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Dance as a hobby, a way of relaxation, the opportunity to make new acquaintances

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Dance is a wonderful hobby; it improves your mood and helps your body be healthier. Everyone should have a hobby. If he does not have this, then is not very interesting even to communicate with such a person. Having no hobbies, a person becomes completely boring and annoying. Modern society calls such people “empty”. Hobbies can be very diverse, someone like boxing, someone loves fishing, someone collects stamps or stickers, someone enjoy playing or watching football, tennis or basketball, someone loves to collect mushrooms, someone like swimming or rowing, and someone visit a dance studio. Hobby makes our life brighter and allows us to develop, to find new friends and to distract our mind from work and everyday home fuss.

Nowadays there are no restrictions for people who want to dance – there is no certain age for different styles and ways of dancing. You can choose ballroom dancing (these are various waltzes, foxtrots, rumba or pasodobl). If you want something more energetic with hot rhythms, then choose Latin American dances (flamenco, capoeira and others) or find classes in folk dances – the most popular now is belly dance. Modern dance is also very popular now; here you can choose something from jazz to Hip-Hop, Strip-dance and others. Each new lesson will be for you new impressions and new emotions because you will learn new elements and get new acquaintances. There are pair dances where you will often interact with a partner. Most often, paired dances have one pair so that people could learn to feel each other and the rhythm.

Dancing can be not just a hobby for you; it can be your work or professional occupation. Dancing gives a magical feeling filled with bright emotions and positive energy. It is both a sport and an art. And dance has several obvious advantages over other activities. Even non-professional dancers have poor physical shape very rarely. Dancing increases the overall tone and strengthens all systems in the human’s body. Such a hobby will help you to get excellent coordination of movements, as well as to make the gait of the clumsiest person flying, and the posture is perfectly straight. Also, such activities very quickly develop the respiratory system, which plays a major role in protecting the body against colds. And dancing also helps to relieve nervous tension and completely relax, and this has a positive effect on the general emotional background of a person – he becomes more stress-resistant and he will no pay attention to trifles stimuli in the future. In addition, any dance helps to lose weight and subsequently maintain an excellent shape, ensuring the dancer slender and taut figure.

To the effect of dancing was positive, you can not forget about safety. It is important to do all movements correctly, as well as to avoid the possibility of injuries when making complex exercises. At first, it is necessary to make new movements with small amplitude, smoothly, slowly and as accurately as possible. Be attentive to the sensations of your body because any type of dance should give you pleasure, not pain. Dancing will also help you to understand yourself better, to establish contact with your own body; it will open for you new opportunities and ways for self-improvement. You will learn to move in new directions, to move in ways that you have not even thought about trying before. The flexibility and plasticity of the dance will affect your character, also making it flexible; give you positive thinking and lightness. And the external liberation will lead to inner freedom and freedom of thought.

Have you ever visited a party and when did the dances begin, just walk away? Did you hesitate to dance in the club and spent most of your time on the sofa and at the table? A couple of dance lessons and you can better understand your body to move gracefully and surely. Any type of dance gives your body the opportunity to open up, show its ability and highlight your virtues. You will feel comfortable dancing to any music. Many choreographers offer to learn a few movements that would be ideal for slow and rhythmic music. Your body will become more beautiful and plastic, and you will feel better and more positive.

Dancing is an amazing activity; it will allow you to become better so that you will love yourself. People around you will notice a change in you because it will be seen immediately. Your gait, your eyes, and your movements – all this will look brighter, more beautiful and graceful. You can improve the condition of your body, find new friends, relax and get an excellent source of energy. For many people, dancing is not just a way to remove extra kilos; it is a way of their life. They love to listen to music and move the body in rhythm. Maybe you should start by listening to your favorite song at home and trying to make some movements? The only thing that can keep you from dancing is the lack of time and laziness. But you can dance at home, even 15-20 minutes of any type of dance will give your body the necessary energy and you will have a positive mood.

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Beautiful Way to Donate

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Cancer is a disease that affects the cells of the body. Cells are extremely small units that build together and form all living things, which include human beings. In any given person’s body, you will find billions of cells.

Cancer occurs when unusual and abnormal cells grow and spread very quickly. Normal cells in the body divide, grow to a certain size and then stop. Over the course of time, cells will even die. Cancer cells do not follow this normal pattern of division and growth, however. They divide very quickly and just continue to grow. Normally, cancer cells do not die and they clump together in groups to form what are called tumors.

