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Financial Motivation from Int. Hip Hop Star Bryanne Toney (B.T) for better education

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When it comes to college, you are considering an expensive proposition any way you look at it. There are, however, ways in which you can greatly reduce your overall expenses when it comes to getting your college degree. The first method, which in many cases is the most preferred, is by attending a community college for the first two years of your college educational experience. Believe it or not, you can literally save thousands of dollars over the course of spending two years on the community college level.

You will hear all kinds of arguments on why it is better to attend all four years at a university. The universities almost always make these arguments. Unfortunately, their opinions are a little bit biased in these matters. Most universities offer equivalent courses with community colleges meaning that the first two years of study should transfer with no problems or snags along the rocky road to your degree.

The universities make money each semester you begin class as a student. It is in their best interest financially to have you from the beginning rather than as a transfer. In fact, many universities offer lower level classes as auditorium classes. They pack more students into classes and have fewer professors or graduate students teaching the courses and maximize their money off the first and second year students rather than those in upper-level courses. Yet another reason to consider a community college for the first two years of your education.

Getting back to the expenses of a community college, most community colleges are largely commuter campuses. This means you won’t face the high housing costs that are associated with universities, particularly if you are attending college close to home. Community colleges also offer far fewer distractions that cost additional money than most major universities. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t ample social opportunities; it simply means that there are fewer of them. This also leaves fewer distractions than universities present when it comes to studying.

Community colleges simply cost less all around. While it would be nice if you could receive a full four-year education at this level, they are able, for the most part, to keep expenses down by not requiring the level of qualification that universities require of their professors for upper-level courses. You will have excellent, if not the superior quality of education at lower levels than you would have on the university level, but you will also eventually need to move on to the university level in order to complete your education.

For this reason, you would do well to save half of your savings over university costs for each of the two years you are attending community college and apply it to your university education. This will ease the burden of the additional costs of the university and feel as though you are paying the same amount for tuition throughout your education regardless of the fact that you are literally saving thousands of dollars on your educational expenses.

Some states have educational savings plans that allow parents to save for tuition at current costs by enrolling. These plans cover two years of community college education and two years of university education. By locking in today’s prices you are eliminating the inflation. When you consider the fact that college tuition is increasing at an alarming rate this is by far an excellent way to go. You should check with your state and see if they offer a similar plan to parents of younger children and what the requirements are in order to enroll your child today.

If you are looking for a real value in education whether or not you only go for your two-year degree or move on to a university in order to finish your four-year degree you should find that a community college education offers a significant value for the money. Most people find that every penny they spent in a community college was a penny well spent.

As college degrees become vital and more expensive, many Americans are struggling to keep up. Nowadays, over 44 million Americans hold a total of $1.4 trillion in student loan debt.

Many celebrities have spoken out about the issue of college affordability. But some have actually put their money where their mouths are and have started packages that help pay to send students to college.

International Hip Hop Star Bryanne Toney (B.T) donates a large chunk of the share of his upcoming E.P. to help kids go to college. He has announced that 50% of the proceeds from his upcoming EP will be donated to Boston-based The BASE, a non-profit organization that uses the power of baseball to change the game for urban youth. Bryanne has a strong connection to The BASE, having played for its baseball teams for years as a teen. Bryanne graduated from Fisher College in 2018 and is currently working for The BASE, encouraging student-athletes to find their own pathway to academic or career success and inspiring them to reach their fullest potential by sharing his optimism and personal success story.

From defying all odds to dropping well laced lyrical rap freestyles of amazing songs to becoming a fast-rising Rap sensation in the music industry. The breath-taking Bryanne Toney has won the hearts of fans and music lovers across the world and he has become a household name for the effortless delivery of amazing vocal dexterity, lyrical flows, well-laced metaphors and notes that constantly melt the hearts of his listeners anytime. B.T, as he is popularly called, hails from Dorchester Massachusetts. BT is 4 years graduate of Fisher College in Boston, MA with a Major in Psychology.

