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London halal app plans to become eBay of Muslim world

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The app designed “for Muslims by Muslims” includes prayer times, Islamic quotes, reminders, faith-based daily passages, a halal food finder and social messaging.

London-based halal-friendly app Ummah has turned to e-commerce to help it become the eBay of the Muslim world.

The app designed “for Muslims by Muslims” includes prayer times, Islamic quotes, reminders, faith-based daily passages, a halal food finder and social messaging.

Now it has launched its new feature ‘Ummah Online Marketplace’ where users can buy and sell products online within a “halal and ethical environment” in a bidding style similar to US e-commerce platform eBay.

“We want to be the next eBay… Buyers want the opportunity to bid on items hoping to get them cheaper, or even trade items that benefit both parties,” an Ummah spokesperson said.

The free of charge app currently has 20,000 users and is available on App Store and Google Play.

The Islamic economy has seen a surge in products designed to cater to the modern Muslim across a vast range of sectors from modest fashion and beauty, to halal tourism and Islamic finance.

It is believed to be one of the world’s largest untapped economies and fastest-growing faith-based economy. In 2017 alone, around 1.8 billion Muslims with a median age of just 24 years spent $2.1 trillion, according to the latest State of the Global Islamic Economy Report.

By 2060, the population of Muslims is expected to grow to 3 billion, according to projections by the Pew research center.

Here we go with the app links:

Official Website: Ummah

App Store Download Link: Ummah

Google Play Download Link: Ummah

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Dental Wig brings a smile to your face

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There are many people who are unhappy with their appearance in the world today. Some peoples’ teeth may have been unattractive for their entire lives, whereas others’ teeth may have aged and slowly become unattractive. For these reasons, many people decide to look into cosmetic dentistry.

Cosmetic dentistry could be considered a dental facelift, changing someone’s appearance so that they look better and feel better about themselves.

There are many techniques in cosmetic dentistry, from braces to porcelain veneers. More often than not, dentists use a combination of these techniques in order to achieve the best results.

Many dentists choose to provide a variety of procedures, while others focus on specific areas of treatment. Many times, cosmetic and restorative dentistry requires more than one dentist to achieve the best results. So, shortlisting suitable dentists who could provide you all the specific and related cosmetic dentistry support you need is a crucial part of the entire process.

You can anticipate dental problems when your teeth begin to accumulate plaque. It causes tooth decay and gum disease. It is the first sign of gum problems. You can prevent gum disease by following seven simple steps.

Never treat dental problems lightly. They not only damage your gum and teeth but can lead to other serious health problems such as heart disease. Proper oral hygiene, good nutritional food, and regular dental visits can prevent dental problems from progressing into periodontitis.

Smile is the beauty of Face. Healthy teeth compliment a healthy smile. For keeping teeth healthy proper care is very necessary. Nowadays, because of unhealthy food and due to not taking proper care, many dental problems are arising like bruxism, canker sore, teeth cavities, gum diseases, Periodontitis, Dysphasia, Gingivitis, Halitosis, dry mouth and many more.

Tips for Dental Care:

Brush your teeth correctly at least twice a day, Use your teeth for what they are intended for, Avoid smoking, drugs, tobacco etc., Avoid clenching or grinding teeth, Floss your teeth to remove food particles and bits that are trapped under the gums, Consume foods that will not damage your teeth, Know what you are taking and update your knowledge about the side effects of these medications, Perform Exercises for your teeth like gum massage.

Visit My Dental Wig for affordable and premium dental implants and clean the mouth after having the food to maintain good oral hygiene.

Dental Implants Information

Dental implants are ideal to replace broken or damaged teeth.  Be advised that these dental implants can be a costly procedure as well as lengthy procedure.

Typically, dental implants have a starting cost of around $1000 dollars for each tooth.  If you have dentures, bridges, broken or damaged teeth dental implants could be a great investment for your smile.  This procedure has very low failure rates.  If a failure was to occur, chances are that there was an undetected bacterial infection during the install of the implant.

Timeframes needed to complete the dental implant procedure have a few contributing factors.  One such factor is a state of the jawbone.  If the doctor needs more jaw bones to work with, bone grafting may be required.  This process must be completed and healed before the dental implant can be installed.