The cancer cells in a tumor can damage and destroy surrounding healthy body tissues. When these healthy tissues are damaged and destroyed, the person with the tumor can become very sick.

Cancer is capable of spreading to other parts of the body, as well. It is not unusual for part of a tumor to break off and travel to a distant area. Once that piece of the tumor comes to a stop in another area of the body, it will continue to grow and can create a new tumor. When cancer spreads like this, it is called metastasis.

When in the body, cancer can cause a person to feel very sick. Since early detection is a big factor in treatment, it is good to be aware of the signs of this disease. Some signs of cancer include:

  • A lump in the breast or testicles
  • A change in the skin, a wart or a mole
  • A persistent sore throat that doesn’t heal
  • A significant change in bladder and bowel movements
  • Coughing blood or a persistent cough that won’t stop
  • Indigestion and trouble swallowing
  • Unusual bleeding or vaginal discharge
  • Chronic fatigue

Many of these symptoms can be from other illnesses which are not as serious as cancer. However, if you are ever faced with any of the symptoms above, it might be a good idea to see your family physician right away. Although the exact cause of cancer is still somewhat of a mystery, it is known that cancer is not contagious. You cannot catch cancer like you can the common cold. Unhealthy habits like smoking and excess drinking can increase your chances of getting cancer, but doctors aren’t sure why some people get this serious disease and others do not.

There are always good people in society who run in the background but the society is governed by their good deeds, A classic example is of Arfaan. He donates 16 inches of hair to Locks of Love, who are a non-profit organization that accepts human hair to make wigs for children with a medical condition that cause them to lose their hair. When We asked Arfaan “what made you donate your hair?” he replied, ”Well last time I cut off 12 inches of hair and just seen it goes into the trash bin and I felt a bit guilty, thought to myself what a waste, there has to be something we can do with this hair. Then I searched around for a few days for the organizations accepting hair donations and locks of love were a right fit. So after 2 years, I had enough hair length to donate”.

Guys like Arfaan who are putting their efforts for cancer patients by donating hair. We need to make it a culture to follow so more and more people can get into this.

You can follow him on Twitter and Instagram to know more about him and you can take your part to donate for their noble cause.

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Fabula Jewels Curates Special Eid Gift List

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Fabula Jewels, the Arab homegrown jewellery brand, has specially curated a gift list for loved ones this Eid. Founded in 2015 by best friends, Darine Abu Salim and Saada Domloge; Fabula Jewels aims to narrate stories through their delicately crafted pieces which are known for being highly customisable as well as made in three gold finishes with certain pieces featuring rare, precious stones and glittery diamonds.

Receiving a piece of jewellery is one of the best things in the world! Add the joyous occasion of Eid to it – and it’s the best surprise one could ever get. In lieu of Eid, Fabula Jewels have specially picked pieces from their various collections to bring you a comprehensive guide of the best trinkets to gift your loved ones.

And with an offer of 20% off on selected collections – now is the perfect time to add to your jewellery with precious additions from Fabula Jewels.

Best Necklaces:

Oval Stars Locket

Starts at AED 3200

Inspired by the lockets that our grandmothers used to have, the oval stars locket is meant to symbolise heirloom pieces that were passed down generations. Staying true to the aesthetic of customisation, Fabula Jewels allows you to engrave the inside of the locket with a message, date, or name and make it your own.

Moon Phase Gold Choker

Starts at AED 2100

A piece from the newest magical collection, Moon Phase – the gold choker features the various phases of the mystical moon from its crescent to the full moon. Customisable in three different gold types, you can alter the length of the choker to fit your needs.

Bubbled Coin

Starts at AED 1900

Fabula Jewels is known for a pretty selection of coin necklaces which can be customised with letters for the buyer. You can customise it with the initial of your loved one and buy it in two different gold types with the choice of a thin or thick chain. The bubbles around the coin add to the retro feel of the necklace.

Best Rings:

Skinny Diamond Ring

Starts at AED 1500

The superior ring for the superior kind of woman. With delicate diamonds set in glimmering gold – buy your mother, wife or even yourself a new kind of elegance with the skinny ring. Perfect for stacking with other rings, or wearing alone – this piece of bling can accentuate any outfit, and is suitable for the starry nights.

