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Al Masaood Projects & Engineering Services Division set to Share Global Energy Solutions at ADIPEC 2018

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  • Top Longstanding Exhibitor to Showcase Wide Range of Industrial & Engineering Equipment

Al Masaood’s Projects & Engineering Services Division (PESD) will appear at this year’s Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference (ADIPEC) for the 20th consecutive year, to share comprehensive energy and petrochemical services in cooperation with internationally-acclaimed service providers from around the globe.

Joining over 100,000 regional and international participants, Al Masaood’s PESD is one of the major partners and exhibitors of the upcoming premier event, held at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC).

This prestigious event is held under the patronage of H.H. Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE, and runs from November 12th -15th, 2018. PESD’s exhibition stands will be situated within Hall 3; Stands 3430 and 3530.

Mr. Robert Schwarz, Chief Operating Officer of Al Masaood, said “PESD’s participation in ADIPEC enables our high-level representatives to engage with key industry leaders and like-minded peers worldwide. This is an ideal opportunity for Al Masaood to showcase its portfolio of integrated energy services and our contributions to the overall development of the UAE’s energy – particularly oil and gas – markets. We look forward to sharing our four decades of experience serving a range of clients from the power, oil and gas, and petrochemical industries in the UAE and its neighboring countries.”

Since its inception, PESD has been collaborating closely with various global technology partners to embark on key ventures, designed to help boost Abu Dhabi’s energy growth and infrastructure.

The division has been at the forefront of a number of major projects of national importance, such as the Das Island LNG trains, the Gasco Ruwais gas train, and the sour Habshan field development. In addition, the division has supported the provision of electrical power grid connections to Saadiyat Island and other similar projects, aside from being a major contributor to ADNOC’s in-country value (ICV) program.

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HE Abdulla Ali Bin Zayed Al-Falasi officially opens HR Summit & Expo 2018

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  • Golden era of HR technology being held back by old, ineffective systems – experts

HE Abdulla Ali Bin Zayed Al-Falasi, Director General for the Dubai Government Human Resources Department (DGHR) today officially inaugurated the 15th edition of the HR Summit and Expo, the region’s largest gathering of human resources experts.

HE Abdulla Al-Falasi said, “The UAE is dedicated to the development of human beings within organisations which is why government agencies have taken steps to develop and implement courses and training programmes to the highest of standards.

“The human element is a cornerstone of societal development and the UAE is keen to provide opportunities that advance HR management. This is a crucial aspect as we enter into the fourth industrial revolution.

“The HR Summit and Expo is the ideal platform for exchanging views and experiences among the world’s human resources experts who take advantage of the latest developments and technology within the industry.”

Following the official opening, HE Abdulla Al-Falasi toured the exhibition halls, meeting with exhibitors who have congregated in Dubai for the three-day event at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

Ankur Modi, CEO for Status Today, the world’s fastest growing employee insights platform, believes the introduction of innovative technology has the potential to revolutionise HR.

He said: “We are experiencing a golden era for AI and HR technology. As companies are trying to become more data driven, many are continuing to use the old traditional HR tools such as surveys to see results. It’s our duty to provide companies with the cost-effective platforms and technology they need to get faster, more reliable results.

“We are lucky to be living in a technology driven era where we have the opportunity to get rid of timely frustrating surveys, and have access to immediate and cost-efficient tools that give faster results, improving efficiency across the whole business.”

Global Consultancy Company, Cubiks, designs tools and solutions for assessing and developing people. Cubiks uses software powered by artificial intelligence and complex algorithms to provide visually attractive tools that help organizations make better people decisions.

James Raley, the company’s Country Manager, said: “Systems and technologies that create efficiency are now more important than ever. In our industry we lose so much time on administration and other routine tasks that can all be automated.”

