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A New Concept in Fitness for Dubai with Launch of Max & Aegle

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  • Unique and innovative wellness destination in Meydan brings unprecedented offering with principles of Macro Health™
  • Max & Aegle has been purpose-built to offer dynamic health and fitness solutions for the mind, body and soul
  • Facilities include numerous exercise areas across two floors, dedicated fitness studios, outdoor training arena, Olympic size swimming pool, running track and Yoga lawn.

 A new and highly innovative concept in health and fitness has been launched in Dubai, which focuses on the principles of ‘Macro Health™’, a term which describes a unique holistic approach to wellness.

Max & Aegle, located in Meydan and developed by Meydan Group is a 500,000 sq. ft purpose-built wellness destination housed in a two-storey building, surrounded by a landscaped outdoor area.  It is unprecedented in terms of its sheer scale, the facilities it boasts, and its focus on personalized training and wellness. The facility has the capacity to accommodate 5,000 members, but this will be limited to 2,000, ensuring that every member can fully benefit from every visit.

Unique to Max & Aegle is its keen focus on the principles of Macro Health™, a term which it has trade-marked, and which represents a new way of delivering dynamic health solutions for the mind, body and soul.  Macro Health™ is a seamless complete spectrum of health and wellness, rather than just a pre-occupation with isolated fitness objectives such as improving stamina, building body mass or losing weight.  The aim is to ensure that every member feels energized, not fatigued, informed and not instructed.

Inside, the fitness area is spread across two floors and boasts designated cardio, weight training and circuit areas, while group exercise classes will be held in dedicated studios for High Intensity Training, Boxing, Yoga and Cycling. Outside, an Olympic size swimming pool, along with the kids’ splash pool is set within a landscaped and shaded relaxation deck. There is also a 1,400 metre running track, two dedicated areas for outdoor fitness training and athletics, and a large Yoga lawn offering spectacular views onto the Downtown skyline.

The membership experience at Max & Aegle starts with an initial Fit3D Pro Body scan – with its state-of-the-art body composition analysis – which helps to determine the best approach to attaining fitness and optimal health. Industry-leading coaches then work closely with each member to choose the ideal programme for them to lay the foundations for a new way of delivering total health solutions.

The team at Max & Aegle have been carefully selected for their expertise and experience, offering specialisations in conditioning, agility, performance, injury prevention, sports specific and functional training, as well as yoga, martial arts, cross training, and interval training. The training equipment represents the most revered brands, including Life Fitness, Hammer Strength, Arsenal and Prime, with Fitmetrix Software used for personal training.

Max & Aegle is the brainchild of businessman, Zafer Taher, who has worked closely with Meydan Group to bring the project forward. The aim has been to create a welcoming and inclusive environment where members can be expertly guided by professional trainers while setting their own pace, and not feel under pressure. In addition, the benefits of relaxation have been considered, with an understanding that many members will desire a place to socialize, eat and unwind as well as exercise.  In the next few weeks, a new and ambient restaurant, providing healthy eating options, will open.

Zafer Taher comments: “We wanted to create something very different to what is already in the market.  Almost all fitness operators in the UAE are accommodated in office or residential buildings so they are compromised in terms of the space size, facilities and equipment they can offer their members.  Working closely with Meydan Group, we have been able to design the building around our vision and the keen desire to provide members with a very wide choice of activities, fitness classes and work-out options in an ambient and relaxing environment, working within the principles of Macro Health™”.

Mohammad Al Khayat, Vice President – Commercial and Free Zone, Meydan Group, adds: “Creating a sustainable city that promotes physical wellness and healthy lifestyle is a cornerstone for Meydan Group. Through our endeavors, we aim to develop projects that are built on strong foundations and a well-rounded quality of life. Developing modern communities entail partnerships with organizations like Max & Aegle that understand our vision. We look forward to working together and bring to Meydan a healthy, happy and productive neighbourhood.”

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Bring your smile back with Drs. Nicolas & Asp

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  • With the latest technology, experienced team of professionals, and years of expertise, Drs. Nicolas & Asp is the best choice for you.