Leo Constellations Ring

Starts at 1650

For the woman who likes to wear her personality – the Leo Constellations ring would fit right in. The rings are a part of the Constellation collection so where you’re an Aquarius, Taurus, or Virgo – you are bound to find your ring and matching necklace. The rings are delicately crafted in 18K solid gold with 0.18 carat diamonds.

Love Ring

Starts at AED 750

Show your mother how much you love her…literally. The Love Ring is skillfully framed and absolutely beautiful. You will be spoilt for choice between rose, yellow and white gold to decorate your mother’s fingers. Available in 11 sizes, there’s the perfect fit for every mother.

Best Bracelets and Bangles:

Heart Beat Bracelet

Price available upon request

A perfect gift for new mothers in Eid get the moment you heard your child’s heart beat immortalised in the form of a bracelet. Fabula Jewels offers personalisation of the bracelet as per the heartbeat patterns of your angel. Framed in 18K gold and with three gold choices – you’ll be spoilt rotten on which colour to pick. Pick all three if you can’t decide!

The Engravable Bangle

Starting from AED 1600

With three sizes, and three different 18K gold types, the engravable bangle can be customised with whatever you choose. Engrave your little angel’s birthday on it, or the date you got married – the possibilities are endless with this trinket.

Horoscope Bracelet

Starting from AED 750

Nothing is more personal than wearing the zodiac sign of the month you were born in. Fabula Jewels allows you to choose your zodiac sign, and have it carefully crafted in 18K gold with three different gold types. Your personality will shine through these bracelets and will last you a lifetime as they will never tarnish


Fabula Jewels is available on and Fashion Vault in Dubai, Boutique17 in Abu Dhabi and Harvey Nichols in Kuwait. Orders placed through the website are shipped worldwide.

FInd Fabula Jewels







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Ramada Downtown Dubai awarded with TripAdvisor’s Hall of Fame distinction

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The hotel secured Certificate of Excellence for five consecutive years

Ramada by Wyndham Downtown Dubai was bestowed with the esteemed TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence Hall of Fame award.

The property earned the review-based Hall of Fame distinction by securing Certificate of Excellence for five consecutive years – from 2015 to 2019 – from the world’s largest travel site.

Mark Fernando, general manager, commended the team: “I would like to thank all the staff and heads of department for their commitment in continuously providing exceptional service to our guests throughout the years. Their hard work has definitely paid off as we attained the Hall of Fame accolade from TripAdvisor.

“On behalf of Ramada by Wyndham Downtown Dubai family, we share this achievement with all our loyal guests. With the opening of new hotels and increasing room inventory in Dubai, we take pride in our product’s capacity to stand out amidst the competition through our key location and premium amenities, complemented by unparalleled service.”

The Certificate of Excellence accounts for the quality, quantity and recency of reviews submitted by travellers on TripAdvisor over a 12-month period. To qualify, a business must maintain an overall TripAdvisor bubble rating of at least four out of five, have a minimum number of reviews and must have been listed on TripAdvisor for at least 12 months.

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Pearl Initiative Rolls Out Second Phase of Governance in Philanthropy Programme

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The Pearl Initiative and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation extend their partnership to enhance the effectiveness of giving across the Gulf Region

The Pearl Initiative, the leading non-profit organisation promoting a corporate culture accountability and transparency in the Gulf Region, announces the launch of the second phase of its Governance in Philanthropy programme.

The programme was launched in August 2017 with support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, as a one-year initiative to promote the value of good governance practices in philanthropy and their role in enhancing the effectiveness of giving in the Gulf Region.

The research report released from the first phase titled, “The State of Governance in Philanthropy – Gulf Region”, highlights that evaluating and reporting on the impact of philanthropic initiatives remains a challenge for the regional ecosystem. While most Gulf-based institutional donors undergo some form of impact assessment, the Pearl Initiative’s research indicates that the ecosystem requires further training to ensure that their philanthropic efforts create their intended impact.

The objective of the second phase of the programme is to address these challenges and promote the adoption of improved governance practices in philanthropy through the delivery of practical workshops, case studies and knowledge-sharing discussions.