They say the world is filled with evil. Well, when making the judgment, they must have left Massachusetts rapper, B.T., out of the equation. Born Bryanne Toney, this Dorchester artist is on a breath-taking, philanthropic mission. In tandem with the upcoming, February drop of his spirited EP, “Better Days”, B.T. pledges to donate half of his record sales to The Base, a sports education organization. Alongside being an incredibly noble gesture, it is a grandiose opportunity for The Base, because this album is prone to push some units. How can it fail when the music is as loving and thoughtful as the mission behind it? Within all four tracks, riding warm, empyrean instrumentals, are powerfully jolting rhymes. From the melodic, trap-rap aesthetic of “Problem”, to the Golden Era, boom-bap nature of the other three records (“For You, I Will”, “They Look Up To Me”, and “Better Days”), B.T. never surrenders a moment. Every breath taken in that booth is devoted to an inspirational bar, motivational metaphor, and overall positive message to his following. With each track, he reinforces the notion that there are still good souls walking our earth. Yes, we are in a rough spot. However, this fascinating music, and even further captivating act of charity, prove that so long as individuals like B.T. are around, the world will see “Better Days”.

The rapper is well known for his drop-dead freestyle performances that grabs attention in moments the audience cannot comprehend, giving them a euphoric east coast feeling of rap legends like Lost Boys, A Tribe Called Quest, MOS Def., Black Sheep and Keith Murray that keeps them asking for more. Complimenting with his deep flows, he always has a positive message to every of his rendition.

You can follow Bryanne Toney (B.T) on his social media accounts:

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WAFI Partners with VOX Cinemas to Open New Multiplex

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A multi-screen cinema and family entertainment centre is set to open at WAFI in 2019 including VOX Cinema signature experiences, MAX and KIDS

WAFI, a premium lifestyle destination, is set to be further enhanced with the launch of a VOX Cinemas multiplex, scheduled to open in the third quarter of 2019. VOX Cinemas will open its doors to a 16-screen multiplex in the new extension at WAFI. The signature concepts will include MAX, KIDS, Samsung LED screen, three VIP screens and three new concept screens, all designed to deliver exceptional experiences.

Dedicated to younger customers, the KIDS screens will show a range of family friendly films and animated content that guests can enjoy from their colourful seats while the MAX concept, dubbed as VOX Cinemas’ mega-screen experience, provides audiences with extraordinary sensory entertainment and spacious seating options.

In addition to the cinema, families will be able to enjoy a variety of entertainment including a soft play area, bumper cars, kids square, bowling and much more. The expansion will also include a delectable range of cuisines within the food hall concept that will be unique to the VOX Cinemas at WAFI, alongside the all-time favourite candy bar.

“We are looking forward to the opening of the VOX Multiplex within the new extension at WAFI. The anticipation is finally over and we are proud to announce that we are partnering with VOX Cinemas. The 16-screen cinema, family entertainment and dining experience will be one of a kind in the UAE and is set to be the ultimate destination for families. We have recently been through a repositioning exercise at WAFI to focus on families and following the opening of Carrefour, we are extremely excited for this next phase with the cinema and our upcoming 5-star Sofitel hotel which is scheduled to open late 2019.” said Louwrens Marais, General Manager at Wafi Property.

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#WOWJBR to Kick Off New Year with Unique Mind and Soul Theme

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#WOWJBR by Dubai Retail is set to kick off the new year and Dubai Shopping Festival with a Mind and Soul theme this January, and will celebrate with a unique Arts Festival, Sports Festival and Nature Festival.

Arts Festival

Brief:  your creative side this January as lively caricaturists, speed painters, glitter painters, dancing paintings and roaming graffiti characters bring the destination to life. Talented artist Jindi will be entertaining the crowd to get the new year off to a truly memorable start.

Date: 10-12 January 2019

Time: Thursdays: 6pm – 10pm

Fridays & Saturdays: 4pm – 10pm

Venue: JBR

Price: Free

Sports Festival

Brief:               In January 2019, #WOWJBR will host two weekends packed with sport events and activities. Join free fitness and yoga classes, and get into the mood with live acoustic performances from Ibby VK, Greg Pearson, Josh McCartney and Jamie Wrecs. Once you’ve achieved your daily workout goals, catch the action as daring tightrope artists, electric capoeira dancers and LED jump rope performers steal the limelight.