Osseointegration is a process where a titanium post is screwed into the jawbone.  This must be left for 3-6 months so that the bone can fuse around it. A plate-style implant may be used between the gum and the jawbone if the bone integrity is not ideal.

Once the healing has completed, the doctor will make a cast of the mouth.  Then a ceramic tooth will be made to match the existing shape and color of the teeth.

A Guide to Dental Health

People begin to learn about dental health from a very young age when teeth first begin to show up. But in spite of such early awareness, many people fail to maintain good dental health through their adult life. Good dental health comprises brushing and flossing your teeth every day, and regular visits to a dentist or dental hygienist as well. Besides, people supplement their dental care with the use of products like mouthwash or advanced mouth care systems. You should keep it in mind that the lack of adequate dental care practices will result in cavities and gum disease.

It is generally advised that you use a toothbrush with softer bristles so as to protect your gums. Some people, however, prefer power brush systems that help break up plaque and bacteria in your mouth. But it takes more than brushing to keep your teeth in good health. Some other steps need to be taken to ensure that people do not lose their teeth as they become old.

To begin with, you should understand your own oral health needs, as your oral health depends on your diet, the type and amount of saliva in your mouth, your overall health, and your oral hygiene routine. Try to follow a daily routine in consultation with your dentist.

As fluoride strengthens developing teeth in kids and prevents decay in adults, kinds of toothpaste and mouthwashes containing fluoride should be used. You should brush at least twice a day, if possible three times or after every meal. You should also floss at least twice a day. Brushing and flossing will remove plaque, a complex mass of bacteria that constantly forms on your teeth.

Limit the consumption of snacks and follow a balanced diet plan. Tobacco in any form will enhance the risk of oral cancer and cause stains on your teeth. Visit your dentist regularly and get your mouth examined.

We are introducing two great companies who are the pioneer in dental and other health services.

Both companies are founded by two incredible, visionary women (Lydie Livolsi, Dental Wig CEO, and Dr. Kristen R. DDS) with an accumulated over 60 years’ experience in the dental field.

They are among the top-notch health services provider in the USA. Apart from dental services, you can contact them for Turnkey licensing /franchise of their business model, turnkey EB5- USA visa investment opportunity to foreign investors looking for the USA green card and all dental care needs in one place, called “Buy Once Smile Forever“.

Virtual dental expo is the #1 Virtual TradeShow, offerings exhibitors (dental and non-dental) efficient booths, and online dental CE webinars, etc.

You can read more about Lydie Livolsi (CEO of Dental Wig) and Dr. Kirsten R (CEO of Virtual Dental Expo)below:

1- My Dental Wig CEO: Lydie Livolsi
here is the link to her bio on LinkedIn:

2- Dr. Kirsten R. Dentist CEO of Virtual Dental Expo: the link to her LinkedIn profile:

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It’s still step by step for Team Abu Dhabi driver after extending his championship lead in Norway

Team Abu Dhabi’s Rashed Al Qemzi has put himself in a powerful position to claim the UIM F2 World Championship for the second time in three years after a composed performance as some of his rivals faltered in the Grand Prix of Norway.

While Germany’s Stefan Hagin took the honours with his first F2 victory, the major outcome from a dramatic Tønsberg race weekend is that Al Qemzi has increased his championship lead from five to 14 points and carries great momentum forward to Italy later this month.

The third round of the series in Brindisi on August 24-25 is followed by the Grand Prix of Portugal in Ribadouro on September 14-15, and on current form Al Qemzi could have the F2 world title wrapped up before the final round on home waters in Abu Dhabi on December 6-7.

There will be no diversion, however, from Team Abu Dhabi’s methodical approach to Grand Prix competition, which is not only to take races one at a time but also to focus step by step on all the elements making up each individual championship weekend.

“The team works hard and prepares hard for every race,” said Al Qemzi. “When we arrived in Norway our aim was to be at the highest level in everything we did, and it’s the same with every Grand Prix. We work as a team to get the best results one step at a time.”

Al Qemzi’s championship position was strengthened in Tønsberg by the disqualification of two of his main rivals, Sweden’s Daniel Segenmark and Norway’s Tobias Munthe-Kaas, for infringements after missing turn marks.