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Standard Chartered study reveals social mobility is booming in the UAE

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  • Emerging affluent consumers enjoying impressive earnings growth, and higher levels of education, employment and home ownership than their parents
  • Levels of optimism among the emerging affluent in the UAE are high, with 73% believing they are in a better financial position than their parents
  • The top source of income for three-quarters of households globally is their Employee salary (75%). This rises to 82% in the UAE
  • Nearly two-thirds (64%) of the emerging affluent in the UAE say their familiarity with digital tools has been vital to their personal success
  • Almost half of respondents in the UAE (46%) say they will trust an online only bank
  • Children’s education (35% Total, 39% UAE), buying a first home (25%) and buying an investment property (25% Total, 22% UAE) are the top three financial goals that respondents have already achieved

More than half (57%) of emerging affluent consumers in the UAE are experiencing upward social mobility, a new Standard Chartered study shows. Of these, 7% are enjoying ‘supercharged’* social mobility, not just relative to the previous generation, but compared to the rest of the socially mobile.

The Emerging Affluent Study 2018 – Climbing the Prosperity Ladder – examines the views of 11,000 emerging affluent consumers – individuals who are earning enough to save and invest – from 11 markets across Asia, Africa and the Middle East. The average figure for social mobility among the emerging affluent across the markets in the study is 59%, and of these 7% are experiencing supercharged social mobility.

The UAE’s socially mobile, as identified by the study, have had impressive earnings growth, with more than two in five (42%) enjoying a salary increase of 10% or more in the past year, and more than a quarter (27%) seeing their earnings jump by 50% or more in the past five years. The study also revealed that the top source of income for three-quarters of households in the UAE is their Employee salary 82%. The percentage globally is 75%. Also, Employee salary makes up two-fifths (41% total, rising to 46% in the UAE) of the proportion of respondents’ sources of income followed by Business income (20% Total, 17% UAE). For those who have an investment portfolio as a source of income, the average annual ROI is 16% (18% in the UAE).

In the UAE, the socially mobile in the study are also better educated and achieving higher levels of employment and home ownership than their parents. 85% went to university, compared to 63% of their fathers and 54% of their mothers; and 77% are in management positions or running their own businesses compared to 61% of their fathers and 31% of their mothers. 91% of the socially mobile own their own home, compared to 75% of their parents at the same age.

Levels of optimism among the emerging affluent in the UAE are even higher than the reality, with 73% believing they are in a better financial position than their parents compared to the 57% in the study that are actually socially mobile.

Social status of the emerging affluent

Average China Hong Kong India Indonesia Kenya Malaysia Nigeria Pakistan Singapore South Korea UAE

charged’ Socially Mobile*

7% 7% 6% 11% 4% 7% 6% 6% 11% 4% 4% 7%
Socially Mobile* 52% 60% 53% 56% 50% 54% 49% 50% 53% 51% 45% 50%
Not Socially Mobile 42% 33% 41% 33% 46% 39% 45% 44% 37% 46% 51% 43%

The study also reveals that two-thirds (66%) of the emerging affluent in the UAE believe effective wealth management holds the key to greater social mobility. Investing in financial products is helping them to keep moving up the ladder, with 55% of the emerging affluent saying that this is their strategy for meeting their financial goals and increasing their wealth.

When it comes to prioritising those financial goals, Children’s education (35% Total, 39% UAE), buying a first home (25%) and buying an investment property (25% Total, 22% UAE) were the top three financial goals that respondents have already achieved.

For financial goals that respondents aim to achieve, the top two include their children’s education (43%) and buying an investment property (22% Total, 18% UAE).

For those who have not invested more or do not have an investment strategy, over a third (37% total, 42% UAE) know about investment products but are unsure of which to choose. 31% (36% UAE) are familiar with investment products but do not have the time to read market news and monitor their investments and a quarter (26%) are not familiar with investment products at all, dropping to 19% in the UAE.

Shehzad Hameed, Head of Retail Banking, Standard Chartered UAE, said: “These ambitious consumers in the UAE are on an upward social trajectory: they are outstripping their parents’ success in education, careers and home ownership. As their ambitions and aspirations grow, they’re demanding convenient financial services and digital technology to broaden their access to money management and advance their financial wellbeing. It’s an exciting journey where they are not only improving their own lives, but they are also fuelling growth in one of the world’s most exciting markets, the UAE.”

