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Provincial Minister HR&MA Aiajz Alam Augustine attended a Consultative Dialogue Session to Improve Human Rights Situation in Punjab.  Session organized by HR Department Government of Punjab with collaboration of an NGO DPI at a private Hotel. The session was held with specific reference to the District Human Rights Committee’s role in institutionalization of Human Rights. Secretary HR&MA Tariq Mahmood presented a brief presentation in which he described implementation of action plan through district committees. He briefed that Provincial Task Force on Human Rights was constituted under the chairmanship of Minister for HR&MA and Vice Chairmanship of Addl. Chief Secretary, Punjab. HR&MA Department is the principal department for the implementation of the action plan at provincial level. Punjab Government approved the constitution of District Committees on Human Rights in all Districts of Punjab under the Chairmanship of Deputy Commissioners .The district committees shall be responsible for the prompt implementation of the Action Plan in their respective districts. These committees shall serve as a unitary force of Provincial Task Force on Human Rights. He said according to monitor overall human rights situation in the province TORs being finalized to monitor and implement Action Plan on Human Rights in Punjab. It is pertinent to mention here that Punjab is the only province where Human Rights Policy has been approved, he added. He further stated that the Policy aims to strengthen the existing mechanism of Human Rights in the province. For implementation of the Policy a comprehensive Action Plan is prepared including the roles and responsibilities of concerned Provincial Departments. The Policy shall be reviewed after every three years. Secretary HR&MA, DC’s of all districts of the Punjab, Barrister Saeed Nasir, Dr.Qadeer Alam, Director HR M.Yousaf and related person were present in the session.

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