Team Abu Dhabi initially had both drivers on the podium in Tønsberg after Rashed Al Tayer, who had qualified in seventh place, rose to third at the finish.

This followed his strong performance in winning the traditional Speed Run which launched race activities in Tønsberg, but disappointingly Al Tayer later dropped to fifth after being penalised for a lane infringement at the start.

Al Qemzi, the first round winner in Lithuania, secured his second successive pole position in impressive style but then had his own problems at the start of the Grand Prix as his engine spluttered, briefly dropping him behind most of the other 17 boats. But by the end of the first lap he had climbed to second position and over the next 44 laps made sure Hagin had to fight all the way to secure his maiden victory.

Grand Prix of Norway leading positions

  1. Stefan Hagin (GER) 00:36:27:43
  2. Rashed Al Qemzi (UAE) 00:36:28:74
  3. Duarte Benavente (POR) 00:37:00:33
  4. Ferdinand Zandbergen (NL) 00:37:09:71
  5. Rashed Al Tayer (UAE) 00:36:57:99
  6. Héctor Sanz (SPA) 00:36:37:61

UIM F2 World Championship standings

  1. Rashed Al Qemzi (UAE) 35pts
  2. Ferdinand Zandbergen (NL)            21pts
  3. Stefan Hagin (GER)                        20pts
  4. Duarte Benavente (POR)            16pts
  5. Daniel Segenmark (SWE)                        15pts
  6. Brent Dillard (USA) 9pts
  7. Owen Jelf (GB)                         8pts
  8. Rashed Al Tayer (UAE)                         7pts
  9. Ola Pettersson (SWE)                        7pts
  10. Héctor Sanz (SPA) 5pts
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Hagin wins Grand Prix of Norway but second place boosts Emirati’s championship bid as team-mate Al Tayer joins him on podium

Team Abu Dhabi’s Rashed Al Qemzi extended his lead in the 2019 UIM F2 World Championship with a second place finish in today’s Grand Prix of Norway which brought a first series victory for German Stefan Hagin.

The result gives Al Qemzi a 13-point advantage in the race for the F2 title which he won in 2017, and he was joined on the podium by Abu Dhabi team-mate Rashed Al Tayer thanks to a battling performance to finish third in Tønsberg.

After his opening round victory in Lithuania and his second successive pole position, Al Qemzi had high hopes of another win, although he will be content to have grown his lead from
Sweden’s Daniel Segenmark who finished fifth in Norway.

Al Qemzi’s victory hopes might have been over even before a lap had been completed as an apparent mechanical issue left him struggling to leave the start, with the majority of the other 17 boats surging away from him.

But the Emirati driver made a superb recovery, rapidly climbing to second behind Hagin on the first lap and he was piling the pressure on the German when American Brent Dillard crashed to bring a yellow flag on lap 14.

Dillard’s exit saw Al Tayer, who had started in seventh place, move into third, and after the restart, despite Al Qemzi’s efforts to catch Hagin, the top three remain unchanged all the way to the finish.

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As construction contracts get more complex, our new report shows you how to protect your interests 

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With construction disputes on the rise, it is vital that contractors understand how to protect their interests. Our study explains how to get to grips with sweeping changes to standard contracts commonly used in the UK and the Gulf region.
The 20-page report titled ‘Construction Claims and Defence’ also looks at global claims, a means of getting compensation in a dispute even when the circumstances aren’t crystal clear.


Our managing director, Michael Gallucci, says: “The construction sector in the UK is awash with disputes and legal claims. A healthy reaction to that is that organizations are increasingly using standard contracts that are better suited to a higher value, collaborative projects. Figures suggest an increase in the use of NEC and FIDIC contracts with use of JCT contracts declining. Having said that, these are complex instruments made even more complex in the way they can be interpreted and implemented by different jurisdictions and in different contract agreements. The comprehensive update to the FIDIC Yellow greatly extends its coverage and makes it even more important that contractors and engineers have comprehensive and well-managed programs in place.”
The report outlines the changes to FIDIC. It includes sections on concurrent delay principles and implied terms regarding prevention. The report explains when and how to make a claim under the contract and when to claim for breach of contract. It also looks at the extension of time assessments, claims for additional payment for prolongation and claims for disruption and acceleration costs.

