Armando Cabba : Dubai’s New Art Intrigue 

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Art Dubai 2019 has made the city a major mark on the art world map. Every March for 13 years Dubai welcomes galleries, collectors, and artists both local and international. As the creative buzz slowly fades, one name is often overheard and that is Canadian artist Armando Cabba.
Renowned for his portraiture, the contemporary painter is incredibly multifaceted in both style and subject matter. Cabba’s depictions of his models instill a feeling of intimacy while his self-portrait provokes an internal dialogue with the viewer. It seems no matter what the artist creates, we are presented with a piece of himself. Most visual artists succeed in portraying their narratives, yet Cabba brings us to a new level where his feelings become woven into our own emotions as if he’s been a part of us for our entire lives. That experience is called being human.

Outside of the studio, Armando is openly engaged in current topics and has been very outspoken regarding mental health. Based on his social media and blog posts, the artist remains honest which gives him a tangible quality with his audience. There’s no sterile selection of media, but rather a very unfiltered look into the man himself that coincides with his art.

Looking beyond his work, what makes Armando a very interesting up and coming artist is the fact people are mentioning him despite him or his work not being present in Art Dubai 2019. Among the many talented artists participating, Cabba’s name was being heard. It’s only natural for Dubai’s collectors and curators to be intrigued by a young artist with that type of capability.

As Cabba’s influence has been growing in the west, there’s no doubt he will begin to have a presence in the east. The question to be asked is not “if” but “when” in regards to seeing Armando and his magnificent paintings hanging in galleries and collections in Dubai.

For more on Armando Cabba, his work and information can be found on his website

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