Amer Khan, Head of Retail Product and Segments, Standard Chartered UAE, said: “This report goes a long way in reinforcing how the UAE has grown into a hub of career opportunity for professionals from across the globe with solid earnings potential. For 82% of the respondents in the UAE, the top source of income is their Employee salary compared to 75% Globally.  In terms of earnings, nearly three-quarters (72%) of respondents in the UAE have seen their earnings increase in the past year. For respondents who have seen an increase in their earnings, 25% are very satisfied with the level of increase compared to 19% globally.”

Other findings from the study, include:

Digital dividends: technology holds the key to financial success

Nearly two-thirds (64%) of the emerging affluent in the UAE say their familiarity with digital tools has been vital to their personal success. The same number (64%) say online banking makes them feel that they have more control over their money and investments, and 63% say digital money management has helped them get closer to achieving their financial goals.

In addition, two-fifths of the respondents (39%) say they will trust an online only bank, in the UAE the percentage is 46%, making it one of the highest among the emerging affluent across the markets in the study. 

On-demand advisers alleviate risk aversion

The UAE’s emerging affluent are comfortable going online for financial advice, with more than half (52%) saying they would invest in financial products online if an on-demand adviser was available. Risk is not a problem for the emerging affluent if strong rewards are possible: 52% would accept a high level of risk for a high level of return when investing their money in online financial products.

Perceptions of Wealth and Aspirations

53% of respondents define their financial success as, ‘increasing their personal wealth overtime’. For 38%, financial success is owning a house whilst for 31%, it is rapid career progress. When it comes to the criteria of characterising themselves; 18% of respondents define themselves as ‘very affluent’; the percentage rose to (28% in UAE) whilst a higher 42% (39% in UAE) define themselves as ‘affluent’.

Looking at the current financial position of respondents compared to their parents at the same stage of their life, over a quarter (27% total, 31% in UAE) feel they are ‘much’ better off and 43% feel they are better off.

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MAG Lifestyle Development announces 80% completion of infrastructure works for MAG Creek Wellbeing Resort™

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  • Construction work at the AED 2.2. billion wellness-inspired development is progressing strongly, with 15% of the overall work already complete

MAG Lifestyle Development (MAG LD), the development arm of MAG Group Holding, has announced that 80% of infrastructure works has been completed to date by Dar Alwad Contracting LLC at its MAG Creek Wellbeing Resort™, the first wellness-inspired development in the MENA. Under the management of lead consultant VX and architects A++, construction is proceeding as planned with the AED 2.2 billion development being 15% complete and on track for its expected delivery date in Q1 2021.

Talal Moafaq Al Gaddah, CEO of MAG LD, commented: “We are pleased with the progress that MAG Creek Wellbeing Resort™ is witnessing which reflects our ‘lifestyle development’ philosophy that gears toward enhancing human lives. Our development partners are carefully selected for their high-quality standards and meticulous attention to detail, and we are confident that they will bring this project to fruition while aligning with our mission to exceed customer expectations.”

MAG Creek Wellbeing Resort™ has been designed in partnership with Delos™, a leading wellness real estate and technology company, to provide residents with a holistic and healthy lifestyle by integrating the best of science, health and technology within the built environment and WELL living Lab™ The first lab exclusively committed to researching the real-world impact of the indoor environment on human health and wellness and WELL Building Standard™ The world’s first building standard focused exclusively on human health and wellness and healthier travel experience. .  The gated, landscaped community spans over 898,786 square feet and covers 550m of the highly sought-after Dubai Creek waterfront. It is strategically situated adjacent to the Ras Al Khor Flamingo Wildlife Sanctuary and only 4.5km away from Burj Khalifa and Downtown Dubai.

MAG Creek Wellbeing Resort™ includes a 120,000 square-foot World Care Wellness Centre, the largest wellness centre in the world. It will offer health-conscientious residents and guests’ full access to a state-of-the art medical check-up clinic that guides, informs, and supports healthy living choices. The community also includes a luxurious 96-room World Care Wellness Hotel, a sports, fitness, and leisure centre, and a wide variety of restaurants, cafés, and retail outlets.