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The Daddy of Remixes, Celebrity DJ Aqeel to perform in Dubai after a decade

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Dubai’s Top Bollywood DJs, DJ Zubair and DJ Shadow will also have the clubbers rocking at the event

Get ready to groove to the tunes of the ‘Don of Remixes’, the sensational and the very popular DJ Aqeel, who is all set to rock Dubai after a decade with his electrifying“Disco 82 Tour”. The spectacular club event will also have Dubai’s top Bollywood DJs, DJ Shadow and DJ Zubair mixing the music for the clubbers. The high-energy live performance will take place at Club 6, Dubai World Trade Centre on Thursday, 15th August 2019 from 10 pm till 3 am.

Tickets for “Return of DJ Aqeel: Disco 82 Tour” are available exclusively on, grab the early bird tickets for AED 150 for singles and AED 125 per person for couple tickets.

The ‘DADDY’ of remixes, DJ Aqeel is among the first few to pioneer Bollywood remixes and dance music and the only Indian DJ to fill up concert size venues international and the only one to play twice at the World Economic Forum entertaining the likes of Bill Clinton, Kofi Annan amongst others. Whereas Dubai’s very own DJ Shadow is a multi-award winning superstar Bollywood DJ who has officially produced for Pitbull, Sean Paul, Guru Randhawa, Badshah, Bohemia and more.

Moreover, as one of the leading DJs of Dubai, DJ Zubair has been touring the world extensively, spreading his unique blend of music of various genres including remixes of Bollywood tracks, House and R’n’B.

Commenting on the upcoming event, DJ Aqeel says, “I am really excited and eagerly looking forward to playing again to the fantastic Dubai audience after almost a decade.Disco 82 Tour would be an unforgettable experience and I am so happy to collaborate with my dear friend Navin for this great world class concert”.

“DJ Aqeel enjoys a great fan following across the globe and since he is coming to Dubai after a long gap of 10 years, I am sure it’s going to be a super hit event. Moreover, we have Dubai’s very popular DJ Zubair and DJ shadow also join the floor for an electrifying live performance. Club 6 is a premium indoor venue, easily accessible and can accommodate an audience of about 2500 people. With great venue, spectacular audio-visuals, special lights and all things superlatives- it will be one mega event for all party lovers. We are also creating special VIP elevated stands with sofas and other exclusive arrangements”, commented Navin Rishi, the promoter of the event.

The Navin Rishi event is jointly organized by Shogun Global and Speed Entertainment.For more information and VIP tables, call 050 7342004 and 055 5267776. Age limit is 21 plus to attend the event.

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MaK Middle East’s Turbocharger Services reinforces  MENA maritime industry

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 The Caterpillar company’s turbocharger services have bolstered the MENA region by replicating MaK Asia’s success formula in Singapore, Shanghai and Guangzhou

MaK Middle East LLC, a Caterpillar company established in Dubai in 2017, launched its Dubai Maritime City (DMC) workshop last year, including a comprehensive range of turbocharger maintenance, overhaul, repair, upgrading and modification service options. The company has since presented the capabilities to owners across the region to enthusiastic response and high appreciation from a satisfied and growing customer base.

Alan Naisby, Managing Director of MaK Middle East and MaK Asia commented on this growing voice of support by saying, “While MaK Middle East is proud of its contributions in helping customers succeed and improving the maritime industry, we are never satisfied. As a wholly owned service business of Caterpillar, we are always focused on actively searching for innovative solutions to enrich the local maritime sector, something that has clearly resonated with our clients.”

Financial strength

Despite MaK Middle East’s short existence, the company has made bold financial investments as part of Caterpillar’s strategic goal of doubling its Services business by 2023. To date the company has injected some AED 1.5 million into assets and skills in Dubai to establish its Turbocharger service capability, inclusive of a state-of-the-art Schenck rotor balancing machine, scissor lifting tables, fixtures, tools, inventory, experienced technicians and engineers and their factory training. Naisby said, “The support of our USD $54 billion parent corporation, Caterpillar, has been instrumental in providing us the means to take the financial risks to invest in this region.”