Your smile is the first impression you make on people you meet. When your lips part and reveal good teeth, it creates the positive impression you want. Remember, you don’t have to be born with a beautiful smile. With veneers, you can have the smile you want, quickly and safely.

At Drs. Nicolas & Asp, we know how important your smile is, and we have the expertise needed to give it to you. Its not an easy process, and a lot can go wrong. But in the professional hands of the experts at Drs. Nicolas & Asp, you can be confident that you will leave happy.

Veneers are done in a day.

Veneers are a time consuming and delicate procedure. Proper communication with the Cosmetic Dentist is vital to the planning process, and ultimately to the success of the treatment. Drs. Nicolas & Asp have performed thousands of veneer procedures over the years, and each member of its international team of Cosmetic Dentists has mastered the skill of listening to each patient’s desires and expectations. At Drs. Nicolas & Asp, the patient is given the time to ‘test-drive’ their smile with temporary veneers to see the fit, color, shape and design before choosing the permanent veneers.

Veneers are cheap.

As with everything in life, you get what you paid for. The perfect veneers require a unique combination of time, skills, materials and technology. Prices can only be kept down if one of these factors has been seriously compromised! Drs. Nicolas & Asp has a not-so-secret formula to maintaining its high quality, whilst striving to stay affordable. Our exceptional Smile Design Dentists work alongside our in-house team of international dental lab technicians and ceramists. Together, the team will carefully discuss each veneer patient’s case, combining essential planning time, skillful design, the finest materials, and the most up-to-date technology. All this reduces the risk of human error, making sure the veneers are kept as affordable as possible without compromising in any way.

Veneers are a one-man show.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” The good old days of one, fix-all dentist are gone – nowadays, no true Dental Professional can claim to know everything. Dentistry, and Veneers Treatments in particular, should follow the medical world’s approach – where teamwork is always best. Drs. Nicolas & Asp were the first in this part of the world to adopt the approach. During a veneers treatment planning process, our team of Cosmetic Dentists work alongside a team of over seven dental specialties, in order to carefully plan each step of the way and ensure the long term success of your smile makeover.

The message from Drs. Nicolas & Asp is: you don’t have to be born with a beautiful smile in order to own one. With the right knowledge and planning, a new smile is only a step away.

Patients wanting new or replacement veneers are advised to contact Drs. Nicolas & Asp for a free consultation.

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The provincial Minister for HR&MA Ijaz Alam Augustine has said that serving the ailing humanity should be prime objective of Doctors and government of PTI committed to make reforms in health sector by providing relief to common man. He said that Pakistan is undergoing rapid transformation in terms of healthcare, especially primary healthcare and much needed to enhance and uplift the status of family physicians for the health reforms in Pakistan. He was speaking at the inaugural ceremony of 29th Annual International conference on family medicine. The conference was organised by PAFP at a private hotel on Sunday. President PAFP Dr. Tariq Mehmood welcomed to the provincial Minister and highlighted the objectives of the ceremony. He said in his address that every year PAFP organized an international conference on family medicine (Familycon) with the aim of sharing of information, experiences and updating knowledge on topic of current issues. He further said that in this regard upcoming 29th Annual International conference on family medicine 2019 is scheduled to be held on March and around 8000 doctors from all over the Pakistan and abroad are expected to attend this conference. The Minister Ijaz Alam appreciated the efforts of representatives of PAFP to hold successful session and hoped best wishes for upcoming conference Familycon 2019. At the end of the ceremony a memorial shield also presented to the Minster Ijaz Alam by the Administration. VC KEMU Prof. Khalid Masood Gondal, VC UHS Prof. Javed Akram, VC FJMU Prof. Amir Zaman, President PMA Dr Ashraf Nizami, representatives of PAFP, President Dr. Tariq Mehmood, VP Dr. Saeed Ahmed, General Secretary Dr Tahir Chaudhary, Conference Secretary Dr. Abdul Rahman and almost 1000  doctors from around the Pakistan attended the ceremony.

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Thermobalancing therapy is the best treatment for kidney stones

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Urolithiasis – a globally pervasive disease that has changed dramatically over the last half-century. Although there are slight differences in trends, it is clear that the burden of urolithiasis increases.