Further, the Pearl Initiative launched the “Gulf Business Philanthropy Circle”, bringing together leading corporate and family business donors from the Gulf Region to address opportunities and challenges in their philanthropic endeavours. The Circle’s ultimate goal is to strategically drive the agenda of institutional giving in the Gulf Region.

Commenting on the programme objectives, the Pearl Initiative’s Executive Director, Yasmine Omari, explains: “With increasing philanthropic capital in the region, we have an immense opportunity and responsibility to optimise the effectiveness of the sector. This programme demonstrates the organisation’s commitment to fostering a culture of accountability and transparency not only across the Private Sector, but also across philanthropic organisations in the Gulf Region.”

Founded in 2010, the Pearl Initiative develops programmes and publishes regional research reports and case studies, with aims to influence the regional business and student communities towards implementing higher standards of corporate governance within the Gulf Region.

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Get Iftar delivered to your loved ones across Dubai

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  • Emly Chilli offering “Ramadan Family Iftar Boxes” at AED 99 for 5 people
  • Delivered to doorstep, restaurant is offering delectable array of dishes for family and friends

 Whether it’s gifting Iftari to your loved ones, or ordering one for yourself, Emly Chilli has you covered with affordable and super delicious food this Ramadan that can be delivered to your doorstep. Offering their specially created ‘Ramadan Family Boxes’, the restaurant has put together a variety of delectable items in one box that is guaranteed to tickle everyone’s taste buds while catering to a diverse set of foodies. Everyone from a chaat and pakora lover, to biryani and chargha fans, to those who crave pizza and khaosa, will have something to gorge on. The deals also include the famous Emly Chilli bunkebabs and rolls known for their lip-smacking, spicy flavour.

The boxes are exclusively designed to be delivered across many locations in Dubai, giving a convenient option to people who want to treat their friends and family to Iftar, but are unable to invite them to their homes. One can even book orders a few days in advance.

“A mix platter is always in demand since even in groups, people have different preferences in food,” said Alisha Sajjal, Marketing Executive, Emly Chilli, “In these boxes, we have carefully put together a deal that is diverse in terms of choice and yet would appeal to most people. Emly Chilli has a built a distinct reputation of serving food that harks back to home for some, while offering a new twist to the old taste for others. And for the uninitiated, the food is no less than a revelation of incredible taste cooked in distinctive spices. Besides hygiene we also ensure that the meat we used is fresh, and not the frozen variant available elsewhere.”

The boxes are priced at AED99 and AED149 with portions generous enough to feed 5 people and 8 people respectively. The deals are available at Oud Metha outlet as well as the recently opened restaurant in Mamzar.


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Dates festival attracts visitors to Mushrif Mall

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  • Variety and quality of organic dates takes centre stage till 10th of June

Until the 10th June, Mushrif Mall will be hosting a Dates festival where visitors can sample fresh and dry dates from the UAE, Saudi and Jordan and related products like date jam, date syrup, date powder, date pastes, ma’mool biscuits, date sugar at affordable prices.

According to Aravind Ravi Palode, Mall Manager of Mushrif Mall, the highlight of the festival is the wide range of organic dates from the local farmers and the availability from different retailers of ‘ajwa’ dates known for its medicinal properties.

Visitors can visit the pop up festival venue to look at samples and get first hand knowledge about dates from the informed retailers. They can also explore further by visiting the many dates outlets in the main market that offers a wider variety of products made from dates.

Mushrif Mall, located on Airport Road, Abu Dhabi hosts renowned a large fresh food market, a fish market and the main mall has luxury brands plus a wide range of dining outlets, hypermarket and service outlets spread over three levels of mall.


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Briefing on Alleged Forced Conversions & Trafficking of Minority Women

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The People’s Commission for Minorities Rights (PCMR) in collaboration with the Centre for Social Justice held a media briefing in Islamabad on the recent spate in cases of Forced Conversions & marriages and trafficking of Minority Women.

Recent cases in Punjab and Sindh have re-triggered concerns within the civil society and religious minorities about the urgent need to undertake practical measures for the prevention & elimination of manipulated faith conversions involving different types of human rights violations and heinous crimes. Speaking on the occasion, Peter Jacob (Chairperson, PCMR) emphasized on understanding the circumstances of faith conversions in the country and how other factors such as Violence against Women & Girls (VAWG), social discrimination and poverty play into the particular disadvantage of minority women.