He further added, “Caterpillar’s rank of #65 in the Fortune 500 listing has also been of significant benefit to our operations, as it has provided us with the strong starting point of greater recognition, something which start-up organizations aren’t usually privileged to have. The ability to make strategic investments to achieve long-term returns has undeniably been a key contributing factor in establishing MaK Middle East’s presence in the MENA region and supporting our MaK and CM customer base”

MaK Middle East’s state-of-the-art Dubai workshop has rapidly increased the volume of turbocharger services to its clients, always using genuine parts. The business has also made a sizeable investment in a comprehensive inventory of service exchange cartridges which are all available at a moment’s notice from the DMC facility. This includes Napier NA297 and NA357 units for MaK M 32 engines and KBB HPR6000 units for MaK M 25 and M 20 engines as well as Napier and KBB genuine spare parts plus new cartridges for MaK, Wartsila, Yanmar, Himsen and other applications.

Highly Qualified Personnel

Along with the investment in state of the art machines at its facility, the company has equally emphasized the importance of investment in its service team to guarantee speed of turnaround and customer satisfaction. Equipping its service team with Saudi Arabian work visas to enable same day response, MaK Middle East has also put in place logistics support for exchange units with the KSA and other regional countries within proximity.

Certified at the Napier factory in Lincoln in the UK and the KBB factory in Bannewitz, Germany, MaK Middle East’s turbocharger service engineers and technicians are all manufacturer trained and well-experienced. Schooled in servicing turbochargers from varying manufacturers, the company’s skilled workforce of technical experts follows a similar formula to that of Caterpillar’s MaK Asia owned workshop teams. Providing turbocharger services on board a vessel ranges from basic condition inspection to removal and installation for workshop overhaul or cartridge replacement.

Naisby stated, “Optimal engine performance, the elimination of unexpected operating costs, and maximum fuel efficiency are all objectives that can only be successfully achieved through the thorough maintenance of a turbocharger. Although it has only been a few years since our inception, our customers have made it vocally known that they are appreciative of the proficiency of our service support. With that said, we are committed to ensuring our customers throughout the MENA region continue to rely on us to keep their turbochargers running efficiently at all times.”

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Team Abu Dhabi’s Al Tayer wins Speed Run in Tonsberg

Team Abu Dhabi continued to set the pace in the Grand Prix of Norway today as Rashed Al Qemzi reproduced the form which has given him the lead in this year’s UIM F2 World Championship.

Al Qemzi, the 2017 F2 world champion and winner of this season’s opening round in Lithuania, set the fastest time in the Group A official practice session with a lap of 39.53 secs in front of thousands of spectators in Tønsberg.

It was a clear reminder of how Team Abu Dhabi have taken the initiative in this year’s championship following Rashed Al Tayer’s victory in last night’s Speed Run.

Al Tayer won the traditional opening event when he set the fastest time of 186 KPH, with Lithuania’s Edgaras Riabko 1 KPH slower in second place and Norway’s Frode Sundsdal third quickest on 183 KPH.

The Emirati produced another strong performance in today’s Group B practice session with a lap of 39.09 to9 finish second behind Norway’s Tobias Munthe-Kaas on 38.69.

Al Qemzi, aiming to recapture the UIM F2 World Championship crown which he won in 2017, was in a confident mood as he prepared for the three-stage evening qualifying session to follow to decide pole position for tomorrow afternoon’s Grand Prix of Norway.

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The use of robots in ecology is still in the infancy stage of development. However, the recent popularity of drones has developed a number of research groups around the world who are working diligently to develop as many different uses for these small machines as possible. Their most frequent application so far has been for monitoring previously inaccessible areas and for creating a map of the wildlife that lives there. Ecology has only flourished as an area of research in the last 50 years, once the impact of global change became evident on both the lives of animals and those of humans as well. Researchers have since developed methods in ecology to monitor and help understand the impact of ongoing global change, improve the Earth’s biodiversity system, and predict the future trends of ecology and its development. In order to achieve these goals, the Earth must be monitored through a complete, accurate and rapid collection of data, which can now be done very efficiently with the help of drones.

School children from around the world scooped some of the top awards at the finals of a major international STEM competition in London earlier this month, where they showcased their ideas on how they would use drones to conserve endangered species.

Teams from the Silver Oaks International School (age 9-11 category) and Visakha Valley School (age 15-17 category) came won awards for Champions and Second Runner Up respectively.  These teams spent the day speaking to judges presenting their ideas for animal conservation.