In addition to the World Care Wellness Centre and Hotel, the project is home to 17 unique waterfront mansions that overlook Dubai Creek, 75 luxury apartments, and 172 serviced wellness holiday homes.

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DLD organises Dubai Property Show – London

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  • The show will further consolidate Dubai’s position as the leading property investment destination by showcasing projects from leading developers

Dubai Land Department (DLD) is proud to organise the third edition of the Dubai Property Show to London from 16 – 18 November 2018. The three-day show will bring leading real estate companies like Nakheel Properties, Falconcity of Wonders, Sobha Realty and many other developers along with Real Estate Brokers, Banks, and Lawyers to the show.

HE Majida Ali Rashid, CEO of the Real Estate Promotion and Investment Management Sector at DLD, commented: “Dubai is one of the most attractive cities for foreign investors, and Dubai Land Department has always been exploring ways to enhance the sustainable growth of the real estate sector. The Emirate is on a lot of UK residents’ radars, especially when considering the substantial number of British expatriates that we are glad to be serving. It is, therefore, our pleasure to host Dubai Property Show in London again, and look forward to organising more events of this nature.”

According to the statistics issued by DLD’s Department of Real Estate Studies & Research, British citizens have emerged as the second-highest foreign investors in Dubai real estate; and according to DLD’s records, a total of 29,125 British investors concluded 47,877 real estate transactions worth over AED 88 billion since their entry into Dubai’s real estate market. With a strategic location, high investment and rental yield, and regulations and legislation that are set in place to protect the rights of all parties, Dubai continues to be an attractive proposition for foreign investors.

Rashid affirmed the show’s success in its previous editions, which is made possible thanks to the patronage of Platinum Sponsors Nakheel Properties, Falconcity of Wonders, and Sobha Realty, as well as the gracious partnerships of the UAE Embassy, Dubai Chamber, Dubai Tourism, Dubai Police, and the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (Government Agency partners); Emirates (Official Airline partner); JLL – Jones Lang LaSalle (Strategic Real Estate partner); Medallion Associates (International Promotion Trustee); Knight Frank (Knowledge partner); International Property and Travel (Media Partner) and Emirates Islamic Bank (Banking Partner); and the support of the International Property Awards Dubai.

Mr. Aqil Kazim, Chief Commercial Officer, Nakheel, said: “After first exhibiting at DPS London in 2016, we are proud to be back as Platinum Sponsor with an exciting range of projects and investment opportunities, many of which come with very attractive payment plans.  Our diverse range of offerings includes luxury apartments on the world-famous Palm Jumeirah, stylish high-rise units at Dragon City and villas with private pools at the high-end Jumeirah Park community.”

HE Salem Almoosa, Chairman and General Manager, Falconcity of Wonders LLC, said: “From the impeccable infrastructure to the warm and welcoming Arabic hospitality, Dubai is a preferred destination among tourists, businessmen, entrepreneurs, and investors. As a booming economy, tourism has played a pivotal role in putting the Emirate on the world map. Dubai has attracted investments from around the world and across a vast array of sectors such as technology, education, medicine and real estate and is ranked as one of the best places to live in the Middle East, promising an excellent quality of life.”

Mr. PNC Menon, Founder & Chairman, Sobha Group said, “Dubai is one of the most popular destinations for UK nationals, not just for vacationing and shopping, but for the overall aspirational lifestyle it offers. Over the years, Dubai has also emerged as a strong business hub offering various investment incentives and tax-free policies. To top it, the number of Dubai expatriate residents exceed two million, forming a formidable part of the workface. These factors make it easy to understand why investors from the UK are flocking to Dubai to invest in property. With foreign real estate investments to the tune of AED 162 billion in the first nine months of 2018 coming in from foreign investments, the Dubai property market continues to be the preferred investment destination for various nationalities.”

Mr. Himanshu Gupta, General Manager at Sumansa Exhibitions LLC, organisers of Dubai Property Show, said: “With the increase in investments from British buyers, Dubai has become an attractive proposition for investors, second home buyers, holidaymakers, and businessmen. The Dubai Property Show garners an immense amount of interest from potential buyers and investors and will be a platform to encourage investment and educate people about the legalities and processes as well.”