Date: 17-19 January & 24-26 January 2019

Time:Thursdays:  6pm – 10pm

Fridays & Saturdays: 4pm – 10pm

Venue: JBR

Price: Free

Nature Festival

Brief: Head down to #WOWJBR to experience the Nature festival happening at the end of this month. Immerse yourself in a vibrant world of hula hoop dancers, flower stilt walkers and roaming themed characters, and chill out with live entertainment from singer/songwriter Francoise Crosbie. Little ones can also enjoy a special LED puppet show.

Date: 31 January – 2 February

Time:Thursday:6pm – 10pm

Friday & Saturday:  4pm – 10pm

Venue: JBR


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Arpuplus’ MuzicUp continues to gain traction in MENA’s digital music distribution market

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Registered independent artists empowered to distribute records in chosen digital streaming platforms, while generating income and growing fan base

MuzicUp, MENA’s first music online distribution portal, continues to gain traction in the expanding digital music distribution market, steadily empowering regional independent artists seeking to get their records in the hands of music listeners and fans worldwide.

ArpuPlus, a subsidiary of A15 and MENA’s biggest content aggregator with more than 100,000 pieces of diversified content, attributed MuzicUp’s increasing popularity to the platform’s reliability to directly distribute original songs to the most-sought-after global streaming platforms and digital stores.

Music content uploaded on ArpuPlus’ MuzicUp are distributed to over 40 major regional multinational telecommunications companies, including Orange, Vodafone, Ooredoo, Viva, Du, Djezzy, and Etisalat, as well as popular music channels such as YouTube, Anghami, Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Apple Music, Ghenwety, Deezer, and many more.

Medhat Karam, CEO, ArpuPlus, said: “Since the launch of MuzicUp last year, our main objectives have always been to earn the confidence of our main clients, the artists and labels, and provide them with the most convenient, trustworthy, and reliable way to stream their records in their chosen digital channels. To ensure consistency in the fulfillment of this commitment, we have equipped MuzicUp with advanced systems, artist tools, communication features, and other resources critical to making their music readily available anywhere in the globe.”

One of MuzicUp’s main features is the music uploading function for distribution in chosen digital platforms. This option removes the tedious tasks of creating separate accounts and uploading music and artworks for each and every streaming platform and digital store, thus saving time and effort.

“All of these are done with one mission in mind: empower independent artists and labels. When they sign up with MuzicUp, we let them keep their rights plus we offer them the most valuable way to earn revenues in a fair and sensible manner.  MuzicUp is, in fact, the only platform that gets daily revenues from mobile operators and the only portal that pays registered artists with their monthly revenues whether collected from operators or not. Through our portal, artists can choose the channels where they want their music streamed, generate income, and grow their fan base all at the same time,” Karam said.

Independent artists who are part of the ArpuPlus’ MuzicUp community continue to rave about the music online distribution portal and its role in advancing their respective music careers.

Hamza Namira, Egyptian composer, singer, and guitarist, said: “MuzicUp provides a single platform for the distribution of music content to many digital music channels, offering artists like me with opportunities to showcase my work. I also appreciate the fact that the platform provides latest information on artist’s revenues and other key data such as number of views, downloads and broadcasts, which are not offered in other platforms. I am delighted to be part of MuzicUp and I wish the team behind this pioneering platform all the best and success.”

For his part, singer Ibrahim Al Hakami said: “MuzicUp is a reliable platform that allows artists to stream their songs on their chosen digital broadcast channels. We also receive updated reports and other information related to our songs. The platform provides me a suitable and a new way to publish my work of art.”

MuzicUp is also the only platform in MENA that offers access to popular digital music channels and RBT in a single portal.   Being the number one regional RBT aggregator, ArpuPlus has links to 36 worldwide mobile operators, enabling the company to distribute over 400,000 music tracks. To date, MuzicUp has 131,505 contents; 384 providers; 37,057 artists; 37,052 albums; and 5,595,117 RBT downloads per year.

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Al-Hokair takes a giant leap in ‘Virtual Reality’ space with UK’s Immotion

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Al Hokair Entertainment, one of the leading family entertainment organisations in the region, is now taking the next big leap into the VR space with UK headquartered VR experts, Immotion.