Coming from across the world, multiple teams from China joined the BIEA in London on July 4th, taking two spots in the top awards of the day. They worked hard displaying their presentations, flying and evaluating their solutions to animal conservation via drones. Two teams from Hangzhou Shanghai World Foreign Language Primary School spent the day with the BIEA at the Royal Air Force Museum. The BIEA was happy to have multiple teams from the No. 2 High School of East China Normal University in London to represent their projects.

Taking an Outstanding Achievement Award in the 15-17 age category was the Macau Pooito Middle School team.

Team Delta Project from 1LO im. Stanislawa Dubois w Koszalinie in Poland snagged an Outstanding Achievement Award for their project that showed ways to help conservation efforts for the Grevy’s Zebras.

From Southern California, USA, two teams from the Topkids Center came to London to showcase their projects. In the 15-17 age group, Team Zuberi was awarded the Best Creativity and Best Display as voted by their peers. Team Paracop in the age group 9-11 had their hard work paid off as they were awarded Champion for their age group.

The overall grand prize of £5000 was won by the United World College in Mostar, Bosnia, for their impressive strategy to protect the endangered vultures of Bosnia and Herzegovina, a task made even harder by the estimated 80,000 landmines in 8500 locations around Bosnia and Herzegovina left over from the Balkan Wars.

David Busley, 17, from the Bosnian team said:

“Vultures may have an image problem, but they are crucial to our country’s ecosystem. They are endangered, yet their plight often barely registers with many Bosnians as they are out of sight and out of mind.

“Drones offer the perfect way to reach them safely in their natural habitat, and our hope is that by monitoring and tracking their numbers properly, we can encourage the government to take action to help conserve these vital animals.”

They all won a trophy and medals for their school.

More than 25 teams from countries including China, the USA, India, Pakistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Poland and the UK converged on the Royal Air Force Museum to contest the International STEM Youth Innovation Competition.

The competition was organized by the British International Education Association (BIEA), which champions British education ideals around the world, and backed by the Born Free Foundation, the competition aims to fire the imagination – and test the creative and technical expertise – of young science students with the theme of ‘Fighting Extinction via Drone Technology’.

Finalists in the three age groups – 9-11, 12-14 and 15-17 – from 18 countries were shortlisted for the grand final. Each school was given a budget of just £100 to build a drone for its entry, ensuring a level playing field. They battled it out in a day of tough competition, during which saw them each fly their drone and explain how they would use the technology to tackle species extinction.

Judges headed by the Chief Scientist of the Born Free Foundation, Professor Claudio Silleron, Dr Shaun Fitzgerald of The Royal Institution and STEM Chairman of the BIEA David Hanson, also included drone expert Stephen Prior from Southampton University, Education Innovations Manager for the British Science Association Jane Dowden and Competition Manager Amelia Perry from Engineering UK.

The STEM competition runs each year with a different theme. In 2018, schools were challenged to create a drone for a rescue situation. Registrations are already open for the 2020 competition at

David Hanson, STEM Chairman of the BIEA, said: 

“How these groups of young people planned and executed their impressive strategies to protect endangered species was hugely impressive and we were all overawed by the talent and enthusiasm on display.

“As a not-for-profit education organization working around the globe, the BIEA champions British education, STEM and innovation. Our competition brings all those themes together, and aims to inspire young people to use tech for good – and to fire young creative and technological minds around the world.”

Professor Claudio Sillero, Chief Scientist at the Born Free Foundation said:

“What a wonderful day! I was privileged to present the STEM Youth Innovation Competition grand prize to the United World College team from Mostar. Smart modification of their drone for efficient battery recharging and data offload delivered an inexpensive device to remotely monitor threatened vultures in the rugged mountains of Serbia-Herzegovina.

“Born Free sees a promissory future for greater engagement of STEM professionals to devise smart conservation solutions. Born Free invests in a better future for both people and wildlife. The STEM Youth Innovation Competition provides a great vehicle for that aspiration. By addressing specific technical challenges to protect wildlife, – as illustrated by  some of the cool uses these youngsters have found for their drones, we foster their interest in technology while developing innovative ways of valuing and protecting wildlife.”

For more information, please contact:

Liz Ivens | T +44 (0) 7584 121388 | E:

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