Abu Dhabi Government showcases digital innovations at ESRI MENA User Conference 2018

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The Abu Dhabi Government participated in the Middle East and Africa Users Conference ‘ESRI’ 2018, the largest event in the world for geographic information systems (GIS), which is being held at the Dubai World Trade Centre till December 13, 2018. For three days, the conference brought together leading international experts and consultants who discussed global best practices and shared their knowledge and experience with visitors and participants. The event included a series of seminars, technical workshops, interactive learning experiences and a dedicated training section, providing visitors the opportunity to learn more about the latest technology and get access to user presentations.

Abu Dhabi Smart Solutions and Services Authority (ADSSSA), the government entity overseeing the ICT agenda in Abu Dhabi, organised and managed the participation of the government entities at the event.  The Abu Dhabi Government’s pavilion at the venue included strategic projects from the Department of Urban Planning and Municipalities, and the Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority.

The government’s participation highlights Abu Dhabi’s leading role in spearheading the digital transformation process and enhancing the business environment, enabling government entities to provide a range of comprehensive and integrate services to increase customer satisfaction and happiness.

Khawla Al Fahim, Manager of Spatial Data Infrastructure Department at ADSSSA, said: “ESRI 2018 provided the ideal opportunity to showcase Abu Dhabi’s achievements in the field of geographic information systems and underscore its digital transformation journey by utilising the latest techniques and incorporating the required technologies and infrastructure. The Authority is keen to develop new initiatives based on geospatial information, to boost the business environment and support the decision-making process in key economic sectors of the emirate.”

Al Fahim added: “We emphasize the need for joint efforts to provide integrated government services in all areas of life, innovate constantly, focus on quality and exceed the customer’s expectations. We appreciate the Abu Dhabi Government’s efforts to bolster the government integration process by using the latest technological advancements, to strengthen the emirate’s position as a frontrunner in digital transformation.”

During the conference, the Authority reviewed Abu Dhabi’s experience in advanced geographic information systems while collaborating with other government entities within the emirate, to contribute to highly efficient and effective projects that highlight the quality and accuracy of the available geospatial information.

The Authority also showcased the ‘Abu Dhabi Spatial Data Infrastructure’ project, which facilitates the sharing and exchange of geo-spatial data among more than 75 government entities in various sectors including education, agriculture, higher education, environment and economic and public health, using the latest advanced technologies and innovative solutions to enrich the customer experience.

In addition, the Authority reviewed the Abu Dhabi Government Services System (TAMM) as a model of integration between geographic data systems and government services – a vital business area-and the customer experience. This aligns with the Abu Dhabi Vision goals to provide a new generation of government services under the ‘integrated journey’ concept. The program supports (TAMM) through the ‘Moving to New Home’ journey, which creates a single integrated and personalised service to take a user through all the government processes of buying or renting a new home, moving in and other related services.

The ‘Rawi Abu Dhabi’ platform, showcased at the event, expands the application of Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) to include the academic, private and individual sectors and enhance the use of data in more effective ways to make it more innovative and responsive, as well as provide a framework that uses integrated data management to simplify the planning and decision-making processes.

During the event, the Department of Urban Planning and Municipalities showcased the Unified ‘Spatial Data System’ and the ‘Spatial Project System’, which are part of its ongoing efforts to facilitate easy mobility within the capital’s streets.

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