Al Bustan Centre & Residence organized a health screening for employees

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  • A range of tests were conducted to help early identification of risks to health and improve the wellbeing among staff

Al Bustan Centre & Residence, the popular hotel-apartment among tourists and businessmen in the heart of Dubai, recently organized a health screening for its employees as part of the company’s Responsible Awareness Program. The initiative conducted in association with Axis Insurance Brokers gained participation from more than 50 employees who were screened for Body Mass Index, Blood Pressure, Random Sugar Blood Test and were given advice from a cardiovascular health expert on living a heart-healthy lifestyle.

There is a high prevalence rate for type 2 diabetes and obesity in the region. Since the symptoms are easy to miss and most of the individuals are not in the habit of going through a regular medical check-up, they remain unaware of their existing condition. Health screenings and talks as such are the need of the hour so that the individuals receive expert advice before the situation turns tragic and have an opportunity to take necessary action.

Moussa El Hayek, Chief Operating Officer of Al Bustan Centre and Residence, said: “The health talks and screening sessions are a part of a long-term strategy to promote healthy living in the workplace. We have witnessed a lot of benefits these health-talk sessions have provided to our employees as well as for us. The participants receive invaluable information about health issues that persist, they receive precautionary tips from experts, and it also enhances their self-esteem and job satisfaction levels. The company benefits with improved productivity and reduced absenteeism rates as well as pride ourselves in being a healthier and more active workplace.”

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