PCMR shared a updates of an on-going study ‘Silence of the Lamb’ provides data pertaining to 110 cases of conversions between 2013 and 2019. This set of data includes 16 girls & women had approached the courts because they faced odd circumstances after their so-called conversion and reported marriages.

The study reveals that the majority of the incidents occurred in Sindh and Punjab provinces. The data also shows that forced faith conversion is often accompanied by other criminal activity, including, kidnapping, abduction, forced marriage, underage marriage, rape, gang-rape and assault. In addition to providing a working definition of forced conversion, the study also includes specific recommendations for relevant government departments at the federal and provincial levels.

The PCMR also shared electronic and print reports of the proceedings of a People’s Inquiry organised by PCMR in Lahore earlier this month. Prominent legal experts, journalists and civil society representatives attended the Peoples’ Inquiry on these crimes against minority women. In the end, conclusions and recommendations were issued by a Jury composed of Hina Jinali, former judges of Balochistan High Court Kailashnath Kohli, Jamshed Rehmatullah, Khawar Mumtaz (Chairperson, NCSW) and M Parkash Mehtani called upon the government to constitute present a legislation to prevent forced conversions & related crimes. Moreover, the Supreme Court of Pakistan was urged to supervise the on-going investigation on the cases of human trafficking of the Christian girls to China. Reparation of the girls who were defrauded into a marriage and transported abroad was also one of the demands put forth by the Jury.

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Saudi German Hospitals Group, Sharjah and Ajman to provide free surgeries to the needy

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Saudi German hospital Group, Sharjah and Ajman offers to provide free surgeries for the people who cannot afford the health care services in the UAE. ‘The group believes that access to quality healthcare is the birth right of every citizen in the world and Ramadan is the time of caring and sharing. This is the right time to provide this healthcare service for the people who are not able to afford the service’, said Dr. Reem Osman – Group CEO – Saudi German Hospitals Group UAE

The free surgeries will be done at Saudi German Hospital – Sharjah and Saudi German Hospital – Ajman. Both hospitals will provide free medical assistance, surgery and post- surgical care to the people who are in need.

Dr. Reem Osman also said, ‘This is one of the many humanitarian initiatives undertaken by Saudi German Hospitals Group – UAE. This initiative provides the underprivileged people an opportunity to lead a quality and healthy life for their family and society. SGH Sharjah and SGH Ajman will cover the complete costs of care provided’.

Dr. Reem Osman added that, these initiatives undertaken by the SGH Group are aligned with the vision and invitation of His Highness Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE and Ruler of Abu Dhabi and Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum – Prime Minister and Vice President of the UAE & Ruler of Dubai to support the people and society who are really in need.

SGH Sharjah and SGH Ajman facilities provide state of the art facilities to the residents of northern emirates while addressing the gap in medical and surgical needs in the emirates.With hospitals in Dubai, Sharjah and now Ajman, Saudi German Hospitals – UAE, is one of the largest private hospitals group in United Arab Emirates by number of hospital beds and number of operating hospitals.

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Team Abu Dhabi challenger aims to stay on course for world aquabike title after win in Portugal

Team Abu Dhabi’s Rashed Al Tayer says he will need to be at his best in Sardinia this weekend if he is to build on an impressive start to the 2019 UIM-ABP Aquabike World Championship.

After securing his first Grand Prix victory in the opening round in Portugal earlier this month, Al Tayer has emerged as a serious challenger to Jeremy Perez, defending champion in the flagship Runabout GP1 series.

The Emirati goes into the Grand Prix of Italy in the Roman port city of Olbia on Friday sharing the championship lead with Perez after the two rivals scored one moto victory each during an action-packed weekend in Portimao.

“Italy is very important for me after the win in Portugal,” said Al Tayer. “I’ve set the standard and must keep the momentum going and aim for another win to keep me on course for the world championship.

“Since Portugal we’ve changed a few things on the jetski and I’m confident this will make it run better in Italy and give me a good chance to win again.”

Team Abu Dhabi’s reigning world freestyle champion Rashid Al Mulla aims for an eighth Grand Prix victory in a row in Sardinia to extend his championship lead over Italian Roberto Mariani.

The Team Abu Dhabi challenge also sees Salman Al Awadhi back in action in the Ski Division GP1 where he currently holds tenth place.

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