

The third chapter of the exhibition will feature a competition themed ‘Design for Little Ones: Us, Ours, & Others’. Participating designers will explore the world of children and delve into their own childhood to create a product for children up to the age of 12 years. To enmesh Emirati context in the project, and to link it back to the exhibition’s origin, participating designers will seek inspiration, influence and a story idea in Majid Magazine ( Founded in 1979 by an order of the founding father of the UAE, late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, Majid was envisioned not just as a children’s magazine but as a cultural and national initiative that represented Emirati and Arab children and served as their voice.

d3 will also reveal the winning design of its ‘Design 100’ competition in collaboration with Dubai Cares and the American Hardwood Council. Part of d3’s own CSR programme “Design for Good”, the exclusive collection will be on sale and open to the public, with all proceeds being donated to Dubai Cares.

Also part of the Design For Good programme is‘The Mesh’, an installation comprising shading structures designed by renowned Emirati designer Roudha Al Shamsi and produced by Afghani women through d3’s business partner, the Fatima Bint Mohamed Bin Zayed Initiative (FBMI).

d3’s CEO, Mohammed Saeed Al Shehhi, will also join the prestigious judging panel of the exclusive Audi Innovation Award, with the winner of the competition set to be announced during the event.

Nineteen of d3’s own creative partners will be a part of Downtown Design including Aljoud Lootah, Alshaya Enterprises, Artemide, Ayah Al Bitar, Bene Middle East, Benoy, Dewan Architects + Engineers, Fadi Sarieddine, Finasi, Foster + Partners, Lasvit, MONOGRAM, Nakkash Gallery, Pallavi Dean Interiors, Preciosa, Tinkah as well as several d3 F&B outlets such as Chez Charles, the kitchen and YUi.

Many of d3’s business partners will also present lectures and talks, host exhibitions, workshops and more throughout Dubai Design Week. Business partners set to present talks include 5+ Design, Carpets CC by Cecilia Setterdahl, Hatch Concept Studio, in5/DDFC, Mirage Project Point, SSH Design, The Lighthouse and Wilson Associates.

In addition, several of d3’s business partners will host exhibitions as part of Design Week. Apical Reform (AR Gallery), Archiade Atelier, General.3am, Hands Carpets, The Lighthouse x Nada Debs, MCML Studio, Molecule x Peroni Nastro Azzurro, Montroi, Nakkash Gallery, Posh Village and Selectshop FRAME.

A series of workshops on topics ranging from architecture to movies to sketching will be hosted by d3 partners including DIDI, Grimshaw, Sharabassy Built Environment Studio, The Gracious F and Zaro Architects.

In addition, d3’s 1Life Café will present a pop-up under the theme ‘1001 Caribbean Nights’, while other d3 restaurants such as Amorino and the Lighthouse will also participate offering a range of culinary delights.

Aya Al Bitar, the renowned Saudi Arabian product ad furniture designer, will launch a new product at the design festival, while Grimshaw, Zaha Hadid Architects and MEAN* Middle East Architecture Network will each host an open house for visitors.

Art installations will be placed around the design quarter, designed by d3’s business partners Apical Reform, Delta Light, FBMI, Grimshaw, IV (FOUR), Kohler, Masina House Design, SUPERFUTUREDESIGN*, Superstudio and Gusto Furniture.

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