Kidney stone disease is a common and often chronic condition with the lifetime risk of stone formation in the US exceeding 12% in men and 6% in women.

Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL) and percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL) are the main treatment options to remove a kidney stone. Unfortunately, after these surgical procedures, men and women can experience severe complications.

Innovative Thermobalancing therapy and Dr. Allen’s device been working very well and safely for people with kidney stone disease during the last decade. This is the main reason to use this device as the first line treatment to dissolve kidney stones.

 Standard treatments for a kidney stone, ESWL, and PCNL have serious side effects

ESWL destructs kidney stones physically too small pieces, which are able to get out from the kidney with urine. The so-called shock waves make this breakage. These small pieces of stones can cause heavy bleeding and infection when passing out of the body.

Shock waves not only destroy stone, but can also damage kidney tissue, causing high blood pressure, and often can damage adjacent organs such as the pancreas, causing diabetes Mellitus in the future.

Often people view a surgery with optimism, while all of them are risky. 16 in 100 people have serious side effects after PCNL, which is an invasive procedure. The postoperative outcomes of PCNL show that bleeding and infection are relatively common and are potentially severe complications.

A recent article, Trends in the treatment of urinary stone disease in Turkey, contains 752 surveys of 211 urologists. This article exposed the decreased use lithotripsy in medical practice but made a contradictive conclusion suggesting that ESWL, which is a noninvasive method, should be considered as primarily because endourological treatments are invasive, even if at a minimal level.

It should be noted, surgical interventions do not stop the stone formation and 50% of patients after they have new renal calculi in 5 years. Over the years, the percentage of stones recurrence is growing. So, people with recurrent stones and their medical consultants must decide what to do again.

  1. Safety and effectiveness of Dr. Allen’s Device for Kidney Stones Treatment

 Thermobalancing non-invasive therapy and device received a US patent, No. US 9,408,744 B2, as “Therapeutic device and method”.

Thermobalancing therapy is based on a new understanding of The Origin of Diseases, which explains that all chronic internal diseases start at the vascular level. This knowledge helps to tackle the cause of kidney stone formation. Thermobalancing therapy by tackling the cause of kidney stone formation is able to dissolve renal calculi or kidney stones gradually.

A 10-year observation shows that Dr. Allen’s device dissolves kidney stones, despite their size and type. None of the kidney stone patients who received Thermobalancing therapy as monotherapy had side effects.

  1. Focus on using Thermobalancing therapy as the first-line treatment for kidney stone disease

It should be mentioned that Dr. Allen’s Device is a Class I medical device, which does not require the involvement of a Notified Body. Thus, everyone can use it at home without worrying, since this treatment option is free from side effects.

The Mayo Clinic has published the results of its investigation in 2006, Diabetes Mellitus and Hypertension Associated With Shock Wave Lithotripsy of Renal and Proximal Ureteral Stones at 19 Years of Follow-up, confirming that patients who underwent lithotripsy, developed high blood pressure and diabetes at almost four times the rate of those whose kidney stones were treated therapeutically.

Another recent article, Prevalence of diabetes mellitus after extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy in 15 years follow-up, showed a lower incidence of diabetes after ESWL. So, this problem exists.

The cost-effectiveness of this therapy is also a reason for using an innovative device for dissolving kidney stones. The price of ESWL is about US$10.000 and PCNL costs even more. Thus, with the price less than US$200, Dr. Allen’s device compares preferably to ESWLand PCNL.

Dr. Allen’s device is not a traumatic tool for removing kidney stones, unlike ESWL and PCNL, so it’s important for doctors to know more about this safe treatment option.

It should be noted that for over a decade Fine Treatment delivers the innovative health-giving device to anyone’s home in a week, http://finetreatment.

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Meraas launches Beverly Hills Sunset Surgery Center International at Valiant Clinic, City Walk Dubai

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  • Exclusive partnership marks Dubai debut for Beverly Hills star cosmetic surgeons
  • David Matlock and Dr. Andrew Ordon, celebrity doctors to Hollywood’s elite to lead a team of over 25 visiting plastic surgery experts
  • The Centre will contribute to UAE’s aesthetic care market which is forecasted to reach AED 1.5 billion by 2021

Meraas has announced the official opening of Beverly Hills Sunset Surgery Center International (BHSSCI), to bring to the UAE some of the world’s most celebrated names and faces in comprehensive plastic and aesthetic surgery.