With close to 91 active entertainment centers, under Al Hokair’s key entertainment brand ‘Sparky’s’, the group will now focus on embedding their centres with comprehensive virtual reality (VR) gaming zones by early 2019. Each VR zone will be situated within existing Al Hokair Time FECs and will have a minimum of 12 machines.

“In the first phase we will have four VR centres across Saudi Arabia and the UAE. We are getting ready for the millennials, they need more immersive games and they exactly know what they want from entertainment centers such as ours.  Over the last couple of years, we have seen a giant leap within the VR segment, and we see the growth to continue till atleast 2025,” said Mr. Mishal Al Hokair, the Executive Vice President and General Manager of the Entertainment Sector.

“Currently, the VR market in UAE is in a nascent stage and we aim to make a massive impact with this agreement with Immotion. The most important aspect is the content within a game and they have an experienced team that can develop and implement this. Currently they are catering to major themeparks and this has instilled further confidence with regard to our collaboration,” added Mishal.

Immotion Group brings together world-class CGI experts, award-winning content creators, amazing storytellers and state-of-the-art motion platform technology to provide customers with immersive ‘out-of-home’ experiences. Formed from the merger of Studio Liddell – a Manchester-based CGI studio, and C2K – Los Angeles based filmmakers, Immotion Group combines over 40 years of experience in storytelling, content creation, advertising, art direction and communications.

“Today’s generation is consuming more entertainment content than ever before. This is estimated to be a multi-billion-dollar industry and we want to ensure that we establish our footprint slightly ahead of the industry,” added Mishal.

Current genres of VR gaming market are duplicating the most popular traditional video games’ genres. Specifically, simulations like shooters, races, and action VR games.  However, Al Hokair Entertainment plans to create a more diversified menu of games in order to cater to a wider audience, including young children and adults.

“We are looking at expanding our reach within Saudi Arabia, UAE and other regional markets. We believe that one of the key factors for the success of VR games is the engagement value of the whole VR concept. This ability of the gaming environment to reproduce a realistic representation of all human senses is something that engages the gamer. We are in the midst of conceptualizing such games with our partners,” concluded Mishal.

Sparky’s amusement is the destination for fun and excitement for the whole family. Bowling alleys, family ice rink, 4D cinema, kids, adult’s rides and arcade games.

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DWTC welcomes over 500,000 visitors across consumer and entertainment events in 2018

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  • Over 29 entertainment, leisure and sporting events held in 2018

Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC) has announced another successful year for its consumer and entertainment events as it closes 2018 having hosted over 500,000 visitors across more than 29 events. This shows approximately seven percent increase in visitor numbers for the consumer and entertainment events from 2017. Ranging from pop concerts and theatrical productions to consumer shows and sporting events, DWTC’s versatile events calendar has been strategic in the evolution of Dubai as a global business, leisure and entertainment hub.

Mahir Julfar, Senior Vice President – Venue Services Management, Dubai World Trade Centre said: “DWTC’s annual consumer and entertainment events calendar has become an important component of our MICE sector offering as it continues to attract thousands of thrill seekers, super fans, sporting enthusiasts and music lovers from around the world. The number of attendees in 2018 is testament to the strength of this market segment. As we go into the new year, we look forward to contributing to the city’s exciting, multicultural leisure and entertainment offering with an unforgettable line up of events, shows and festivals for the entire family.”

As one of the most awaited events of the year, more than 420 exhibitors and 45,965 of the region’s pop-culture fans attended Middle East Film & Comic Con in 2018, immersing themselves in international popular culture, film, TV, sci-fi, animation, manga, comics, collectibles, and more, through a series of talks, meet-and-greets, workshops, live events and an exhibition.

Running for the 19th year, Modhesh World, Dubai’s largest indoor family ‘edutainment’ destination, was spread across eight halls over the summer months, featuring a plethora of attractions, experiences, games, shows, contests and workshops.

The 22nd edition of Carpet Oasis drew in 24,000 traders and visitors from all over the world to explore thousands of handcrafted silk carpets and antique souvenirs, including some of the finest products from Iran, Turkey, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, China, Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan.

One of the highlights for the younger generation this year was the ‘Passport to Adventure’ Disney On Ice production which dazzled a 20,000 strong audience with its combination of world-class ice skaters and heartwarming Disney stories, lavish costumes, dazzling lighting, and enchanting music to create an extraordinary show for families.