Visitors to the show will have the opportunity to attend free seminars offered by qualified professionals with experience in property, law, and other subjects, where they will learn about property investments, upcoming Dubai hotspots, financing and legal information to keep in mind when investing in Dubai, and much more. Exclusive payment plans and financial loans will also be made available.

The Dubai Property Show endeavors to be the platform for investors to see and purchase fantastic property developments in Dubai.

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Mimecast Wins Global Business Continuity Institute Award for Continuity and Resilience

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Mimecast Mailbox Continuity Highlighted as a Strategic Asset for Cyber Resilience for Email

Mimecast Limited (NASDAQ:MIME), a leading email and data security company, today announced it has been awarded best ‘Continuity and Resilience Provider Service/Product’ at the 2018 BCI Global Awards.

Mimecast received recognition for providing an outstanding service and product, relevant to the continuity and resilience profession. This award follows Mimecast being recognized at the BCI Africa Awards 2018 for Mimecast Mailbox Continuity.

In the event of a sudden or planned email outage, Mimecast Mailbox Continuity is designed to provide uninterrupted access to live and historic email and attachments from the Mimecast cloud using everyday tools like Microsoft Outlook® for Windows® web and mobile applications. Employees get access to email — from anywhere, on any device. Administrators can monitor email flow, receive alerts and manage a continuity event quickly and easily from just about anywhere.

In 2017, Mimecast supported thousands of customers globally to protect against more than 2,900 days with email disruption, saving an estimated $9m in economic activity based on a typical 25% productivity loss.

Pete Banham, cyber resilience expert at Mimecast, commented, “Today’s resilience requirements demand more than a defense-only security strategy to counter continuity challenges impacted by cyber-attacks, hardware failure, extreme weather and human error. Global organizations are increasingly relying on the same shared IT and communication infrastructure from global cloud computing vendors. For example, operational dependency on the Microsoft Office 365® platform is massive and accelerating, which creates new challenges for business continuity, IT and cybersecurity professionals.

“The only way to mitigate these new risks is to adopt a strategy of cyber resilience. Essentially a multi-dimensional approach that brings together threat protection, the right durability and tested recoverability. For many organizations this can effectively reduce the ‘recovery point objective’ and ‘recovery time objective’ for email to near zero – all while retaining a complete security posture.”

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Middle East Organic & Natural Products Expo 2018 to Have Over 220 International and Local Exhibitors in Dubai

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  • 16th edition of the exhibition set to conduct workshops, panel discussions and a special conference on Traditional, Complimentary and Alternative Medicine (TCAM)
  • Expected visitor turn out sets the pace for several new product launches at the exhibition

The Middle East Organic & Natural Products Expo 2018 is returning to Dubai Convention & Exhibition Centre on November 18-20. It is set to bring the best of organic food and beverage, beauty and wellness, health and nutrition products as well as alternative medicines and therapy. This year, the exhibition has doubled in size and has over 220 exhibitors from 55 countries and 12 major country pavilions. Global Links Exhibitions the organizers have now added an in-depth day-long conference on Traditional, Complimentary and Alternative Medicine (TCAM) with experts from around the world who will be sharing their experience and knowledge.

The 16th edition will see the launch of several new global organic and natural products being launched at the exhibition. Additionally, a special pavilion dedicated to organic tea and coffee has been further introduced to tackle the growing demand in the region.

Highlighting this year’s activities, Shinu Pillai, Exhibition Director, Middle East Organic & Natural Products Expo, said, “Our aim for this year to ensure a much higher rate of knowledge transfer for our visitors. We have developed a series of workshops and conferences that run through the three days of the exhibition to highlight some trending topics via our international and local expert guest speakers. Given the importance of the Middle East markets, some participants are using the platform to launch their products due to the expected demand over the coming years. Besides, the credibility of the show has only helped us double our participant numbers this year.”

Some of the conference and workshop sessions include a panel discussion on Empowering Women through Agribusiness by International Trade Centre and UKAid. Others include discussions of organic beauty trends and opportunities, online retail trends as well as an organic Food and Beverage round-table.