Located at Valiant Clinic, Meraas’ premium multi-specialty clinic in City Walk, BHSSCI aims to welcome sophisticated and trend-focused individuals in the region and beyond. It brings to the region a hand-picked team of the Center’s 25+ elite and passionate physicians.

The Dubai facility will be led by Dr. David Matlock, MD, MBA, President, CEO & Chief Medical Officer at BHSSCI, California, and Head of Panel, Dubai, alongside high-profile surgeons including Dr. Andrew Ordon, a long-time co-host of the popular Emmy Award-winning talk show The Doctors; Dr. Raj Kanodia, Beverly Hills #1 rhinoplasty surgeon; Dr. Warren Lent, whose expertise has been broadcast on shows such as Dateline, Good Day LA and Extra, and many more.

A first-of-its-kind premium plastic surgery facility managed by celebrity doctors, BHSSCI aims to bring the highest quality services to the region’s most discerning modern clientele. The Center will leverage Valiant Clinic’s superior infrastructure and state-of-the-art facilities in addition to its unmatched concierge services to guarantee a bespoke VIP experience for every client.

The services offered fall under three main verticals: plastic surgery procedures including liposuction, tummy tucks, fat grafting, implant removal and replacement, cosmetic dentistry services such as Hollywood smile, composite restorations, zirconia and ceramic implants, bridges and crowns, and specialised cosmetic dermatology treatments for acne, cool sculpting, micro needling, scar correction and dermal fillers, amongst others.

According to PwC, the UAE’s aesthetic care market is forecasted to reach AED 1.5 billion by 2021, while the country’s female high-end aesthetic care is expected to grow 23.1 percent between 2016-2021.

Hair removal, Botox, facial treatments and fillers are among the most in-demand non-invasive procedures, while liposuction, rhinoplasty, abdominoplasty and female physical enhancement are the most sought after invasive procedures.

Remarking on changing regional trends, Dr. Marc Ruemmler, General Manager of Valiant Clinic said: “The MENA region has experienced significant growth in demand, with long-term historical trends for aesthetics resulting in an increased acceptance of cosmetic procedures. Medical tourists who seek plastic surgery services find Dubai’s unmatched technology, safety and convenience, along with its position as a leisure destination, attractive. The strategic location of the city, moreover, makes it accessible to clients from other countries in the GCC and greater MENA region, as well as those from Europe and Asia.

“At Valiant Clinic, our focus has always been to provide comprehensive, top in class health and wellness services in an environment of utmost luxury and care. We believe that our state of the art facility in Dubai will be an ideal platform for BHSSCI’s star doctors to bring their experience and expertise to the region’s most exacting trendsetters.”

Drawing on his extensive experience as a cosmetic surgeon to some of the world’s most popular celebrities, Dr. Matlock said: “Plastic Surgical procedures such as general plastic, head and neck facial plastic, cosmetic gynaecology, dermatology, and cosmetic dentistry are highly popular among aesthetes in pursuit of physical perfection. Undergoing cosmetic surgery is not something patients are ashamed of anymore, it has become a sign of beauty, power, success, health and youth. Societies too have become more comfortable with plastic surgery as they view it as a part of self-improvement.”

Meraas’ Valiant Clinic, where BHSSCI has launched its Dubai practice, is located at City Walk, a design-inspired lifestyle destination by Meraas. A one of its kind, multi-specialty outpatient clinic offering world class diagnostic and wellness services, Valiant Clinic’s physicians and allied health professionals provide evidence-based care that conforms to international standards of excellence. The clinic endorses transparent, collaborative and standardised processes and systems from diagnosis to discharge, including premium post-procedural and concierge services in a top-in-class, 5-star customer atmosphere.

