Al Mashowa at City Walk welcomes Dubai gourmands to celebrate UAE National Day with an authentic Emirati meal

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Authentic Emirati restaurant Al Mashowa at City Walk is inviting Dubai’s residents to celebrate the upcoming UAE National Day in uniquely Emirati fashion and indulge in a selection of traditional Emirati delicacies.

To mark the occasion, the restaurant will introduce an afternoon tea ‘Fawalat Al Mashowa’ that offers a genuine Emirati experience and brings together friends and family in the late afternoons and early evenings. Guests can sample the new menu, served daily from 4pm to 7pm, that features a variety of Emirati sweets, such as chebab, mohallah and assidat al boubar, and wrap up the traditional feast with a famous karak tea. The Emirati tea tradition will continue even after UAE National Day.

Meanwhile, the restaurant is also offering its regular fare during the UAE National Day promotion. ‘Srood Al Mashowa’, an Emirati sharing breakfast for two comprises balaleet, baith tamat and fried egg, dango, bajella and white beans, olives and vegetables, a cheese platter, chammi with dates and cream, a bread basket and karak chai. A choice of savoury and sweet breakfast dishes, such as chebab, muhalla, foul and grilled halloumi with tomatoes, is also available.

The authentic Emirati experience continues through lunch and dinner. Diners can enjoy crunchy samosas and bzar prawns – sautéed prawns with spinach, flavoured with a special Emirati spice mix and complemented by a tomato and date dip – for appetizers. Signature mains include machbous, marak and tahta prepared with fresh local ingredients using traditional slow-cooking methods.

The restaurant features local décor elements, such as traditional boat-frames and creates a heritage-inspired casual, light and airy ambience. Spanning over 3,620 sq ft, Al Mashowa offers indoor and outdoor seating for more than 200 diners. The restaurant is open from 8am to 12 midnight on weekdays and until 1am on weekends.

Contact number:                   04 590 5455

Facebook & Instagram:        Al Mashowa

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