Al-Hokair aims to grow its ‘Sparky’s’ brand globally through franchise business model

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  • Al Hokair’s key entertainment brand ‘Sparky’s’ is now one of the most sought-after family entertainment destinations in the region

Al Hokair Entertainment, one of the leading family entertainment organisations in the region, is now aiming to grow its Sparky’s brand through franchise business model during the IAAPA show in Orlando. With 91 active entertainment centers, under Al Hokair’s key entertainment brand ‘Sparky’s’, the company is now aggressively embarking on its global expansion strategy.

“We are aiming to grow the Sparky’s brand worldwide through the franchise business model as it can be easily replicated in any market easily through our expertise. We are delighted to be here at IAAPA, one of the largest shows for the themepark and amusement industries. We wanted to also showcase our expertise and also learn from the global industry stakeholders who have gathered here. We are today getting ready for the new generation as they need more immersive game,” added Mr. Mishal Al Hokair, the Executive Vice President and General Manager of the Entertainment Sector.

“Through the franchising route we can take the concepts to the market in a much faster way. Today’s generation is demanding and consuming more entertainment content than ever before. We want to start early and stay ahead in this sector and offer our consumers some of the best entertainment concepts,” added Mishal.

“We want to come up with the best concepts to cater to our audience in this market. Current genres of VR gaming market are duplicating the most popular traditional video games’ genres. Specifically, simulations like shooters, races, and action VR games.  However, we plan to create a more diversified menu of games in order to cater to a wider audience, including young children and adults,” added Mishal.

Companies from around the world will debut the latest products, services and technology in the global attractions industry at IAAPA Attractions Expo 2018 in Orlando, Florida till 16th of this month.

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