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Middle East IVF market worth US$1 billion as infertility rates rise to 15% in the region

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  • New report from Colliers International indicates fertility rates in the MENA region have decreased from seven children per women in 1960 to just three in 2017
  • Male infertility identified as a growing problem occurring in approximately 50% of the cases in the GCC and Middle East, in addition to genetic diseases

The latest research by Colliers International has revealed the current global In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) market is estimated to be between US$ 10 billion to US$ 12 billion, while the current IVF market size for Middle East & North Africa (MENA) is approximately US$ 1 billion, indicating a high demand for IVF and related treatments in the region.

The figures, published in a new report titled “In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) & Fertility in the MENA region”, revealed that compared to 10% worldwide, infertility in the MENA region is 15% or higher, with male infertility a growing problem occurring in approximately 50% of the cases in the GCC and Middle East due to lifestyle, diabetes, obesity and genetics related factors, as GCC countries have one of the highest diabetic and obesity rates in the world.

The report, which is published as part of the MEDLAB Market Report series ahead of MEDLAB 2019 which takes place from 4 – 7 February at the Dubai World Trade Centre, highlighted that although the population in the MENA region has increased from over 100 million in 1950 to 380 million in 2017 and is expected to increase to 700 million by 2050, overall fertility rates have decreased from seven children per women in 1960 to just three in 2017.

The research provides an in-depth analysis of the fertility rates in MENA region and, despite overall high population growth rates, why IVF remains in demand in the region, especially in the GCC countries.

Commenting on some of the key insights on the UAE’s IVF industry, Mansoor Ahmed, Director Healthcare, Education & PPP for MENA Region at Colliers International, said: “IVF is not only sought after locally but is one of the leading treatments undertaken by medical tourists in the UAE, especially in Dubai. Based on Colliers’ discussions with leading operators, medical tourism accounts for 10% to 15% of the IVF patient volumes.”

According to the report, new innovations and improved testing techniques are gradually creating paradigm shifts in the field of assisted reproductive technology. Particularly the increased focus on pre-marital screening for consanguineous (relatives) couples and the development of new genetic tests for screening of the embryos greatly improves the chance of minimising certain genetic diseases common in this region.

Dr Laura Melado, Specialist – Obstetrics & Gynecology, IVF, IVI Middle East Fertility Clinic, Abu Dhabi, UAE, who will be speaking at the Cytogenetics & IVF Conference during MEDLAB 2019, commented: “The Carrier Genetic Test (CGT) helps to determine the risk of having a child with a genetic disease. Anyone, without knowing, can be a carrier of one or more recessive mutations, but some couples have higher possibilities to carry the same genes. When this happens, Pre-implantation Genetic Testing (PGD) can be done for the embryos as part of the fertility treatment to help the couples to deliver healthy babies.”

Organised by Informa Exhibitions, MEDLAB Exhibition & Congress 2019 will welcome more than 19,600 medlical laboratory trade professionals and 670+ exhibitors from 46 countries in an effort to develop the value of laboratory medicine in shaping the future of healthcare and to provide advanced medical laboratory techniques for better health. 


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The Truth About Back Pain in Cold weather

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Experts estimate 80% of us will experience back pain at some time in our lives.

Back pain is one of the most common spinal conditions in the UAE and third most common reason for visits to the doctor’s office. Severe cases can lead to spinal degenerative disease, also known as degenerative disk disease, or any disease of the spinal column, which can range from Herniated Disc, Spinal Stenosis, Degenerated Disc Disease, and Disc Prolapse.

It might be a sharp stab or a dull ache. At some point, 8 out of 10 of us will have back pain. In fact, most people also associate that the colder the weather, the more discomfort occurs in one’s back muscles and joints. Dr. Khaled M Faraj, Sr. Consultant Orthopedic and Spine Surgeon, Burjeel Hospital for Advanced Surgery Dubai identifies some of the myths and facts about Back Pain in cold weather.

Cold weather makes back pain worse

This is not true as there is no scientific evidence that supports this idea. Cold Temperatures do not make an actual condition worse, and it also does not develop a new condition. It means there could be muscle stiffness as the tendons and ligaments in your back tighten and become less flexible, thereby making them much more prone to injuries that in turn can cause you plenty of back pain. Winter back problems may be avoidable when you wear the right clothing to keep you warm, stretch your muscles regularly, stay active and employ basic fall prevention techniques when needed.