Day one of the exhibition will also see the first Arab yoga instructor Nouf Marwaai of Saudi Arabia, a recipient of India’s fourth highest civilian award; the Padma Shri, deliver the keynote speech that will set the stage for the for the knowledge sessions soon after the inauguration.

The Middle East is majorly dependent on imports, and to tackle the growing demand worth USD 2 billion at 24% growth per year, the exhibition is expected to attract over 9500 niche organic and natural buyers from over 40 countries including Middle East, Africa, South and East Asia. This year’s added attractions are expected to boost interest levels and will strengthen the dynamic and ever-expanding market for procurements.

It is into this exceptionally fast-growing market that Middle East Organic and Natural Expo is launching its bulk purchase website for exclusively natural and organic based products,  ArabianOrganics, an online wholesale portal aimed at helping international and regional suppliers connect with buyers across the Middle East and North Africa.

“We’re excited about this, because it is the first of its kind website for organic products in the region. Essentially, right from lead generation to delivery, we pick your products, store them in UAE and deliver to your buyer’s doorstep; packed according to their needs and is an end-to-end service. Keeping in mind the international nature of our clients, ArabianOrganics helps you ensure payment security and enforces buyer guarantees strongly. Selling to the Middle East has never been so easy.”, says Shinu Pillai.

The Middle East Organic and Natural Products Expo 2018 will also continue having VIP buyers from outside of the UAE. A structured online and onsite matchmaking program ensures that visitors can pre-schedule for meetings with exhibitors. VIP buyers within the UAE are assisted by dedicated buyer engagement teams who facilitate meetings with exhibitors of interest.

Visitors can get free entry by registering online or onsite. The exhibition will take place at Hall 7 and 8 of the Dubai Convention & Exhibition Centre and will be open for visitors from 10am to 6pm.

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This year, the Dubai Fitness Challenge (DFC) has teamed up with online marketplace to launch an exclusive line of DFC branded active wear and accessories; giving participants the chance to work out and exercise in style.

DFC products exclusively available on include ergonomic water bottles; non-slip yoga mats with a moisture resistant surface and shoulder strap; men, women and children’s DFC t-shirts with DRI-Fit technology making them suitable for all sports activities; a DFC branded cap featuring a snapback closure; and a DFC inspired drawstring bag to keep all your gear in one place. With all items priced below AED 100, the affordable DFC range will ensure you complete your #Dubai30x30 in style.

Taking place from 26 October until 24 November with five themed fitness villages across major communities in Dubai, weekend carnivals and free classes happening city-wide, DFC has something for all ages, abilities and fitness levels. To get on board with the huge range of activities (over 4,000 fitness sessions and classes including walking groups, paddle-boarding, aerobics, football, yoga, bike riding and everything in between), sign-up on the Dubai Fitness App which is available on the Apple Store and Google Play.

For more information on Dubai Fitness Challenge visit

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Farnek secures FM contracts worth over AED115 million in Q3

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  • UAE-based leading FM company lands contracts with Oracle, Kings College, Dubai Airports, Burj Khalifa, Dark Matter, Musanada, and the Ministry of Community Development
  • Over 500 staff mobilised to manage services including MEP, cleaning and security

UAE-based facilities management (FM) company and sustainability consultancy Farnek, has been awarded contracts worth over AED115 million from several major organisations and companies throughout Dubai and Abu Dhabi in Q3, including Dubai Airports, the Burj Khalifa, Oracle, Kings College, Dark Matter, Musanada and the Ministry of Community Development.

Over 500 staff have been mobilised as part of the contracts. Farnek will manage a full suite of hard and soft FM services including, Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP), security services, cleaning, landscaping, pest control and waste management.

Commenting, Farnek CEO, Markus Oberlin said: “These account wins are indicative of the wealth of knowledge we have of the local market and our understanding of our clients and their customers. We have invested significantly into technology and innovation, something which is at the very crux of our offering and is a crucial component of our business strategy success and account wins,” added Oberlin.

Farnek’s newly signed contracts include the retention of the three-year Burj Khalifa contract to provide MEP and specialist sub-contractor services such as firefighting.