Cirque Du Soleil returned to DWTC in 2018 with a new show inspired by James Cameron’s AVATAR, TORUK – The First Flight. An audience of 10,500 was kept enthralled through a live immersive experience that captured the imagination.

In line with the government’s efforts to make Dubai the most active city in the world, DWTC was once again transformed this summer into the largest indoor sports arena in the region with Dubai Sports World welcoming over 266,000 sports enthusiasts and spectators in 2018 looking to get some sporting action in a sun-free environment.

The 3rd edition of Dubai Muscle Show, featuring heavyweights from the bodybuilding universe as well as an array of sports competitions and interactive features and fitness demonstrations, attracted almost 10,000 fitness fans – ending the year on a high note for DWTC’s sporting offering.

DWTC’s 2018 consumer and entertainment events offering was complemented by a number of theatrical productions and musical concerts that drew a multicultural audience to the venue. Illustrious comedian Dave Chappelle’s sold out gig with close to 5,000 fans crowned the numerous stage performances that took place at the venue this year. These include Nairooz concerts, Pakistani singing sensation Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Bollywood star Shreya Ghoshal with a live symphony orchestra, Atif Aslam’s Eid-E-Jashn, Sunidhi Chauhan, Kumar Sanu, Iyad Alrimawi & Orchestra Sharq’s Love & Peace concert, and more.

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Argentinian Dance Band Malevo Rocks Global Village

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  • 8-piece dance troupe made semi-finals of America’s Got Talent

Malevo, the Argentinian dance band that took America by storm in Season 11 of America’s Got Talent, is appearing on stage at Global Village. The international show is available to all visitors of Global Village, the world’s leading multicultural Festival Park and the region’s first family destination for culture, shopping, and entertainment with two, dynamic 20-minute sets every night from Saturday to Thursday until the 3rd of January 2019.

Malevo is group of eight men from Buenos Aires, Argentina that do the Malambo, a traditional dance performed to the beat of the bombo legüero drum. Part of Argentine folklore, the dancing isn’t accompanied by singing or lyrics and dates back to the 16th century. The energetic and vibrant dancers perform a rhythmic Malambo routine with tap dancing, beating drums, and whirling boleadoras using both contemporary and traditional music.

Director, choreographer and dancer Matías Jaime created the dance company in 2015 out of love and passion for the dance and a desire to bring the traditional art form to the masses. He says: “We love to perform the Malambo, a traditional Argentine folk dance of great virility and dexterity. We start from its essence and roots, but seek to take it beyond its limits, with a modern, avant-garde and transgressive look, merging it with other dance styles, like flamenco and urban percussion. We keep to the purity of the dance but seek also to achieve a perfect combination, to give a complete innovative, visual and sensory experience for our audiences.”

Malevo shot to fame in 2016 when their act was showcased on the renowned American television show “America’s Got Talent” and launched them into worldwide recognition. Since then, Malevo has performed in festivals, TV shows, private events and theaters in France, Canada, Mexico, Egypt, Russia, and USA, among other countries. Last year, Malevo performed with Cirque Du Soleil in Las Vegas and the Dance Open Festival in Moscow. In July, the company traveled to Montreal, to participate in the Festival “Juste pour fire” and the Canadian TV Gala “Le Incroyable 2017”. In 2016 Malevo received the Argentinian distinction “MARCA PAIS”, in recognition of its contribution in expanding and spreading Argentinian roots and culture throughout the world.

Most of the dance troupe have known each other since they were little kids, growing up together in poverty. Jaime, who says he has devoted his whole life to the Malambo dance, had a dream to bring Malambo to stages around the world, and give their families a better life at the same time. Malevo attempts to take Malambo the dance to another level with a modern and different look – but still filled with passion and energy that is at the heart of the folkdance.

Global Village continues to offer unique shopping experiences, cultural performances, entertainment events and surprises every day until 7th April 2018, and is open from 4 pm to 12 am from Saturday to Wednesday and from 4 pm to 1 pm on Thursdays, Fridays and public holidays. On Mondays, it is dedicated to families and women only.

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