Dark and gloomy days in winter may contribute to depression which in turn can cause or aggravate chronic back pain.

Cold temperatures, dark gloomy days and less hours of sunlight stresses can cause a seasonal affective disorder (SAD), which is a type of seasonal depression that can increase one’s sensitivity to back pain. Therefore, during winter, depression can also lead to back pain as body aches and backaches are a common symptom of depression, and research has shown that people with severe depression actually feel pain more intensely than others.

Moreover, depression itself can cause the kind of fatigue that prevents you from exercising and strengthening your core muscles, which in turn puts added stresses on the disks, joints and ligaments in your back, making you more susceptible to low back pain, muscle strains and other injuries.

Exercise can lead to further back pain

Quite the contrary as exercise is extremely important to alleviate back pain. If you don’t stretch or exercise your back a few times a week, it will lose the strength necessary to provide a straight posture and pain-free movement in the body. Exercise is the best way to help with your sciatica. In fact, Cold weather may discourage you from exercising, which can be a formula for back pain. Try indoor exercises such as yoga and aerobics, swimming in a temperature controlled warm pool, or perhaps working out on a stationary bicycle. You’ll be surprised at how much more energy and less pain you have just by staying active throughout the winter.

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The Promise of Care – Emirates Hospital’s Journey to Triumph

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Commitment to grow and dedication to care have been the core factors underlining the development of the hospital

In today’s time, as hospitals and health systems continue to consolidate, the ability to improve care delivery is increasingly important. Believing in this philosophy and deploying it at all stages of operation, Emirates Hospital in Jumeirah has grown exponentially to a sprawling enterprise. The hospital now employs over 450 people, including 120 doctors and 160 nurses.

“Emirates Hospital, while being an established brand, the new facility in Jumeirah started seeing patients only in October 2017. With an aim to become a patient-centric facility, we ended up going back to the drawing board and understanding what the real insight was in a market where there is a clinic or a hospital just around the corner. Bearing in mind all the influential parameters, we realised that the most integral part of a successful journey is patient care and their experience. As such, we then built all our processes around this key pillar, working towards a facility where every visitor had access to personalised services and care along the entire way. Over the years, with care as our main focus, we have added new specialities as Rheumatology, Endocrinology, Diet & Nutrition and Sleep Lab, amongst many others to help the community around us,” said Maan Jamal, Medical Director of Emirates Hospital – Jumeirah.

Emirates Hospital has been a major part of the growth of healthcare in the Gulf, and continues to be so. What started with a few patients visiting the facility, has now become the talk of the town with satisfied patients spreading the goodwill. In its early days of commencement, the hospital witnessed minimal flow of patients, but as people started experiencing its services, the facility, medical practice and quality standards, the number of patients has increased ever since.

Since its establishment, Emirates Hospital’s focus on quality has always been high and the hospital has been recently awarded the JCI Accreditation, a gold standard mark in the industry of healthcare for realising its commitment to the highest quality of care for its patients.

The hospital attributes its spectacular growth to many factors. Dr. Maan Jamal says, “Commitment to grow and dedication to care have been the core factors of our development. In addition, we’ve used a multitude of tools to highlight the expertise and technological advancements at the hospital. It would be safe to say that we today see a number of patients from within the country and globally visiting Emirates Hospital with tertiary health care requirements taking advantage of our advanced Operating Theatres and surgeons, while also enjoying some of our luxurious in-patient rooms.”

With an aim to be a leader and trend setter, Emirates Hospital has always kept its focus on international standards of medical practice and to this effect collaborated with a number of specialised care providers, to bring to the UAE community specialised & unique healthcare solutions. Some of its significant collaborations are ReGen Medical Management Dubai, a new stem cell and regenerative medical center in addition to Humeira Badsha Medical Centre (HBMC), which specialises in musculoskeletal diseases and QURO Obesity Center, a specialised brand aimed at fighting Morbid Obesity.

While Emirates Hospital journey to growth is an incredible tale of determination and relentless effort, the hospital has also faced several challenges while building the bricks.