“We have provided MEP services to the Burj Khalifa since its launch in 2010 so this new contract will signify a decade of service to one of the most prestigious and recognised buildings in the world and further underscores the confidence they have in our team,” said Oberlin.

Farnek has also been successful in renewing its cleaning contract with Oracle. The three-year contract will see 25 staff service the client’s 100,000 sqft state-of-the-art Media City-based commercial buildings.

Within the UAE’s expanding aviation sector, Farnek has renewed a two-year contract with Dubai Airports to continue to provide over 200 members of staff for soft FM services in Terminal 2.

In the medical sector, Kings College has awarded Farnek the contract to provide MEP and cleaning services to three of their centres in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, including, Abu Dhabi Medical & Surgical Centre, Jumeriah Medical Centre and Marina Medical Centre.

“From a healthcare perspective we are acutely aware of the high hygiene and infection control standards and use our state-of-the-art training centre and knowledge to capitalise on our skills within this area when securing contracts. For other sectors, our BICSc accreditation is an additional international best practice benchmark,” added Oberlin

The Ministry of Community Development has contracted Farnek to mobilise over 100 staff for cleaning services across the UAE in 39 locations including community welfare centres, housing, offices and nursing homes.

In Abu Dhabi, cyber security firm DarkMatter has appointed Farnek for hard and soft FM services including MEP, security and cleaning. The team will be responsible for residential and office maintenance, including the company’s office in Aldar HQ, where staff will be trained on the strict security controls and standards in place, due to the nature of the company.

Finally, Farnek will add MEP, hard services and specialised systems to its existing Musanada portfolio in Abu Dhabi. For the first time Farnek will be responsible for providing MEP services to sports clubs, recreational facilities and horse racing events, further endorsing the company’s expertise and growth in both hard and soft FM services in the UAE.

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Gemini Property Developers restructures board as company plans expansion into India and Saudi Arabia

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  • Sailesh Jatania, former CEO, has now been given a strategic advisory role to the Board of Directors, will be overseeing Dh800 million real estate investment plan

Gemini Property Developers, a Dubai based boutique real estate developer, has announced the restructuring of its Board of Directors in the wake of planned expansion. Sailesh Jatania, former Chief Executive has been promoted to the position of Board Advisor, given his extensive experience of the UAE and the region’s real estate market. He has been moved from execution to strategic role.

Sailesh’s specialties include fast track project management, financial analysis, fund raising, process implementation, cost management, contracting & negotiations and team building.

As the CEO of Gemini Property Developers, he led the real estate development business of Gemini Group. He spearheaded end-to-end project objectives, procurement, contracting, construction, sales and marketing that were instrumental in successful timely completion of Dh300 million Splendor residential project at Mohammed Bin Rashid City, the debut project of Gemini. As a result this success helped the company in raising its market positioning and gaining investor confidence.

Sailesh Jatania is a seasoned and versatile professional with more than 35 years of business management experience. Sailesh has always been aggressive and innovative team player – ready to accept new challenges. After having a humble beginning, Sailesh has come a long way to work at the helm of affairs in prestigious real estate development.

Sudhakar Rao, Chairman of Gemini Property Developers and Chairman of Board of Directors, said: “I am pleased to announce that all board members unanimously accepted Sailesh Jatania as Advisor to the Board of Gemini Group. He is humble but with a hawk’s eye. Under his supervision, Gemini received a tremendous trust of investors. Our first project – Splendor – was completed on time and we have started handing it over to the residents. This calibre of leadership is a dream for every developer. Now, we want to capitalize on his strengths to achieve new milestones as we are expanding our footprint and move to newer territories.”

Sailesh Jatania, Advisor to the Board, Gemini Property Developers, said: “I am honoured to have the confidence of Gemini Board members, who entrusted me with a heavy mandate. I will be glad to share my experience and advise the board on taking Gemini to new heights of success and achieving further growth. I am sure we can achieve it with concerted efforts coupled with reinforcing team spirit. I am pleased to see that Gemini has achieved milestone by completing Splendor at MBR City on time, which has propelled the investor confidence.”

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