Al Montazah Parks Grand Opening to Thrill Visitors on 1 December 2018

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Featuring spectacular shows, fun activities and fireworks extravaganza


Al Montazah Parks, a theme park dedicated to joy and happiness will be officially opening its doors to the public on 1 December, 2018.  After a spectacular renovation with new attractions, the amusement park, ‘Island of Legends,’ and the water park, ‘Pearls Kingdom’, of Al Montazah is all set to thrill its visitors. The grand opening day celebration will begin at 4:00 p.m. and continue till midnight.

The Island of Legends has 26 attractions that are inspired by countries of the world such as Spain, Italy, France, London, China, and Netherlands. On the other hand, Pearls Kingdom is equipped with 35 slides which will transport the little ones to a magical wonderland with mystical powers; a wise king and his beloved daughter, Princess Pearl; the secrets of the pearl of knowledge; and adventurous sea creatures. From rousing rides to spellbinding entertainments, Al Montazah Parks have upgraded all its offering to give the best experience keeping safety as a top priority.

Khalid Al Qaseer, General Manager of Al Montazah Parks announced: “We are extremely excited for the grand-opening of the parks and to welcome our visitors. The opening of Al Montazah Parks is perfect for a day out, as we have organised special and engaging activities for each member of the family. We have arduously planned and renovated the parks which we truly look forward to sharing with everyone amidst the grand celebrations.”

Visitors can spend the day exploring the park whilst being enthralled with roaming parades, stilt walkers, acro stilts, mixed acts, and fireworks. Both the parks have a wide collection of retail shops, candy stores, and F&B outlets.

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