“One of the challenges we faced early on as we began establishing the facility was the right mix of physicians/doctors which we felt would positively impact our patients visiting us from near or far. Having said that, we have now established a stellar combination of Consultants and Specialists who aren’t just doctors but prove to be partners to our patients lives,” added Hospital Director, Atul John.

Having grown to a 62-bed hospital now, Emirates Hospital has experienced a positive shift with the continuous addition of services such as Dental, Ophthalmology and much more which are soon to begin, making Emirates Hospital a one-stop destination for all healthcare requirements. The premium healthcare facility is also working towards an expansion of the hospital that will positively change the medical landscape in the region through education, collaborations and partnerships.

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Two couples blessed with baby girls on New Year at RAK Hospital

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For Emirati couple Hassan Ali and Safeyya Ali Salem, the year 2019 brought their very own special bundle of joy: a beautiful baby girl, who was born in the wee hours of the New Year, at 3:00 am, at RAK Hospital, Ras Al Khaimah. Weighing around 3.2 kgs, the baby is the first child of the young couple.

Another baby girl, weighing 2.85 kgs was born to Egyptian parents, Hani Ahmed and Safiya Abbas Morsy at the Hospital on New Year.

Congratulating the happy parents on this occasion, Dr Raza Siddiqui, CEO of Arabian Healthcare Group, and Executive Director at RAK Hospital said: “As a New Year gift to the babies born at RAK Hospital on 1st January, we will provide free OPD consultation including vaccination for one year. There are few blessings more joyous than the birth of a baby, and on the behalf of the RAK Hospital, I would like to congratulate both the couples. We wish every couple in the UAE who was blessed with a baby on New Year all the happiness”.

During its decade-old journey, RAK Hospital has introduced several unique and changing medical needs of women of all ages, providing comfortable, luxurious and warm environment with personalised care.


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Make 2019 the year of self-love with VoucherSkout

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Make 2019 the year to focus on mind, body and a healthy bank balance with VoucherSkout

This January, the UAE is invited to burn off those holiday calories and indulge in a little detoxifying TLC at 50% off through the VoucherSkout app. Providing a great incentive for those looking to stick to resolutions. The leading value-added discount platform from the UAE, offers users a host of fitness classes, spa services and gym memberships at a fraction of the price.

Unlike other discount platforms, VoucherSkout eliminates costly upfront annual subscriptions for the consumer and does not charge merchants to be a part of their network.  Customers benefit from greater discounts and redeem deals on a ‘pay-as-you-go’ basis, meaning they only pay for vouchers when they use them. A small fee ranging from AED 5 to AED 50 depending on the offer, is charged when purchasing one of the ‘50% off’ vouchers. Available through the app as well as automatically installed though Samsung Pay Vouchers.

Highlights of healthy treats available at 50% off through the VoucherSkout app includes:

Abu Dhabi Offers


Enjoy reinvigorating massages as well as beach & pool access at this prestigious hotel.


Getting back in shape has never felt so rewarding with VoucherSkout’s 50% off Membership packages.


Make 2019 all about self-love with massage treatments as well as beach & pool access, at the exclusive Sheraton Health Club.

Dubai Offers


The Dubai institution is now on VoucherSkout. Ladies can enjoy access to the beach club as well as gym membership, spa treatments and Zumba classes.


The five-star hotel boasts stunning facilities where VoucherSkout fans can partake in Parama circuit, spinning and yoga classes.


The newly refurbished ice rink at the Hyatt Regency makes keeping active fun, with 50% skating passes with VoucherSkout.


Visitors will leave the Oberoi Spa feeling Zen with a plethora of yoga packages, massages and facials on offer. Namaste!


Fitness enthusiasts can get back into shape, fast with the Award-winning X-Body system at Full Circle Body Fitness. Electric impulses that are similar to the body’s own natural electrical stimulus help to burn fat fast, whilst building muscle and increasing metabolism. In just 20 minutes, experience the same results of training for four hours at the gym.


The popular gym offers a host of classes to get gym bunnies on track in 2019.


The indoor boot camp offers state of the art equipment and highly experienced staff that will ensure fitness enthusiasts will reach their personal goals.


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